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Running and RL [Mar. 25th, 2011|12:36 pm]

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So it's been a pretty epic week for me. Last Sunday I ran the Los Angeles Marathon and it was pretty amazing even if I was hit by a heavy dose of bad luck.

More on the story of how I completed the marathon )

I also just created a new community, [community profile] socalvids for vid fans in the Southern California area who want to get together to watch and discuss vids. I really hope if you're in the area that you'll consider joining as I'd love to help create more of a community of people who love vids in socal. I know we're out there, we're just spread out and it'd be so fun to watch vids in a group again!

I'm also really excited about Vividcon this August! I'm sure it's going to be super fun and I'm excited about the vids I want to premiere there.

I saw Sucker Punch last night and I'd definitely recommend it if you like to see girls kicking ass with guns, swords and other weaponery as well as super, AMAZING visuals and a great soundtrack. Story might not be the best but it worked enough for me. Also glad to see more people joining The Social Network fandom! It really is a great fandom. I really need to hurry up and finish my vid for it (or one of them).

Mostly I am SUPER excited about finally getting a car on April 1st. It is almost too good to be true after dying for one since October. I can get around anywhere! I don't have to take buses anymore! I can meet more people and go to events and have FUN! This is the best present I could ever get. Also work is going really well as I GOT THE SCHEDULING JOB! I was the only one to get the chance so I am ecstatic. And I'm getting along and becoming more friends with people at work which is really great in making me feel like I belong. I just feel I'm really developing as a person there and carying those lessons in leadership, initiative and social skills to the rest of my life. So yeah, haven't got as much done in my life as I hoped in the beginning of the year but I'm getting things done slowly and I'm positive about the changes in my life so I'll take it. Now I just need to find a way to make more money and I'll be really good...(suggestions appreciated).
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Here in Oklahoma... [Jan. 30th, 2010|06:24 pm]

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Well I'm two days into my roadtrip and already I'm stuck with bad weather. I had no idea the southwesterny states were so snowy. Thankfully the snow wasn't on the roads in Arizona, New Mexico and for the most part Texas but now about 20 miles into Oklahoma (in Elk City), I'm hitting something apparently called freezing fog. All I know is it's night and I'm finding it almost impossible to see which makes for an incredibly scary travel experience so I'm done for the night unless it clears up. Right now I'm using the free wireless in a McDonalds that thankfully has a place to plug in my laptop and hard drive.

I did get a chance to stop by the Grand Canyon and that was awe inspiring. Just so amazing to think that it's been around for 2 billion years. I took some video of it and read Strata which still is brilliant and of course especially relevant to read it where it takes place. It was just so pretty and huge and really cool. I also for the first time had to stop driving for some animals! I saw a pair of turkeys and quickly slowed down. They were very cute.

Nothing much reporting on the drive down. I thankfully ran into minimal traffic so it was pretty quick. I stopped early last night because I only got four hours of sleep the night before. I've seen a lot of accidents on the way down, including two trucks but so far nothing very scary has happened to me besides one truck deciding to try to pass someone right when I was trying to pass him or her. I slowed down, no harm done so it's all good.

I'll probably be here for awhile so if you want to distract me with happy things, feel free :)

(Oh and the offer to meet up with anyone along the 40 or 81 Interstates is still on, feel free to call me at my number in my contact post if needed)
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