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Vividcon 2015 Review Notes

Here are my notes for Vid Review, In Depth Vid Review and Challenge Review for Vividcon 2015. I did my best at hearing and typing as accurately as I could but these are not perfect transcriptions. If you see something and want it corrected (or credit), feel free to let me know as I'd love for it to be more accurate.

Vid Review
Mod: [personal profile] cesperanza and [personal profile] sdwolfpup

Right Round
-i love this vid, i had a really good engagement of this vid on a bunch of different levels, i was personally moved by it, i felt like it was saying what goes around comes around and we're spinning round and round to this source, if it had spiderman it would have been that much better, it had a very hip cover, the song choice asked me to compare between old superhero films and new superhero film, i want to see next year the next version of this vid, we need a different conversation to do it
-the song choice for me told me you might have thought this stuff was old and fuddy duddly made me feel the old clips were fresh
-i love superhero and comics, ive seen zero of source material, i engaged so well with this vid, it conveyed to me the narrative well, look at these shiny heroes yay, it worked well for me without contextual context
-his love for it was very strong, its not my cap but its cap, you can see batman and robin, you dont usually see robin
-i love this, one thing that strikes me is how shiny it is, i havent seen but my experience with using older footage is theres not usually shiny, the amount of action footage that was teased out was very impressed for me, if its actually there you dont have to tell us about it

Perfect Day
-I love this vid, the constant use of the smiling made the frowns stand out, what happened to her that made her stand out, i love the sense of overriding optimism, bullying through life, understood things were bad but it made me happy
- i was less the audience, after a minute it become annoying, im a new yorker, i got annoyed, like a tourist, i got unnerved, shes not quite there, i was moving down the subway too much, i couldnt tell if i was supposed to be...
-i havent seen the show, it was great for the first minute, then now what, the opening credits for sitcom, the right song and the right stuff, thats all i need to know
-ive only seen the first episode, what i really liked is shes been in this underground bunker, this captured shes really stuck at the age that she was, shes just being really joyful about it in a little kid way, it really worked for me, somethings wrong and shes going to power through
-i remain worried about her, ready for psychotic break, i live in the therapy capital of the world

The Sound of Settling
-I got the basic story, boy meets girl, loses girl, then gets girl, i felt like the vid required a lot of context, i struggled to connect without that context
-hard sell for me, interesting about settling, i thought it was house of settling, settling for i didnt know it was house, i hate to think it was settling for cute girl, wondering if you know
-very familiar with this show, the answer i thought was rom the main character is atypical whose supposed to be after a certain kind of job, its about him not settling for those things, the people around him struggling to understand him
-that youre going to be yourself and not settle for others expectations
-the character does settle for a long time before he finds himself, for 3/4 he settles for being a nobody and doing what hes supposed to do

-i hope its in club vivid next year
-i really enjoyed this vid, i havent seen source, i love when the music kicked in, it engages you right away, theres wonderful pov shift where bad guy gets pushed over the edge, i wish there was more time for lobby character, i wish there was more time upfront
-witty use of movement, i drive, the trains moving in both directions, witty uses of motion, it was genuinely witty vid i enjoyed watching
-one or two shots where everything was in the same frame, it gave it a music video feel, it increased the musicality, pretty colors

Drawn to the Blood
-i liked this vid, i like a more painterly aesthetic in vids, you can see vids in a distressly kind of way, i think its interesting when people do that stress, it reminded me of later spiritualist stuff, considering its the kind of show about supernatural you dont get the eerie in that way, i appreciate the vid reaches toward that sense of the angel, i enjoyed seeing spn connected to that aesthetic, that to me it was interesting in the way castiel had that laboratory which it seemed in connection to source
-i liked scratchy but the red overlays didn't work for me, i liked the scene where he gets white, that was extremely impactful for me, use of white was excellent
-what worked for me was painter effect, it was clipped over and over again, wearing thing and breaking, i really did enjoy it
-as a vcr vidder you felt that more keenly than some
-i had the opposite feeling about the use of effects, the grainy film effect doesnt say to me spooky, partly because we've seen the beginning over and over, why is someone watching old film with castiel, i couldnt lose that thought, then with the end you get the scratchy film again
-one thing that struck me with this vid, i kept getting distracted by the poor audio quality, it was distracting me from the visual elements, dont know if it was a choice to go with the scratchy film effect, that kept distracting me from a lot of the visual parts of the vid, it kept throwing me out, i didnt know the song at all
-i thought the concept of effects were fine, the effects themselves were giving me a scratched film from photoshop file, something about them didnt change enough, i got an overly technical side distracting me from sides
-its a risk, youre brain goes how did you do that, risk for maker audience, i really like the mood and tone, made me wish i knew more about what was going on, i look forward to knowing more about that
-it felt different than other vids, i dont feel like i see a lot of that in other vids
-i really like this vid, i really like the music, the effects felt uncanny and unnatural, locked in a loop like you cant lose, it makes me want to see the source but ive played the game, it was really beautiful
-true blood credits are doing something similar, godly, supernatural goes toward true blood

Dark Doo Wop
-love this vid, i love the use of hands and the way it connected everyone to talk, sensuality
-i thought it was masterclass of pacing and of sexiness, this is how you cut one sex scene, i thought it was masterclass of sexy editing
-it unrolled this one moment and it reminded me of the show i was watching but ill return to watching it a different way
-im familiar, i knew what was coming, the tension that builds up was really good
-im familiar, the building up, it made me see a storyline that i didnt realize was in there, oh its a love story the whole time, the power dynamic, it was cool for me to see
-i didnt know source, i was impressed with song choice, i needed coaching, what am i supposed to think about, both the lyrics and the sound of the music, the pacing had to work against the song, youre going out of sync, this is no longer working, the melody line and whats going on underneath, a+ song choice would watch again
-as someone else who hasnt seen the show, the subway hit primed me for how the vid was moving, it was driving and it was a force, sometimes it worked again in the 1st source, when you have to slow down for the curves and stoplights, how it moved together was encapsulated by that early
-song choice, miraculous that song can be sexy and cynical, world is going to burn, nightmare that could have been invented for this show
-i only know basis of show, manipulated to top, trying to figure out whether hes trying to manipulate the way into the source, whether theres love happening, i also like the song choice is supposed to be doo wop, lighthearted american thing, it turned dark
-the female character was not a tool, shes an active part of whats going on and i liked that

The Loyal
-i have a theory, it asked us to reference another vid, interesting, what are relationships between two vids, its a sirius black vid, i could be wrong, in which he is the godfather thats going to take the child and put the child to save the world, theres a bridge section, serious grounding to marauders generation, theres a connection to children of men feature, older figure spearheads younger generation
-wow i cant speak intelligently, when the loyal vid premiered it blew my mind, i was so impressed by the feel, the tone that trelkez maintained that was similar, i didnt realize palette had so much muted colors, oh and theres this, so visually stunning, i love how much it harkened back and stands on its own, i look forward to rewatching it the most on the dvd when i go home, so many layers
-excellent vid, extremely intense, i did not feel it until i see the vid, reminds me of my vid, swoopiness
-different ways of doing a remix, we had a lively discussion of how it was remixing, just the song, rewatched CoM vid, once i saw HP vid again, to me i was pulling out, its the child that lived, how many die, long enough to get to that feature
-it captured the feel of the first war and how brutal that was, people who carry the war to the next generation
-i love HP, i thought it was amazing, ramps up in the first frame, urgency keeps carrying you through, omg i can breathe now, sweeps you away, it wasnt just a short story, its ongoing history of this world
-i havent seen older generation vids, on first world war, the sacrifices of that older generation, i want to see it again too

-so after the death grayness of HP, we were lifted up into the light, the feeling of flying, the sense of the amazing way, the climatic moments, flying along with this character, i needed that, good show placement, the vid itself was so emotional for there being no lyrics or faces, the feeling and mood was so beautiful
-this was the most effective video game pimping vid i have ever watched, it was so visually stunning, completely maintained that strong visualness during entire vid, it didnt feel like it dropped down, no lyrics and didnt know source but i was there from the very beginning, i went on a ride on this vid and didnt get off until the end
-this vid blew me away, machinima and cut games, made use out of using the game itself, in an aesthetic surface way, it changed in tone when they went outside, made me want to see the source, how it was build so beautifully
-i thought this vid was so beautiful and it flowed with the music so well, next time i feel anxiety, im going to watch this vid, with the crazy vids of this weekend its hard to get that
-i was watching and it reminded me of older animation, 20s and 30s fantasia animation, used to be the only place we could take scifi journeys before cgi, superman flies off and he can be animated, this vid to me connected the modern game video game aesthetic to old school animation to places you cant realistically go, this vid took me on the journey, beyond traditional scifi fiction film
-i want to hear from people who've played the game, i know the music very well, what does it have to do with visuals, any relation between spanish music and game,
-its a very, i used to have stress in my life, im okay now game, i cant stop playing the game, it takes a half hour to play, i spend many more half hours watching, i need it
-its a very good game for non gamers, it actually translated very well

-heres what i got out of it and i was right, i didnt feel lost at all even though i didnt know the source
-i knew source, this vid really moved me a lot, it connected to character and all airbenders, i really enjoyed this vid, extremely well crafted, use of male voice was very well done, i was really concerned, i thought it was brilliant with young boy coming in it
-if you dont know the source, what you dont get is because you dont have body language in animation, you dont have as much facial expression, you dont have same emotional connection, the voice of the song was very powerful, it has a vulnerability, it has personal quality, even if you dont know the source
-i didnt know what the source was, this vid made me cry, i got goosebumps again, with no context at all the song gave me so much emotion, absolutely loved it
-the vid seemed mindful of multiple audience, appealing to newbies and people who knew what was happening, admirable thing to happen to vid

Breathe Me
-great use of an orgy, amazing build of using a sexy scene, i didnt know what was going on but i didnt care, it sold me anyway, connection of song to six feet under but vid sold me on it as well
-i vaguely knew setup, i often cant follow vids, if i dont know the source its hard for me to follow, it guided me threw, it was so emotionally powerful, thats the most powerful, i love this vid
-as someone who does know the show, this is exactly the vid i wanted, shows the connections between all the people, shows the little moments, the pairing up of connections between the pairing, works well for newbies of why you should watch it, this is what i was hoping for of this is why you should watch
-ive seen show, beautiful encapsulation of show, the sock made me smile when it happened, shows the tiny intimate moments that shows the connections of the found family of people, friendship and romances, touched on emotional and physical intimacy the show is concerned about
-know show, someone made a vid just for me, the vid did a really beautiful job of showing the shift of tentative early contact, then shows trust and intimacy and the vid captured beautifully and moving and captivating
-i did get the sense they were actively looking for the connection
-it was definitely a recruiter shift for me, i resisted show, it hit my competency kink, collaborating skill sets, that is the definition of sexy and then it became literally sexy, it was for me, the moments they exchanged skills to fight crime or somebody bad, beautiful it was the vid of the con for me

Odds Are
-another source i dont know, i thought it was cute, found family feeling again, connecting across, interesting i fell in love by the end of the song, didnt come through last night but then it went through later
-the vid doesnt quite do it, its like a firefly vid with animation, millennium falcon doing this, hanging out on a spaceship for me, without faces i needed faster cut, like a hug, something so static in animation
-i love that vid is 100% a recruiter vid, theres a chance you wont fall in love by end of song is meta for us, i love recruiter vids, trend this year, heres a list of shows i have to watch and thats going to be one of them
-theres many capslocks about this vid, no you dont understand, i have to hug everyone in this vid, why is everyone in my life, ive never seen it before and now i want to see it
-i have never seen/heard this show, i am a person who has many star wars feels, it hit me in a specific place, the star wars button place, one thing i do think it pushes that button, the lingering shots on the setting and the ships drove it home for me in a very specific way, its making me have a lot of feelings
-this is a show i watch with my five year old, very surreal, great found family, one of my biggest buttons, vid took the found family aspect and i cant wait to take it home and show it to my kid

I Lived
-im going to try to keep my feels under control, it was speaking back to a fandom, their story is so inherently tragic, steve exists without her, thats not the full story, they both live a full life after that, i love the take of both of their stories and how it worked out
-i want to talk about construction of vidshow, that was a brilliant place to end the vidshow, it was hard and painful and sad but it was okay, it was a beautiful one two to end the first half
-i want to draw sparkly vids around this vid so well, she inspired him, he inspired her, but they both had full lives around each other
-i really loved this vid, one thing stood out to me that i wish was different, the part where it talks to them living full lives goes to them fighting, i wanted more of them connecting with the people in their lives after there...i like watching steve and peggy but it didnt feel like they lived full lives versus fighting a lot
-i see what youre saying, for me what was so amazing was the parallel, we dont get to see the down moments what the fanfic is amazing for, it reminds me of tumblr text post they get along like a house on fire, theyre forces of nature, the vid made me cry so much but its not sad
-im a banal thinker, i knew they were going to do the song, i was so moved by the vid, i stupidly based on the song structure, a block of steve and a block of peggy and then them together, itll be like kyrptonite, you use the word intertwined, it was two vids braided, its so much better, the parallelism, i could not have pulled it off, i could tie with a bow
-i love the way the vid made peggy as much as a hero as steve, gives heroes arc like steve

Follow the Leader
-RECRUITER VID, thats all i got
-CATS, fandom is cats, dancing cats
-you know when youre watching something, maybe this is going to get old, no, it got better and better and better
-i want a cat
-with that cats chasing laser clip, if i had made this vid, i would have blown my load with the dancing cat paws, comes in towards the end, you think youve seen everything, you will love them more, you know we're spastically induced
-masterclass in cutting, the editing work is doing all the work in bringing it along, who made a version of highlander starring cats, two things they like, i was shipping the cats, duncan and amanda, all highlander musical, then she made it for melina and i was like yes, vids taste will out, vidders like what they like across multiple fandoms, there is duncan and amanda dancing, was dying back there, i never thought of duncan like that, cant unsee, omg its killa, if you injected it it would be killa dna
-i like the music choice, it became obvious over time, what her voice sounds like with fake spanish characters they are

The Miracle
-i have had the f&f series recced to me and ill get to it, the love of it and fast cars, then family they love each other,
-i also have not seen it, they all love each other and cars and then...
-at end of movie, they have flashbacks of first film, this vid was 3 minute feeling of what i had of what i liked in the beginning, their love for each other, the love for their cars, i really enjoyed this
-i have absolutely zero cares about fast cars, its not quite a recruiter vid, i dont feel need to get into the fandom, i really enjoyed watching it, i really like this vid because its about a source i didnt care about, then it started and i was like oh this is so pretty, i thought it was edited really well, it pulled in someone who its not their thing at all
-the love for their cars, love for each other, vidder loves it every second, yes we do love the source and these characters, this is really brilliant but i dont care about it because i dont love them and i dont know if you do know, watch me loving it, i was just sitting there just watching her loving each other and the cars, love everywhere

-ohhhhhh, my first reaction to this vid wasnt a word, OMG, i love this so much, this was amazing, this takes that, up to 11, up to 1100, thank you for making this (i was sitting in front of you and you went whaaaat)
-i love the clip choices, what he put in and what he didnt put in, very concise and very strategic, many options
-thank you for telling me what all of these gifsets on tumblr, greatest example in show of how to build, and theres more
-i thought i knew what the source was and im completely wrong, i was caught up in this tidal wave and riveted
-this vid stalled me in s1 and this vid was so much more intense and i need to keep watching
-same reaction reaction, i saw s1, its going to be like bsg again, maybe not
-its not going to be bsg because not all the women will die
-im so excited people will watch, it gets better i swear, interesting how the vid approaches the show, easy to show the grimdark, the escalation is the entire show, bad consequences actually happen, you wont get saved, another bad choice, the buildup, their hinting of heroes doing terrible thing, steve doesnt have to do the terrible thing, bucky would die in 100, the show is not actually grimdark, there are positive aspects to humans and theyre trying to do the right thing as opposed to selfish motivations, i thought it was great the vid went for optimism versus going for dark show with lots of terrible things happening
-i love this show with my whole body, when the call came i was strapping on my armor, i do not feel it optimistically, we are the ones that build this town, we're destroying this world again
-i love this vid, viild too much is not enough, more and more, vidder is taking immense personal risk of emotion is too big for mundanes, whatever that emotion that fandom can take you there and go bigger, you were naked in the rain with the arms out, sometimes we get cautious esp proud with our art, be less cautious, more explosions

-peggy carter is a boss, that is all
-not knowing the source, from the peggy carter vid ive already seen it uses different clips, lots of fight scenes that were very intense, made use of fight clips i had not seen before
-gives you frustration, video cuts between her being effective and her having to deal with being a secretary, even in the present with her job, so effective and so annoyed and at the end she gets to be effective for a bit
-similar thing, i love seeing the faces of the men, they express so much dismissal and frustration and to have that juxtaposed about how competent she is, you see time moving, you see her in the war, then men are patronizing to them all the time

My Library
-vidders like what they like, its a doctor who vid!, i loved it
-i remember seeing previews, are they kidding they looked ridiculous, theyre taking it so seriously and we eyerolled, vid made it look so charming, i would know it for cast vid because its adorable
-not we like what we like, doctor who, reshape it, argue by analogy, the doctors and companions and wonder you will like this, i thought about giles in buffy, libraries are the best you guys
-captured the feeling of the show, end of season, we can probably save the world but we need list, the thing is, we have laundry list, this is not a super serious, we found this and ancient prophecy, vid accurately covered how ridiculous show is

Who Will Still Care?
-vidders like what they like, the theme of part 2
-if someone told me wild wild west to mm bop out of their minds but it worked so beautifully, they pulled it out of source material, i cant believe im enjoying it so much
-i loved the meta level on which this works, pulling out the lyrics, who will still care, besides mmbop, who else will care about this old fandom and footage, wild wild west lasted forever from black and white to shiny very vivd colors to movies when they were older, this show was one of the many shows of my childhood, fannish meta commentary, well i did for the length of this vid jesus, thank you
-i think it did a pretty good job of modernizing the way the old shows were filmed by the use of effects, oh boy i sure hope the first minute wasnt entirely this, but it calmed down but the screen in thirds and moving on beat, it made it accessible for today, arent they going to cut or do something and it activated it
-the effects were clever way of dealing with disparate source, it rooted in mid 60s, bubblegum feel, brady brunch and partridge family feeling, relevant to now but historicalize among, tactic the footage gives you

Reach Out
-i love the source too much but the song didnt work for me, it was too fixed in a different aesthetic, that clip showed ill be there and you cant say i and be on fred because the next clip is on baymax, i wanted to love it but i couldnt
-no idea what the source is, put off by the white thing, i liked this vid, i was charmed by it, gave me found family, looks cheerful and uplifting
-i agree and disagree, the 70s could have worked, ill be there very quickly, suffered from there and then lots of people are there, hug lasts, i could see a song to the aesthetic but needed to break up the solid hug but if you need it this is a good vid for you

-i was x for reasons, when that pic of kal penn showed up, i went oh shiiit, i wasnt quite ok, the vid was so obviously leading to that moment but it still hit me in the stomach, im not very familiar with house, i should have known better and it was brilliant i didnt
-i thought this was fantastic and impactful, i love how we can count on brad to have vids have well balanced emotion that you care about, i was caring, disturbing stuff and visually interesting and it really went somewhere, all of those elements combined made it very satisfying, i look forward to going back, i thought it was great
-i used to be super into house, s5 was when i fell out of it, it was a beautiful fever dream, want to see it again
-i watched house, i was going no no no, yes, yes yes, i dont buy it, house being sad and then it flipped, it really committed, after i got converted, that was great i was 100% sure, hes having this problem, amber if you knew it, it was brilliantly done, it was flipped, back off the ledge and then he ended off the ledge, everyones on the edge of death and suicide at every moment, i didnt know how anyone could make sense of it unless you knew, it got me hard
-i had opposite reaction, i didnt understand it at all, i understand it at first and then didnt get it, required more context than vid could add to it, didnt play out the way i thought it would happen and then i struggled to catch up
-i felt watching this vid, being able to fully read this vid and deeper reward for getting through season 5
-one of the things made me stop watching house, so little support and care when bad things are happening, this vid highlighted what was there

-its very very pretty, i love the long shots, almost wish it didnt have the faces, its a large vid, then at a certain part i realize, its about hogwarts and its about fandom, many of us have lived through harry potter, an entire generation, its not being there anymore, shot of disney hogwarts, the halls are empty out, everything left is a beautiful memory, hurtful memory, empty halls, universal in orlando, song is so overdetermined, get to you or put you off, for me the song always works, taking a resonant and putting on layer upon layer, what we retain, very nostalgic, it was so personal, all the love, all the feels
-i wont have anything to say if you keep talking, from opening bars i was resistant to song, did not last long, this was the building speaking, i like the fact that it took me there, there was images of the characters moving through the spaces, the way its changed over time, my brain filled in the wizarding world of harry potter, it was moving to take the shared imagination
-wizarding world of HP and...i literally grew up, i expected to get a letter anywhere, im getting older too, i thought this was breathtaking, its not about that at all...
-this is a living room that touches upon, it creates a kind of void, she cries into mirrors, ways to make the screen a mirror, it requires a little more, quite an ambitious vid

-i really appreciated this vid, one of the enjoyment shows happens, boom the hero wins, this is what the hero lives with, his body is torn to shreds, it affects his life, this is what consequences the heroes have, nearly shredded the best friends of his life, its not about action sequences but about his life
-i started to watch because intrigued by the pilot, what does it mean that this guy is blind and has his powers, its all fighting and darkness, this vid showed me theres more to this show, ill finish it now, the question about the betrayal, hes lying to you, stop it, vids often do very well, taking out those character, removing it from the dark
-the end of the vid, music changes, wonderful, different musical sequence, getting back what was mine, last quarter was really well done, doesnt he get beaten down
-i didnt know it was daredevil until he put on the mask, very interesting to me

-made me see what i had not seen, seen the source a lot, never traced natasha's story the way this vid did, see connections of her being a lynchpin of all the different phases, how radically it changed my vision of the source material
-thats how i see the source material with natasha is exciting, i liked the ballet and experimentation
-one of my favorite vids, touched on central location of who am i and what do i want, shield has been using her the same way, shes going through this transformative journey, what do i want, what do i believe
-i saw it as a meta commentary, the erasure of her as action figure, captain america and not natasha, youre a zero but shes really the lynchpin of everything, it was political meta for me
-i had lots of feelings of this vid, who do you want me to be, natasha doesnt have her own movie, always presented her as a character as others want her to be, who does hulk want to be, but when you remove those lyrics that people project on her, she is a strong character, you can track that, vidder put them together, removing the mask and wig, perfectly led you to that conclusion

We Can't Stop
-i watched this, whose fall into football fandom and i could watch day by day, i love watching people falling into fandoms, then my own team showed up and i was gone, at the same time i felt like you dont need to know what sport this is, the love of the vidder shined through loving the sport, it was all about the feels, it had personal resonance, i can imagine it works on levels
-the thing i like about this is about michael jordan, being really good at being really good, 3 minutes of people sliding and being adorable, being puppies and doing dances and being the other German, i fucking hate that team
-there are sports vids that are amazing at competence porn, this is the opposite of that, lovingly, its so cute and making dorky faces, flips on field and aww dumb stupid puppies
-im not german but scottish, i used to hate football like you, hate american football, look through gaze of feminine goals, i didnt think it was cute and celebratory, it was a lovely reinterpretation for somthing i didnt have good interpretation of it

In Depth Vid Review
Mod: [personal profile] killabeez and [personal profile] shrift

Cut Like A Buffalo
-my response was cookie for president, cookie for life
-its a smash hit in the public but its not a smash hit in fandom, so happy to have a vid in premieres, you dont need to know the show to get the story, would like to know from people who havent seen the show
-shes fucking awesome
-i didnt know the show at all, the metaphor cut like a buffalo, it has so much meaning, i was expecting her
-cut like a buffalo, youre so tough and thick skinned youre so hard to hurt, closing image shes vulnerable, like a buffalo she can be hurt, she does stand tall as a tower
-im inarticulate with love for this vid right now but i will try, let me start with structure, i love how it systematically works through her relationship with people who work on the show, she brings out the best of other people, all the shots with multiple people, with husband, her son, her artist, when they cant get their shit together, she shows up, calls them on their shit, enables them to do good work again, shes not just some generic strong female character, she has a specific skillset, i enormously respect, incredibly satisfying for me, tapped into something very specific about the character
-the single juxtaposition of her leaving prison perfectly made up, that transformation is so extreme, she has remade herself from 0 to 100, shes a performer
-the editing is never the same, theres only one place the vidder cuts 1,2,3,4, now shit gets real, effects are not frequently used, some effects only used once, this woman is unpredictable, she can also be charming and sweet and sexy and that all comes out
-some things that were clear to me, only some points we are watching at least two scenes relating to the same two things, never the same moment of time, it seems to go to a particular effect
-whatever makes you happy, it shows you happy signing contracts, signing your own death warrant
-going to sign a contract to the fingerprinting, different ways of making your mark on the world, fingerprint, you choose where to put that, you can actively alter that
-literal interpretation we dont always like to do, the choking signals illness in a really clear way, if you dont know hes dying, that i thought was great, her being in prison, her being a producer, that literal choice was great
-the choking wasnt just his illness, also about his lies, hes been lying about himself and who he is, cookie can read him like a book, she calls him on his shit because she knows him well, hes choking figuratively, cant write music without her
-fingerprint brought up, a number of shots of cookie's nails, on back, when she stops the door from closing, in conjunction of her body, how she dresses, especially prison shots looking pretty rough to looking like a million bucks, looks like a woman, uses her femininity as a armor but she can be aggressive about it, the vid uses the images on the show, the ability for her to walk in the room and own it because of the way she looks and walks
-all the sepia tone ones were manipulated are all linked to the past, often of her controlling the chaos going on at home, idk what comes next, she says different beat and move it around, shes handling everything
-flashbacks of her taking the fall for lucious, she is presented with snitching choice, i dont know if she taking the fall comes through but its part of the story, the reason she looks like a million bucks, she spent so much time in prison wasting her life for a man and coming out great is a revenge
-hip hop empire on the show, usually hip hop and r&b, song choice makes it more accessible to people who dont know show
-lyrics between cut like a buffalo, also i cut, this is a vid about showing all the aspects of an amazing character, gives you a lot of room to play
-cut a record, cut someone, being cut, my first time through i heard it as ill cut somebody and now i hear, ill cut a record
-the ending shot is really effective, it lingers so long after the music is ending, the music has ended but im still showing it to you, pay attention, yeah and her mask comes off, you see her vulnerability is coming through in contrast to previous, cut like a buffalo, bad ass lady who doesnt take shit from anyone, no she also had vulnerability, effective and comes through
-you see this awkwardness, the performer is rethinking what they just did, it reconceptualizes what they see, it calls back, commanded by someone she loves, terrible and glamorous revenge, showed her being amazing and ruins entire message
-ending tells more than just a boss, shes a human being, she has emotions and feelings, hilariously awful, i like the fact that she is complex, interesting

-in the beginning i appreciated how you dont see her face, you see back of her head, youre her, this is her, youre about to embark on this journey with you, looking over shoulder, follow and go for ride or get the fuck off
-shes looking out over something, the one whose going to assist her, youre going to see the earth first, you see the vulnerability, she makes the choices to get back to earth, shes looking over the city, set up central conflict
-i couldnt stay in my seat, i want to go, i want to go, in the history show, in your eyes, you get that chorus of swept off and i want to go with, i love the song choice for that
-contrast of the first three lines and you are going to assist, sean bean appears at we are at your door, i think the structure of this is amazing, i dont feel like im being told the movie
-ive seen this movie before i saw the movie, after it, i finally understood whats happening, the editing, the action had so much action and spinning and i felt sick but the choices the vidder made and let the action scenes made easy to follow
-theres a lot of resting places for eyes, you get a chance to put that much info on screen and not make me feel rested
-i hadnt noticed that the first time, the resting shots that are held for longer for her face, i have not seen movie, she remains the center of gravity, it brings it back to that, undergoes these transformations, that felt like the right place to pause
-as a fan of the movie, so many things are brought up, celebrating the shiny unicorn of the movie, enjoy the self-indulgence of it, towards the end, a lot of people criticize jupiter, shes not the agent of the movie, jupiter is making the decisions, she tosses the symbol of marriage to ground, she was here for whole thing, shes in the story, it has a meta level for me, look at all the shiny but if you want the discussion you can have that
-im partial to lyrical matches so it says, who wants to wear the..., assist being sung to jupiter, poor jupiter, but then towards the middle end of the film, theres the back of your hand guides you, back of hand controls someone elses actions, but shes starting to use that and people are starting to vouch for her
-could this be love, so often its not oh im looking into your eyes lovingly, this is totally not working, got to rest from all the happy bubblegum feelings
-the music choice, vidder shows who they are, fast electronic that i expected, multiple represented periodic table of elements, i enjoyed that

Comparison of Cut Like a Buffalo vs. Hydrogene editing
-empire has less swoopy swirly ships so less of that
-hydrogenuine has lots of camera starts and then reverses, buffalo does the same thing, showing how you can lose your balance
-both have sections of very high..., summarize a bit of movement and then go back to the action scene whereas in buffalo it has fast cuts but i didnt necessarily understand, cut buffalo shit is going down, some of those thing i didnt understand what was going on, you didnt need them tied together some of the longer shots
-cut like a buffalo doesnt have as much external motion, its working much more with whats going on inside the frame, hand expressions, part of why the quick cutting is so great, gives visual energy, hydrogenuine has a lot more external, is able to show lots of action of swoopy shots, ability to move back and forth which was beautifully braided together
-we talked about club vivid, you picked motion that moves like your body moves to the song

Challenge: Memory
Mod: [personal profile] milly

Knights of Cydonia
-when i saw the movie, my wife said i dont understand why they cut to their mother dying when that happened, he lost that connection there, the memory of that
-the two part intro was amazing at setting up the old life and the new life, made clear what was being reflected on, made it easy to see the memory element
-GotG feels like found family, the vid got that for me, as he reaches out, the memory of his old ones he can find again, he gets a second chance
-his memory of his mother, the loss he had there, the other people who wanted to eat them all the time, when he meets them he find a family and that love makes him reach out and join with others in a way he does not have before

Sour Cherry
-i was very entertained, if you love losers, you try to describe it, it has captain america, i was super entertained that was one of the slides, that thing we always say
-idk the vidders intention, i talked about i cant use a scene so much because its been used so much, my own memory of me supplying them into the vid itself

Big Bright World
-ive never seen luther, little bit of fannish osmosis, my guess was reincarnation jane eyre into serial killer
-its multiple canons
-jane eyre, luther, lone ranger, she connected, out of my mind, it was almost like flash forward with reincarnation
-i dont know if this is right, double layer of alternative layer, i need to watch multiple times, the way in which we take out memories of other films and bring them to new sources and get imprint from other performances
-sometimes you watch the show and its your show and you watch something else but youre that character

Don't Swallow the Cap
-i thought it was interesting, made me think of brad's vid in premieres, took the show and brought it together more than the actual show, theyre all separate and theyre all alone and it brings them all together
-everything i need to know i learned accidentally not because i wanted to (sure), the memory aspects of secrets, some people were remembering things we didnt know about, as the memories came out so everyone would know, epic family feels to get all the hugs
-found family helps you deal with that memory
-for me it was a memory of hey, remember how those cool characters were on the show, yeah theyre gone now

-not sure how well it came across, from fannish osmosis i got the idea from vid, his brothers dead but hes not dead, hes still there, the memory hes holding with him carrying forward is still a person who is living
-i have never actually seen the canon, it seemed like the little brother trying to live up to his big brothers memory in his family's eyes and also his own, im assuming hes evil because hes dressed in black, he found out, oh theres my mother, thats a little awkward
-its a memory because speed racer was available when i was a little child, the flashiness brought that show back
-for me as someone who watched the original, the movie was very much different, it was a contrast because it was flashier and shiner, made me want to watch the movie

Let's Start the Dance
-the memory here, most of other vids are within the characters universe, this is talking about our memory as viewers, i like that take on the theme a lot, i like the energy and dancing a lot, hand colored i liked, it was great
-when you look at pictures, theyre all sour and glum and serious, pictures were very serious, very disconcerting, my cultural memory is from pictures, to see them dancing and laughing, is just tilting on their axis
-also not just remember the director, so many of the characters were women
-early editors were women because the physical cutting was considered feminine like computer programming, that echoed for me
-like mad max was edited by women, important to remember our history

Bad Blood
-this vid made my day, it made me feel so many things and remember how much i love this pairing, blended so many seasons so in seasons 4 and 7 theyre remembering that and still getting back together
-i like the song bad blood, theyre slayers they share blood
-i want to say i dont like the song at all, this vid was just punching me in the feels, the lyric ties were so smart, i love whoever made this
-mashup version, one of my favorite vids ive seen is also a mashup, mashup of Don't Cha/Seether by milly, one of the songs was buffy and one was faith, when it did that same thing i was thinking back to the other vid, it was enough that i got it and i know their story, i got that within the vid
-it was a reference to complicated/never get back together by shati

Memories of the Heart Already Gone
-show of my heart, ive seen it 8 million times, vidder did an excellent job with editing, such a great show to use, memory is such a central core for it, how memories define you and define your actions, what you choose to remember
-it hit the memory theme very well for me, watched it 6-7 times, my memory isnt good
-what i saw for memory theme, its not what you remember but how you remember it, facing those memories and what you have controlling you
-emotional sense of loss, ive seen a few vids to that source, this one i dont care because it hit me

-so cute
-i like how in the beginning it was fun, eating brains, taking on the personalities, got a little darker, darker
-i really liked how we got to see the memory influences her personality, the juxtaposition was really cool
-the vision of the challenge was very unique, it was very interesting
-i liked the song choice, it was MRI, she was in an accident, brain thing was an accident

-what is the game about?
-he controls someone who enters their mind, work out their psychosis in the song, when he puts the goggles on, he goes into peoples brains, he gets a scalp badge for going in peoples brains
-it was very smart how people probably didnt know the source and presented it very beautifully, especially since its 15 years old, please vid more video games
-i didnt know it was a game, 3/4 through the vid i couldnt figure it out, i thought it was amazing so it didnt really matter

Afire Love
-off the top, it was beautiful vid, having been alive and active during that time period, it was like reliving, excellent job from beginning to end and watching it all unfold, it tapped into my ending
-not having been alive, cultural memory, i heard about it, ive seen a lot of stuff, especially people in the community, teeny tiny children in community dont know about this, ive seen stuff online, long posts on tumblr, we cannot forget this, its too important, educating and what it was like being around them, even disconnected from being there, first time a vid got tears out of my eyes, its powerful and so important
-we heard from mom then daughter
-theres aspect of it of forgetting now but also ignoring when it was happening, another aspect of it
-i havent actually seen source but i really appreciate the way the vid was structured, it seemed like it kept skipping in time, there was flashback in vid to happy relationship that you kept seeing, i dont know if the movie was structured with flashbacks, i think it did an excellent job with the theme, seeing the personal memory influence everything that was going on
-also documentary from how to survive a plague
-i thought it was interesting, you didnt see most of their relationship until after he was already sick, you saw it mostly after you knew he was going to get sick, it worked very much
-last month was 20th anniversary of, timely, very grateful
-i felt the fact that it brought together these two source, fictional sources narrate how we remember, its bringing together fictional and documentary, how weve been telling it and shaped it

The Organization and the Assets
-i cant wait to watch it 20 times, i ned to unpack it, wow, that was a lot
-it was a little scary that memory is subjective, truth and memory are not the same thing
-i really like the vid, i didnt like the dollhouse vid, they were ugly that it threw me out of the vid
-this is the only vid i saw this weekend, on youtube, dialogue clips with music underneath, i see a lot of it online, we as a group dont vid in that style, the music is irrelevant, it was all about the dialogue clips
-very often i have trouble latching on because the dialogue is different, its masterfully done, needs to do professional audio editing
-i wouldnt be surprised if person responsible was a writer, impressed with all the clips went together
-i thought it was a really good vid to follow the next, it talked about who was relevant, worked very well following that other vid
-one of the clips i recognized was person of interest, heard song from, because ive heard the source material, it brought me closer to the vid in that aspect
-i know person of interest very well but it didnt say person of interest to me
-memory is adding something
-im not a scientist but my friends are, whatever horrible things i did, i people, i worry about my friends, it was really great
-it was like a inkblot test, everyones getting something very different
-they brought in the head honchos, they brought that moral compass, are memories are so different
-showed a trope in different sources, they kill the asset and move onto the next one

-what i took from it, the single memory of watching his mother die,
-the last shot is very significant, letting go of the hammer is letting go of past to lead him to that throne
-taking him from the memory he was born to...
-the memory here was his past that he has no memory of, he discovers it as an adult, that was very powerful for me, i havent seen most of the source but it was powerful for me
-i really liked the vid started with childhood flashbacks, part of the memory of the vid, memories that have since been poisoned, it started out as that childhood memory that was disproven
-him letting go of his past was the man sitting on the throne, the song is about an eagle soaring, if you let go of the memory he's able to...
-him sitting on the throne is the same lie as his childhood

I'll Never Break Your Heart
-this is merlin's ex boyfriend, hey you remember me, im still hot, see you
-in terms of more meta fandom style of memory, this vid reminds me of the genre of early merlin vids, some of the first vids i ever saw were really over the top shipper vids, very similar music like this, reminded me of that subgenre of vidding, the whole show went away from that fun, over the top, romping and then the show crashed and burned
-there was a lot of glee over the slash in merlin at first
-main thing i remember about merlin and arthur, this is a contrasting memory of the show
-this kind of vid is how i got my start vidding, this is a delightful after sobbing through most of it
-i was expecting it to show unicorns at the end of the vid, reminds me of possession pairing where the other half of the pairing doesnt show up, arthurs absence was very careful from the vidder, forget about that guy and his memory and date me

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