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Vividcon 2015 Panel Notes (part 1)

Here are my panel notes (part 1) for Vividcon 2015. I did my best at hearing and typing as accurately as I could but these are not perfect transcriptions. If you see something and want it corrected (or credit), feel free to let me know as I'd love for it to be more accurate.

Survival of the Viddest
Mod: [personal profile] skygiants

-can equipment still play it, if its saved...
-floppy disks: you might not know where to find a floppy disk reader
-if you have it, its a mysterious file...
-in the stone age before digital files, questions were easier to answer, if you have a tape it might be degraded but itll probably be the same thing
-digital files are fucked:
-lack of identification
-file corruption, we don't know why they become corrupted,
-storage media failure
-beware obsolescence: real media
-insufficient meta data
-digital video is especially fucked
-larger files = harder to store, people dont tend to commit to storing, i dont need this and i could use the space
-more complex files = more thing can go wrong, you have audio/video stream, subtitle track, something can go wrong with one of them, complex to preserve it
-non-standardized and proprietary format, no right or safe format and harder to rescue, understand how to preserve pdf, theres a million formats for digital video and theres always new ones being made, mp4 can mean a million things, if we dont use them in 10 years, how am I going to play this back, if i dont know what they are we dont know its broken
-remix video is fucked above all things- all of previous plus:
-copyright issues
-hosting challenges: there is no site that will protect for years
-greater anonymity: we know why we dont tie our real names into it, if want to refer to vid but dont know who made it, it came from youtube posted it three times, dont know who actually made it or when they made it, 10 years down the line makes it hard
-places that preserve things like libraries, archives, museums are interested in it and theyre run by grants and are afraid to make it accessible because of copyright issues
-institutional culture is not 100% hostile
-there are canonized vids: ex. Us by lim included in museum
-blurb is interesting, oblivious to what fandom is all about, gives credentialscredentials, gives Library of Congress, describes herself as a vidder, dont really know what means, doesnt embed in vidding culture, i find worrisome for preservation of vids
-henry jenkins text talks about danger of canonized vid, academically worthy, relatively small subset of vids as a whole
-leaves out vids on youtube like femslash disney crossover vids, vids that are not part of that conversation
Vid Survival Strategies
-Upload videos to more than one locations (lots of copies keeps stuff safe)
-are they for profit or nonprofit, how long have they been around, whats the notice and take down policy like?
-nonprofits have more of a commitment to keeping stuff around
-how stable is the organization
-plug for internet archive, horrible to search, very non copyright based (its illegal), very low that anyone will find it because its terrible to search
-sad tale of imeem, many vids went up there, then they went away, gave 5 days notice, then lose vids if theyre not backed up
-1a) if you really love something, copy it (respectfully), dont download/repost if note is put, the more people download it, the more likely someone will have it
-can have many copies of digital files which helps versus analog where it would look worse
-appropriate vid titles: youtube put up and take down for total eclipse of the heart literal, cant tell now who made it
-embed metadata in vid files for download, can put who made it, vid notes, dont repost, helps for download not so much streaming site which strips down, adobe premiere/final cut allows you to do so, can batch files with programs, might not be able to read in future but another way to keep safe
-put in info about source, can make it easier to claim fair use
-its easy to win fair use battles but need to make a big stink, i interviewed buffy vs edward, tried to take it down and then YT tried to monetize, made a big stink and now its back up
-they took down videos for copyright class, they wrote to them and clearly fair use and nothing happened, but they knew someone at Youtube so they were able to get it taken down
-keep track of original vid master copies, ideally dont just put it on streaming site
-beware hard drive death, they last 3-5 years, keep an extra backup, recommend 3 copies with 3 geo locations but not always practical
-keep multiple hard drives, buy different brands at different times
-also beware file format obsolescence: later on realize can't play them, think about upgrading and remastering
-floppy disks are safe and know where it is, or usb stick but if we dont use them in the future then stuck with something you cant play
-checksums: want to make sure things dont go corrupt, most mac computers have md5 that generates unique fingerprinting of that file so if something changes and you run the checksum, it will tell you if something is different
-can checksum each month and itll make you feel easier about file storage
-a note on file naming: name files you will recognize later, dont use the same filename twice, dont use characters that confuse computers (use letters, numbers, underscores)
-use a trusted server to offer videos for download, use friends, buy your own, use, ao3 has a plan to host vids on their own servers, they had this plan for 5 years, make sure the servers will be there for a few years or wont get taken down quickly
-cloud storage: the cloud is great as a backup or an alternative, it is always someone elses servers, like a different server site like youtube or video, usually for profit, what they commit for today, they can change their mind, throw one copy but not always keep
-send it to cons as they keep their own files, only reason we have Us by lim HQ is because VVC sent it back to her
-submitting vids to convention, many cons besides vividcon dont keep track of files
-critical commons videos: another hosting site, mostly academic content, good place to store, nonprofit, define themselves as an archive
-critical commons welcomes vidders, not just academic
-youtube wouldnt allow titanium vid, want to start critical commons account, you need to be an advanced user (academic) but they will allow vidders, you have to say something about video, you can just say "this is a fan video for agent carter", im going to try to use that, very friendly
-coming from podfic community, no loss content because jinjurly has personally hosted all podfic with significant time and money cost, she allows all to archive, everything available for download, is there a reason why fanvidders havent offered to do that: size
-there are a lot of "unlimited" sites but if its not website facing then it wont let you download files,
podfic has a very centralized community that vidding does not here
-i am currently chair of fanvid OTW committee which hasnt been doing much, only me on committee, two projects: some version was talked about at town hall, dark archive: place to stash stuff, if you put them there, you can get vids there, you can get to the stuff but you need to go through a few doors, this is a plea to join the committee, the second is youtube, i want to talk to google lawyer who used to work for EFF, otw used to work with him, we want to develop a remix committee, things wont be taken down without a human looking at it
-internet archive as backup: they take it and store it if youre willing to wait
-ive been taking older vhs videos and converting them to dvds, partnership with university of iowa, they dont have infrastructure to store or give away, they just hold them, there are other people who are already doing this
-if youre putting it back on vhs, the equipment is becoming obsolete, tapes deteriorate, doesnt do much good to have tape if cant access it
-long term digital preservation uses LTO, they dont deteriorate as fast, very expensive, it's if youre storing huge files, not for personal archive
-if you backup stuff at your house, never ever store backup somewhere you dont feel comfortable, no extremes of heat and cold like attic or basement, safe deposit box is another option
-to be safe: have third backup in on another coast in case something geographical happens (earthquake, hurricane, etc)
-if you have a big collection somewhere, pass it around, dont make assumption that other people have vids, ive been last source of vids, please share your stash
-make a list of people who are willing to share their stash
-community where you can look for vids such as vidfinders on dreamwidth and/or livejournal
-is vidder giving permission to share my stuff, if they dont have download/streaming link
-the intellectual property laws on orphaned works is pretty terrible
-if they dont put credits on it, i dont know who to ask for permission, uploading for wider distribution not okay but okay for friends
-more vidders dont put their name in the title of the vid, its so simple and helpful
-llamaenc will store names of vidders in title

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Nummy Treats
Mod: [ profile] sisabet

-ex. End of the World As We Know It by Luminosity
-i was online one day, 14 years ago, we were messing around, we saw this vid and thought what the hell, we had seen some slideshows, back in the early aughts, we found these, what is this, they must work for the show, we'd have these wild feeds, there'd be one camera, we must have stumbled upon an early feed, obviously theyre professional but after seeing this vid, i got obsessed with it, i watched it a lot, thats amazing, thats storytelling
-i stayed up late that night, buffy eps downloaded from kazaa and napster, it took like 3 days, whats this on my computer, windows movie maker, imported footage into it, i stayed up all night making vids, i did a thing, showed my sister, what? this is amazing, you should do more, we need more episodes, we need fool for love for sure, my sister created, place to put vids, churned out windows movie maker vids...
-i was cool with that, my sister handled with talking to people, im not going around talking to strangers, we watched that movie last week
-my sister told me that we have an email from luminosity, thats bullshit, shes a professional, we received an email from wendy starting a mailing list called nummy treat, we joined the mailing list, we met valerie because she also had a website, she was opening up a forum on bandofbuggered, well maybe i like valerie, i can talk to these people, not strangers but that would change
-once we were into nummy treat/bandofbuggered, it was spike centric before we even started, let me take you back to the early aughts, you had your kittens, my sister was a kitten but she was ferocious, dont fuck with them, my older sister was a bat, they were crazy, you had your ducks, maybe the ducks were my people
-at BOB (bandofbuggered), there was a lot of camaraderie, once we got to nummy treat the magic started happening, we're these tiny baby vidders, i made a thing, Luminosity (lum) would watch my thing omg, shes much better than working for the show
-ex. Rebel Yell by Luminosity
-this was unique, Spike wasnt portrayed as charismatic, whose in love with mean old Buffy
-this vid was very instrumental for us, theres some really cool things going on here, im in windows movie maker, shes holding my hand, it seems like theres some stray frames, thats okay because i understand WMM
-one day here's luck (HL) was in nummy treat, she started at the same time as me, was contemporary, HL went to VVC in 2002, then she put out Glorious #1 on Nummy Treat, HL is a big spuffy shipper from way back
-i went, oh shit, thats quality shit right there, ok lum, what do I do with this thing Premiere, the feedback on the list for that vid was...that was well timed, we would talk about interpretations, trying to talk me out of using literal lyrics, because by god if i see fire, there'd be fire
-I got Premiere, the list encouraged feedback, it was a very exciting time, you wanted to put stuff out and talk about it, i havent had something like that since, it created a lot of vids i love and connected us to a greater community, i didnt know about cons, Lum came to my house and put in videos and showed me...
-it was all about spike, everyone made a spike vid, including me once i had Premiere
-ex. Family Tradition by sisabet and dr. dawn (Spike vid)
-the reason im harping on spike vids, he was an interesting character no doubt, i got in a lot of fights over what his character is, i dont know if anyone told you but i love angel a lot, at one point you had to declare your allegiance to spike or angel, i said but angel loves spike
-it was interesting to explore all we can explore about
-such as what exactly is critical feedback, what is its purpose, renenet was a big advocate of getting a beta, listening to your beta, it was shaping us
-some of us were attending Vividcon, we brought back stuff from VVC back to list, trying to make better vids
-started vidder bootcamp on bandofbuggered, we had a lot of fun with video bootcamp, we had some disturbing vids come out of vidding bootcamp, we were all scared of dualbunny, she made this watership down vidlet, i still have nightmares
-lum comes to help out with vidder bootcamp, help make ourselves better vidders, better feedback, better at lyrical interpretation, some people said, this is too hard, we said this is bootcamp not vidders dance and spa, there was that flameout, im just here for fun (fart vidders)
-Vera put out a vid that shut down the rest: ex. Schism by Vera
-effective character study, she did a ton of photoshop tutorials, she made games, doesnt vid anymore, also did buffyverse dialogue, firefly cd covers, she was on nummy treat, talk about amazing character study, spike was standing up falling down, so effective, hit on music, i dont need to make anymore spike vids, ive got to say this about the character, ok ive said it now move on and do something else
-huge playground and big sandbox for buffy and angel, there was something for everybody, we didnt have to just use same spike clips, i had planned out spike vid with footage that goes backwards, theres other things happening on the show, all the rest of the people were fighting over my ship vs your ship and whether slash is terrible and youre bad people for reading it, all the vidders (not saying we werent fighting) were at least exploring different topics, lot of things to say about buffy and angel
-ex. Fragile by eunice and myrtle (theyre all babies!)
-they did something interesting, uh guys, theres all this other stuff thats happening, other people in vidding community had already figured that out such as torn, behind blue eyes that had nothing to do with us feral vidders
-all you need to say is, i want to do better, youd get feedback, i got feedback about the circles, someone noticed that?, when someone figures out what youre trying to do, you will forever continue trying to do that, i think youre doing things with circles and lines, its amazing, we became much better, it was fun to see people exploring things, we dont have to keep using the same clip
-ex. Superstar by here's luck (made 7 months after Glorious #1, i sent feedback saying KNIFE)
-we have to do this now, it was great, steal the things that were working here in this vid and end of the world/rebel yell, dancing above the grave
-discs from slayage con 2004, spent the rest of the reason frakking out, did vidshow for acafans who had no idea, bless their hearts the vid was most successful was Whatever by Luminosity
-nummy treat had support, renenet put a vid up and youd get feedback from her, itd be really in depth and really great, we all moved to LJ, now twitter, can i tweet you feedback, 140 characters is not going to do it, im too tired and dont check my email anymore
-things happened onscreen that i did thinking i was first to do them, no idea that someone else had already done it
-we were in buffy during s6/7, theres others, 10 years later awww its a buffy vid, theres a separation now, doesnt take away that Schism is fucking amazing, not saying nothing else can be said about spike but in two years we said a lot about spike

Make Mine Multi
Mod: [personal profile] jetpack_monkey

-what we're talking about and not talking about, im talking about at least 3 distinctive narrative sources and make connections, not talking about crossovers and RPF fandom vids, star trek (various star treks), etc are single fandom, this sounds like festivids discussion
-panel is divided into two pieces, the first is the philosophy of the multifandom vid, second part is technical/practical stuff, things to keep in mind, things will come from personal experience of things ive fucked up
-when we're creating a multi vid, some things are connecting them together, can be complicated like these three kings and historical connection (vid: The Lightning Strike by obsessive24), wow we like beating the crap out of men (theres layers there) (vid: On the Prowl by sisabet and sweetestdrain), i like the color blue, heres multi source (vid: Blue by kuwdora), heres all the source i have on my hard drive (vid: Party Rock by kuwdora), that becomes complicated for things ill talk about later
-back in the day, the multimedia vids, kitchen sink vids the big idea was everything but the kitchen sink (garbage can vid), "rescue me" song, throw everything at it in terms of danger and saving
-club vivid multi vids, look at them all dance, move in sync with each other, move to the beat, connectors are all visual, i have a dance vid i want to show a brief clip of
-ex. pic of making starships in living room, this is what will happen, look at that disc, its on the floor (upset voice)
-ex. Seven by hollywoodgrrl and ohvienna, made by david lynch, disorientation versus specific narrative connections (also there was that as well), visceral level of connection
-in a lot of multi vids, something about director, genre, actor, something sociological interesting, someones dissertation when something happens in that genre, i always think this is the representation of different fen, representation of blog post of genre
-genre of multi vids, like dancing, vidding version of supercuts, all of the things that x happens in different media [ex. Shut Up and Dance by MsTabularasa]
-all the films of a certain director and isnt this fantastic
-...because youre drawing connections between the different connections and narratives, its on the edge of things we're touching but since I've made it, i have to include...
-have to figure out what youre doing....there are 112 sources, i will show you spreadsheets like youve never seen
-there are great multivids that work with 3 sources, your arguments are going to be specific to the connections between the three of them...
-you lose some of the individual nuances in making the larger vid, youre the director, the voice is going to be your voice, cant show just what joss whedon is saying, youre the one pulling out these connections, if you find it scary that your viewpoint will be the loudest in that vid: stop but its actually gratifying as hell
-other multi vidders: can you speak to that experience?
-the one multi that i made is give it up (by jarrow) for 80s movies (also narrow escape has 4 movies), there was a movie that i couldnt fit in, maybe 1 shot from that movie worked but there was a narrative that i could build without it, the vid was stronger by having fewer sources
-similar approach with 20 sources versus 100, id get my primary sources, especially if im making an in depth vid that has an argument
-figure out your argument before you sit down for the source, itll take longer because you need...i made a vid and i was accidentally organizing two different arguments against genocide
-lets say you want to make a vid about robots, drill down on it, what do you want to say ABOUT that, draw 2-3 levels down, sort out feelings about people being robots, that will help narrow down clips you use...
-ex. On the Prowl by sisabet and sweetestdrain early draft with organization text
-premiere hinged on single image that i wanted to put in a specific place
-figure out your argument: the scariest part on a big multifandom vid, figuring out where to stop, define really strict restraints, otherwise i never stop acquiring stuff, inevitable comment of this wasnt in it and i cant tell them why
-how you pick what sources, i want to work with fandoms that i like, i want to pick things that people have heard of, do you get lost in tvtropes, then you spend 10 weeks trying to find things, trying to be history of fandom, researched fandoms we weren't in, now we have to pick things everyone knows versus i like this its going in
-i rediscover my love of tv and film whenever i make one
-hourglass in a different kind of love song, what counts as a..., people are fans of lots of different things, things that are in my experience, i had to define it really tightly, for mine i think of it as anchor fandoms, these 4 big fandoms that will appear many times with little clips from other fandoms, we come back to these touch stones
-multifandom vid i dont anchor, i steal from fandoms, im creating a fanfic and im showing fandoms that show this reality, even theme that i use, how i decide what goes in or not depends on story in my head
-the flipside of educational tool to find stuff i havent been exposed to before, if you have a negative multi like the price, there was sources she was not familiar with, she now has negative feelings toward all the terrible scenes where women get fridged, it turns a person off sources
-i had a vid where there was a song, clear image to what i wanted to do, couldnt find a fandom that had both things, song was happy smiley serial killer and also had..., no one could tell me what it was which is why i went multifandom, when i was told i couldnt make it, i found it using a directors work (The Great Pretender by franzeska)
-fembots (by grammarwoman): how the hell should i do this, where are the visuals, oh they say shes a fembot but they never see it onscreen
-the multifandom vid was garbage can because it wasnt important to make connections so it wasnt just illustrating clips with the lyrics, gwyneth made 3 fandom vid, There's No Way Out of Here, there was multifandom vid shouldnt have a story backlash
-Convenient Parking by Cherry: team investigates Dexter is how i set up narrative of that vid
-a multifandom vid can do things a single source cant, you cant do On the Prowl, Sell Out, The Price without multiple fandoms and tropes, when we're talking about a created narratives, you can create a narrative link between them without...
-Club Foot by jetpack_monkey (Poe vid): all these houses catch fire and all these burials...
-kink bingo is a great starter, i love this thing, this person has a weird attraction...
-one of the things im interested in is, where is the line between i am making a vid about a certain number of things, at what point between 3 and 20 and 120, i am making an argument about these sources to im making a larger argument about a cultural, more persuasive things (it can vary)
-you can take multiple characters and turn them into one character, i did a portrait of my roommate carol, made representations of this aspect and that aspect, it was strange but people got it
-if im the viewer watching the source, as a viewer is it important for me to know the sources or is it important that a thing is happening (how far out are you looking at the source)
-kitchen sink notion: this is why i forgot i made narrow escape (by jarrow), i dont feel like i made something with 100 sources, i forget that 4 fandoms count vs more sources for multifandom vid
-a lot of people use the number 4, it depends, it depends on the song, what is the intent when im presenting it to the audience, when a song is divided into 4 like most pop songs are, more than 4 means its interchangeable, tried to fit 5 fandoms into 4 fandom song and it didn't work
-if you dont have song before clipping fandom, why...the requirements for multifandom vid, the organization affects the song, you can fight the song in single fandom vid but its tougher for multisource because there are so many different fandoms...once i made a vid with non repeating multi source...
-i havent made this song, the song doesnt say everything i have to say, i dont know if i need to make this mashup, i dont know what the second song is
-i had one, i watched pacific rim, mako is asian with a streak of blue, ive seen that a million times, theres a ton of them, im going to make a vid of that, its been years, ive heard a song, oh its perfect
-i need a song without lyrics, im working from a source that has no words
-ive got two other genre videos, i cant figure out what to set dinosaur rampages to
-same reaction to instrumental, i wanted to say something complicated, two large emotional extremes, something with no lyrics is helpful, i want to do sexy KGB agents slideshow, theres a million songs i can use but cant figure out era and band appropriate, a song thats sociopolitically right
-is there a difference between multi source and multifandom?
-both fandom and source encompass different things: SG, SGA and SGU can be...ive used terms as interchangeable, i made a venn diagram with them
-made multifandom vid along with multi source, pulled stills out of public domain, different source but not a fandom
-RPF fandom are multisource but not multifandom, have to pick multiple sources
-definition of fandom can be slippery, might be a vid and might not, dont do it on a deadline, thats the worse ive ever done, festivids was a nominated fandom for festivids, was it a multifandom vid (Silent Fandoms by ghost_lingering)
-I considered it (festivids multifandom vid) a meta vid
-made a vid out of music video source, pop stars have their own fandom but not typical fandom, brought them together regardless of fandoms (Celebration by sweetestdrain)

Make Mine Multi (part 2)

-Source Acquisition: bessyboo can get many different sources if you need help finding something, jetpack_monkey can help with classic movies (feel free to ask them)
-if youre making a smaller number of fandom vids, you usually know whats going in, what about if youre going for a lot of fandoms?
-IMDB's keyword search, user submitted so you wont get everything, some things are not what youre looking for, some robots are not what youre looking for, tvtropes are amazing, 3 weeks later when you escape from tvtropes...
-local library, amazon have books written by people who care enough to write a book, often small presses that dont have copyediting and proofreading, useful, google and know your keywords, use quotation marks, wikipedia has lists of many things, look for foreign language lists
-3 fandoms i found that were key were found on sci-fi forum, a post a day about spaceship movies, hard to find but i found a guy smoking a cigarette in space
-didnt know about the sources that would be in it, used google images that gave me visual feedback of what i was looking for
-when im looking for good moments with a particular character, shipper_manifesto on LJ has lots of episode specific moments
-no matter how you find your source, keep track of it, google docs has spreadsheets at home or work
-ex. multifandom vid spreadsheets, keep track of year, name, key moments, characters
-dont buy something unless youre sure you want to use it
-bironic set up a matrix for starships, ex. acquired, ripped, ratios, interlaced, clipped (yes/no),
-notes, color coding can be helpful, method of acquiring (dvd, youtube, own, torrent, itunes)
-interlibrary loans are very helpful
-made clip notes without set vocabulary ahead of time, use tags, otherwise theres different words for running
-watch things in fast forward, esp in vlc
-...either sentence type description, sometimes exclamation points if its awesome, make sure you note stuff you love
-clipping is a personal preference, these are some suggestions
-the source does not rule the vid, you rule the vid: especially for multifandom vid
-if you have two clips and they go well together but if they both look bright green and it doesnt look good together, you can fix that, dont go, Kubrick wouldnt like it, KUBRICKS DEAD..., kubrick can suck a lime
-find the tools in your program so that the clips fit well together unless you dont want them to
-in a single fandom vid, you follow the narrative more but in multifandom vid, its all about the choices, it is scary and bewildering and amazing
-do what works for you with clipping, color correction, aspect ratio changes, bars can flicker and it doesnt look good, figure out early on make technical determinations, are you willing to mix 4:3 and 16:9, later on you have to make the choice on how you deal with it, i remove black bars but dont have to, can mix b&w and color but next to each other distinct difference can break someones brain, might need to turn down saturation
-sense8 fic is the next fandom trope...
-working on a short time limit can be great, there can always a better clip, need to trust your gut, shorter source can be easier
-...time limit, most of us know how fast we work, can take longer, can be shorter because you can just take iconic moments
-starships would be more intimidating with a longer timeline, i couldnt make it if i didnt know sources ahead of time, when youre on a short time limit, having a structure can be helpful
-communicating argument: ex. Different kind of love song by giandukiss
-hardison clips are huge, that shot of klingon dictionary is the real world book i own, we pull out to fictional tv show about geeks, we go to supernatural fanfic, monk messageboards, meta episode of xena (fannish osmosis): this is going to be a vid about us through them
-foreground how many sources we're using: ex. the lightning strike by obsessive24, 3 setup clear in the beginning, dont need to see the faces, can recognize at least one and pull out what the vid is about
-ex. The Price by thingswithwings: manpain vid, foreground 5 main sources, those characters ground the vid
-the beginning is not the only important part, if you have over 20 sources so when things you havent seen are popping up, its not jarring, then suddenly a source pops up 20 seconds in
-ex. The sellout by sisabet and sweetestdrain...they go to buffy and xena, they named them using the song, we know we're going to stick with these guys
-if you have a lot of fandoms and you dont have all of them, remind people at the end that there is more
-ex. starships by bironic, brain fills in all the starships, boom boom boom, movies and some tv, then have old spock and miss piggy in space, ok any argument that you dont have everything is invalid because theres people made of felt in space and i didnt even touch that
-astronauts move in the movement of the starships
-dont use all the source, need to choose the best clips for the vid
-disagree slightly with make it clear what sources are in the beginning, make your choices intentionally and not accidentally, oh we're using this source and then later on introduce buffy, strategic reasons to add fandoms later
-thats a way to build tension and narrative, if it just looks random it doesnt work but can do it for different reactions
-its really easy to lose track of what fandoms youre using and then later theres all this other stuff, but in my head i saw the story in the beginning
-only rule of multifandom vid is be conscious of your choices
-when taking notes where im clipping, if i see a clip that looks similar ill pair them together, ill have multiple clips that go together, thats a good starting place so its not a big pile of clips
-clip simultaneously with vidding because it can help show you what you need
-you can do visual connections between clips to do callbacks, with multifandom vids, visual callbacks can remind of the past and create parallels
-the sellout: on the prowl making it worse and worse, we wanted to mimic on the prowl...
-how can i organize this in some way that it has some kind of build, needs to have a reason besides heres 50 clips of the same thing
-dancing with myself by jetpack_monkey, gene kelley dancing on the timeline, echan said, why? if i wasnt married to you why would i watch this vid? its got gene kelly hes awesome, its a clip show, echan laid out sections of dancing by himself, with props, animated characters, grouping is a huge way to build, you can figure out meta build, you can create smaller builds within those sections, use eunice emotional roller coaster vid, can start lower and lower, can group different types of characters
-Starships (by bironic) was all in my head, i had sections in my head, i want part where they fly, spaceships, lay out for emotional arcs of joy, second multifandom vid (Feels So Electric) had less arc and doesnt have as much build to something
-stressed out on what goes in vid in the first place, crowdsourcing is stressful, oh did you use that clip and i didnt realize it was a thing
-honestly, miss piggy: fuck the haters

Due South: 3 Fannish Waves
Mod: [personal profile] scribe and [personal profile] sdwolfpup

-(general categories) there are peaks of fannishness, one when the show was airing, the second wave was two mini waves, one starting in 2003 and one starting in 2010, that first mini peak brought people into the second peak which is goodie two shoes by laurashapiro and pipsqueak and my vids (sdwolfpup), it died off again for a little while and it seems like theres been a resurgence from 2010-now
-differences between the waves which realized is not many, well the early vids were fraser/rayv, then kowalski came and there was fraser/rayk, then it came into the threesome and a broad show experience, phase 3 is more turnbull and maggie, exploring outer edges of world and research didnt really match it, theres fraser/rayv, then fraser/rayk and fraser set to sad folk music
-certain elements carry across, for such a happy show, why are the vids so sad, these are sad people
-there were categories and genres of vids, i indexed a lot of vids, i could have gone through each one and find the fraser/victoria vid from each wave and the canada vid from each one, most of the vids are similar throughout the 20 years people have been vidding it
-gen vs slash vids, when i submitted a vid to mediawest it was immediately classified as slash even though i thought it was a character study, people thought due south was all slash
-...i took the vidders word for it [gen vs. slash?], there was a decent mix, the fraser character vid is a species of vid thats existed for a long time and its often gen, also a lot of fraser/rayv in the early stuff
-one of the things i connected so much, the relationships came from the backstory world, you connect to them because theyre making connections, theyre all lonely and they relate to each other, isolated people being each others life raft
-i knew about due south but i havent seen and i just started watching the series from the beginning and something i noticed was there was a lot of emotional depth, the first episode fraser's dad is dead and ends up kicked out of his own country, but it still has a soul to it, it has a sense of humor and hope, you can move on and keep doing good things
-the show makes me very happy but when you think about their lives not as much
-you've got the hamlet thing going on, with vecchio you have romeo and juliet going on, if shakespeare wrote it, theyd all be dead, its like hamlet with a happy ending
-the tonal mix was the attractor, my feeling was the undercurrent of sadness made the show funnier, layering something in sad makes your joke really funny, it makes these moments with fraser very stoic and red [outfit], for a fan you have a wonderful palette, it makes the moments much better than if it was just relentless comedy, theres not one due south story even if the one i wrote took a long time, for vids i remember them being stylistic in their moment, it was What I Like About You with three couples with fraser/rayv, jim/blair and bodie/doyle and i was like whose that guy with the nose, it was the slash vid of reason by analogy, it was a classic vcr vid that said if you like one, youll like the others, i hadnt seen the show but i know who they are in multi vids, we dont see anymore, the later vids cant hear the lyrics [wonder of birds by laurashapiro and morgandawn] and then polar bears later [Icebound Stream by sisabet], shes doing something similar but taking vidding risks, it used to be dont put in external footage and i think due south vids...
-that vid captures everything we talked about, its still so hopeful and joyful, wow i was really overcome by that
-first wave vids, they feel like due south vids, theres a lot more humor in the vids, i dont know why i thought they were all so sad, maybe because you saw...
-rewatching roll to me with source knowledge, one thing that really hit me is the wrong guy, right situation, i didnt get why there was a shot of the basketball court and now i do, omg
-ex. Wonder of Birds by laurashapiro and morgandawn, Zebra by astolat, Goodie Two Shoes by pipsqueak and laurashapiro
-that vid has a very now aesthetic to it, it feels like a youtube vid (its tumblr), thats what tumblr fans are doing
-two comments about goodie two shoes: i was in college when mtv vids came out, i never thought anyone could top the adam ant video
-she adored the song because it used the words subtle innuendo and who uses that in a pop song
[Other example vids coming soon]

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