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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2012-10-16 10:33 am
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So I got my assignement and I am SO EXCITED!!! I already have a song and I can't wait to begin :D :D :D It's weird to start vidding the morning of right? All of a sudden I am forgetting all my other obligations and all I can think is VID VID VID FESTIVIDS VID. I am determined to not wait til the last minute this year. Not going to happen!

Also I got home from Denver a few days ago and I had a great time! It was so beautiful there with the mountains and leaves and trees and everything. I loved Boulder a lot too, it was so cute and the U of Colorado campus was beautiful. It was fun hanging out with [profile] asuka14 and it was great to explore a new place on my birthday weekend. I want to go back sometime and do ALL the nature/adventure stuff like white water rafting and hiking and such. But NOT driving because while it was fun sometimes with music and good podfic, driving all day sucks. Especially when your tire literally falls off in the middle of Utah, NOT FUN. It was scary to find a place open on Sunday with limited money but I managed and I got home alright. SO happy to be home in LA with warm weather and my beautiful Downtown LA and KITTENS! They are currently cuddling with me and it is toooo cute. They got so big when I was gone.

Also SUPER EXCITE about Amy Poehler and Tina Fey hosting the Golden Globes. DREAMS COMING TRUE!!! I will probably die in advance just to warn everyone.

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Ugh, finding a car repair place open on a Sunday can be near impossible. I'm glad you weren't stranded in Utah far from your kittens!