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Of the bad: Travel+snow, Of the good: KITTIES [Dec. 23rd, 2009|12:38 am]

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So I'm back in NY after a long journey on Saturday/Sunday. It was one of my worst travel experiences ever and that's saying something considering my travel curse. A list of things that went wrong:

-My flight passing through DC got canceled. Because of evil snow.
-Waited 2 hours in line to rebook flight
-Pre-security baggage size check lady loses/gives my tickets to someone else and blames me
-Can't print out my tickets on the ticket machine nor talking it through on the phone, have to wait for a customer service person
-Wait for a flight that was delayed 4 hours
-Said flight stops in Denver for a medical emergency, which takes an hour complete with screaming kid (SO MUCH HATE)
-Miss my connection because of hour lateness
-Have headache throughout flight and rest of Sunday
-Bad airport design means I lug my heavy carry ons across the airport (no shuttles of course) and wait 4 hours for next flight
-Find out the gate has changed, flight is delayed by a half hour and have to walk halfway back
-Three planes try to get out of the gate at almost the same time. Mine is last (of course) and is another hour and a half late because of snow
-Lose my cell phone on the flight that finally happens
-Feel nauseous and sick during/after the flight. Sleep deprived like WOAH. Come home to freeze.

I did somehow make it home in one piece so there is that. Ughhh it was just one bad thing after another, I could barely take it at the end there. I have never hated snow more. The good news is when I got home I met the new kitties, Molly and Lana and they are sooooooooo cute. Molly is an adorable 7 month kitten who is sooo pretty and very very cuddly (on my lap now) and is so cute and curious. And Lana is a shelter cat my mom rescued and she's adorable if a bit skittish. KITTIES!!! Omg I missed having cats around so much I can't even say.

The other good thing about the trip was I had a chance to watch some Will & Grace episodes and oh there was so much boylove towards the end of the season :D TAYE DIGGS. This show wins forever at guest stars. It made me happy during the long wait. I finished the show when I got home and I still can't believe I finished it. I kind of fell massively in love with the show although I doubt I'll ever be very fannish about it. I just love the four main characters so much. Oh and EVERYONE who loves The Sound of Music MUST watch 810 Von Trapped. It is HILARIOUS and so brilliant and so full of love. I was dying. I counted 9/10 (lost track at one point) m/m kisses which is not as much as I wish but okay, I'll take it. Mostly I was just amazed at how consistently funny it was for eight freaking seasons. I did have a few issues, behind the cut:

Spoilers for S8 of Will & Grace )

The best news right now is I'm getting a Macbook Pro!! My mom got one for me since my current computer is crap and I need one for future work and such. Plus now I don't have to get rid of Adobe CS4 since I can't vid with Premiere CS4 on this computer. I am soooo excited! I'm not a super Mac person or anything so I'll be bootcamping it a lot of the time (need my avisynth for one) but still, I will not be denied uses of programs! And it has 8 GB OF RAM!!! Ohhhh hell yeah :D Hopefully vidding will be fast now. I have no more excuses after this to not do it. It should be here in about a week or so which is worrisome with festivids deadline approaching but I'm going to get a rough first draft with WMM done before it comes so I'm not so pressed for time. On the Festivids note, I FINALLY found my song!!! I am sooo excited and relieved. I love it so much. It is both exactly what I want in terms of lyrics and yet adds new stuff for me to play with. I have ideas :) I may have to tone down some of my more ambitious ideas though. The bad thing is I left all my clip notes back in LA but it shouldn't be too hard to do them again.

And now what you really want to see:

Kitty Pictures under the cut )
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Music <3 [Nov. 27th, 2009|02:55 pm]

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Courtesy of [personal profile] falulatonks, I found a cool site, The Sixty One that's like a combination of and Pandora. Basically you listen to music, most of it from new artists and you can save or heart music you like (you only get a certain number of hearts per day). The stuff that the most people like gets featured so it's easier to find. It's a great way to discover new music. I've already found The Orange Peels who I love, they sound like Owl City with more rock. There's also fun quests that are kind of addicting to do in order to gain more hearts and reputation points. If you sign up, if you could say that Anoel referred you, that'd be great :)

I had a good Thanksgiving. Went to a nice restaurant here with some students who stayed over break and one of our Trustees paid for a meal for all of us so that was nice. Also watched some TV including a two parter Will and Grace Thanksgiving episode that gave up nicely in my queue since I'm watching the show right now. I'm on S4 and I love that for this show I love all the main characters equally. I probably love Karen the most though, she cracks me up so much especially when she does her "I feel so bad for you/I'll be nice... *laugh NOT* It is entertaining, funny and delightfully gay. I like it.

After the December 9th episode of Glee, it's not coming back til April 13th. FOUR FUCKING MONTHS!!! *sobs* I don't even know what I'm going to do. Rewatch my DVDs, vid and hang around in fandom a lot I suppose. I don't know what I'm going to do without my usual happiness bringer. Like this week's episode with so much amazing music and character love. Oh and I was thinking of my dream Adam Lambert guest star appearances and I have two. Either he's a rival school's glee club's director who leads a group of kids like him who dress glam rockery and sing great songs and are all edgy and fun. But then it'd be hard to get him to have solos with the kids. So then my second scenario would be to have him be the vocal coach that they invite in so he gets to sing songs and have interaction with Kurt, Rachel and everyone else. It would so be the best thing ever.
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