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Glee Love! [May. 18th, 2010|10:56 pm]

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Since it's all I can get myself to post about these days:

Glee Spoilers for 119 )

My favorite Glee thing which is exactly what I hoped for when I saw the show is this Glee Flash Mob where people get together and form dances to Glee songs! Here's the first I think from Seattle:

I wish there was this kind of creativity around every corner. I totally want to join one! There's another one from Ohio U that is even more appropriate since Glee is set in Ohio. It just makes me so happy to see so many of them :)

Besides that nothing much else happening besides, work, working out, watching TV and trying to work on my hopeful Premiere vid as well as keeping up with fandom. Well that and my growing crush on Jillian Michaels guhhh. Oh also excited about Upfronts and the new TV shows for next year. Still most excited for Undercovers which yes, it's JJ so I do not trust it BUT the premise reminds me of Spyrents so I am looking forward to see if he can possibly capture that dynamic, if a little, again. Is there anything anyone wants me to post about this week? Cause seriously, I'm out of ideas right now.

Oh and anybody who watches House: has there been any super slashy House/Wilson episodes since The Down Low? I haven't seen any since then and unless it's H/W filled, I don't plan to.
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Festivids should not be this scary. [Jan. 10th, 2010|08:55 pm]

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I am ALL DONE with my Festivid!!! It is completely submitted, confirmed and over with omgyay. God that was scary. Why oh why do I procrastinate on these things??? I spent too long trying to go the ambitious route but gave up yesterday and finished everything today. The story of this vid is me thinking it'll go smoothly and it does for awhile and then I get hung up on something and it takes much longer than expected. I gave myself a couple hours for encoding and uploading and thank god I did because it was a DISASTER. First I had to fix the frame size in the project, then it was encoding wrong and then I could not encode the freaking audio. I thought I was going to die but luckily I switched projects and managed to get it out and just attached it to the video. And I forgot how to convert frame size in the process and was struggling with software and it was all just a big mess. My heart was beating so fast and there was so much ohfuckomgomgomg going on. But it is DONE so I am forgetting it and relaxing it.

Definitely not the best vidding process. I was having so much hate for this vid and being forced to get it done all day yesterday and for the last few days and the stress was killing me. And I stayed in all weekend and gave up a lot of exercise day trips I wanted to do and that was frustrating. Not to mention, I didn't go to Hotel Cafe last night where Adam, Cassidy, Brad, Alisan, Ferras and a couple other people were and it really bummed me out. In all fairness, I didn't think Adam would show up but stillll. It sucks. Oh well I guess. What I do for vidding. It is weird to think that somewhere out there (hopefully) there is a vid made for me!! I can't wait to see it along with all the other vids. They're all going to be released January 14th ie More Joy Day so feel free to spread the joy in any way you can!

In better news, I found this quote that Jillian Michaels said in a recent interview and it made me really, really happy as it is more than I ever hoped she'd say: "Let's just say I believe in healthy love. If I fall in love with a woman, that's awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that's awesome. As long as you fall in's like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!". Yes, this exactly! And so much love for open to bisexuality <3
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Made in LA ie Lots of Little Things Part 2 [Jun. 12th, 2008|12:26 am]

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I reeeeally miss LA. Just saying if it's not obvious. It's been annoyingly humid here and although I prefer it over cold, nothing beats the dry heat of LA. So much better to be hot there and with the dry heat, it feels good and totally bearable even in the 90's. At least for me. I did go swimming the other day which I haven't done since...last January maybe? In LA of course. I did unexpectedly meet some friends there which was nice.

Also going to Montreal with [ profile] clayangel in July to see some Ryan and Greg shows and I can't wait! Never been there before so it'll be good to expand my Canadian horizons.

Okay, now TV. Kind of behind on TV watching with two episodes of Doctor Who to watch and one BSG but both shows are kind of meh to me now so ehh whatever. Hopefully will do them tomorrow though. Not much of a Stephen Moffet lover as it always seems like there is too much random other characters and not enough character love of the ones I do love not to mention plots that I'm not very interested in (The Doctor Dances two parter was okay, plus JACK). So I'm not really that happy about the news he's running the show after RTD but I'm always willing to give him a chance so we'll see what happens. I still have lots of shows to catch up on from Farscape and The X-Files (the odds of finishing before VVC are now way down) to Prison Break and Smallville to Psych, Burn Notice and Mad Men. So little time, so much TV...

John Barrowman pictures of hotness. I am so, so disappointed that there's only going to be 5 episodes of Torchwood next year. I need my Jack fix! Plus, I need Jack and Ianto boykissing...*pouts*

Speaking of, does anyone know the best place to watch the gay parts of that German soap opera? I must see it! I checked out Luke and Noah and they were very cute but the soap opera stuff was too much for me at the time...I may see all of it later though. I am interested in Forbidden Love though.

BEST COMMERCIAL EVER: I just...god, it made me cry. As a huge flying fan, it made me want to fly again so badly and I strongly believe someday I will even if it's not the real thing. It's so cute and very, very touching.

If you've ever wanted to save a link for a later or save a post til say after you've seen a show or movie and do it quickly, try the Read It Later add on for Firefox (if you're still using should switch). All you have to do is right click a link or press a button you can add onto the top of your browser and you have it saved for later reading. It's helped me a lot with not forgetting certain posts and links when I don't have the time to read them or comment. I'm still kind of lazy sometimes and am gradually getting better at it.

I have a ticket to the tennis US Open finals! *squee* It'll be my first time going or ever seeing a match live so I really can't wait. Plus I am pretty sure that Federer is going to make it to the finals and tie Pete Sampras's record so I want to see history in the making. I would totally stalk him as I reeeally want to meet him but I'm just going to go for a day to save money so it's not worth the effort. I'm sure I'll meet him someday. The loss at the French Open broke my heart, I was really invested this time and it's always devastating when he can't quite pull it off. Oh underdogs, you kill me.

So I started watching The Biggest Loser on a whim a few days ago...and somehow developed a serious crush on the trainer, Jillian Michaels. I definitely have a type for tough, awesome, ass kicking woman especially dark haired women. The thing is while I think a lot of women are very pretty, I'm usually not very attracted except for a few and personality plays a big part in that. The short list (besides Jillian) is Lena Olin, Alexandra Hedison, Kate Moennig, Karina Lombard and Lena Headey (Katee/Starbuck in the miniseries is very close). But sometimes the stars align and they definitely do in this case. My love for her has grown exponentially while watching Season 5 (how much do I hate the game? FUCK THE GAME) and she pulls off the HARDCORE, yelling (and I love that she swears so great) trainer like no other and I loooove it and eat it up. She's got me so invested in her winning that I cheer ecstatically at the victories and cry at the losses (oh god one scene in S5 was SO heartbreaking it HURT...oh the woobieness). I love a good Jillian beating and nothing beats Jillian HUGS (they make me so happy!). She's so inspiring to me and a great role model which works for me so much as having people to look up to motivates me a lot. Team Jillian for LIFE. (Trainer love! ie where Jillian and Bob are cuteness)

Plus I love that she loves martial arts as one of my dreams is to be able to kick ass like all my girl heroes (and guys too) that I love from both my Sydneys (first Walker Texas Ranger, then Alias) to Buffy and all the other great warrior women (Zoe love!). I will definitely be making that happen at some point. If there's one thing I love about this season it was the awesome display of GIRL POWER. Just so amazing to be the underdogs and yet pull off some awesome, awesome wins. Because women CAN do anything and accomplish their dreams and do the impossible. Fucking A.

Also in one episode there was TIM GUNN. I literally screamed in the middle of the night, I was so excited. Talk about dream crossovers actually happening. There has not been enough Tim Gunn in my life lately. And I hope this puts the zaftig debacle to bed (TWSS...sorry force of habit). Also, July 16th is the Project Runway premiere, yay! Still the best reality show ever.

Picture of Jillian under the cut in the shirt I want SO MUCH IT HURTS (see subject line)  )

Never done this meme so I'm trying it: You give me three names in a fandom I know, I tell you whom I'd toss off a cliff, whom I'd shag, and whom I'd marry. Then (if you like) I give you three names, and so it goes.
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