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Now THAT is MY show. Holy crap, it was like they made the episode for me. Also shipping everyone/everyone FTW!

OMG PUCK AND KURT!!! They fucking brought it. First Puck is just...Sweet Caroline all over again with STYLE and oh fuck he is just so hot and makes me soooo melty when he sings. But god loooove the song and he just looked sooo pretty and was so into it and then Mercedes JOINED him and omg best duet ever. It felt like there were a lot more songs in this one even though looking at it, there was only five. But they did an AMAZING job at choosing the songs and putting people together you wouldn't think about. I mean yeah, Puck and Mercedes were doomed from the start but they totally made me ship them!!

Speaking of unconventional pairings, Kurt/Brittany!! Ahahaha I loved it. Once again they bring the Kurt pain which DESTROYS me completely so I totally get him trying to change who he is (I totally read that fanfic the other day). Seeing him do Mellencamp and butch it up was hilarious too. And then Britney!! She was so funny in this episode, she just nailed it like being the only one to love Kurt's performance, too cute. Experimenting is always fun though. And omg the conversation with Sue was AWESOME. Who do you believe in? Kurt: Me. Sue: ME. Ahahaha of course you do. And then the end...oh god thanks show for always knowing the best way to Kurt hurt me. But his solo was the BEST!!! Soooo nice to see him change back into being fashionable and oh man it was HOT. So much emotion in the song and such a powerful message and he OWNED it. And the Kurt sign and the DANCING holy shit it was soooo perfect. Repeating that on my iPod stat. And then his dad and the ILU's!! God I love his dad. Best dad since Keith Mars.

Also totally loved Finn's song, he does best when he sings rock I think. They totally named Jesse for that song. And the Mercedes and Santana duet was sooo great. Man nostalgia cause I used to like that song back in the day. I loved getting to hear Santana sing again! She's awesome when she's evil. Also liked the Rachel plot, her line about needing the audience to live was CLASSIC. Oh how I love her especially when she taped everyone secretly. Felt like there was a little crossover with Friday Night Lights there but I liked that Rachel was trying to help someone and hopefully will get more that she is not only singing. Also looooved One, one of my favorite songs although nothing (not even Adam Lambert) can compare to the U2/Mary J Blige version. Wish Mercedes could have had her part but they gave her two songs so I'll take what I can get.

My favorite thing about this episode is that it had a great balance of characters and group. It didn't feel like any one plotline or person dominated it but that everyone was (mostly) equal. Every time Will does one of his assignments, I always wish more people got to sing them on the show and it feels like this episode did a better job at doing that. There really never is enough time to show everyone no matter how much I wish there was. That said, certain characters still need way more screen time. But I'll take the season as a whole for now. This episode was just so filled with everything I love from perfect songs, hilarious lines, lots of different ships, emotional moments and lots of character love. THIS IS MY SHOW!!! Just the way I love it :D

Anyways, my trip was amazing. I am way too behind/tired to do a recap now but I had a ton of fun. And the Whose Live show was as hilariously and insanely slashy as it always is. I am currently waaaay behind on sleep as I got 3 hours on the way to NYC and then 2 hours the last night before I left. And I worked today and the next three days so I have little time to really catch up. Finished my Club Vivid vid so I'm glad that's over with. Now for the Premiere gahhh. Also had my first group workout with my trainer on Monday and FUCK it was intense. I honestly thought I was going to die or collapse during half of it. The cool thing about it is it shows you that the limits your mind says, I can't do this or there is no way I can hold a wall sit for this long, is TOTALLY bullshit. And there's nothing like a threat of 30 more pushups to get you to do it. The guy's not Jillian but he is pretty awesome.

Star alert: this 12 year old boy did this amaaaazing cover Paparazzi by Lady GaGa (he's a big fan, bonus points). He has an beautiful voice, full of emotion and he plays the piano really, really well doing his own thing with it. He writes original songs too, check out the other videos. I can totally see him getting a record deal in the future not to mention possibly doing a show like Glee if he can act at all. He reminds me of Kris Allen actually in terms of the beautiful emotional song in a Ain't No Sunshine way. I looove it, it'd totally be on repeat if I didn't have my Glee songs right now.

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