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Project Runway, Life and TV: the basics really [Oct. 29th, 2010|10:39 pm]

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Spoilers for Project Runway S8 (includes Finale) )

It's been crazy with work and such. I have a horrible commute, two hours each way so I don't have a lot of time for anything other than clipping for Festivids, running, reading/TV on the commute and some Flist time when I can fit it in. I'm definitely going to move by December but must make some more money this month first. I'm a bit obsessed right now with rewatching my Festivids source so that is fun at least. My vid idea is really coming together the more I watch and creatively brainstorming is SO my favorite vidding process. I'm missing my cats a lot though, wish I could go home just for them (and getting a car, leaving it home was a huge mistake). I really like work though! Most of the work isn't great or anything but I love the people as everyone is really nice and we're finally opening the building this weekend so I should have more to do. It's a learning experience and I'm excited about the future possibilities. Trying to finish losing weight by the end of this year and it is increasingly frustrating as I keep going between trying really hard and saying fuck it and enjoying the freedom to buy whatever I want. If only losing was as easy as maintaining because I thankfully am good at that.

TV has been...up and down is really the best description. Glee the other night was my least favorite episode ever (on the show) and I'm still kind of bitter/ranty about it so that post will have to wait for another day. Still can't get myself to care about the characters on HIMYM because of last season and what's worst is I keep getting angry about things the characters do (mostly Barney and Ted) because my heart's not really with them anymore. Sad what a bad season can do. Enjoying Modern Family, Cougar Town and the Thursday Night comedies. Missing Mad Men already, LOVED this season, definitely my favorite season of the show so far. Hoping Friday Night Lights will fill the void, so excited to watch the premiere! Boardwalk Empire is meh but I am going to give it til the end of the season before I make a decision because at least the history part is cool and I love Chalky/Omar. I am trying Rubicon which I like esp. serial plotwise although it is pretty slow and I don't really care about the characters yet. My favorite new show that I recommend is Lip Service which is a lesbian focused show with a star much like Kara from BSG (and Shane from The L Word) who is so hot and has some great relationships on it. It's fun and fulfills a much needed hole in my TV schedule (Brittany and Santana are great but I need MORE).

I do need some help from people who know Fringe. As you (hopefully) know, I LOVE the serial plots but I am stuck in S2 as I get increasingly frustrated with the pointless boring episodic plots. I was under the impression these were confined to S1 and I am being proved wrong. I don't want to quit the show but ranting furiously about it is a sign to me that I must skip ahead and watch only the serial episodes. So what are the serial episodes after 213? By serial I mean related to the AWESOME spoilertastic plotline started in S1, the kind of thing that gets mentioned in the previouslies. I do not mean, personal backstory and moving the relationship forward type stuff stuff, I don't care how great it is, if it's in a plotline about something weird is going on and we must investigate it and then we figure it out and never see these people again, I don't want to watch it right now. I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone can tell me which episodes in S2 are like that.
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Wilson is sad and so am I. [Sep. 30th, 2008|11:59 pm]

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I'm feeling so bummed tonight.

Ruminations about my life and college )

Didn't like House tonight. One guess why. Promo > Episode. The thing that disappoints me about House is it's never going to be the show I want it to be. I hate the episodic procedural plots sooooooo much and the ducklings are all boring and I don't like them besides Kutner who is very cute. If it was up to me, it'd just be the issues and craziness of House, Wilson and Cuddy's life with minimal medicine stuff when relevant. Also House and Wilson would be together and kissing a lot but hey. And as much as House is my favorite and I always enjoy his hilarity, Wilson is just pure love. I am kind of in love with his voice. And RSL was oh so cute in that interview with Lisa. Saw a little bit of Clueless and Safe the other day and OMG I love House/Wilson and miss them so much. Also saw Failure to Communicate tonight and awww I love House/Stacy too. They're totally doomed but it makes it easier to ship as I can just adore their cuteness and that beautiful hotel scene. I can't help loving the shared history type couples with that past you can never go back to but that connection remains so you can't help but be drawn together.

Back in July in Montreal, I had this wonderful dream where House and Wilson were sitting against a wall (ever notice that Wilson always sits to the right of House/left to our eyes?) and Wilson was all unsure of their relationship and vulnerable and such (post S4) and House leans over and kisses him to try to reassure him with the words he can't say. It was perfect. I blame it for making me desperate to see them kiss. But I was thinking whether it'd ever be possible for me to recreate that dream with vidding. Like in the future can we get actors to be in different positions when they kiss or however you'd do it. Sounds impossible but who knows? And then I had this dream recently with House kissing Wilson on the cheek and it was all so sweet.

I'm dropping Fringe which completely bores me and True Blood where I don't like the characters and relationships because I can't get myself to care to watch them. Maybe I'll catch up with reruns later. I am watching Greek which is enjoyable especially with the great gay storyline and Freaks and Geeks which is not my kind of humor (Judd and me don't mix) but I love Lindsey and James Franco and Jason Segall are incredibly hot, plus cute geeks so I'm enjoying it. In the last week, one person on my list was converted to The Wire and another to Firefly so I'm very happy there :) I kind of want to change my mood theme to an Irina one but it's been so long having this one that I'm not sure I want to change, I just miss seeing it on my Flist. I probably will change back but maybe I will when I have the time to mess with it.

Still have no money, probably won't get hard drive for another month. I have way too many wants for the amount of money I'm making which is one big reason for college then why am I having such problems motivating myself to do well in it? Argh. And I reaaaally miss LA. First it's getting cold here and I hate it more than words can say and then I miss out on Office writers, Arrested Development events and cons in general. Wish I could go to Dallas too so I could see Doris Egan do an informal commentary on House vs. God, still my favorite episode. On the bright side, I now possess the Pushing Daisies DVDs and they are so pretty. Pie-lette is just as perfect as I remembered. I am forever charmed by that show. On my list of favorite all-time shows, PD wins over fifth place which hopefully will continue into TOMORROW, yay!


[ profile] bop_radar's First Vidding Chat talking about vid planning. Feel free to share your thoughts! More background on it here and poll and more discussion here.

The Organization of Transformative Works has released the new fan wiki, Fanlore! Everyone is encouraged to write their own fan history and edit the history of the fandoms they're in.

New community, [ profile] queer_as_tv! Basically a community about GLBT representation on television. As I'll watch almost any show that features a gay storyline (case in point, Greek), it's perfect for me.

I love looking at TV ratings cause I love TV too much but if you're interested in how your shows are doing, check out TV By The Numbers. The best thing is the Renew/Cancel Index which predicts which shows will be cancelled or might be by looking at their 18-49 demographic ratings which need to be at 92% of the network's average to have a good chance at surviving. So far Til Death, Old Christine, Lipstick Jungle, Knight Rider, T:TSCC (why is this show not doing better numbers :(), Gary Unmarried, My Name is Earl, Privelled, Prison Break, The Unit, Cold Case and Ugly Betty (noooo) are in danger in order of severity. Thankfully The Office, House, Heroes, Grey's, HIMYM, Gossip Girl, Brothers & Sisters and Supernatural all seem pretty safe. I find it all so fascinating.
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Together, House and Wilson rule the world! And other TV thoughts. [Sep. 16th, 2008|06:48 pm]

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Late on this but I can't post to LJ from my computer right now so:

Except for Mad Men, these are mostly brief as I don't have the episodes anymore and I can't remember everything.

Mad Men 207 Thoughts )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 201 Thoughts )

Spoilers for Entourage 501 )

Spoilers for Gossip Girls 202 )

Spoilers for Project Runway 509 )

I watched Fringe awhile ago but my unspoilery reaction was I thought it was really boring. The only thing saving it for me was my love for Pacey as Joshua Jackson was great and cute along with seeing Lance and Kirk again. The lead actress felt really really bland and the "science" type stuff was either lame, gross or both. The twist at the end was okay but I really hope the series picks up after a few episodes. At least Alias and Lost both had great Pilots so this was a disappointment from JJ. I've learned that if I love the characters I can stick with his shows long term and if I like the plots I can stick short term and so far neither of them is working so I hope one does and soon.

Also I watched True Blood awhile ago as well and wasn't impressed. The good thing is I love the concept so I'm hoping the show will pick up once it finds it's feet. The writing didn't seem that great to me though, surprising coming from the Six Feet Under guy but mostly I HATED the "meant to be" main couple. I am just getting so sick of being told two characters see each other and all of a sudden they're in love or some such nonsense. Give them common personality traits and common interests and some chemistry cause I'm not seeing it. The sex seemed rather gratuitous too. I'll keep watching and see.

In my spare time, I have gotten completely addicted to Sex in the City. I am beginning Season 5 and I just can't stop. It was supposed to be my fun show to watch once in awhile and now I can't get enough. I love the focus on relationships and how they'll discuss any aspect of sex. The fashions are wonderful too as is recognizing stuff in NYC. I love them all really besides Charlotte whose a bit too marriage n'babies for my tastes. And I reeeally didn't want to get invested in the Carrie/Big thing but DAMN THEM, they got me hooked onto their whole drama. Their lack of communication drives me up the wall though but gah Big can be so damn sexy and charismatic. And the most charming character I've ever seen. I am utterly charmed. He can be my Prince Charming any day.

OMG I can't wait til House!! A girl from my newspaper got to watch the first two episodes ahead of time to review them and now I'm sooo jealous and wish I had applied for the position as it's not that difficult (as in I could do better than them). I can't believe the day is finally here when I get to see my show in realtime again and squee madly at House/Wilson. I've been thinking about it all day and was counting down the days all week and now it's finally here OMG. I missed that feeling of excitement at a premiere, knowing that I finally get more ship love that'll make my day. And I need it as my day has been crap and full of self-loathing. But this will definitely cheer me up. Wish people wouldn't be doing that Supernatural quote meme when all I can think of is House so here's my House quote:

Wilson: "You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?"
House: "Yeah. And you're the good guy."
Wilson: "At least I try."
House: "As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you want."
Wilson: "And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you want."
House: "So between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world!"

Or at least rule my world. House/Wilson forever!
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