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End of the Year Vidding Meme 2012 [Jan. 23rd, 2013|10:37 pm]

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So I did say I was going to do this and I meant it. First time I'm doing this meme! Hopefully it'll be annual after this.

End of the Year Vidding Meme 2012 )

Last Saturday was Festivids Go Live! I got a Homeland vid!!! Breathing Underwater is a S1 vid about Carrie and Brody, their similarities and issues and journey together. It gave me SO MANY FEELS and the song choice is just perfect for exploring their emotional struggles together. I loved the use of POVs and the kinetic energy throughout. It made my Festivids so amazing to get such a great vid :D

I'll have a recs list at some point but for now here's my favorite vid besides my own that blew me away: Smoke and Mirrors. It's a Mad Men vid that explores so many of the deeper themes of the show and is just brilliant in the deeper things it says. The song choice is perfect, it gives me ALL THE FEELS and it's just the vid I wish I could make. When I'm clapping and cheering and HOLY SHITTING at the end of it, you know you've won me over.

If you haven't seen any of the Festivids (or just a few), be sure to check out the masterlist and see and comment on all the vids! There's over 100 small fandoms represented there and the vids are awesome!
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TV is magical [May. 28th, 2012|12:42 am]

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Mad Men Spoilers for 511 )

God I love TV. Not even going to go into the awesomeness of Game of Thrones, still working on my epic post for that. All I know is I love TV and it is an amazing medium for doing some awesome, brilliant, fun, crazy things. Also, why can't every day be Sunday?
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I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly [Apr. 2nd, 2012|03:54 pm]

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So I'm back in Los Angeles. SO HAPPY!!! There's something about this city that makes me feel alive, energized, inspired, whole and fulfilled. The beautiful, wonderful weather helps a lot too. Sunny and 70s!!! It makes me want to dance on the streets of LA or drive with my windows down and sing as loud as I can (I may have done one or both of those things). It's just really good to be back. I took the PCH down from San Francisco even though it took longer and it was SO worth it. It was so beautiful to see the hills, forest, mountains, countryside, cliffs and best of all, the ocean. Wow, it looked even more beautiful than I remembered especially around the Big Sur area. Also got a chance to check out Santa Cruz and Monterey although it sadly got dark before Santa Barbara. It was really nice to get to see the coast again, I haven't done it since 2007 (with a great WL roadtrip!). The night before I also had fun as I went to a gay club in the Castro as it didn't feel like a real San Francisco trip without that. I had too much to drink but someone who I thought was hot danced with me briefly so that was cool. Also I went to Yosemite a couple weeks ago and had fun climbing 5000 ft of mountains. My legs hurt like hell the next two days but it was so worth it and I got some awesome pictures. I did get lost a little in the dark one night but it turned out alright in the end so I can look back on it in a good light now. The falls were so pretty!

I was planning on going back to college but I've had some trouble getting into classes I need so I've decided to not do that and just try to get a web developer job instead. It may take me a few months so I'm going to look for something more temporary in the meantime. I'm really excited about it! The last month has been a lot of fun learning Rails and various parts of the stack and I'm excited about continuing to do it in a Los Angeles environment. Plus I can't wait to hang out with vidders in the area! It's sooo nice to be home.

On top of it, TV is back! I just finished reading Game of Thrones yesterday and although I tried to start the second book, I finally gave in and watched the S2 premiere. It's funny, when I read the 1st book I thought I would have enjoyed the first season more if I had read the books first but now I'm thinking it's better to NOT read the books. Reason being I'm a believer that TV/movies should VERY closely follow the books so little things like dialogue reeeally bother me when they change things or leave stuff out. Part of the problem is I'm reading the books way too close to when I see the TV show as then I remember and get annoyed at everything. For example, I enjoyed the last Harry Potter movie much more because I don't remember a lot of the little specifics of what happened and just enjoyed it for what it was. But anyways, I did love the GoT premiere. The books made me like all the characters a LOT more and now the only one I hate is Joffrey (omg I hope he dies soon). So that's awesome. Arya is still my most favorite ever and I can't wait to see more of her. Also enjoying Mad Men (PEGGY!) although I'm only half through the most recent episode. Sundays are SO awesome now! I do miss Parks & Rec :( Come baaaaaack. Thursdays suck now.

I also went to see the midnight showing of The Hunger Games and LOVED it. No movie could capture the magic of the first book but I loved that it did a great job staying true to the book (they did the smart thing and gave the author screenwriting duties). All of my worries about the casting were thrown away quickly as all the actors totally sold their characters. It was all really beautiful, fun to watch and great to watch with a group of people laughing, crying and making funny comments in all the right places. And I'm so happy it did amazing at the box offic, I KNEW it would. I'm hoping to see it again once I do a reread of the first book which I read in one sitting back in July. If you haven't read it yet, READ IT! It's so addicting and fun to read. Katniss is SO awesome although Cinna is my favorite.

I've been hard at work vidding...vids that are NOT my Club Vivid vid. OOPS. The good news is one of them is almost done and I'm out of the honeymoon phase so I can devote some more time to getting that done along with maybe some other vids I'm working on. It was so much fun to get addicted to vidding something without a deadline and just be into my ship SO MUCH and enjoy seeing them all the time while vidding. It's good to be more productive vidwise again. If anyone want a vid made to order, check out the Vividcon Auction vidders here, there's so many that I wish I had more money to buy!

I still can't believe I'm back here in LA after dreaming about it for two months. There's no place like home...
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A new start... [Aug. 29th, 2011|12:58 pm]

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So things have been up in the air for the last couple weeks but I finally know what I'm doing this fall. Unfortunately although I applied again to appeal the decision (with some great people helping me), Chapman once again rejected my appeal. So I'm not going back to Chapman University. At least I tried my hardest to get back in and now I see it as their loss. After much angsting and thinking it over, I finally found a backup plan that has its own benefits. I'm going to be attending Los Angeles City College this fall and then look to transfer to Cal State LA or Cal State Northridge for Spring (waiting on results now) or Fall of next year. I'm going to be taking some GE and business courses this semester (a speech and health class, computer science for MIS, managerial accounting and Business Law at the moment) and I'm really excited to have a fresh start and do well in them. I also want to start looking for internships-paid would be best but even unpaid would be helpful for experience. Basically I want to not repeat my previous mistakes and actually make the most of college.

The best part is the college is near Downtown LA which is my favorite place in the city so I'm going to get an apartment in the city and live there. I'm soooo excited. For those unaware, downtown LA (referred to as DTLA) is undergoing a revitalization at the moment and there are a lot of people moving there along with new businesses, restaurants, etc popping up everywhere. It's really exciting and there's a lot of activism and the like there to try to improve the community. I love the aura of DTLA, it's so exciting and invigorating and I can't wait to live there. I love being around tall buildings, lots of people, events and fun places to go to no matter where you go. I already found a really cool coffee/sweets shopa, cute lunch place with great food and a beautiful bookstore to hang out in. The best thing that's happening right now is Artwalk which I haven't gone to yet because of conflicts but I'm going to the one in September and I'm dying to go. Basically they close off the streets, tons of people come out to check out the art galleries/restaurants and there are specials and I've heard it's amazing. I really want to get involved in the local community to help create more of a community and help prevent poverty, homelessness and any other social problem around here. I'm really interested in learning more/experiencing more of the educational system (for a few startup type ideas I have) so I'm looking to get involved in tutoring and after school programs that help enrichment. I want to really experience what it's like living there so I can use that knowledge to think of ways to help.

Fandom wise it's been hard to keep up internet wise since I've been going to a lot of free internet places (I'm waiting on money to get my own place). I'm working on reviewing source for a upcoming vid I'm dyyyying to do so that's taking a lot of time right now. One other problem is the PC side of my computer isn't working which is causing another delay in getting my vid up. I hate dealing with this kind of stuff argh. Glad my Mac can bootcamp though, probably need to reinstall Windows. I've also been catching up with Breaking Bad which is AMAZING. I stopped watching S3 in a slow part and then of course it speeds up after that episode. The end of S3 just destroyed me completely and now I have no idea what's going to happen. Jesse is still my total favorite and keeps me from being too depressed about it. But Gus is pretty awesome too and reminds me of Stringer in some ways. I really can't wait for Fall TV to come back (GLEE) as well as Mad Men which I miss a LOT. It's not the same without it and it's usually on in August so I miss it a lot (especially when seeing Banana Republic's clothing displays at The Grove).

I am really looking forward to getting settled here and not being so all over the place. But hey, I'm in LA, I'm looking forward to my future and I feel good about the possibilities of life so I'll take it.
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New Vid: Let It Be - Mad Men [Feb. 5th, 2011|03:04 am]

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So here is the vid I made for Festivids this year (the first one). When I saw the Mad Men prompt with a request for Don and Peggy, I knew I HAD to make a vid for them. It was like fate because after seeing The Suitcase, I knew there had to be a vid for them. Here is my attempt to capture their epicness:

Title: Let It Be
Music: The Beatles
Fandom: Mad Men
Pairing: Don/Peggy (platonic)
Spoilers: Seasons 1-4
Summary: There is still a chance that they will see.
Warnings: None.

Link: Let It Be
Streaming: Let It Be streaming

Made for [personal profile] ferdalump. Thanks to [profile] gwyn_r for the last minute beta and thanks to [personal profile] par_avion for the web space. All feedback (including concrit) is much appreciated. Enjoy!
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Project Runway, Life and TV: the basics really [Oct. 29th, 2010|10:39 pm]

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Spoilers for Project Runway S8 (includes Finale) )

It's been crazy with work and such. I have a horrible commute, two hours each way so I don't have a lot of time for anything other than clipping for Festivids, running, reading/TV on the commute and some Flist time when I can fit it in. I'm definitely going to move by December but must make some more money this month first. I'm a bit obsessed right now with rewatching my Festivids source so that is fun at least. My vid idea is really coming together the more I watch and creatively brainstorming is SO my favorite vidding process. I'm missing my cats a lot though, wish I could go home just for them (and getting a car, leaving it home was a huge mistake). I really like work though! Most of the work isn't great or anything but I love the people as everyone is really nice and we're finally opening the building this weekend so I should have more to do. It's a learning experience and I'm excited about the future possibilities. Trying to finish losing weight by the end of this year and it is increasingly frustrating as I keep going between trying really hard and saying fuck it and enjoying the freedom to buy whatever I want. If only losing was as easy as maintaining because I thankfully am good at that.

TV has been...up and down is really the best description. Glee the other night was my least favorite episode ever (on the show) and I'm still kind of bitter/ranty about it so that post will have to wait for another day. Still can't get myself to care about the characters on HIMYM because of last season and what's worst is I keep getting angry about things the characters do (mostly Barney and Ted) because my heart's not really with them anymore. Sad what a bad season can do. Enjoying Modern Family, Cougar Town and the Thursday Night comedies. Missing Mad Men already, LOVED this season, definitely my favorite season of the show so far. Hoping Friday Night Lights will fill the void, so excited to watch the premiere! Boardwalk Empire is meh but I am going to give it til the end of the season before I make a decision because at least the history part is cool and I love Chalky/Omar. I am trying Rubicon which I like esp. serial plotwise although it is pretty slow and I don't really care about the characters yet. My favorite new show that I recommend is Lip Service which is a lesbian focused show with a star much like Kara from BSG (and Shane from The L Word) who is so hot and has some great relationships on it. It's fun and fulfills a much needed hole in my TV schedule (Brittany and Santana are great but I need MORE).

I do need some help from people who know Fringe. As you (hopefully) know, I LOVE the serial plots but I am stuck in S2 as I get increasingly frustrated with the pointless boring episodic plots. I was under the impression these were confined to S1 and I am being proved wrong. I don't want to quit the show but ranting furiously about it is a sign to me that I must skip ahead and watch only the serial episodes. So what are the serial episodes after 213? By serial I mean related to the AWESOME spoilertastic plotline started in S1, the kind of thing that gets mentioned in the previouslies. I do not mean, personal backstory and moving the relationship forward type stuff stuff, I don't care how great it is, if it's in a plotline about something weird is going on and we must investigate it and then we figure it out and never see these people again, I don't want to watch it right now. I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone can tell me which episodes in S2 are like that.
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Glee is love, part two [Sep. 28th, 2010|08:30 pm]

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I am tired so this is going to be short:

Spoilers for Glee 202 )

Besides that, things have been up and down (public transportation is hell). And very hot which I can't complain about, just not as much fun when you're walking around a lot. Been catching up on some shows including Dexter (OMG awesome), Mad Men (EPICALLY AWESOME! again), Cougar Town and HIMYM (not too funny but I love the characters). Also Cougar Town deserves major props for making me like the main couple together. THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! Seriously TV shows, don't shove them down people's throats, just let them interact and let what happens good or bad happen. I am impressed. Also the finale ending was perfect last season.
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Fuck. [Jan. 26th, 2010|12:32 pm]

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Spoilers for Mad Men )
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Dear Festividder [Nov. 18th, 2009|01:03 pm]

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Dear Festividder,

OMG THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME A VID! You have no idea how long I've wanted a rare fandom vid created all for me for a Yuletide like vid challenge. So [community profile] festivids is heaven and ANYTHING, anything you make for any of these fandoms will be appreciated times infinity. I chose these fandoms because any vid to them would make me ridiculously happy as I love all of these shows (Little Miss Sunshine should be a show!), the whole thing not just a small part. So vid whatever you like. Same goes for music. For me, this is about the FANDOM much more than the music and even if I detested the music (which would be hard to do), I honestly would not care because it'd still be a vid in one of my fandoms made for me. So do NOT worry about that or how good your vid is or anything like that because there is no pressure whatsoever. Don't be scurred, I'm easy, really. No matter how much I capslock in these details, be assured that that is just me being very excited about seeing an idea of a vid in my head and even if you don't choose to make that, I will be MUCH more capslocky about the vid you actually make because it will be REAL and mine and oh god I am ridiculously excited about this.

I love all kinds of vidding styles as I'm a huge fan of vidding itself and that is why I love it so much. I love character studies, shipper vids, friendship/enemy/relationship vids, slow vids, funny vids, ensemble vids, crack vids, dance vids, LKBVs, meta vids, sappy vids, effects filled vids, effectsless vids, super fast vids, sexy vids, motion filled vids, political statement vids, vids with lots of colors, vids that makes me cry, avant garde vids, recruiter vids (ALL these fandoms need them!), old style slash vids, action vids, shiny vids and most of all vids that the vidder clearly puts ALL their love into it. I do especially love vids that provoke an emotional reaction but for me aesthetically beautiful vids and deep thinky vids are enough TO make me feel emotional. Another thing I like is character vids that explore a character through a relationship but if that doesn't apply, no worries. I love slash, het, gen, femslash, three/moresomes, and I'm totally cool with any kind of violence/sex (I think my fandoms make this clear). Use of outside source is great if it applies to your idea, go for it!

I love SO many kinds of music. Even in genres I don't mention, I probably like some songs in them and I enjoy hearing new kinds of music so don't worry about that. I know I wrote down some genre and artist suggestions in my requests and feel free to ignore any of that. Here though is a longer list of music genres I am open to and artists that I've loved songs to in case you want any more guidance. However, I LOVE finding new music and learning about artists I've never heard before so feel free to use something in your own library or Pandora one of these artists or use something that's played on the show.

Genres: Pop, hip-hop, rock, rap, indie pop/rock, alternative, musicals, techno, instrumentals, classical, a capella, folk, blues, J-pop, jazz, big band, punk, pop-country, R&B, experimental/avant garde and lots more.

Artists: Adam Lambert, Adele, The Afghan Whigs, Aimee Mann, Air France, Amy Winehouse, Ani DiFranco, Artic Monkeys, Basement Jaxx, The Beatles, Belle and Sebastian, Bitter:Sweet, Britney Spears, Brokeback Mountain Soundtrack, Coconut Records, The Coral, The Cure, Damnien Rice, David Bowie, The Ditty Bops, Eels, Eminem, The Feeling, Flobots, Garden State Soundtrack, Glee Cast, Hawksley Workman, Ingrid Michaelson, Jason Mraz, Jay-Z, Kanye West, The Kills, Kris Allen, Lady GaGa, Massive Attack, Michael Buble, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Missy Higgins, Mos Def, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, OK Go, Owl City, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Regina Spektor, The Roots, Ryan Adams, The Shins, Sigur Ros, Talib Kweli, Tegan and Sara, Telepopmusik, Zero 7

Fandom Details Under the Cut )

Feel free to ignore all of this. Thank you again for making this and I hope you have a fun time vid creating :) You're the best!

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Fandom Love (Mad Men, Project Runway, Adam/Kris) + College [Aug. 23rd, 2009|02:38 pm]

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Mad Men's back YAY! I got a download from the hotel and watched it Monday morning and have resisted getting too into it before I finished all my VVC writeups (okay I do have a couple more coming but those are not as much write asap). But here's my episode thoughts on the third season premiere!

Spoilers for Mad Men 301 )

I love this show. I love that it doesn't do what I expect, I love that it uses metaphors, I love the slowness, I love the prettyness, I love all the characters (or love to hate) and I love the history of it. And I'm so psyched that we're going to get more Sal this season! As I said at VVC, if this is the way fall TV is going to treat me, I'm going to be a very happy person this fall.

It is SO good to see the Mad Men fandom giving Sal some love. Makes me super happy :D
Links: Great Bryan Batt (Sal) interview
Old Hollywood Comparisons with Mad Men
Bryan Batt at Times Square

I am so jealous of the people who got to see Mad Men in Times Square. I love seeing Bryan Batt there and the communal viewing is so cool. I wish there was a lot more of that kind of opportunity in the world.

More Mad Men tonight OMGYAY!

And then Project Runway came back which I'm super excited about!

Spoilers for Project Runway 601 )

And then I've fallen more and more in love with Adam, Kris and Adam/Kris. Been reading some wonderful fanfic at night. My favorite so far is Apples Are Not The Only Fruit (Adam/Kris AU, NC-17) which makes me SO HAPPY. Like watching Save The Last Dance over and over again, bouncy squee kind of delight. It just perfectly captures fan squee and has a wonderful slow buildup and is basically perfect. They're just SO CUTE! It reminded me of Seduction of the Desert Prince and not just because of the fruit love. Also I loved The Fairytale Story of Adam and Kris (Picspam with captions) which is filled with hearts and flowers and sparkly unicorns!

I am just experiencing am overload of fannish squee right now with vidding/Vividcon, Mad Men, Project Runway, Adam/Kris and yes, The West Wing, I am still madly quite in love with my show. To add to that, now that Vividcon is over, it is beginning to hit me that I'm going back to college in a week OMG! Well, Friday actually. I'm the most excited I think I have ever been this year mostly because I am doing a major I'm really interested in learning about AND I have my own room (and soon car eeeeee). And I know I'm so very privileged for getting all this which is why I'm so over the moon in getting it. I just really *need* a place to myself even if it's only to be able to ask over friends and not have to apologize to a roommate for it or to be able to dance crazy and not fear a roommate walking in. Plus I'm super excited to be back in California and SoCal and with a car, I can actually explore it so much better! And this year I really want to focus on creative pursuits and getting marriage equality in CA and I'm super excited about doing both. I'm going to the OutWest Bootcamp at USC in September and I can't wait to learn more about running campaigns (in terms of overturning Prop 8).

I can just feel that this year is going to be amazing and I feel so much more in control of who I am and what I want to be. Getting my VVC reports done for once helped show I can get things accomplished even overwhelming, tempted to procrastinate ones. I know I can create the life I want and I'm excited to be on this journey and just, yay life! It is truly an awesome thing right now.
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Tomorrow [Aug. 1st, 2009|12:09 am]

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I finished The West Wing. It is done and I did it! I love Josh. I love CJ. I love Toby. I love Sam. I love Jed. I love Leo. I love Abbey. I love Donna. I love Charlie. I love Team Bartlet, Team White House, I love all of them. It feels monumental to be done, more than for most other shows. Maybe it's the presidency, I don't know.

I am just so happy to have found this show. I wonder if I should have finished it earlier but I'm glad I waited, first because it is so heartening to watch after Obama won even more in the final seasons and second because it helped catch my fall after the shit that was Torchwood S3 (what S3? denial = zen). It really does inspire me and my idealism and how I want to be a better person and more engaged in the government. It feels like it does have an impact on me and my life and I know I'll go back and watch often. Not to mention the many fanfics I will read, that I've already begun starting to read. I do have the DVDs and yes, I do have a vid idea although the clipping may be rather tedious as it always is. But anything hard requires effort and this show is worth it.

Some spoilers under the cut: Spoilers for all seasons of The West Wing )

So anyone got any vids? ;) I know of Circles by [personal profile] laurashapiro (I finally get the ball significance!) and I Hear The Bells by Xandra, does anyone know of any other good ones?

Other things I have been doing in my free time is watching Season Two of Mad Men. It was a perfect storm that got me into it, a post about it returning from [profile] projctrungay, a Facebook alert from a fanpage about a game to make yourself look like the Mad Men characters and hearing about commentaries on the S2 DVD from Matthew Weiner. So I immediatly went out to the store to buy an overpriced copy and watched all of the episodes with the commentary on in two days. Wow, Matthew Weiner and the other writers are brilliant. And Mad Men is SO PRETTY. It reminded me why I love it and need it to come back right now gah. The bad part is the premiere is during Vividcon. In a hotel without AMC damn it!! I'm still pissed they didn't start in July and now this. I can d/l it but I like watching it live :( I hear good things though about Sal's storylines so I am anxiously awaiting that. Rewatching the show reminded me why he was my favorite and so damn sexy.

I am also the proud owner of a new 2 TB external hard drive, CJ. It seems I always get new hard drives when I love awesome, politically minded women, heh. But I am using it to put all my DVDs on it so I don't have to leave them all behind when I go to college and so I can vid. It's very exciting :) Who wants to bet when I run out of space?

Can't believe Vividcon is less than two weeks away! All this talk is making me impatient and wishing it would just get here already. My annual Vividcon insecurity/anxiety period happened earlier but it's gone now and I'm feeling excited about seeing everyone again and having a good time with vids and vidfans. Thankfully to keep my mind off of it, tomorrow I am going to see Rent! And going to meet [personal profile] stephmck as well which will be fun. It'll be nice to see Anthony Rapp as Mark's my favorite. Best part is seeing La Vie Boheme live! Love that song so much, I can't even say. Until tomorrow...
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Shows that are good [Apr. 4th, 2009|05:33 pm]

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So I just finished marathoning Damages S1. Wow. What a ride. I can't believe that I hadn't heard it was a wonderful serial drama beforehand but when I gave it a try awhile ago, I fell for it instantly. I highly recommend it. If you like awesome women and relationships between them, definitely check it out. If you love serial dramas that have a plan and mysteriously suck you in as they unfold a conspiracy, check it out. If you like strong, morally ambiguous, rational characters, check it out. If you like good TV, check it out. My favorite character by far was Patti Hewes who was just awesome and is the aforementioned morally ambigous character that is the type that I love so much. Glenn Close is amazing as her and the character kind of reminds me of Irina which is always appreciated. And the plot is completely addicting, that's why I waited til Spring Break started (now YAY!) to watch it all. I usually am blah about legal dramas because they're usually one case per episode which puts me to sleep but this is one case throughout an entire season which gets you really invested even besides the thriller aspect of it (plus there's no actual trials involved). Also the theme song is amazing and perfect.

Brief notes on the season one finale: Spoilers up to Damages S1 Finale )

Another show I randomly got into is a show called Party Down which airs on Starz which apparently is making original programming now. Basically it's a Veronica Mars reunion comedy. Not only does Rob Thomas co-write it but Vinnie (the other PI) is in the cast alone with Dick (who plays a similar character) and the lead played a guest character from VM. And the guest stars include Keith, Logan and Meg and I'm just waiting for Veronica to show up. It was nice to see all of them again. It's basically about a catering company in LA with a bunch of actor/writer/comedian type hopefuls. I was so-so on the first episode but found the second one hilarious and am definitely tuning in for more now.

Another show I'm loving is United States of Tara which stars Lynette Collette from Little Miss Sunshine. I was so happy to see her get an even better, more interesting role here and she amazes me in how well she portrays a woman with multiple personalities. It's pretty amazing. Of course, me being me, my favorite is Marshall who is gay and I love how casually his family treats that. He's an adorable film and cooking geek who I'm utterly charmed by. The season's over now but it's a great show that I definitely recommend. It's written by Diablo Cody and although it doesn't have quite the charm of Juno, I really like it and after a few episodes got very attached to it. Also it stars Madge from Mad Men (which omg the S3 preview! nothing new but I can't wait til summer).

I also found a new show that I'm loving on ABC called Better Off Ted. It's a comedy which I'm usually wary of but it's single camera without a laugh track and I find it pretty funny with a quirky edge. It's about this ultra-corporate company with not so good aims (think Barney's company from How I Met Your Mother) with these funny commercials advertising it in a nice way. It has these two adorable (slashy) scientists who are too cute together and my favorite is Ted's boss Veronica (Portia de Ross-this might be why it reminds me of Arrested Development) who is very emotionless and strictly business in a hilarious way. All in all, it makes great reflections on corporate culture and the science possibilities of the future and if you're looking for a comedy, I'd check it out.

So finally now it's Spring Break and I'm so excited to have some free time. Going to do some vidding, watching TV (including catch up on T:TSCC-wish it wasn't so slow right now, Psych, Flashpoint, Desparate Housewives-Marc Cherry's coming to my school!, Dark Angel, Carnivale and The West Wing...we'll see what I get done) and playing tennis. Mmmm sounds nice and then I have my Florida trip in a week!
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I know I'm in love [Oct. 15th, 2008|12:50 pm]

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House last night was unbelievably amazing and happymaking and just about made my life. Without further delay:

Spoilers for House 404: Birthmarks )

Quick thoughts on Mad Men:

Spoilers for Mad Men: The Jet Set )

My birthday was wonderful! I got my House/Wilson TV Guide to much happiness and it made me giddy and now happy whenever I look at it. Had a great time with friends and had a fun time playing Apples and Apples. And ordered a drink and didn't even get carded which was nice. All in all, a wonderful day. Still don't have my computer and have probably like twenty episodes to catch up on but I'm doing the best I can.
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Together, House and Wilson rule the world! And other TV thoughts. [Sep. 16th, 2008|06:48 pm]

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Late on this but I can't post to LJ from my computer right now so:

Except for Mad Men, these are mostly brief as I don't have the episodes anymore and I can't remember everything.

Mad Men 207 Thoughts )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 201 Thoughts )

Spoilers for Entourage 501 )

Spoilers for Gossip Girls 202 )

Spoilers for Project Runway 509 )

I watched Fringe awhile ago but my unspoilery reaction was I thought it was really boring. The only thing saving it for me was my love for Pacey as Joshua Jackson was great and cute along with seeing Lance and Kirk again. The lead actress felt really really bland and the "science" type stuff was either lame, gross or both. The twist at the end was okay but I really hope the series picks up after a few episodes. At least Alias and Lost both had great Pilots so this was a disappointment from JJ. I've learned that if I love the characters I can stick with his shows long term and if I like the plots I can stick short term and so far neither of them is working so I hope one does and soon.

Also I watched True Blood awhile ago as well and wasn't impressed. The good thing is I love the concept so I'm hoping the show will pick up once it finds it's feet. The writing didn't seem that great to me though, surprising coming from the Six Feet Under guy but mostly I HATED the "meant to be" main couple. I am just getting so sick of being told two characters see each other and all of a sudden they're in love or some such nonsense. Give them common personality traits and common interests and some chemistry cause I'm not seeing it. The sex seemed rather gratuitous too. I'll keep watching and see.

In my spare time, I have gotten completely addicted to Sex in the City. I am beginning Season 5 and I just can't stop. It was supposed to be my fun show to watch once in awhile and now I can't get enough. I love the focus on relationships and how they'll discuss any aspect of sex. The fashions are wonderful too as is recognizing stuff in NYC. I love them all really besides Charlotte whose a bit too marriage n'babies for my tastes. And I reeeally didn't want to get invested in the Carrie/Big thing but DAMN THEM, they got me hooked onto their whole drama. Their lack of communication drives me up the wall though but gah Big can be so damn sexy and charismatic. And the most charming character I've ever seen. I am utterly charmed. He can be my Prince Charming any day.

OMG I can't wait til House!! A girl from my newspaper got to watch the first two episodes ahead of time to review them and now I'm sooo jealous and wish I had applied for the position as it's not that difficult (as in I could do better than them). I can't believe the day is finally here when I get to see my show in realtime again and squee madly at House/Wilson. I've been thinking about it all day and was counting down the days all week and now it's finally here OMG. I missed that feeling of excitement at a premiere, knowing that I finally get more ship love that'll make my day. And I need it as my day has been crap and full of self-loathing. But this will definitely cheer me up. Wish people wouldn't be doing that Supernatural quote meme when all I can think of is House so here's my House quote:

Wilson: "You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?"
House: "Yeah. And you're the good guy."
Wilson: "At least I try."
House: "As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you want."
Wilson: "And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you want."
House: "So between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world!"

Or at least rule my world. House/Wilson forever!
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Fall TV Schedule 2008 [Sep. 10th, 2008|07:20 am]

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So I'm back, still sick and feeling like crap and the travel curse struck again but Federer was AMAZING and I got his autograph and the new TV season is starting which is making me very, very happy. Mad Men was mind blowingly awesome, of course the one day I miss it live and I'll post about that later but for now here's my Fall TV schedule with premiere dates. There's about 30 definite shows spread out among 6 days with Saturday being catch up day with new and old shows. As Kenneth says, "I just love television so much"!

Fall TV 2008 Schedule )

Had six shows to catch up yesterday which was fun. I'm so glad T:TSCC and Entourage are back and the Dexter screening was pretty good (OMG to the last minute). Yay TV!
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TV, the Olympics and VIVIDCON (4 more days!) [Aug. 10th, 2008|12:13 am]

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OMG you guys! [ profile] sisabet just made an Arrested Development vid!!! It's about George Michael and it's incredibly cute and hilariously funny (show, how are you so brilliant?) and I adore it to pieces. Go watch now!

Remember how I said I wasn't going to spoil myself for House? Well I resisted until a few days ago when the promos came out and I just couldn't not look (plus video spoilers aren't as bad as text) And thank god I did because OMG can House and Wilson get any slashier? I swear, I was speechless and then sent into the land of flailing squee. I Don't ever change, show! (SO CANON) Spoilers for the promos, I can't not talk about them )

So Flist, how did I not hear that Nathan Fillion is going to star in a new show, The Castle about a horror writer that consults with the NYPD that's probably going to be picked up by ABC midseason? And that there's also a good chance that Rob Thomas's show, Good Behavior about a family of criminals led by a matriarch will be picked up then as well. So awesome! ABC keeps getting good points with me. Also I updated my TV schedule with premiere dates and apparently I'm watching 27 shows this year not counting the 10 or so new shows I'm checking out. Um, I'm crazy? Thank god I like it that way. And I'm so behind but apparently J.K Rowling is going to do a collection of short stories including something with Dumbledore/Grindelwald OMG YAY! I definitely want to learn more about my one remaining HP ship.

So I was thinking about how I'm just not very interested in the sports at the Olympics but then someone mentioned gymnastics and I was like YES THAT. That's what I want to watch! I love gymnastics, used to do it as a kid but got frustrated that I had to do floor and sometimes vault when I really just wanted to do bars and beam all day. I still would like to take it up again someday as I reeally liked doing the uneven bars. Apart from that and a little tennis, I'm mostly just going to be checking out random sports once and awhile. I'm rooting for USA of course but I'm always up for cheering for any countries and players who do a great job and make it fun to watch. And of course, I'll cheer more for teams from people who are on my Flist. So far the countries I've got are Canada, the UK, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain...anyone on my Flist from somewhere else? I'm sure I'm forgetting some because I suck at thinking of things at the top of my head.

I watched a little of the So You Think You Can Dance finale and it was fun. I finally got to see the great Will who was wonderful. Mostly though I lamented the lack of m/m dances. I wondered if there ever was any until conveniently someone on my Flist answered my question with no unless you count the fight dances or whatnot. Cmon, there's gotta be another Prom scene out there someday! I do enjoy shows like American Idol and the dancing shows because I do love singing and dance but there's just not enough of a creative competition element like Project Runway. Plus I hate the America voting aspect because ultimately it usually ends up like political elections where I am left cursing half the population for having the bad sense to choose someone I don't like. Thank god the stakes are much lower. I'd rather just get mad at a few judges who at least are more qualified to judge than me.

Have I mentioned that my last external hard drive stopped working on my laptop? Works on other computers, just not mine. Argh. And it has all my Queer as Folk episodes on it! Not only can I not vid it but now when I'm in the mood for my B/J and pretty gay boy loving, I can't even watch it. Why is life so unfair? And to continue with the tech curse, three pairs of headphones (two cheap, one expensive), stopped working. The first two in a span of two days. It's ridiculous really.

So I went to Ithaca this weekend to visit [ profile] lianri and did some shopping and found some great things! I'm excited. Project Runway has also influenced me way too much and I kept finding clothes that reminded me of Christian. I found one shirt that is *perfect* for Vividcon...except I won't be able to wear it til next year. Damn it. I love it LOTS though.

Speaking of Vividcon, only 4 more days! Eeeee. I'm caught up with Psych so now I only have to finish Smallville season 7 in four days. Totally doable, at least for me. I am so glad VVC is this weekend because the one thing that I want to go to second most in all the world, training with Jillian Michaels (and hanging out!) with a bunch of people from her site is that very same weekend. On the one hand, it sucks that it's at the same time but since there's no way I could afford it anyway, at least I won't spend a weekend at home being jealous. I'll be at Vividcon having an amazing time! In the end, VVC rules all.

One more day until Mad Men! Yes, I have been counting down days every single day this week. I am so easy sometimes.
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OMG MAD MEN PREVIEW [Aug. 3rd, 2008|11:32 pm]

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*freaks out* OMG the Mad Men preview!!! OMGOMGOMG.

Okay for some background, a previous post that I never finished:

Attention Mad Men fans of which there should be many more: can you name my favorite scene of the whole series? The one that I've now seen at least twenty times? If you know me, you'll know what it is. Anyways, I finished it, I love it and for a brief time, I was a bit obsessed with it (as in didn't want to do anything else but watch it or read about it). The thing about being obsessed is I love it, the feeling of falling and wanting more and more and never getting enough is wonderfully addicting the same time it freaks me out and I'm kind of happy when it goes away. There is a depressing lack of fanfic though. This is why I am always appreciative of fanfic even if I don't always read a lot of it, when you *need* it, you WANT it to be there. Thank god for Yuletide. Anyways it was FANTASTIC, brilliant and only got better. I definitely should have watched this a year ago so when I saw Matthew Weiner a billion times during the strike, I could have told him how much I love it.

Anyways, spoilers, Spoilers for Season One of Mad Men revealing my favorite scene )

And then there's tonight's preview:

Preview spoilers for Mad Men 203 )

Honestly I can't understand how this show is addicting me so much. I bought the DVDs the other day because I just *had* to have them so I could rewatch as much as I liked plus see the commentary. The DVD box set is one of the most beautiful I've seen, everything about it is so shiny and pretty. I love the extras especially Establishing Mad Men which is almost worth the cost alone. So cool to hear all about how the show came to be and to see all the writers talking about it. I'm enjoying the second season a lot so far and am especially impressed with Betty who seems to be reminding me of Pam from The Office and her journey as Peggy did last season. And I loved the scene with Don, Peggy and Sal who are probably my three favorite characters right now. I think part of the reason I like Don so much is his integrity which he keeps so well unlike certain other characters (*hates Pete*) even if it falls more in his home life.

I can't help but be reminded of Brian Kinney on this show. It's so interesting to see the straight, old-fashioned ad world when I'm used to Brian's sex sells (which DID get said haha), reach the gay market philosophy. I SO wish there was a fic crossover between them, it'd be so great.

Is it next Sunday yet? Oh and would anyone be interested in watching the episode at Vividcon on Sunday? I can't believe it's becoming one of the shows I have to see live. *loves show*
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Bulletpoint notes for today [Jul. 27th, 2008|01:48 pm]

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Quick Things:

-Mad Men premiere tonight!!! 10 pm, don't forget. I'm sooo excited. I love this show and it grew on me and grew on me and now I'm actually rewatching S1 which I barely ever do so soon. It's the greatest before bedtime show when you need something slow that will make you pay close attention to everything.

-Going to see The Dark Knight (HEATH) and Wall-E tonight in a movie double feature with [ profile] lianri. Should be fun and hopefully I will like both. I watched Batman Begins and I have to say that I didn't really like it as although the darkness was nice, it was kind of lame especially in the dialogue and I HATED the "romance". So, so glad they're replacing Katie Holmes. I don't find Christian Bale very attractive either although he looked okay in this movie.

-Down two pant sizes! It's awesome. I have decided I'm going to run the LA marathon next March so I am working on running to train for that.

-I reeeeeeeally miss California. Like, reading about it or gazing longingly at live cams of it makes me cry kind of miss. Again, not the weather just the palm trees (not that either, Burn Notice doesn't do much for me), the entertainment capitol, the atmosphere, the streets, the beaches, everything is perfect to me. It's my home and I should not be away from it! I'll be back in January/February.

-I'm catching up on Psych (in S2) now and it's so much fun. First season I was enjoying the Shawn/Gus slash but late in S1, it switched over to Shawn/Lassiter and now I loove them. I have a little crush on Lassie and I just love the prickly love/hate thing they have going on. Should be done with it by the next new episode.

I love summer TV if I haven't mentioned that already. Project Runway, Burn Notice, Stargate Atlantis, Flashpoint, Mad Men, Psych, it's allll good.
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Happiness is a good TV show [Jul. 14th, 2008|02:17 am]

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I am so happy right now. It feels like I have all the ingredients of a perfect night. Earlier today I ran to the mall, watched Get Smart which was full of Steeeve goodness (and Masi!), ran back, had super delicious food and then settled down to watch some damn good television otherwise known as Mad Men. Plus lots of kitty loving and great music in the background. I'm thinking all of that combined put me in a very good mood.

Mad Men has now totally succeeded in hooking me in and I highly recommend it. It's so good! I watched the first two episodes a few months ago or so and was intrigued but watching this third episode has really gotten me to love it. It's so subtle! I love that. And Don is so intriguing in that mysterious kind of way. And I love Rachel too. The opening credits are incredibly beautiful and one of my favorites ever. I love that they're exploring advertising which hasn't been done to death (see cops, medicine and lawyers). Oh and Amber from House is on it! I knew I recognized her and then it just came to me. A few spoilery things about 103 under the cut, Read more... )

Also I finished Burn Notice and enjoyed it very much. Very fun show not to mention all the cool spy things, guns (and the woman who loves them) and pretty Miami.

I love nights like this :D
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