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Festivids is FULL OF SECRETS [Feb. 2nd, 2013|07:02 am]

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So today is Festivids Reveals Day! I can FINALLY STOP LYING and tell everyone the vids I made. This year I made the following vids:

Curiosity: Boy Meets World, Topanga, Topanga/Cory for [ profile] elipie (new longer version now available)
Give Me Everything: Parks and Recreation, Leslie and Lady Friends for [personal profile] laurashapiro.
Beautiful in Los Angeles: The LA Complex, Kaldrick for [personal profile] jarrow

Yeah, I watched 7 seasons of Boy Meets World for [ profile] elipie and had to keep it secret for months! It was haaaard. I have a NEW version of my Boy Meets World vid, Curiosity up at the link that actually features all seven seasons of Topanga and not just the first threee seasons that were in the GoLive version. Both versions are available for download at the link. Turns out it is hard to keep secrets from someone you vid with and I didn't tell anyone but my roommates in order to make sure no one else had to keep a secret as well.

I also had a lot of fun (tech problems aside) making my Women of Parks and Recreation vid featuring my favorite character of all time (recently crowned), Leslie Knope. It basically gave me a chance to vid ALL THE WOMEN on the show and show how much I love the way Leslie loves her lady friends. It was hard to keep from making the five other Leslie Knope vids I wanted to make showcasing different parts of her personality though (Leslie/Waffles OTP!). The vid is totally my happy place, watching so many things I love about the show. I was very overwhelmed and happy by the reaction to this vid, thank you to everyone for the comments and recs!

In the last two weeks before GoLive, I made an LA Complex vid which I was sure everyone would guess because it's called BEAUTIFUL IN LOS ANGELES and features things very relevant to my interests. But only [personal profile] par_avion got it in chat so at least I wasn't completely obvious. Vidding those LA shots were SO much fun!

A big huge thanks to [personal profile] alba17 who made my Homeland vid, Breathing Underwater!!

This Festivids was probably my favorite in terms of vidding and hanging out with RL vid friends, making vids I love for people I care about and sources I love, hanging out in vid chat through deadlines and golive/reveals, getting a great vid for a source I love and the positive reaction I received for my vids. Festivids is just such an amazing idea and event and I am SO thankful for everyone involved. Highlight of the year!
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New vid: Beautiful in Los Angeles (The LA Complex) [Jan. 18th, 2013|01:43 pm]

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So I really wanted to make a Kaldrick vid and [personal profile] jarrow really wanted a Kaldrick vid so this was the perfect Festivids fit. Except I needed to find a song. I wanted to find a hip hop song or a Frank Ocean mashup to a hip hop song but I couldn't find anything. So I was listening to some music on my iPhone when I heard Beautiful in LA which I immediately pegged as a LA Complex vidsong. Upon repeated listening, I realized it actually fit perfectly for Kaldrick even if the music wasn't quite *him*. I put off listening to the song once I got my assignment because I wanted to vid it so much but after golive and vidchat, I was inspired and started working on making it as a treat even if I was unsure about time. Thankfully it vidded itself and most of it was done in vidfarr. It was SO much fun to vid the LA shots (which combined with the song seemed a dead giveaway guesswise) Kaaaaldrick and his feeelings.

Title: Beautiful in Los Angeles
Music: "Beautiful in Los Angeles" by Garrison Starr (live)
Fandom: The LA Complex
Focus: Kaldrick
Spoilers: S1-2
Summary: I'm so far away.

Link: Beautiful in Los Angeles (60 MB)
Streaming: Beautiful in Los Angeles streaming

Made for [personal profile] jarrow. All feedback (including concrit) is much appreciated. Enjoy!

Embedded version under the cut )
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The Olympics of life (no my life isn't that epic) [Aug. 2nd, 2012|08:54 pm]

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Wow it's been awhile. But some kind of update is in order. Most importantly, VIVIDCON IS IN A WEEK!!! I'm still in shock that I'll be in Chicago this time next week. I'll be at the hotel sometime around 5pm or so and I can't hang wait to hang out with people! Not to mention get a ton of my favorite Pad Thai ;) I just can't wait for CLUB VIVID and PREMIERES and getting to forget about work and life and focus on friends and so many of my favorite people. I have a Club Vivid and Premieres vid this year that I'm really happy with (it took a little distance first though) and I'm planning on wearing an actual costume this year, should be interesting. It'll certainly be unique haha. I leave on Monday morning at like 5:30am....yeah work made me come back but I didn't want to miss the late night fun on Sunday as I deeply regretted that the first time I came to Vividcon. I just need my four days damnit, I want to talk to ALL THE PEOPLE.

The other big thing is I moved into a new apartment! I'm living with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and [personal profile] echan in Downtown LA! It's aweeeeesome. I love living with other fans and even better VID fans so we can watch vids and TV and vid together whenever. I love having my own bedroom and the building is great with a pool and gym and parking which is soo nice after dealing with horrible street parking for three months. Plus I'm in DTLA!!! This is literally my favorite place in the entire world. I love being right in the center of everything, with all these tall buildings all around me. For me tall buildings make me feel like anything is possible, that your dreams can take you ANYWHERE. And there's so much energy, people and shops and amaaazing restaurants and life and growth. Downtown is in the middle of a renaissance and I can't wait to be part of it. There's something special about living in the place you want to help improve. And today I realized I really need to start getting involved in it.

Work is still going good (really time consuming though) and I'm really happy to be continuing to learn and grow and learn what startup life is like. Plus I'm making more money so it's really nice to have more spare money for fun stuff (like vacations! and fooood). It's also been a LOT of fun the last few months to hang out with and vid with [personal profile] elipie, [personal profile] jetpack_monkey, [personal profile] osaraba and [personal profile] rhoboat. It helps so much to vid when you have another vidfan beside you who you can show vidding stuff to as you do it and talk about vid struggles and watch TV and vids together. It's just great to have a little LA vidding community going and I hope it keeps getting bigger. I've also been watching a lot of Olympics lately, mostly gymnastics since it's my FAVORITE. I used to play gymnastics as a kid and I loooooooooved the uneven bars. Like part of the reason I quit (maybe the only one I don't remember) was because I was forced to do everything else and not just the bars. So during the Olympics I always get super invested in one person and the USA team as a whole. Last time it was Nastia Liukin and this time it's Gabby Douglas who is AMAZING and Spoilers for Women's All Around ) She's just so high flying at the bars and she just has the IT factor that I love. So happy for the US team. Wish Jordan could have competed but I'm glad Gabby made it in.

Fandom-wise I'm kind of behind and not as invested as I used to be but I do have a new fandom I'm in love with...Game of Thrones. I was into it before but after reading all the books and now I'm in the midst of vidding it and reading fic and I just loooove it. I have that fannish urge to get totally consumed by the books, TV, vidding, fic, actors, all of it but I just don't have time right now sadly. Hopefully when [profile] lianri comes to LA after VVC (!!!! sooo excited), we can geek out about it together and that'll help. I'm also loving Breaking Bad...except I'm an episode behind because of the Olympics and work and trying to get some sleep. I need to remedy this soon because I love this season so far! Ohhhh Jesse. And Walt is creepy and awesome and horrible and entertaining all at the same time. So glad to see all these people again. I've also gotten into One Direction fandom (thanks to [personal profile] elipie) for awhile now and I looove Harry/Louis. Harry is a freaking feminist prince (plus insanely pretty) and Louis is hilarious and cute and willing to do anything. I went to a concert (guess with who) and had a fun time screaming and going crazy over them and the serious slash. Other things I've been watching is Bunheads, Political Animals, The Glee Project (Nellie!! and Charlie!!), Newsroom (I've stopped, not sure if I'm going to try again) and I've been catching up on Homeland. Oh and I watched the LA Complex premiere and I totally totally am shipping Connor/Raquel!! Awww.

Finally, fic recs!! Because lately I've gotten some GLORIOUS fic from people that everyone should read. First up, two Jaime/Brienne fics of AWESOME. There is the spy who loved (to drive) me (crazy) ie the SPY AU and hold my hand as I'm lowered where Jaime never shuts up (awwww he doesn't, does he?). Both hilarious and totally true to character. And then....[personal profile] thingswithwings wrote me my ultimate femslash fic!!! It's called Concession and it's LESLIE/JENNIFER!!!! Yeah you read that right, to the best of my knowledge the first Leslie/Jennifer fic ever and it's amaaaaaazing. God I love them. Leslie is just entirely Leslie and Jennifer is Jennifer and they are competing political advisors who are secretly attracted to each other and just read it and be amazed (bonus: it's really hot). While you're at it, go watch her Parks and Rec/Community female relationships vid as well, it's wonderful!

And for my birthday in October I'm going to Colorado to hang out with [profile] asuka14! I can't wait. Going to stop in Las Vegas on the way home to gamble a bit ;) Mmm traveling.
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Tumblr: take 2 [Feb. 19th, 2012|07:58 pm]

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So I've made a few efforts to set up Tumblr and start using it but those have failed miserably. I am trying again though because I feel like fandom is moving there at least somewhat and I don't want to get left behind and feel old which is just weird to say at my age. So my Tumblr is: here and feel free to follow if you like. I get bored pretty easily by a lot of pictures so I don't know how often I'll post but I'll at least check it every day. Please let me know what your Tumblr's name is if you have one. There's a poll in my LJ if that makes it easier.

I've been super busy these days so I feel kind of out of fandom. Still keeping up on a my shows for the most part at least Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Revenge, Parks & Rec, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock and The LA Complex. Speaking of, I definitely urge everyone to check out The LA Complex! I don't want to spoil anyone but there's a great gay plot on there that I'm currently in love with even when it destroys my heart. Plus it has Jewel Strait! It's all about a group of Canadien kids trying to make it in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. It makes me miss Los Angeles even more which I've been doing a lot lately. San Francisco is just no substitute. I don't think I've ever felt quite this homesick in awhile and it made me realize I almost always get homesick only for LA.

I'm all signed up for Vividcon! Cannot wait to go. Also looking forward to Escapade this weekend. It'll be SO nice to get to talk to fans again and watch vids. I'll be interested to see what people get out of my premiere vid this year. Escapade is much less panel heavy than Vividcon for me so I'm hoping to have more time to talk to people there. Also going to stop in Downtown LA after (even though its at least an hour drive) to see my city again as like I mentioned, I miss it like burning.

Been kind of tired lately, my body keeps finding ways to wake up and not getting back to sleep so it's been a struggle to get sleep which is hard when I'm learning all the time. Things are going good though and I enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with [personal profile] laurashapiro the other day. I've been enjoying all the delicious food here in SF as well and I found a great cafe/lounge here with a fireplace, good food, fast internet/outlets and colored lights which I love. I have so little time that I'm starting to have to prioritize more and only do the essential stuff. I am very grateful for my iPhone so I can keep up on social networking/fandom while walking around everywhere. We'll see what happens.

Thanks to everyone who sent me glass hearts! They are much appreciated.
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