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Vividcon 2010 Con Report (Much delayed) [Sep. 15th, 2010|06:15 pm]

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This has been started and stopped so many times it's ridiculous. But here it is, my Vividcon 2010 con report:

Vividcon 2010 Con Report )

In other news, been feeling kind of withdrawy and procrastiny lately but trying to crawl out of that hole. At the moment, I'm totally in love with fashion which nicely coincides with New York Fashion Week. I've been watching The Rachel Zoe Show which is hilariously awesome and I am SO IN LOVE with Brad Goreski. Like, I keep saying I'd marry you (not literally cause he's gay) but like if I could create the looks of my future husband (hypothetically speaking), it'd be him (with a different personality although I do love his). He's just so cute and funny with perfect style. I die. I may now be saying this all the time cause of the show.

The biggest news is I'm moving to LA! I'm moving up the move date til next week which is kind of crazy but sometimes that is how the timing works out. I'm super excited, I really need to get away from this place which is cold after a delightfully warm 90s period (way too few this summer, barely got to the beach) and I'm sick of my parent's house and this city and just everything. I need a new environment, one that I love and that is completely inspiring to me. A bit worried about finding a job but I am determined to apply everywhere as soon as I get there and hopefully it'll all work out. I found a place though right near Hollywood and Highland that I'm really excited about. I really can't wait and I hope to get to visit with some LA people on my Flist.

On the new TV front, I'm FINALLY starting to get excited about this TV season. Started watching the new pilots and I'm surpringly pleased. Hellcats was cute but not my thing, Nikita was awesome in a girls kick ass and I like the two girl main characters way and Terriers was surprisingly lovable and possibly serial. Giving the latter ones a few episodes to see how serial they are which is going to be my main criteria this season besides funniness (for comedies). The shows I'm most looking forward to this season are sadly few but I'm going to check out Boardwalk Empire (should be a good replacement Treme), My Generation (exactly the kind of thing I like), Lonestar (supposed to be good and pure serial, I'm in) and Undercovers and I'm giving Hawaii Five O, Running Wilde, The Event and No Ordinary Family a couple episodes. Catching up on Gossip Girl now (I stopped early S3) and it's surprisingly enjoyable if only for the fashion (and the Lady GaGa appearance, DIE).

Oh yeah, we have two new kittens who are SO CUTE. Pictures to come in future posts. Going to be the worst part about moving.
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Together, House and Wilson rule the world! And other TV thoughts. [Sep. 16th, 2008|06:48 pm]

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Late on this but I can't post to LJ from my computer right now so:

Except for Mad Men, these are mostly brief as I don't have the episodes anymore and I can't remember everything.

Mad Men 207 Thoughts )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 201 Thoughts )

Spoilers for Entourage 501 )

Spoilers for Gossip Girls 202 )

Spoilers for Project Runway 509 )

I watched Fringe awhile ago but my unspoilery reaction was I thought it was really boring. The only thing saving it for me was my love for Pacey as Joshua Jackson was great and cute along with seeing Lance and Kirk again. The lead actress felt really really bland and the "science" type stuff was either lame, gross or both. The twist at the end was okay but I really hope the series picks up after a few episodes. At least Alias and Lost both had great Pilots so this was a disappointment from JJ. I've learned that if I love the characters I can stick with his shows long term and if I like the plots I can stick short term and so far neither of them is working so I hope one does and soon.

Also I watched True Blood awhile ago as well and wasn't impressed. The good thing is I love the concept so I'm hoping the show will pick up once it finds it's feet. The writing didn't seem that great to me though, surprising coming from the Six Feet Under guy but mostly I HATED the "meant to be" main couple. I am just getting so sick of being told two characters see each other and all of a sudden they're in love or some such nonsense. Give them common personality traits and common interests and some chemistry cause I'm not seeing it. The sex seemed rather gratuitous too. I'll keep watching and see.

In my spare time, I have gotten completely addicted to Sex in the City. I am beginning Season 5 and I just can't stop. It was supposed to be my fun show to watch once in awhile and now I can't get enough. I love the focus on relationships and how they'll discuss any aspect of sex. The fashions are wonderful too as is recognizing stuff in NYC. I love them all really besides Charlotte whose a bit too marriage n'babies for my tastes. And I reeeally didn't want to get invested in the Carrie/Big thing but DAMN THEM, they got me hooked onto their whole drama. Their lack of communication drives me up the wall though but gah Big can be so damn sexy and charismatic. And the most charming character I've ever seen. I am utterly charmed. He can be my Prince Charming any day.

OMG I can't wait til House!! A girl from my newspaper got to watch the first two episodes ahead of time to review them and now I'm sooo jealous and wish I had applied for the position as it's not that difficult (as in I could do better than them). I can't believe the day is finally here when I get to see my show in realtime again and squee madly at House/Wilson. I've been thinking about it all day and was counting down the days all week and now it's finally here OMG. I missed that feeling of excitement at a premiere, knowing that I finally get more ship love that'll make my day. And I need it as my day has been crap and full of self-loathing. But this will definitely cheer me up. Wish people wouldn't be doing that Supernatural quote meme when all I can think of is House so here's my House quote:

Wilson: "You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?"
House: "Yeah. And you're the good guy."
Wilson: "At least I try."
House: "As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you want."
Wilson: "And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you want."
House: "So between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world!"

Or at least rule my world. House/Wilson forever!
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TV, Gossip Girl, College and NYC [Sep. 2nd, 2008|11:53 pm]

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I'm so happy the fall TV season is finally starting! With the premiere of Gossip Girls and Prison Break yesterday, it's finally begun. I can hardly believe it's September already. I'm still working on catching up with Prison Break so Gossip Girl is my first show of the night. In an effort to not procrastinate and wait to write things until they're perfect thereby never getting to writing them at all, I'm going to try to start posting my first reactions to all the TV I'm watching with some shows getting longer thoughts later or at first. So to begin it, my fun, pretty, melodramatic soap opera is back:

Spoilers for Gossip Girls 201 )

At the moment I'm most excited for House because House/Wilson OMG. Sant Doris Egan proved once again why she is our saint with this AMAZING interview. Mild spoilers for the season but worth it for me. I seriously could not be more excited about this season. Everytime I think, how can it get any more slashier, more canon? And then it does! I mean, look: "I feel like House and Wilson, they deserve mythology. They're larger-than-life characters. YES YES YES. ILU Doris. And when I read that I was like, House and Wilson, they're the stuff of legends. And THEN I remember that Doris wrote two great episodes of Smallville, Hourglass and Hug and in the latter, that's what Lex says to Clark. Clearly, she's awesome. Spoilers for this season from the article )

Funny enough, I just got into Dark Angel and I'm loving it. It's so cool that Doris was a writer on it! The show is definitely appealing to me with kickass Max and the whole character backstory and the world and I LOVE the plotline. Lots of intrigue, great action and suspense. I wish we could get rid of the loser dude but I love her friends. Not into the Logan/Max thing which feels like they're shoving down our throats which I hate but as friends, they're nice and Logan is very hot. Can't wait til Alec shows up though. I'm only on 105 but I can't wait to watch as much as I can! Wish I had the time to marathon it completely. I love that feeling though between this and Slings and Arrows (SO MUCH LOVE), it reminds me why I love TV. But I will say between Dark Angel, the sickening events in Minnesota and a bad experience with a police officer (no ticket though thank god), I'm feeling very anti-police. Way too much power and it freaks me out. On the new TV front, I'm starting to watch Bones and I enjoyed the pilot so at least there's that. Not sure if I'll ship Brennan/Booth but that one wall scene was HOT. I am easy with walls.

I went to the Great NY State Fair for the first time yesterday since I was a kid (which I don't remember) and it was fun! I rode the roller coaster there and the ferris wheel, tried to climb this rock climbing wall (it was HARD), saw a seal lion show which was super cute, petted and saw goats, ponies, llamas (VVC mascot love!), sheep, pigs, chickens and the cutest rabbits ever, saw some fireworks and walked around and saw everything. It was great to finally see everything. At the sea lion show there was the cutest moment when the trainer through a ring for them to catch too far and the other sea lion picked it up and put it on the other sea lion. Awww.

So tomorrow I start college again. I'm taking four classes at the local community college to make sure I'm ready for classes again before I go back to Chapman (plus it's cheaper). I'm really nervous and I know I need to do well after I crashed a nd burned a year ago during spring semester. I'm taking:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9-10 Logic, 10-11 History of American Women (although I may change this if I can find something I like better)
Monday: 6-9 PM History of Ancient Philosophy
Thursday: 6-8:45 PM (can make it back home in time for The Office!) Intro to Microeconomics

I'm much more motivated to do the work and study for them after my time off in the last year so hopefully that will help. Mostly I'm just scared of failing though *worries* I just want to get back to trying to do well in school like I did back in say, seventh grade.

So on Sunday I'm going to NYC to go see the US Open final but I'm going to leave on Saturday so I can do some sightseeing and such (I miss the city!). Does anyone have any recommendations of things to do? I've already seen the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Chinatown, Little Italy, Rockerfeller Center, Times Square and probably some other famous attraction I'm forgetting but it was only one week so I probably missed out on a lot. Also, does anyone who lives in the NYC area want to hang out and either come with me or just watch TV/vids? I miss being with other fans! And if anyone has an extra bed or floor space that I could crash on Saturday night, I'd really appreciate it.

I totally forgot about The Office S4 DVD coming out today *facepalm* I've just had a lot on my mind and I didn't see any reminders about it so I totally forgot. Hopefully Target will still have the DVDs with the extra footage on them because I really, really want one.

Okay, time for some 90120! New TV YAY *happiness*
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Forward it like it's hot, forward it like it's hot [May. 21st, 2008|11:58 pm]

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Nominate Fandom's Hottest Characters. Choose three of your hottest characters of all time. For the record, this is impossible for me to have any kind of rankings but I chose Brian Kinney (that was easy actually), Stringer Bell and Irina Derevko. I was trying to go based on hot rather than favorite/cute/sexy/most awesome (although my nominees all qualify there too).

The Organization For Transformative Works (of which I am a member :))is hosting an online con full of fannish celebration at [ profile] otw_onlinecon in honor of being one year old with challenges, panels, events and more. Go check it out!

[ profile] trollprincess is holding a talk about awesome female characters day here. It was great reading about many of my favorite characters and I talked about the awesomeness that is Irina Derevko.

After this article about why women don't like sci-fi which is mostly bullshit IMO, here's a poll about women and sci-fi with over 1000 women liking sci-fi, thank you very much. I love sci-fi because I love good characters and stories which sci-fi has many including exploring interesting themes in unique ways that are hard to explore in other genres.

EW's List of the 25 Funniest People in Entertainment. They got a lot right including Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Will Arnett and Amy Poelher and David Cross. I would also include the writers of The Office especially Mindy Kaling and Paul Lieberstein.

EW's List of great Ugly Betty quips I love this show.

Some brief TV thoughts:

Spoilers for the latest Ugly Betty )

Spoilers for the latest Grey's Anatomy )

Spoilers for the Supernatural finale )

Spoilers for the How I Met Your Mother finale )

Spoilers for the Gossip Girl finale )

I absolutely loved the House finale and it totally made me cry but I will talk about it at length later.
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Read less, more TV. [May. 15th, 2008|11:14 am]

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I watched The Office up to The Client last night and it was so much fun! Michael/Jan were so perfect back then, it makes my heart happy. Everything was perfect in my eyes. Oh, my show.

Gossip Girls is reminding me of Veronica Mars (and not because of Kristin Bell's voiceover) in terms of relationships which can only be a good thing. Spoilers for Gossip Girl up to Woman on the Verge )

There's a new interview up with Silvio Horta's thoughts on this season of Ugly Betty and the next. It reminds me of Tim Kring's interview where he acknowledges the mistakes of S2 (although UB's weren't as bad IMO) and promises to fix them next season. Plus UB is moving to NYC next season! Personally I love it because shooting on location brings more of a realistic touch to the show. The sad thing is that Marco Pennette's leaving the show :( He wrote the Thanksgiving episode (Dreamgirls dancing!), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (favorite episode still), East Side Story and the Wedding episode (one of my absolute favorites). Spoilers for Ugly Betty up to Betty's Baby Bump )

Nothing much to say about BSG except that the last episode was awesome and got me excited about the show again so yay BSG!

Spoilers for Doctor Who up to the latest episode )

If you've ever considered watching How I Met Your Mother (or haven't!), I'd check out [ profile] spectralbovine's pimping post for it here. He sums up a lot of the reasons I love it so much from it's lovable, pretty, relatable ensemble of characters to the nonlinear narrative timelines and flashbacks. It really is a smart, great show and after the first 8 episodes or so gets immeasurably more awesome. Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother up to Everything Must Go )

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy up to The Becoming )

The thing that bugs me about 30 Rock which I also had an issue with on Veronica Mars and Alias is how it seems like since they have the main character be a woman, they have zero or one other woman regular and that's it. The biggest thing about 30 Rock is where are the women writers? We have Tina Fey and that's it. Personally I only like Twofer and think the other writers are pretty lame. I wish Amy Poehler would star as a new writer although I doubt that's likely now. Anyways, I will keep enjoying the hell out of Liz and Kenneth like I always do. Spoilers for 30 Rock up to the finale )

Taken from [ profile] celli: Cast your dream TV series of all time. Three to five actors, must include at least one male and one female. Tell me why they'd be so awesome together.

(Bonus points for show premise/location.)

Here's my answer and yes, I have thought of this a lot:

Lena Olin, Victor Garber, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison with special guest starring by Jennifer Garner. Insane amounts of chemistry all over the place and lots and lots of pretty.

It'd be an Alias spin off where Irina and Jack start their own spy agency in NYC (solving the Lena Olin problem) and eventually get Gale and Randy (characters TBD)to join them who fall in love and are the gay spy team. Sydney shows up a lot to go on missions with her parents. Jack is still never sure if Irina is using the resources and plans for her own motives...but that's what makes it fun. Flashbacks to earlier times in their relationship abound, Irina gets to spend lots more time with her sisters and family (Isabelle Rossalini guest stars) and there is an elaborate plan they work against that is completely serial starting from the beginning and ending with a huge bang that was all worth it. Lots of kissing and sex for all members of the cast as well as lots of Office like humor.

I'd probably spontaneously burst into flames because of the awesome, hotness and perfectness of this show every week but it'd be worth it.

So what are yours?
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Some short TV thoughts [Apr. 24th, 2008|05:37 pm]

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Happy Office Day everyone! I am reeeally looking forward to tonight's episode as it sounds really, really good. And the promo was absolutely delightful. Michael/Ryan, yay! Plus ALL my shows are coming back for the best night on TV. Ugly Betty, Grey's and Supernatural are all back making me very, very happy along with The Office, Scrubs and 30 Rock. I am annoyed at the Scrubs and 30 Rock shift because it messes up my perfect comedy night of Ugly Betty, The Office and Scrubs that all fit so well with being all about the character love. But whatever, downloading solves all problems. Now all I need is for House to come back and all my favorite shows will be back (not counting the ones returning in the fall).

Lost and me are broken up now. I'm going to marathon the show once it's over but I barely get any pleasure from it anymore and feel like a puppet being dragged in crazy directions. I just don't see the brilliance no matter what people say. Hating Jack and most of the characters is probably the biggest reason. It's going to stop being abusive boyfriend now.

Random TV snippets: Absolutely loved How I Met Your Mother (which reminded me why I ship and watch TV with the euphoria) and The Office last week but don't really have much to say about them right now. Enjoyed the latest Doctor Who eps but the episodic nature of it bores me to death. Still miss Martha. OMG NEXT WEEK though. Caught up on Gossip Girl and am enjoying Chuck/Blair, Chuck/Nate and the cuteness of Eric. Also finished watching Eli Stone and Victor Garber continues to make me squee along with the yummy slashiness that is Eli/Jordan. I LOVE all the singing and musical numbers. Having sworn off Law and Order, Christopher Meloni made me change my mind with SVU because he is SO DAMN HOT and I just can't resist his insane amounts of charisma. I swear I don't usually watch actor's work just because I like their character but Victor Garber and Chris Meloni act in a way that reminds of their past characters and it's just nice seeing them again. I wish Lena would do more TV because I want to see her as well! Oz and Beecher/Keller have managed to get under my skin so I can't help but love and think about them so I'm slowly rewatching the first season. B/K kind of traumatized me by hurting me so much though so sometimes it's hard to watch.

I'm posting more of my Queer as Folk and Brian/Justin thoughts at IJ since some of the fandom is over there so if you want to read about that my journal's here. I'm also posting pretty regular updates at Twitter here if anyone is actually interested. I do better with short updates so I can override my perfectionist tendencies and I'm hoping this will be useful in the future if I want to see what I was up to back in the day.

I may have finally settled on my Premiere video after three tries. With some audio editing, I think it's manageable. I really hate vidding to deadlines though, the pressure can be so paralyzing. Hopefully someday I'll learn to start early.

Next up on my TV catching list: The OC S4, Flight of the Conchords, Prison Break S3, Psych, Sports Night and Carnivale.
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Brief TV Update [Sep. 30th, 2007|01:01 am]

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I've had a really crazy/busy week but I wanted to say something about TV because I had planned a post but took a 5 hour nap instead.

I LOVE TV. It completes me, it really does. Having so many of my shows premiering this week and seeing my Flist squee just reminded me of what TV adds to my life and how happy and gleeful it makes me. Plus I got to watch some of it with [ profile] lianri which was a lot of fun. I'm still behind on seeing some premieres/second episodes but I will get to that by tomorrow hopefully. For now, short non-spoilery reactions.

How I Met Your Mother: Love it! Hilarious and hot and cute and sweet. Just the way I like it.
Chuck: I enjoyed it! Very entertaining and a great concept. Chuck is so cute.
Heroes: LOVE it! Mr. Bennett and Claire! *hearts them* Matt and Mohinder and Molly! My super cute Hiro is back :D Somehow this show turned into a character love show for me. And it was funny!
House: OMG LOVE! I still have not recovered. This is one of THE episodes that shows why I watch the show along with Act Your Age, All In, House vs. God and Safe. Lots of House hilarity, House/Wilson SQUEE and House/Cuddy love. The OT3 rules all.
Reaper: I enjoyed it! Much funnier than I thought and pretty entertaining concept.
Pushing Daises: Not on yet but I rewatched half the pre-air version and LOVED it once again. The pretty and the concept and the narrator and the cute main character and oh, everything have won me over.
Private Practice: Meh. I love LA and I love Addison but that's about it. The characters need to get better but I'll give it a few episodes.
Gossip Girl (pilot): I like the idea of it but right now it's not clicking for me. NYC is awesome and I hear the books are good so I'm giving it more time.
Dirty Sexy Money: LOVE it! Second favorite pilot of the season and I think it's awesome (the name IS the best). The characters are fun and interesting, the plot is entertaining, it's funny and it reminds me of Arrested Development which I miss a lot so this helps. Highly recommended.
Ugly Betty: Love it! It totally made me cry yet was so funny. Also, I LOVE Justin times infinity. He and Hiro are having an adorable contest and Justin is winning at the moment.
The Office: LOVED IT! My show is back and once again it's the best and makes me the happiest. I laughed throughout the entire thing and loved all my characters SO MUCH. How is this show so good? My glee is indescribably high.
Grey's Anatomy: I liked it. It's gotten better but a few of last season's problems and one new one is still dragging the show down. But I LOVED Cristina who is awesome and rules all so I'll keep watching.
Stargate Atlantis: I liked it! My Rodney love is back in full force and McShep is still super cute and are so boyfriends. Yay!

May TV never leave me again.
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