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A real update, finally [Mar. 8th, 2013|01:27 pm]

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So I finally have time and the inclination to post here about some of the things I've been up to. The time thing is mostly because I'm not working at my job anymore. It wasn't working out on either end and I'm really looking forward to finding an in person, salaried job at a good company that can actually pay me decently. I was really overwhelmed at first in terms of looking for a job and sometimes still am but I'm feeling better about it now. It seems that the last year of networking I've been doing in the LA tech scene is starting to pay off as I now have a lot of people I can reach out for help and who have offered to help. There's a job I reeeeally want and I'm kind of terrified of being rejected from it but I'm getting better at feeling like if it doesn't happen, it'll all work out along a different great path. And happy coincidences like a job fair this weekend is extra awesome. I am ever so grateful to be in a field where there's high demand for my skills, it makes it a lot less stressful than it would for me.

Last weekend was a lot of fun! I went to Once Upon a Time Paley Fest with [personal profile] elipie and [personal profile] rhoboat and it turned my feelings of the show to mostly anger to full of FEELS! I still have major issues with what the show is doing (not enough gay, stupid blood > adoption family stuff, Regina's misery as a plot devise) but at a certain point I can let go of expectations and just enjoy the things I love mostly REGINA omg how does Lana Parilla exist? She's hot onscreen but in person she is an absolute goddess not to mention hilarious, adorable and kind. Of course we sat behind some of the most dedicated fans of Lana and Regina so it was good for me to have other people to cheer with and Lana kept LOOKING at us and giving smiles of encouragement and the Evil Regal sign and I seriously felt like I was going to melt with squee. At the end, I managed to crawl over the seats to get close enough to Lana to get her autograph and try to shout things up at her. I hope in the future to get another chance to actually talk to her. I got pretty close to JMo but she left so I talked with Jane Espenson and put in my plug for an actual gay fairytale couple on the show (and happiness for Regina). We'll see what happens...I also connected with one of the fans in front of me in the hope of finding in person Swan Queen fans and a couple of her friends were! So that's encouraging to not feel so alone in it.

Job hunting does make it hard to find time to vid so that's a problem as there's like 5 vids I'm trying to get done in the next two months. One of them is an epic Game of Thrones vid that's gotten me headfirst back into Game of Thrones love, just in time for S3 coming in 23 days eeee! I'm just worried about getting it finished along with two other vids before the April Vividcon deadline. I've also volunteered for Vividcon auction with an insane amount of fandoms so I'm looking forward to doing that for the first time. Reeeally can't wait to go to VVC! There's nothing like hanging out with vidfans. I did go to Escapade a couple weeks ago and that was wonderful! I met some awesome new people as well as got a chance to talk to friends from past years. The vidshow and vid panels and vid review were all wonderful as well and gave me a small taste of Vividcon.

On a dream come true note, I'm so happy about the news that Whose Line is coming back with the original cast! RYAN AND COLIN TOGETHER ON MY SCREEN AGAIN! This show seriously saved me from senioritis back in high school in 2006 and I've wanted a revival to happen for the last 7 years. It's my biggest RPF ship and getting new Ryan/Colin slash with the original games will be wonderful. I've also been loving Parks & Recreation which has been wonderful the last few episodes (except for the Ann plot ughh don't get me started). Unfortunately Glee has been frustrating me more and more with the bad song choices, plots I don't like and not getting me to a emotional place like it used to do. I knew my love for the show wouldn't last forever but it's still disappointing. At least it's no less gay and I'm still loooving Kurt/Blaine, Santana/Britney, Kurt/Adam and Santana/Quinn not to mention Unique <3 The Big Bang Theory has been funnier lately but it's been driving me CRAZY with the increased amounts of sexism. I'm so glad they added more female geek characters but it doesn't make up for that. On the new shows front, I have been convinced by [personal profile] beerbad to keep watching Bunheads which has gotten a lot better over the last few episodes and feels more like Gilmore Girls now along with Parenthood which I'm starting to like a lot more after the first few episodes.

Happy International Women's Day! I went to a Women in Engineering event last night and it was so much fun to be surrounded by women mostly involved in computer science all together. I had drinks with a group of women trying to help other women learn Ruby/Ruby on Rails and it was great to feel like part of a community that's trying to help solve a frustrating lack of diversity problem. It's a slow process but hopefully it can only get better from here. And I'm so thankful to be in fandom surrounded by so many amazing women (and awesome guys) all supporting each other and being creative. I am ever so thankful I found this wonderful place :)
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Festivids is FULL OF SECRETS [Feb. 2nd, 2013|07:02 am]

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So today is Festivids Reveals Day! I can FINALLY STOP LYING and tell everyone the vids I made. This year I made the following vids:

Curiosity: Boy Meets World, Topanga, Topanga/Cory for [ profile] elipie (new longer version now available)
Give Me Everything: Parks and Recreation, Leslie and Lady Friends for [personal profile] laurashapiro.
Beautiful in Los Angeles: The LA Complex, Kaldrick for [personal profile] jarrow

Yeah, I watched 7 seasons of Boy Meets World for [ profile] elipie and had to keep it secret for months! It was haaaard. I have a NEW version of my Boy Meets World vid, Curiosity up at the link that actually features all seven seasons of Topanga and not just the first threee seasons that were in the GoLive version. Both versions are available for download at the link. Turns out it is hard to keep secrets from someone you vid with and I didn't tell anyone but my roommates in order to make sure no one else had to keep a secret as well.

I also had a lot of fun (tech problems aside) making my Women of Parks and Recreation vid featuring my favorite character of all time (recently crowned), Leslie Knope. It basically gave me a chance to vid ALL THE WOMEN on the show and show how much I love the way Leslie loves her lady friends. It was hard to keep from making the five other Leslie Knope vids I wanted to make showcasing different parts of her personality though (Leslie/Waffles OTP!). The vid is totally my happy place, watching so many things I love about the show. I was very overwhelmed and happy by the reaction to this vid, thank you to everyone for the comments and recs!

In the last two weeks before GoLive, I made an LA Complex vid which I was sure everyone would guess because it's called BEAUTIFUL IN LOS ANGELES and features things very relevant to my interests. But only [personal profile] par_avion got it in chat so at least I wasn't completely obvious. Vidding those LA shots were SO much fun!

A big huge thanks to [personal profile] alba17 who made my Homeland vid, Breathing Underwater!!

This Festivids was probably my favorite in terms of vidding and hanging out with RL vid friends, making vids I love for people I care about and sources I love, hanging out in vid chat through deadlines and golive/reveals, getting a great vid for a source I love and the positive reaction I received for my vids. Festivids is just such an amazing idea and event and I am SO thankful for everyone involved. Highlight of the year!
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New Vid: Give Me Everything (Parks and Recreation) [Jan. 6th, 2013|11:28 am]

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So as soon as I finished watching Pitch Perfect in the theater, I knew I wanted to vid the last mashup which was just epically awesome. While driving to Denver, I was listening to it and trying to place it to a fandom. I was looking for a Happy Endings song so I tried that and when that didn't work, I tried Parks and Recreation. SUCCESS! It fit perfectly and my excitement was only increased by knowing that Laura loves vids about ALL THE WOMEN and acapella. So when I got Eli as my assignment and had to pick a coverup, I chose this one, in part because I have another Parks vid planned and needed something to get me to clip it. In hindsight...maybe a bad idea with the 12 seasons of clipping to do (combining my assignment vid) but it did work as a motivator and I'm really happy I made this vid. There was a lot of tech problems making it as my external hard drive died and I had to rerip the DVDs and reindex them (they were in a weird order), then my Mac drive that was the new place for my DVDs died (twice) and finally I bought a new cheap drive and transfered the files from the backup drive ([profile] jetpackmonkey was a lifesaver here). Not to mention finding out I indexed the DVDs wrong so that they were in 29.97 FPS and not 23.976 and so I had to reindex everything.

Other than that though and clipping taking forever, this was so much fun to make! I rewatched the entire series and laughed so much and fell in love with Leslie Knope about 240928190 more times. Seriously, you do not want to know the number of times I proposed to her. I can't help but ship her with everyone although I admit it was very hard to get through the Leslie/Jennifer scenes without bursting into flames from the hotness. I loved getting a chance to focus on all the women's relationships with Leslie and with each other although I quickly realized there was way too much footage to fit into such a small song.

Title: Give Me Everything
Music: "Bellas Finals" by The Barden Bellas
Fandom: Parks and Recreation
Focus: Ensemble (Leslie and Lady Friends)
Spoilers: S1-510
Summary: You know my code. Hos before bros. Uteruses before duderuses. Ovaries before brovaries.
Warnings: None.

Link: Give Me Everything (69 MB)
Streaming: Give Me Everything streaming

Made for [personal profile] laurashapiro. Many thanks to [personal profile] thingswithwings for the beta. All feedback (including concrit) is much appreciated. Enjoy!

Embedded version under the cut )
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Random Coincidences [Jan. 28th, 2012|06:39 pm]

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So I'm in San Francisco! I was planning on taking the PCH yesterday but due to some setbacks, I decided to take the shortest route since I was leaving late. Did not turn out to be the greatest day but I'm happy now that I'm here. I'm staying in the Union Square area and I love it! So many great stores, buildings and culture. I love all the people and just the excitement in this kind of city atmosphere. I went to the place where I'll be learning/working and it looks really cool! Saw some presentations on web design which was interesting. I will say I thought parking was bad in Downtown LA/West Hollywood/Santa Monica but it is NOTHING compared to this area of San Francisco. The rates are ridiculous.

On the way back, I decided to take a different street than the normal route to see some different sights. I look up and see an ad for Whose Live and smile a little at seeing Ryan and the guys. I turn the corner and see a sign that says Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza is performing...(check my iPhone for the date) TONIGHT. So yeah, I bought the last remaining ticket in the good section for a decent price and I'm going to see Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Jeff Davis and Drew Carey tonight. So excited! I miss the show and hearing about my friends on the East Coast getting to see it made me sad I wouldn't get to see it with them so this helps a little. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet them again :) If only Colin was there....hee. On that note, I do have a new Ryan/Colin vid idea I'd really love to do this year. Probably going to be a long process so maybe this will inspire me to start working on clipping the crazy amounts of source there is. It just boggles my mind that if I hadn't walked that road tonight I would never be going to the show.

Fandom-wise I am WAY behind on watching Festivids (due to vidding and RL). However I got lucky this year and got two great vids! One is a Wire vid for OMAR!!! So beyond my wildest dreams. The vid is called Soul Survivor and it's a great character study with a lot of wonderful clip-lyric matches that broke my heart. Omar = awesome. I also got an Entourage vid for the boys! It's a cute and fun vid, I Get Knocked Down set to one of my favorite songs. I'm only going to rec one vid but it's my favorite vid of the ones not made for me and it's PERFECT. It's called Fly and it's a Parks and Rec vid for Leslie Knope. And WOW does it do her justice. The song is PERFECT for her (and has finally gotten me to like Nicki Minaj which I now wholeheartedly do) and the vid made me cry-the happy tears. It shows how hard she works as well as showing her fun, lighthearted side. It's hard to find words for it-it's that kind of vid and also the kind I watched like 100 times. Go watch it and you'll see why you should watch the show! There's almost 200 vids at Festivids for lots of rare fandoms so go check out the masterlist and check them out <a href="</a>here</a>. I made two vids so go ahead and try to guess me although I'm swamped with vids to make so I can't make any prizes for guessing this year. Other than that, still watching some TV shows and movies when I can. The latest episode of Parks & Recreation was AMAZING and gives another reason why this is the best show on TV right now (yeah, I said it). I will never understand how this show can make me roar with laughter and yet have the sweetest and most heart filled moments. I just love all the characters SO MUCH. Also glad 30 Rock is back and love The Big Bang Theory which has gotten funnier the last few episodes (although I still hate Leonard/Penny). Glad Glee is back although it needs to stop these two week hiatuses. Super excited about a certain guest star coming on the show! Also been watching Miranda (for a festivid) and I love it! It took a little while to get used to with the whole talking to the camera and physical humor but I love all the characters and it makes me laugh/smile so I'm enjoying it. I love Miranda, I love that she's so honest about who she is and just has fun with life. It's great. Gary is also SUPER cute and I totally ship Miranda/Gary especially after the last episode in S1 which made me cry a bit. The physical humor is still a bit much for me but it's a cute show. Need to get ready for the show now but I'm excited about the adventure to come. I'm already getting to know all the streets around here VERY well.
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End of the Year Fandom Meme 2011 [Dec. 31st, 2011|07:27 pm]

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Not a great year for acquiring fandoms but I will still do the fandom end of year meme.

End of the Year Fandom Meme )

I have to make another plug for everyone to watch Parks & Recreation because it is just THAT good. Best show of the year, hands down. Alan Sepinwall also put it as #1 and describes it much better than I could (spoilers taken out):

"But overwhelming joy is a visceral reaction, too, and that's the feeling I get these days watching "Parks and Recreation." Yes, it can be a gut-bustingly funny comedy..., and that alone is an impressive achievement. But what puts "Parks and Rec" over the top for me is the sheer level of happiness it creates in me as I watch it. It's a political comedy with a fundamentally optimistic viewpoint. It generates most of its comedy not by mocking its characters for being inept..., but by showing the ways in which they are incredible. It's a show that's overflowing with love and understanding for all of its characters..., one that can be unbelievably romantic and sweet about things that would be so easy to just mock, ... In 2011, no show gave me greater pleasure to watch, week after week, than "Parks and Recreation." Original Article

S1 is not the best but after that the show is AWESOME! Go watch.
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Gleeee [Nov. 29th, 2011|09:44 pm]

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Okay so I have to post a couple things about this Glee episode.

Glee 307 Spoilers )

In other news, proving there is a kink meme for everything, a new Parks & Recreation kink meme is now here. It's very Leslie/Ben right now but go fill and leave prompts for everything. I LOVE this show right now and there's so many great ships to choose from. I am pretty pro-Leslie/anyone she wants so I'm up for anything. The last episode of P & R was just....*happiness* I'm a little in love with Leslie right now, she's kind of my hero. She's Leslie FUCKING Knope!! And if you haven't seen the show, you should watch it. The first season isn't that good but S2-4 are all wonderful and it's even more geeky as time has gone on.

Just have to say I'm SO happy about the warm 70s weather we're having in LA right now. It reminds me why I love it here.
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