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Dear Festividder

Dear Festividder,

Thank you so much for making me a vid! I am so excited to see what you come up with and I'm sure it'll be amazing. I love all kinds of music so follow your heart and what suits the vid for you. If you're looking for any guidelines, I tend to prefer indie pop, indie rock, hip hop, mashups, top 40, instrumentals, any kind of music that's emotional or that includes dynamic instrumentation. I love all kinds of vids, character studies, feels vids, shipper, meta, experimental, effects-y vids, dance-y vids, fast or slow, dark, angsty or happy. I am less into vids with dialogue within the vid but if you have a great idea for it, go for it (Uprooted is one where adding words from the book could be interesting)! Any rating or content is fine with me. If you need to use limited (not including Uprooted obviously) external source for your vid idea, I'm totally cool with that. I love Festivids so please enjoy yourself, I'm sure I'll love whatever you make!

Billy & Billie [TV]

I would most love a Billy/Billie vid but a character vid of either of them would also be wonderful! My favorite episodes are 4 and 10 and I love the shared history aspect of their relationship. I'm less into their work lives (and work friends although I do love Billie & Drew) except for the Billy/Billie scenes that involve them. Feel free to make something happy and shippy or dark and angsty or both!

Ghostbusters (2016) [Movie]

HOLTZMANN HOLTZMANN HOLTZMANN! She is everything and I am completely, hopelessly in love with her. Holtzmann has the most amazing visual energy onscreen and she is just made for vidding and I would love a vid of her that I could watch over and over again that captures her mad scientist ways and dynamic presence and oh yeah, THE GAAAAY. Speaking of, I am all for Holtzmann/Everyone (no men obviously) so give me all your Holtzmann/Patty, Holtzmann/Erin, Holtzmann/Abbey and any OT3/OT4 vids and I will be allll over that. I would also love to see an ensemble vid with the Ghostbusters being awesome and science-y and taking down ghosts. I'm super not into Kevin or any of the guys in the movie, it's all about the women for me so please focus on them. But basically, as long as Holtzmann is included in the vid in some way, I will be happy :)

Halt and Catch Fire [TV]

I would absolutely LOVE a character vid of Cameron who is the cool genius programmer of my dreams. Anything focusing on her being awesome with computers and/or handling her emotions and dealing with other people would be amazing. I also love Donna especially her rise to do her own thing in S2 and would love a vid focusing on that. A Cameron/Donna vid (platonic or romantic) would also be incredible as it's my favorite relationship on the show. I have a serious thing for Lee Pace and love how he infuses Joe with charisma and captures his desire to make a visionary product while struggling with his own demons. I do enjoy the Joe/Cameron relationship as well (Cameron/Tom is cute too) but don't like Joe/Sara so less of that. I hate Gordon (he's the woooorst) and would prefer to only include him as much as necessary in an ensemble vid or vid focusing on one of the other characters. I would love to see an ensemble vid about the work involved to create the Giant in a S1 vid or the struggles of creating Mutiny in S2. I'm not a fan of Joe and Gordon's plot in S2 (except for the Mutiny stuff) so would prefer less focus on that. I haven't seen S3 yet but I will by the time Festivids goes live so feel free to use that season if you'd like. A vid celebrating computers and their possibilities would also be awesome!

Hamilton (Broadway Musical) [Audio, Performance]

I still am in love with this musical and I think there's still lots of potential things to vid that would be amazing to see. I LOVE Hamilton so anything about his relentless drive and ambition to overcome obstacles and opposing views to leave his legacy would be incredible. I'd love character vids for Burr (WAIT FOR IT! feeels), Washington (HERE COMES THE GENERAL! honor feels), Angelica (so badass!), Laurens (idealist <3), Jefferson (so flawed but I can't help but love him and his intellect) and would also love to see a friendship vid for Hamilton, Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette (+Burr?). I'm a big multishipper for this musical so you could make me super happy if you wanted to vid Hamilton/Laurens, Hamilton/Washington, Hamilton/Angelica, Hamilton/Burr, Hamilton/Lafayette, Washington/Lafayette, Hamilton/Jefferson(/Madison), Hamilton/Laurens/Eliza, Hamilton/Angelica/Eliza, Hamilton/Laurens/Lafayette and Hamilton/Washington/Lafayette (platonic or romantic is awesome for all of these!). I'd love an ensemble vid focusing on the REVOLUTION or on the politics of starting the country. Feel free to use external source, historical quotes/references/documents or anything else you might need to make a vid for the musical. Oh and I'm open to using any kind of music including the Hamilton cast recording, hip hop, any other musical or anything else you might want to use, don't limit yourself :)

Just Jillian [TV]

So I've been in love with Jillian Michaels since 2008 and I've listened to her podcast since then so when I heard she was doing a reality show about her real life that I've heard such amazing stories about, I was ecstatic. I absolutely loved the show and how it showed how hilarious, badass, sweet, awesome and gaaaay she is. I would really love a vid that focused on Jillian's life and highlighting her personality and overcoming the obstacles that come up for her. I think Jillian/Heidi are super cute and while I'd prefer the vid not focus exclusively on Jillian and her kids, her interactions with them are great as well so feel free to include them. A vid focusing on how hot Jillian is would make me super happy too so that would be amazing. It would also be fun to see a vid celebrating Jillian and any/all of her friendships (including Janice!). It's fine to use external footage if needed but please keep it focused on Jillian herself.


First of all, I am a HUGE Rachel/Quinn shipper so if you want to vid them (romantic or platonic), you'll make me super happy. I love everything about their relationship from the mentor/mentee aspect, the fucked up toxic aspect, the fun happy aspect and the mother-daughter aspect. That being said, I'm a huge fan of both Rachel and Quinn as characters and a character vid exploring their issues would be incredible. Another of my favorite characters is Jay and characters that I don't like are Chet and Jeremy so please avoid them. I prefer the S1 storyline to the S2 one quality wise but feel free to focus on either and go as meta as you like. Any kind of ensemble vid would be great!

Uprooted [Book]

The magic in this book touched me deeply and I would be so honored to receive any kind of vid for it. I would LOVE a vid about Agnieszka's magic and how it's connected to nature and the power that she gets from it. I ship Agnieszka/Kasia SO MUCH and would absolutely love to see a vid about them and the deep connection they share. I also love the complementary magic of Agnieszka and Sarkan's magic and how it becomes more powerful when they join it together so I would love a vid focused on that. Plus I ship Agnieszka/Sarkan too and I am completely for the OT3 so vids for either would be great. I would really love to see any vid exploring the themes and storyline of the book and I am excited to see what a vidder could come up with for this!

The Wire [TV]

I love this show completely but if you're looking for what I'd particularly love vids for, here are some suggestions: Randy, Stringer/Avon, Stringer/McNulty, Kima, Wallace, McNulty, Prez (particularly S4), McNulty/Kima (platonic), Snoop, Dukie, Michael, Omar/Brandon, Carter&Randy or Lester. I'd also love to see vids focused on Baltimore as a city (I LOVE cities) and I would die for a vid that's very meta about the show itself. This fandom needs ALL the vids so please, I'll take anything.

Thank you so much Festividder!

P.S. If all else fails, as is true in many things in life, go for the gay ;)

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