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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2012-02-19 07:58 pm

Tumblr: take 2

So I've made a few efforts to set up Tumblr and start using it but those have failed miserably. I am trying again though because I feel like fandom is moving there at least somewhat and I don't want to get left behind and feel old which is just weird to say at my age. So my Tumblr is: here and feel free to follow if you like. I get bored pretty easily by a lot of pictures so I don't know how often I'll post but I'll at least check it every day. Please let me know what your Tumblr's name is if you have one. There's a poll in my LJ if that makes it easier.

I've been super busy these days so I feel kind of out of fandom. Still keeping up on a my shows for the most part at least Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Revenge, Parks & Rec, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock and The LA Complex. Speaking of, I definitely urge everyone to check out The LA Complex! I don't want to spoil anyone but there's a great gay plot on there that I'm currently in love with even when it destroys my heart. Plus it has Jewel Strait! It's all about a group of Canadien kids trying to make it in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. It makes me miss Los Angeles even more which I've been doing a lot lately. San Francisco is just no substitute. I don't think I've ever felt quite this homesick in awhile and it made me realize I almost always get homesick only for LA.

I'm all signed up for Vividcon! Cannot wait to go. Also looking forward to Escapade this weekend. It'll be SO nice to get to talk to fans again and watch vids. I'll be interested to see what people get out of my premiere vid this year. Escapade is much less panel heavy than Vividcon for me so I'm hoping to have more time to talk to people there. Also going to stop in Downtown LA after (even though its at least an hour drive) to see my city again as like I mentioned, I miss it like burning.

Been kind of tired lately, my body keeps finding ways to wake up and not getting back to sleep so it's been a struggle to get sleep which is hard when I'm learning all the time. Things are going good though and I enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with [personal profile] laurashapiro the other day. I've been enjoying all the delicious food here in SF as well and I found a great cafe/lounge here with a fireplace, good food, fast internet/outlets and colored lights which I love. I have so little time that I'm starting to have to prioritize more and only do the essential stuff. I am very grateful for my iPhone so I can keep up on social networking/fandom while walking around everywhere. We'll see what happens.

Thanks to everyone who sent me glass hearts! They are much appreciated.

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