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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2010-10-11 05:34 am
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Birthday Time

So today's my 23rd birthday. Nothing really interesting to say about it, birthdays are starting to become less special with nothing big attached to them. I am however enjoying all the birthday freebies, I already had a free breakfast. There's a list of some of the offers here in case anyone has a birthday coming up. Excited to go to Disneyland today and have some fun and pick up some more free food on the way back. Mostly I'm just really happy I'm in LA, I have a job and things are looking up for me. So glad I bought my iPod Touch, it is so useful for watching TV, reading ebooks (including fic!) and taking pictures/video while commuting or just in daily life. I'm catching up with Fringe right now with my iPod and it's so much faster that way. Anyone have any apps to recommend?

I know people like Brian Kinney don't think a birthday is anything to celebrate but for me, they're special because it can be quite an accomplishment to live another year. The world can be cruel either through natural disaster, bad luck, bad circumstances or human cruelty. With the recent gay related suicides (which is a horrible tragedy and hard for me to read about without crying), making it through another year takes on even more significance so I'm happy to have made it through mine. I haven't made as much progress on my goals as I'd like but I'm definitely well on my way and it's a learning process as I can see as I'm not making as many of the mistakes as I've done in the past.

Present wise I bought myself a new pair of boots which I'm SO in love with as well as the new Glee DVD (must vid!). And of course there's GLEE tomorrow and I'm sure the episode will bring me much joy and happiness. I'm just feeling really good about life right now and I'm really excited for the year to come!

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