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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2011-04-26 08:35 pm

Ironically enough, YT just took down Because I'm Awesome

GLEE GLEE GLEE! EEEEEEEEEEEEE. Now this is what I'm talking about.

OMG KURT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean yes he's been in it and such but man it is soooo good to see Kurt back in the spotlight. He ROCKED IT! I'm just in awe of him and in love with him and omg soooo perfect. His dancing!! AS IF WE NEVER SAID GOODBYE!! BARBARA STREISLAND!!! Holy shit that was amazing. How is he so hot??? LIKES BOYS!!! I DIED. I need that shirt soooo bad (with LIKES GIRLS on the back haha). Him singing epic broadway was just classic with the hands and god I love that song and I fell in love with him all over again. I've COME HOME AT LAST! God so true, so true. This is the kind of Glee episode that sends me into (almost) complete happiness.

And then there was Somewhere Only We I admit I couldn't resist temptation and watched it last Friday (?) I think and fell madly in love with it. I had at first imagined Blaine singing it to Kurt alone, holding hands and running to some place special...but I'll take it as a farewell song too. Darren Criss has the perfect voice for it, I love the original but he takes it to another level where it's just heavenly. Soooo romantic and I DIE everytime he takes his hands and leads him down. Sooooo cute!! This just reminds me what romance is and why it's worth fighting for. And it takes me back to Blaine singing Teenage Dream to Kurt with now a much more personal level. "I'll never say goodbye to you" awwwwwwwwwwwww *melts* And Finn and Mercedes hugs!! Yay, I can't wait to have more Kurt scenes with them (Finn's loving look at Kurt's singing!!!). But yeah, I had the song on repeat all weekend and I'm still not tired of it if a little more toned down as the first night I heard it and was freaking out.

Also KURT AND PUCK!!! OMG fiiiiinally some good stuff with them. I may be a Kurt/Blaine shipper all the way but I will always have a soft spot for Kurt/Puck. First there was Puck loving Kurt's solo!! Awww his *in love* face. And THEN Puck and Kurt joined forces to help Rachel! And of course to top it off there was epic "Barbara Streisland" look at each other!! I die a thousand times at that. And if you watch closely you notice them dancing together! Well at least a little. Pretty damn epic. Also glad for some more Kurt/Karofsky there. Glad they have a truce for now and I have to admit I still think they'd be cute together a long ways down the road. The Bullywhips was a bit much and kind of hilarious but I'll take it if it gets me my Kurt back.

Speaking of, Santana!! Awwww. I'm a bit conflicted regarding her being a lesbian and not bisexual but I look it on the positive side of having lesbian representation and in my mind she's bisexual (because in my mind everyone on this show is...except maybe Kurt) and just very black and white thinking about things. But her conversation with Britney was so heartbreaking and in the end she wore the Lebanese shirt!!! Aww I died. They are soo cute. I miss Santana/Britney. The bi-curious better change to bisexual though or I will NOT be happy. We'll give them one because it's high school and Britney's Britney (her shirt and Puck's were SO cute haha). And I'm glad Santana helped bring Kurt back (Lady Macbeth! hee). Other than that, I'm kind of over Rachel and Will so their plotlines mostly bored me and the acceptance plot was kind of cheesy but as it usually is with Glee, heartwarming in the end. However I did enjoy the Rachel/Quinn femslashy parts. So much gaaaay in this episode, I love it. Have I mentioned how awesome Born This Way was? I just love how this show infuses songs with meanings that they had before but it makes it SO much deeper and more meaningful with a storyline.

Can I also mention how AMAZING it is to have Kurt's outfits back??? SO PERFECT. How does he look so utterly fantastic in everything he wears? I don't even know what outfit I liked better (besides LIKES BOYS because that's too epic to count). The vest and the pocketwatch were so cute, the top hat and straightjacket (haha not) was just amazingly beautiful, even the patriotism look was fantastic! How is that even possible??? And his dance moves!! I will never understand how hot he can be. The shoulder moving in Barbara Streisland was just omg too awesome.

So yeah, I loved it. Last week's episode was good but the lack of happy didn't have the same joy it usually inspires after Glee episodes. And this one has me smiling nonstop. I've come home at laaaaaast.....I LOVE YOU KURT!!!

Glee/Ashley = Happiness, still in effect. So glad for good TV although I've been so busy on the weekdays that it's been hard to enjoy it while then I end up with not enough TV on the weekends. Gah. Hoping to make it through the many Doctor Who AND Community posts on my Flist without needing to take an LJ break but I think I'll be fine, the disconnect can just be tough sometimes. Also Improvaganza has been frustrating with the lack of Colin :( Sorry but Ryan/Colin is a LOT of my reason for watching and squeeing madly so it just disappoints me a lot. It has been making me reread a lot of my favorite fic and I'm feeling reeeally inspired vidwise. So hopefully I'll FINALLY make something for Ry/Col at some point. Which will be good as I'm not going to be able to finish my Club Vivid vid. Work has just been too crazy and I've been feeling really uninspired. IDK I just want to vid whatever I want to vid, no deadlines. Hopefully I'll have something for Premieres though.

Life is...going. Work is great but busy and kind of crazy right now with a ton of stuff going on. Excited about tomorrow though, one hectic day yesterday and a trip to Santa Monica later and I now have my outfit all ready. Been feeling kind of lonely but I'm trying to deal with it and stay focused on other stuff. It's been kind of roller coaster-y lately but I'm trying to stay focused on the good. This day had a lot of it so that's something. Here's to tomorrow being AWESOME. Much like Kurt :)