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Vividcon 2010 Con Report (Much delayed) [Sep. 15th, 2010|06:15 pm]

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This has been started and stopped so many times it's ridiculous. But here it is, my Vividcon 2010 con report:

Vividcon 2010 Con Report )

In other news, been feeling kind of withdrawy and procrastiny lately but trying to crawl out of that hole. At the moment, I'm totally in love with fashion which nicely coincides with New York Fashion Week. I've been watching The Rachel Zoe Show which is hilariously awesome and I am SO IN LOVE with Brad Goreski. Like, I keep saying I'd marry you (not literally cause he's gay) but like if I could create the looks of my future husband (hypothetically speaking), it'd be him (with a different personality although I do love his). He's just so cute and funny with perfect style. I die. I may now be saying this all the time cause of the show.

The biggest news is I'm moving to LA! I'm moving up the move date til next week which is kind of crazy but sometimes that is how the timing works out. I'm super excited, I really need to get away from this place which is cold after a delightfully warm 90s period (way too few this summer, barely got to the beach) and I'm sick of my parent's house and this city and just everything. I need a new environment, one that I love and that is completely inspiring to me. A bit worried about finding a job but I am determined to apply everywhere as soon as I get there and hopefully it'll all work out. I found a place though right near Hollywood and Highland that I'm really excited about. I really can't wait and I hope to get to visit with some LA people on my Flist.

On the new TV front, I'm FINALLY starting to get excited about this TV season. Started watching the new pilots and I'm surpringly pleased. Hellcats was cute but not my thing, Nikita was awesome in a girls kick ass and I like the two girl main characters way and Terriers was surprisingly lovable and possibly serial. Giving the latter ones a few episodes to see how serial they are which is going to be my main criteria this season besides funniness (for comedies). The shows I'm most looking forward to this season are sadly few but I'm going to check out Boardwalk Empire (should be a good replacement Treme), My Generation (exactly the kind of thing I like), Lonestar (supposed to be good and pure serial, I'm in) and Undercovers and I'm giving Hawaii Five O, Running Wilde, The Event and No Ordinary Family a couple episodes. Catching up on Gossip Girl now (I stopped early S3) and it's surprisingly enjoyable if only for the fashion (and the Lady GaGa appearance, DIE).

Oh yeah, we have two new kittens who are SO CUTE. Pictures to come in future posts. Going to be the worst part about moving.
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