anoel: anoel lioness (glee quote = love)
Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2010-05-06 11:18 pm


So I'm leaving for NYC, New Jersey and Delaware (not in the same day) tonight. Hopefully it'll be a fun trip, looking forward to seeing Ryan and the gang as well as friends of course. Going to stay away from LJ/DW if I can help it, I think I need a break from it all.

Briefly, TV. Glee is continually too awesome to put into words. Nurse Jackie continues to be amaaaazing. Zoe is pure love ♥ Loving Marshall and Tara (and Lionel) as usual on United States of Tara. Sheldon continues to rule The Big Bang Theory. Barney/Robin makes me sad now (although I continue to ship them). Modern Family is love but I'm starting to be dying for a Cam/Mitchell kiss as it is becoming a Thing sadly.

And that's all I have time for now. Call my cell if you need me.