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Reminder: Vidder Reveals on April 29th [Apr. 27th, 2017|02:22 pm]


Only two more days to go before we reveal who made what in Spring Equinox 2017: Vids in Space! Reveals are happening on Saturday, April 29th about mid-morning (Eastern Time).

If you have any last-minute guesses to make, now's the time to do it in the Guess the Equinox Vidder post.
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Code push scheduled for Sunday night [Apr. 27th, 2017|03:03 pm]


We are planning to do a code push late this weekend, at approximately 8pm PDT / 11pm EDT / 3am UTC on Sunday, Apr 30 (or May 1 for you transatlantic types.).

I don't have a list of changes for you yet, but most will fall into the following categories: things users have complained about to support volunteers, things support volunteers have complained about to developers, things [staff profile] denise has complained about not working the way she expects them to (and as we all know, The Boss is Always Right), and things that were printing warnings over and over in the production server logs, making it hard to spot when less frequent, more urgent errors were being printed. Oh, and also all the unused code I ripped out at the roots, which if you notice that, I did it wrong.

To sum up: we are rolling out a bunch of requested changes, so thank you all for your feedback!

If you're new to Dreamwidth and interested in tracking our development process, our commit logs are published to [site community profile] changelog and [community profile] changelog_digest, and every month or so, one of our volunteers will translate those often-cryptic entries into witty, informative code tours! The most recent one was published on April 1, so we're about due for a new one. Hint, hint.

We'll update here again to let you know when the code push is imminent!
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New Vid: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia "Ready to Get Down" [Apr. 27th, 2017|10:11 pm]


Title: Ready to Get Down
Source: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Music: Getting Ready to Get Down by Josh Ritter
Characters/Pairing: Mac and Dennis, Mac/Dennis
Summary: And when you get damned in the popular opinion, it's just another damn of the damns you're not giving
Warnings: none

streaming + download here on lj, here on dw and here on AO3

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VividCon 2017 Vid Deadlines [Apr. 25th, 2017|09:17 pm]


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It's the post you've been waiting for -- vid due dates! We appreciate your patience.

Club Vivid: May 12th (more time available if needed - contact
Challenge and Nearly New: May 26th
Themed Shows: June 9th
Premieres, Non-Attending Premieres and Auction: June 23rd

Please note the submission form does not have current vidshows listed yet. We will make a separate announcement when we are ready to accept submissions (which will be very soon).

Thank you!

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Guess the Equinox Vidder! [Apr. 23rd, 2017|03:29 pm]


Now that Spring Equinox Exchange 2017 is live, it's time to play our very first round of Guess the Equinox Vidder!

Remember: if you already know who made the vid, don't reveal the vidder; inside information ≠ a guess. And if someone guesses you correctly, don't comment to say so! (At least, not until after reveals.)

If you want an idea of how this has worked previously, since this is the very first Equinox Exchange, here are the guessing posts from Festivids 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. (That's a lot of guessing!)

Guesses, anyone?
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Vids in Space are live! [Apr. 22nd, 2017|01:26 pm]


The very first Equinox Exchange vids are live!! The theme is Vids in Space. Watch all 54 of them at the A03 Collection for the exchange.

All participants should have received an automated email with a link to their gift vid(s), but if you didn't,[yourpseud]/gifts will get you there. Please let the mods know right away at if anything is awry with the vid for you, your own revealed vid posts, or anything else.

Happy viewing!

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Go-Live is tomorrow! [Apr. 21st, 2017|11:30 am]


The very first Equinox Exchange go-live is only about 24 hours away! Once vids go live, you can find them at the AO3 Collection for the exchange.

Vids in Space!
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Thursday [Apr. 20th, 2017|12:27 pm]


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Equinox treats deadline extended! [Apr. 20th, 2017|07:13 am]


The deadline for treats for Equinox Exchange (Vids in Space!) has been extended! Try to have vids in by 23:59 UTC on Friday April 21. That's 8 PM on the US East Coast.

But, just FYI, any treats submitted after that time, but before go-live, will still make it in! Go live happens when mods get up on Saturday morning in the Eastern US. It will not be delayed for any unfinished treats.

In other words, you probably have another 6 hours after the deadline of 23:59 UTC April 21 to get your treat in before go-live.

Submit treats here!
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The importer has (mostly) caught up! [Apr. 19th, 2017|11:02 pm]


Our content importer has mostly caught up with its backlog; almost everything that's still listed as being "in the queue" are jobs that were tried, failed once or more with a temporary failure, and are waiting to try again. (The importer tries a few times, at successively longer intervals, when it gets a failure it thinks might be temporary/might correct itself later on.) This means that new imports scheduled now should complete in hours (or even minutes), not the "several days" it's been taking.

If you tried to schedule a second import while the first one was still running, at any time in the past 10 days or so, you may have confused the poor thing. If you think your import should be finished by now and it isn't, and you're seeing "Aborted" on the Importer Status part of the Importer page, feel free to open a support request in the Importer category and we'll look into it for you. (It may take a little bit before you get a response; those of us who have the access to look into importer problems have been really busy for the past two weeks or so, and I at least need a few days to catch my breath a bit before diving back into the fray! But we'll do what we can.)

I hope all y'all are continuing to settle in well to your new home!
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Wednesday [Apr. 19th, 2017|08:14 am]


 photo tumblr_m4arg8JVjV1r80p9c.gif

Post Mortem, S8
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New Vid: The Flash - Harry Wells - Solsbury Hill [Apr. 18th, 2017|09:59 pm]


Title: Solsbury Hill
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Fandom: The Flash
Vidder: [personal profile] sholio
Character: Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells
Seasons/Spoilers: Season 2 & 3, through 3x14
Warnings: none
Summary: You can keep my things, they've come to take me home. Harry and his Flash(es) and Team Flash.

Streaming and download options available.

DW | AO3 | Tumblr
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Monday [Apr. 17th, 2017|07:53 am]


 photo 10.gif

Wilson: I heard you were watching surgery with a patient's family. Talking to a patient's family. It’s because of your hallucination, isn't it? After you were shot? You chose life; you decided you wanted meaning, so you took a case with no mystery. Something any doctor could do. A case with no upside except the satisfaction of helping another human being.

House: She thanked me.

Wilson: And... you felt nothing.

House: Wasn't even sure what I was supposed to feel.

Wilson: It's like your leg, its atrophied. Keep working it, the feeling will come.

Meaning, S3
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Escapade 2017 Pre-postcon Report [Apr. 16th, 2017|04:51 am]


The postcon report is coming. We’re working on it. In the meant time, here are a few bullet points to tide you over.

  • Escapade 2018 tentative dates are February 23-25. Not registered yet? Go here:

  • Total raised for the ACLU during the convention $1,012.45. With the matching funds from our anonymous donor, that’s more than $2K to the ACLU from Escapade attendees. Go you!

  • Our Indiegogo campaign is expiring in one or two days (depending on your time zone). If you’ve been meaning to donate, even a little, this is the time to do it or share it. Here’s the link again:

Thanks again for a great convention!

–Megan & Charlotte

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