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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2012-12-02 07:47 pm

Can I please have my Swan Queen back? Please?

So...Once Upon a Time happened.


Yeah that was amaaaazing. I died a thousand deaths and by that I mean lots of actual shaking and crying and cheering and jumping up and down. Yeah, that's why I OTP ship because when good stuff happens I am the happiest person on earth. I just...Regina SAVED THEM!! She believed in Henry, awwwwww. The smiles and hugs!!! Oh man, I cried. That whole relationship kills me so much because I want sooooo much for Henry to love Regina back and for them to be a family (with Emma) again. And wow with Regina soaking up all that magic. Does that mean she's extra powerful now?

And then Emma comes out! And there are HUGS! But most of all: Thanks and Welcome back!!!!!! *dies happy* And the piece of work comment-understanding!! And Regina's simple little answer. God the smiles!! If they had only had a GROUP HUG. God this show just laughs at me sometimes. But it was wonderful and FINALLY and all the weeks of separation were finally worth it. One of the happiest fannish moments of my life.

But then they have to destroy me with Regina being ALL ALONE :( AFTER SHE FUCKING SAVED THEIR LIVES!!! Ughhhh. Watching it I was heartbroken but now I'm so angry. Screw you to all of them. At the very least Henry should have invited her after he said she really did change and that hug. Regina fan for LIFE!!! She is so much better than all of them and my favorite character times infinity. God that happen. She has sexual chemistry with everyone, I can't even deal. And the scene with her mother was utterly heartbreaking. Oh, Regina. I even loved that Cora got to have that moment of redemption and not kill her daughter and instead keep trying to "help" her. Oh, Cora.

Well I probably need the hiatus to catch up on all the Regina/Emma fic and IDK finish my Swan Queen vid and um, work on my Festivids vids. I just hope the next half of the season will give us some happy Swan Queen if only a few scenes cause man, I need some. On the bright side, Swan Queen Nation is AMAZING and has so much great fic and art (one beautiful kiss is currently my desktop background) and vids. Long live Swan Queen!

In other news, I am watching The Walking Dead (just started S3) and that's been...mildly entertaining. I enjoy the concept and the cinematography and some of the plot but man it's hard to love most of the characters. And there is an extreme lack of badass, gun wielding women which is a damn shame cause the show is perfect for it. It's gotten a bit better at least. Also I started watching Legend of the Seek S2 with [personal profile] beerbad and I am enjoying it a lot. Cara!!!!!!!! She's amaaaaazing, just my type. And shipping Cara/Kahlan of course. That will be my replacement OUAT during the looong hiatus (haha I've survived worse).

Been working on my Once Upon a Time Holiday Exchange gift this month so mostly just gotten some clipping done for Festivids. I can't believe it's December already! Where has this year gone? I'm going back to NY for Christmas and if I can survive the snow, it'll be great seeing my cats, family and friends there again. Will be going to New Hampshire after Christmas to a friend's cabin so I'll do some skiing which I haven't done in awhile. I'll miss LA though, it's so nice here, all the holiday stuff without the cold. Here in LA, we had a chance to show [profile] cherryice around LA and to a vid party and it was a lot of fun! Even if the zoo didn't have lions that day (FAIL :() at least we saw the tigers being playful and cute!

The kittens have gotten much bigger and they are SUPER cute <3 I love them soooo much!

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