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Yay October! And September update [Oct. 1st, 2013|11:46 am]

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Happy October everyone! As I posted on Twitter, I'm really excited about this month because it's my birthday month and I have some super fun stuff planned in store. This coming weekend, I'm going to see Gravity with a friend of mine after we do some hiking and on Sunday I'm going to see Maroon 5 (and Kelly Clarkson) in concert!! Soooo excited as I've fallen in love with Adam Levine after watching him being a hilarious, competitive, adorable dork on The Voice who can't stop flirting and being in love with Blake Shelton. HAVE I MENTIONED THEY ARE SUCH BOYFRIENDS??? Who say things like, "I would never cheat on you Blake?" THAT IS A THING THAT HAPPENED.

Ahem. I'm getting ahead of myself. The weekend after that or rather, pre-weekend on October 9th in the evening I'm driving to Las Vegas to go to Wincon! I'm going to be rooming with some awesome SF people and I'm looking forward to seeing [personal profile] nikibee again along with [personal profile] cee_m and many others! October 11 (friday) is my birthday and there will be fannish panels, hanging out with fannish people, a VIDSHOW (of which I have two vids, one premiering), Once More with Feeling and Rocky Horror Show screenings and hopefully a drunken birthday party full of fangirls. I'm sooooo excited! Plus I'm totally going to ride that roller coaster I saw last time. I am going to be going back early Sunday morning but that's because I have tickets to see the Blind Auditions (ie Adam/Blake FLIRTING NONSTOP) of The Voice with [personal profile] elipie! I can't wait!! Other fun things I'm planning on doing is getting a tattoo on my right ankle. It's my first tattoo as I've wanted one for a long time but could never justify the expense. It's going to be Nala from The Lion King like in my main icon. I figure I've been a fangirl of it for 21 years, I think it's a forever thing plus I've always felt my spirit animal, what I've been in another life, etc is a lioness so it's really important to me. The biggest thing for me is I'm going to go skydiving! It's always been in the top 3 things I want to do in my life since I love flying and want to feel like I am if only briefly. Will probably save it towards the end of the month.

A month ago I had an amazing time Labor Day Weekend getting to hang out with [personal profile] nikibee in the Bay Area. We watched Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Parks and Recreation and had a vidparty where we watched Vividcon vids with [personal profile] franzeska (who I had a great talk with!), Alice, Michelle, Dani and I think that's all? It was so much fun! We (Nicole, Alice and Michelle) also went to Oakland Pride and got to see En Vogue in concert and it was so great to get a chance to have some good talks with [personal profile] nikibee all weekend. I also went back to San Francisco near where I used to live and work and got to have lunch with someone from Dev Bootcamp which I also visited and got to talk to the founder who changed my life with letting me go to it. Unfortunately I left my favorite hoodie there and haven't been able to get it back :( I also visited the Berkeley campus which is SO BEAUTIFUL! Probably the prettiest one I've ever seen, it's like half nature reserve. Finally I went to a Haven party [personal profile] franzeska (who else? ;)) was throwing and got to say goodbye for a couple hours before I had to leave to catch my flight. Gotta say Southwest was awesome, they gave me a better seat when I complained I didn't know I had to check in for the return flight. It was a super fun weekend and I'm so glad I went!

Other than that, I've been working a lot. We had a big deadline a few weeks ago before our company presented a website at a conference. Some of the weeks I worked on interesting things and that was fun especially getting to pair with my mentor here but a couple weeks I didn't like what I was working on and kept getting distracted by the internetz at work which was less fun. We did go bowling last week as the conference went awesome and that was really fun! I've also been running more and I paid for a personal trainer so I can actually get a REAL strength training workout and that has helped a LOT with developing some muscles. I've always wanted to do chinups so that's my long term goal. I've been thinking about running a marathon next year as I need a big running goal to get me inspired to run more and I want to beat my last time (5.5 hours) and hopefully have a rain free experience. I've been eating a lot cleaner lately and did lose a little weight but got a little bored with it and regressed last week. No worries though, I varied my diet up and am doing better now. If there's anything I learned in the past it's not to give up and let little backslides trip you up.

The big news is I've decided to quit my job soon and go back to college to finally finish my degree. It's something I've always wanted to do and I've had enough of a taste of the real world working on something I kind of like but not love (even with the nice money benefits!) to want to go back to school and work on finding what I really want to do with my life. I'm going to continue study programming on my own and help code for the AO3 along with working on personal projects I'm hoping will lead to possible job opportunities or at least direction. I'm going to go back to community college for Spring 2014 and I'll be applying in the next two months to UCLA, CSULA and CSULB as a Philosophy major. Yes, Philosophy because I've loved the courses I've taken in it, I've always wanted to learn it and it requires a very low amount of credits so I can graduate fast as I'm aiming for May/June 2015. I'm also planning on volunteering at College Track during the time and maybe seeing if after I graduate I can get a job there or at a similar organization. Or maybe I'll do another programming job to save money/pay off debts, I don't know, we'll see.

Let's see...a couple weeks ago, [personal profile] elipie came over to watch vids, vid and talk with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and I and it was a lot of fun! I've been trying to go to more meetups lately to meet new people and feel less lonely and so I went to a happy hour and met some cool people DTLA and also went to a hiking group last Saturday where I had some good talks with a couple people. The weekend before that I went hiking with my friend, Jen who has turned out to be one of my closest friends in LA even though she's a bit older than me. She used to be in a rock band but now is learning to program so we hang out a good amount to do that. But we hiked in Griffith Park and had a really long talk about life, fun things in our history and the future which was really great.

I've been missing my mom a lot lately. I didn't fully appreciate that when I felt lonely and couldn't reach any of my friends to talk, I could always call my mom and know she'd be there for me. It's just tough sometimes and earlier in the month I was feeling really lonely. I think of her every day whether in small moments or longer memories and it just hurts a lot. I just really wish she was back again :( Last Sunday was the three month anniversary of her death and it feels so far away and yet so close like I can vividly remember getting the call that she had died. I called my dad the other day and it was good to talk to him and hear he's doing well especially after my brother freaked me out saying he couldn't get a hold of him. I'm still terrified he's going to die, I just heard that statistically spouses are more likely to die after one of them dies so even with my dad's health issues, it's even scarier. I'm really looking forward to going back to see him for the holidays and my cousin and aunt as well, both who've been there for me a lot. I went to a meetup last Saturday with a group that's about women who've lost their mothers and it was really helpful talking to other people like me there. Someone said that the worst part is even if you have other people who help fill the hole your mother left, it's not the same as having MY mother there, she's mine and no one is mine in that way. And that's totally how I feel. It was helpful though and we got to smash plates and mugs to help let out the anger :)

On a happier note, I'm so happy fall TV season in back! I'm watching sooo many shows right now, omg. Monday I have How I Met Your Mother (ahhh THE MOTHER, brb happy crying), The Voice (Adam/Blake are SUCH BOYFRIENDS who flirt constantly, yay Christina and CeeLo being back and I love so many of the contestants already), The Blacklist (reminds me of Alias with Sydney and Jack (and Irina)) and I'm watching Mom purely out of love for Allison Janney who is a goddess. Tuesday I'm giving Agents of Shield a couple more episodes before I give up as I didn't like the characters (minus Coulson) and the plot, Brooklyn 9-9 (I really like it! it's funny and GREAT characters), New Girl (close to letting this one go again), The Minday Project (still sadly only love Mindy) and The Voice again (Blake is not doing an all country team again yay!!). Wednesday is Modern Family (yay gay marriage!) and I'm going to give Super Fun Night a try. Thursday is The Big Bang Theory (still sometimes funny, I love Sheldon but my god the gender issues), OUAT in Wonderland (going to give it a try), Glee (KURT/BLAINE DYING FROM LOVE AND SQUEEEE) and Parks and Recreation (still perfect and still LESLIE IS THE BEST). Sunday is Downton Abbey (I need to catch up actually), Once Upon a Time (MORE SWAN QUEEN, less boys pleeease) and Homeland (didn't really like 301 although I LOVE Carrie still). Lucky 7 is getting cancelled soon but I enjoyed the premise and focus on working class families so I'll continue watching. I didn't like Sleepy Hollow at all so I cut that. Any other good shiows I should watch? I'm currently catching up on Scandal (OLIVIA IS SO AWESOME and I love the addicting plots), Spartacus (deserves its own post but AWESOME!!!) and Twin Peaks (so pretty and I enjoy the plot).

On a happy/sad note, Breaking Bad is over :( But it went out on top! I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Hollywood Cemetery to see the Breaking Bad series finale live with the cast and creators of the show. I went early to get good seats and spent the day reading books (including Clash of Kings! still working on my reread) with blankets and my pillow until [personal profile] elipie showed up and we got to go in. We got good seats near the center but further back because there was a big VIP section for all the industry people who showed up. I went to checkout the RV where Walt and Jesse cooked their first meth and people were getting pictures with it and then AARON PAUL showed up and I quickly got in line but then he left but right near me so I was like 6 ft away from me. I got a picture in the RV though and it was so cool! We saw the Pilot of Breaking Bad (introduced by Aaron Paul being amazing) and then saw the Finale which was AWESOME!!! I'm so happy and fully satisfied with it. Sooo much better than The Sopranos and many other shows that can't stick the ending. I'm looking forward to doing a rewatch of the whole show and hopefully making some vids to it because it still needs ALL THE VIDS!! I read Sepinwall's review like my usual tradition (he helped me get into the show) but not reading any more because I'm sick of the negative stuff. I really loved seeing the cast Q&A after the finale, it was great to see it in person.

I've been working on a Game of Thrones vid that I'm really excited about so I'm looking forward to posting that sometime this month. I need to clear these vids off my plate because Festivids is starting!! I nominated some things and I have some requests but mainly I'm excited about making vids for people because I'll have more time than last year without the OUAT exchange. I already have 7 vids I want to make and I'm really excited to get my assignment and start. Last year was amazing and I'm hoping to have a wonderful experience this year as well.

Oh and I'm going to Europe next month! I can barely think about it, it makes me too excited and happy. Some background: I've been dying to go to Europe since like 2005? Since college started definitely especially London and Paris. It's something I want to do before I die and I've had to cancel every plan I've had to do it because of money but now that's no longer an issue! So Thanksgiving week I'm going to go to London, Paris, Munich (to visit [profile] infiniterain!!!) and Belgium (to visit [personal profile] indybaggins!) and I'm sooo excited to see some of the touristy stuff I've never seen in person. If you're in the area, let me know as I'd love to hang out! It's going to be an epic adventure I'm sure.

Wow that was long. This is what happens when I don't post for a month. I love that people are posting more to DW/LJ and am going to try to do the same, weekly is a good goal for me. I'm gonna see Laura Veirs with [personal profile] beerbad tonight which I'm excited about! A great start to my October :)
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Festivids and TV, my favorites. [Feb. 12th, 2011|01:24 am]

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So Festivids was awesome! SO many amazing vids (174!) and so many different fandoms and lots of great vid chat nights. I made Let It Be (Mad Men, Don/Peggy) and In the Sun (Huge, Becca) way too close to the deadline but they somehow made it in. Next time I have swore to myself I will get them down early as it'll make the process go SO much better. But I vidded two things I've really wanted to vid and I'm happy with both of them so I'm happy. Now onto the recs of my favorite vids for this year's Festivids. There are a LOT of great vids made so these are just my favorites that I connected with the most.

First, I received My Life Would Suck Without You a wonderful Modern Family, Cam/Mitchell vid that I ADORE to pieces. It shows all the ways that they're the cutest couple ever and how they love each other and CASABLANCA. I love it so much!

Serpent Charmer - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: This was the perfect recruiter vid and completely convinces me of the beauty of the movie and the super slashiness of the relationship.
TV taught me how to feel - Community: Abed! Abed is my favorite thing about Community and this vid captures so much of what I love about him. The song is PERFECT for him and one of my favorite sings and the title really just says it all.
Float On - Finding Nemo This is the perfect Dory vid, full of fun, a great cover and continued joy throughout.
Tadzio, Tadzio - The History Boys: This vid made me finally watch The History Boys which has been on my list for a long time and THANK GOD I did because it was awesome and much gayer than I thought. This vid combines almost all of my favorite parts of it with lots of Dakin/Irwin goodness along with Posner being his wonderful self. I could watch this over and over to get a dose of all the good stuff I loved about the movie.
Friends - How I Met Your Mother: This is like the perfect friendship, OT5 vid that is just so funny and dead on with the representation of the gang. And the lyrics are perfect!
They Want More: Dinosaurs! So much dinosaur love in this and the lyrics could not work more perfectly.
End of the World - Life After People: The end of the world was never more awesome! This is just fun and fast and so very, very cool. No need to know the fandom, just watch!
Samsa Morning - Lost in Austen: This vid has the most PERFECT song choice ever. The end is so freaking true. Freaking Darcy, man. Even if you've never seen this mini-series before, especially if you're a Pride and Prejudice lover, WATCH THIS.
The Rules of Parenting - Modern Family: This is a hilarious vid full of everything I love about the show! So much joy and cuteness and filled with hilarious quotes that work perfectly in the vid. Makes me laugh so much (just like the show)!
Skinny Genes - Rizzoli and Isles: This vid is like the epitome of shippiness and cuteness. PERFECT song choice, great matching of music and visuals and lots and lots of femslash. I definitely am convinced to try out the show!
Dance in the Dark - Lady GaGa RPF: Lady GaGa, nuff said right? This is a great exploration of her and all her music videos and I'm never one to resist her magic.
Jaded - Velvet Goldmine: This vid is SO amazing with a perfect song choice that says so much about the movie and the main characters in it. Definitely a vid I'll be rewatching a lot.
What About Love: This vid is just SO PRETTY that it cannot be expressed in words. Rob Lowe is at his prettiest here and this is one of the slashiest things I have ever seen in my life. It's got a great story to it and lots of hockey if you're into that and it's just epically over the top goodness. MUST see this movie.

Lots of good TV this week! First there was the Superbowl (let's not talk about that, too depressing) and GLEE which is finally back. I thought the episode wasn't epic enough (or had enough great music) for a post-Superbowl episode but I enjoyed it and as usual Darren Criss was amaaaazing doing his thing. Then there was ANOTHER Glee on Tuesday (I like this every other day Glee schedule SO MUCH) which I loved SO MUCH. All I gotta say is MARRY ME in love with him. He takes dreaminess to a whole nother level. And courage :) So inspiring. And Puck and Mike brought the hotness too, just guhhhh. And the end was PERFECT with the love and romance and KURT and all of them being there. Oh, Kurt <3 (Also am I the only one suddenly shipping Sam and Santana now? SO MANY PAIRINGS)

Then Modern Family was funny and awesome! Cam/Mitchell could not get any cuter. However, The Office decided it would get amazing all of a sudden. Wow. I had heard this episode was like a S2 episode and man, did it deliver. It made me laugh so much and then sucker punched me when I least expected it and made me cry. It was just really well written and had that wonderful family vibe that I love about it. Parks & Recreation has been good too although mostly I'm madly in love with Chris. He's just this bright ray of sunshine and I'm SO IN LOVE with him. Rob Lowe just excels with bringing the innocence. I'm also loving Shameless which is just so funny and awesome. What I love about it is among so many shows about rich, privileged people is this show about a family just trying to pay the bills and buy food and going through any means to do it. It's fun and I love everyone especially Ian who is the cutest ever. Basically, I'm behind on my TV watching goals right now (no time) but of the stuff I am watching, it's great so at least there's that.
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Joy [Jan. 13th, 2011|01:26 pm]

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Happy More Joy Day everyone! I do not have anything special planned but I thought I'd write down a few things lately that have been bringing me joy.

I finished my Festivid! This is huge because it was a big burden on me but after many, many hours of frenzied vidding I finished it before the deadline :D And I really like what I made as well. Great way to start off the vidding year. I want to try to make a treat this year as well although I'm currently trying to finish my Escapade vid (deadline is January 15 if anyone else is working on a vid!) so we'll see what happens.

That being said, I'm going to Escapade! Really excited about being around other fans, both slash and vidding ones. Who else is going? I figured I couldn't not go, me being so close (yay LA!) and all. I am looking for roommates so if anyone needs another person, I am happy to share costs.

I also signed up for the LA marathon and I'm really excited to do it. I've been running pretty consistently the last month or so (rain not included) and I definitely think I can do it by March. I did my first real long run on Tuesday and ran 13 miles! So basically a half marathon so I was psyched was able to do it and run most of it. The great part is I'm running through LA where I can see all the great landmarks from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier so that'll make it much more fun. It is also SO nice being able to run in 60s and today, 70 degree weather!

I am making small progress on most of my goals and I thought I'd share two websites that are helping me. The first is, Mindbloom that lets you put actions you want to take either daily or whatever timeframe you want and let's you check them off everytime you do them which gets you more points and grows your "tree". You can take it as seriously as you want, I just like that it keeps me accountable and it's fun to check things off. If you join, let me know your email (or use mine while signing up) so I can add you as a friend! The other is Mint which is an easy way to keep track of finances as it collects all the financial accounts you have (securely) and automatically keeps track of all debit/credit transactions and enters them in your budget. I love things that help you and save me time and work so I think it's great and it's helping keep track of things.

Work is going pretty good as I'm still enjoying the marketing meetings and now planning the crew party which is going to be AWESOME with lots of giveaways. Plus I'm going to go out clubbing with some people at work next week so that should be fun. I'm also finally getting a cafe shift so I'm really happy about that. I watched The Fighter the other day and as expected, it wasn't my thing nor did I think it was that Oscar worthy compared to my favorite but it was good at least and Melissa Leo was amazing and almost unrecognizable from Toni on Treme.

I'm also happy that my TV shows are starting to come back! Modern Family was funny last night especially the Cam/Mitchell parts (how are they so cute???) and I'm dying for more Glee after the Superbowl. Also I enjoyed the premiere of Shameless which was pretty funny and unsurprisingly loved Ian (and am shipping him with both Kash and Lip gah) so looking forward to more of that. And of course this picture is bringing me a lot of joy:

How are they so cute and in looooove?
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Wednesday Comedies and Question Meme [Sep. 29th, 2010|07:48 pm]

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Spoilers for Modern Family 202 )

Cougar Town was also super funny and Andy and Elle are my FAVORITES. Also I so agree with what Elle said at the beginning of the episode, if I ever become a parent and do that, SHOOT ME.

I'm so happy with Glee's ratings! They had the HIGHEST 18-49 ratings (the one that matters) out of any show for premiere week and then this week grew in the second week to 5.8. I am so glad I don't have to worry about this show (or Modern Family) being canceled anytime soon (even though it was already renewed but still). Also still watching the musical parts of last night's Glee and I can't get over the sexiness. Read a bunch of Glee fics last night that were just amazing. I am so into Britney/Santana now. They used to be mostly cute before and now adding the sexy just makes me sooo into them. If anybody has Glee fic recs for ANY pairing/moresomes (except Finn/Rachel or Will/Emma), I'm always open to them.

And now a fun meme:

Post a question in comments and I'll do my best to answer. Then I'll ask you a question. Much fun will be had in our verbal tennis match of witty witticisms. Tra la la!

It can be anything! Comment and much fun will be had.
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Let's Hear It For LA! [Sep. 24th, 2010|09:00 pm]

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I'm in LA! My trip was uneventful thankfully and I made it here on time and in a good mood. Already I've had free champagne and cake and went on a little happy run to let out my (slightly drunk) happy emotions. I can't believe I made it and now that I'm here, all the nervousness I was feeling has disappeared and I'm just deliriously happy. I'm going to be using that word a lot because I am in a great, fulfilled and content kind of way. I have a whole plan of what I want to do here and I'm determined to get it. My ultimate goal is to have my own little apartment downtown but we will see how things go moneywise before I get there. It's just good to break free from the chains of cold, boring town with parents I'm sick of and no roots to speak of. I can't wait to meet people here, make friends, see some old ones and create the life of my dreams. Here's the song I've been playing to describe how I feel:

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in LA
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let's hear it for LA, LA, LA

Yes I will service that song for my own city. Also last night was great TV night with my comedies coming back!

Spoilers for The Big Bang Theory )

Loved The Office for the first time in awhile. It was actually funny! And it wasn't even written by one of the original writers! Loved that it had heart as well. Thought 30 Rock was less funny but I still love Liz Lemon and it did have some laughs so it was alright. I miss Parks and Recreation, tried Community again but I still can't get myself to care enough about the characters and there aren't enough laughs for me. Also tried Shit My Dad Says which was unfunny as I heard it would be. Oh well. Also loved Modern Family on Wednesday although it wasn't quite as funny as I hoped, as always Cam/Mitchell were amazing and the cutest ever. I tried Running Wilde with low expectations as I have heard bad things but it was surprisingly good! The first half was bad and unfunny but all of a sudden the jokes started coming and they were funny and reminded me of Arrested Development. So definitely watching that one. Catching up on Cougar Town at the moment which has been unfunny but enjoyable and all of a sudden, it was funny! Much like How I Met Your Mother, it took til the 9th episode for me to really like it. Not super attached but I do need more funny shows. Still dying for Glee to come back, I have spoiled myself sooo much for the next episode (I am banned from spoilers after that one) but it's going to be SO good, dare I say it...legendary.

I managed to get my Festivids nominations in this morning thankfully. From what I remember I nominated The Wire, Treme, Little Miss Sunshine, Huge (2010), Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, Be Good Johnny Weir, Project Runway, The Rachel Zoe Project, The Sopranos, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Damages, Beautiful People, Sex and the City (TV+Movie) and some other TV shows I'm forgetting. I'm so excited for it to begin! Hope we get a lot more vidders this year so there'll be more vids ;)

If anyone is in the LA area and wants to hang out, let me know!

Cause in the sun and in the weather
No one else has loved me better
California you’re the place for me
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TV yay! [Aug. 29th, 2010|11:11 pm]

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Well the Emmys were MUCH better than usual tonight. One thing kind of disappointed me but whatever I'm happy and there were LOTS of awesome surprises. The opening was the best ever (yay Glee!) and the Modern Family video thing later was hilarious. I just love TV and watching people who love it too. When does fall TV season start? I need my shows back.

Anyways, anyone want a TVTorrents invite? I have 3 and I'll give you lots of credits to go along with it. The uploads are up fast and you get good download speeds so I'm always using it.

Also anyone have any ideas for instrumental music (or instrumental portion of song) that might fit Stringer Bell? I may have just rewatched The Wire S3 and fell completely in love with him/it again. Although wow I forgot a LOT about what happened in that season. Avon/Stringer are still OTP though, holy shit man they are SO deep. Kills me everytime. I actually thought a certain scene from S3 wouldn't destroy me this time (if you've seen it, you know it) but I was totally wrong. God, show. But yeah, that season was amazing as is the entire show. I will never get over it. Also I got ANOTHER vid idea for The Wire although it's a S1-5 ensemble kind of vid so it's a bit overwhelming and I keep having a million ideas for things that work with it in the show.

Apologies about the delayed con report (which is ALMOST done) and Adam Lambert concert (which was AWESOME) report. I am horrible at these things. But at least I'm getting vidding done? So there's that.
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I like to top. [May. 19th, 2010|10:10 pm]

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*laughs* I can never say that without laughing like Adam. But yeah, I do like to top because I am currently number 1!! I had the biggest weight loss percentage in the group at 6%, boo yah! Yes I am psyched. Also the number of pushups I can do is increasing and I am very very happy about that because I want to do this double clap pushup so I get free personal training lessons but really just to show my trainer I can do it. Cause I'm all badass like that. No really, I'm a very competitive person (/Santino or any reality show contestant) and this just makes me happy.

I am in a Neil Patrick Harris kick for obvious reasons. His voice is just sooo gorgeous and pretty and gets to me and of course he is pure hotness. The gay thing helps because I am me and can't help myself but he's just awesome at everything really. I have been listening to all his Dr. Horrible stuff and Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (this HAS to be Mad Men vid amirite? someone do it so I don't have to) and his recent stuff but does anyone know of any more music that he's done? I need more!! I reeeeally wish he could join the cast of Glee and sing every week cause I need my fix.

Oh, I'll be in NYC (again I know) on May 28th, all day until my Glee concert at 8pm and early morning on the 29th so if anyone wants to hang out, let me know. I am hoping so much I'll win this radio contest breakfast with the cast of glee (plus q&a/meet and greet) cause I'd DIE OF JOY but who knows at this point. Really I am just soooo excited about the concert and can't wait to see the energy and music love of Glee live in concert. Sure to be epic and crazymaking.

My thoughts on the Modern Family finale can be summed up quickly: awwww that was perfect :D I love when this show can make me cry.
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Briefly [May. 6th, 2010|11:18 pm]

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So I'm leaving for NYC, New Jersey and Delaware (not in the same day) tonight. Hopefully it'll be a fun trip, looking forward to seeing Ryan and the gang as well as friends of course. Going to stay away from LJ/DW if I can help it, I think I need a break from it all.

Briefly, TV. Glee is continually too awesome to put into words. Nurse Jackie continues to be amaaaazing. Zoe is pure love ♥ Loving Marshall and Tara (and Lionel) as usual on United States of Tara. Sheldon continues to rule The Big Bang Theory. Barney/Robin makes me sad now (although I continue to ship them). Modern Family is love but I'm starting to be dying for a Cam/Mitchell kiss as it is becoming a Thing sadly.

And that's all I have time for now. Call my cell if you need me.
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Chi-town! [Mar. 31st, 2010|03:01 pm]

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Trufax: after listening to Kanye West for five years, it took me until my roadtrip back to NY to realize that Chi-town = Chicago. Yeeeah. But that's where I'm going! Tonight I'm leaving to go to Chicago to see Johnny Weir skate to BAD ROMANCE! Gaaahh I'm so excited I can't even. Plus the seats are general admission so I'm going to get there super early tomorrow so I can get a front row seat and hopefully meet him eeee. I was dying for a chance to see him ice skate and thankfully the universe provided it to me. If anyone is in Chicago and wants to hang out anytime on Thursday or Friday, let me know asap (if you can spare a place to crash Thursday night that'd also be great, otherwise my cousin once removed lives there so I'll hang with her). I'm really looking forward to it! And of course Chi-town is where I'll be going this August when I go to Vividcon :)

I was unsure whether I'd be able to go up until this afternoon as I got a new job and of course the scheduling put me on both my cousin's wedding and this trip. But thankfully they're letting me miss Friday so I'm fine and can go. Had my first day today and it was alright, shouldn't be too hard. Working in the deli in the grocery store for now although hoping to switch to cashiering soon. Should definitely help with money. Last weekend I went to see my oldest cousin's wedding and that was a lot of fun. It was nice getting to talk with some family I haven't seen in awhile and meet my cousin's new baby who was cute (as can be for someone who thinks babies are ugly) as well as getting to enjoy the open bar and dance floor. They played two GaGa songs which made me happy so it was a blast for the most part.

In TV that I am watching, been catching up on In Treatment and Breaking Bad. In Treatment is rather addicting once you get into it. I love the therapy sessions throughout most of the episodes and how character/relationship based it is. Very cool. I tried it out earlier but the pilot kind of bored me. Rewatching that I find that the first patient is my least favorite and of course I despise her storyline which is the thing that bothers me most about the show. Lots of familiar guest stars, Melissa George from Alias, Blair Underwood and Dan from Sports Night. Working on S2 at the moment. Breaking Bad took me three episodes to get into but the fourth is AMAZING. Very Wire-esque and the show does beg comparison to that show although it isn't as good in comparison (what is?). I love the gradual character change and how very smart the show is not to mention my favorite character, Jesse. The domestic stuff generally bores me although the Hank stuff can be pretty funny. However I will warn that they try to buildup to a big S2 finale ending but the ending SUCKS. Don't go into it thinking it'll change the world, it's just the creator fucking with you. Was angry about it so haven't seen the first two S3 episodes but I will tonight probably. I recommend them both if you love high quality television.

Also watched the first two episodes each of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie and loved them both. United States of Tara got more gay which made me super super happy and I am interested to see where the storylines are going. I enjoy Nurse Jackie more because I love more of the characters. Zoe is my favorite (even though she's not my usual type) because her cuteness and funniness knows no bounds but I am still loving Jackie, Dr. O'Hara, Thor and the sadly taken away, Mo-Mo (such a tragedy-there are no words for my anger). Always can't wait for more out of both shows and I definitely recommend them if you like great female characters.

I am DYING to see more Glee and the premiere of Treme (David Simon's new show) about New Orleans and music). Of course they come in the same three day period, Treme on April 11 and Glee on April 13. A great article on Treme is here that makes it sound like the show will be a combination of The Wire (beaten down city backdrop + amazing realistic storytelling) and Glee (celebration of music + more individualism as well as coming together moments) which cannot make me any happier in what appeals to me. In sad news though, David Mills who writes for the show died today :( Really really sad because he wrote great episodes for The Wire and Homicide. I definitely can't wait for Glee to come back because I can really use the uplifting episodes it always brings.

Brief news on other TV and movies: Ugly Betty-OMG JUSTIN AND MARC!!! Um Justin's plotline makes me so squeeful and happy I can't even take it but god worst cliffhanger ever. American Idol-stopped watching, liked Toddrick and Andrew Garcia, hated Casey and Lee. Modern Family-SO IN LOVE. My favorite comedy at the moment, it's brilliant and everyone should watch it. The Office-loved the beginning of the last episode, Oscar = cutest EVER. Project Runway-I love Seth Aaron (I think he'll win), Mila, Jay and Anthony (he needs his own Bravo show). Can't wait to see the collections.

Oh and I got a new haircut. Never had it this short since I was like 8. It's weird but I mostly liked it besides the fact the hair dresser directly disobeyed my first instruction to keep it behind my eyes. It's fixed now though. Oh and I've been really into The West Wing these days. I feel like my love for that show cannot be contained in my body especially for my OT4. It never fails to make me laugh and believe in the world just a little bit more.
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