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Glee and Happiness

Well I really needed a Glee episode to make me ridiculously happy and oh man, did it ever deliver.

OMG KURT AND BLAINE!!! Sooooooooo OTP. I am in the place where I want them to be together forever and they keep making me flail and squee madly. HOW SO CUTE BOYS. Teenage Dream!!! I have it on loop (thank you youtube clip) and may never tire of it. I love Blaine's voice, sooo pretty and he's just so dreamy and nice and charismatic and helpful and made for Kurt. Kurt's happy face!! Kurt being so depressed lately and repeatedly kicked around (boy can I relate after this week) has made me felt so sad watching Glee, takes a lot of the fun out of the show but this brought it all back again. I LOVED that everyone loved the glee club and was nice and laidback and cool with gay kids, it was like heaven. And handholding!! Knew they had to become a couple after that, they MUST.

And then Karofsky!! HOLY SHIT! I literally gasped so much, I had no idea and was so shocked. I mean, I always think fighting should end in kissing (most of the time) but except for Torchwood I never expect it to actually happen. But gah to take away Kurt's first kiss is devastating for him :( I feel so bad. As someone whose never been kissed but is dying to do it with someone I'm actually in love with, I empathize so much with him. So much great acting going on in that scene, the emotions were all so raw and real and man Karofsky tried to kiss him TWICE. And yeah I know it's horrible and but I thought it was kind of...cute/hot. God help me, I love my boykissing/Kurt ships too much but I do feel bad for Karofsky because it does suck to have to deal with that even if he's handling it horribly.

I did LOVE Kurt standing up for Blaine! So cute. He was amazng standing up for himself and COURAGE. OMG soooo cute. I've got to remember that as well. Blaine's well he's not coming out of the closet soon was too funny. I love that Blaine tries to help him out and encourage him and I loved that he invited him to lunch &hearts. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY! Can they just be together forever and ever? I've been so desperate for Kurt to have a boyfriend and now that it might actually happen, it's going to be torture to have him there and not have more of them together not to mention as boyfriends.

Also loved the girls number!! Their outfits were AWESOME. So sexy, all of them. Although after the reversal challenge, I wish they had Rachel NOT singing for once. But at least she wasn't in this episode much. Mercedes was amazing though, she still needs more solos. The boys number was great as well and really sweet at the end. I thought the Beiste plot was kind of hard to watch in terms of what actually happened but they redeemed themselves at the end. And I was SO happy that after last week, Will was getting back to having good intentions and being genuinely sweet to Beiste. Not cool with the kiss, unless you have general permission/are in a relationship, kissing people is not really recommended (see above) but she seemed to be okay with it so whatever.

Puck and Artie were so cute! I love they're getting some time together. And Artie/Britney would be adorable so I look forward to seeing where that goes (although I still want more Brittany/Santana). Mike/Tina were cute and hot as well, still waiting for an actual plotline there.

So yes, my Glee love is BACK in a very big way and I'm happy again. I so needed that before work tomorrow and now I can watch it during all my breaks :D :D :D

Sooo life. Well it's basically been the week from hell for many, many reasons. I worked 6 days in a row of 7-8 hour shifts including working in super busy concessions for the grand opening where I had never worked before at our theater. So that was basically a nightmare including messing up a refund and having my computer freezing three times in a row. The worst part as been there've been a lot of evening shifts where I can't take the subway home (stupid LA subways don't run at night which I haaate) so I've either had to wait til 4 am when they work again and deal with freezing cold weather or run/walk to the closest 24 hour bus, 30-50 minutes away wherein it was an hour late (b/c of a USC football game, thanks guys) and THEN had a bus be late and miss my transfer so I had to wait ANOTHER hour for the next bus. My hate for buses and cold is pretty epic right now. Basically all I've been doing is going to work, commuting home (with TV on my iPod when I can) and then trying to fit in as much as I can.

So I haven't had any time for fandom or anything to myself which is NOT good for my mental health. I've been feeling so lonely lately for both deep friendship (friendly chats with coworkers just isn't enough) and a romantic relationship and it's bumming me out a lot. Thankfully I have Thursday off too so I'll have more time to catch up. I also get paid then which I'm planning on spending on rent for a new place much closer to where I work. I just can't go through the commute any longer so that's keeping me going when life gets really bad. Among other things which is a topic for another long post I've been meaning to write for awhile.

It's funny, I know I've always been not much into movies mostly because of time issues (with watching so much TV) and how it can be hard to get into them and then not get enough time with the characters but working at a movie theater as made me see the appeal/enjoy them more. Mostly I just love the theater experience. So far I have seen Red (enjoyed it mostly for the Helen Mirren parts and small flashes to Jack/Irina), For Colored Girls (liked it but it didn't quite work for me-stunned that people took young kids to it) and Due Date (enjoyed it a lot for the funniness and the hotness of RDJ). Dyyying to see Harry Potter this weekend, I've ignored all the previews so I won't be spoiled for anything and I'm coming into it with low expectations for it having my favorite part in it (dealing with a certain flashback/past ship) after my last bad 5th movie experience. But hopefully it'll be good!

Haven't had nearly enough time for clipping my Festivid but I am getting some time in when I can. The good news is I found a song for my last remaining treat I really want to do after searching for an hour. I had a couple of good songs in either lyrics or sound but with the helpful iPod Genius function, I was able to find a random song I had buried away somewhere that's EXACTLY what I was looking for on both counts. So excited about that although it's killing me to not be able to talk about what I've been watching. Yay Festivids!

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