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End of Year Vidding Meme 2016

I'm lazy so here: My Vids.

Alive (Pitch Perfect)
Headphones (Pitch Perfect)
Shine (Years & Years)
Blow (Gone Girl)
Ready or Not (Hamilton)

Sparks (Blue Neighbourhood)
ILYSB (Hamilton RPF)

Goin' Down For Real (Multi)
Suffer (Person of Interest)
Delilah (Person of Interest)

Total Vids: 10

My favorite video this year (of my own)
Goin' Down For Real because while it took a lot of time, it made me really happy to see so many canon femslash pairings in a year that was terrible for us femslashers. I love watching it and it's just really sexy and gay which are two of my favorite things. I was really happy with how it turned out which is always important to me and I had a great time dancing to it at Club Vivid.

My least favourite video this year
I truly like all of my vids this year. If forced maybe Ready or Not just because I had limited time to make it and I wish I had more time to make a real Hamilton vid. BUT I REALLY LOVE HAMILTON and I enjoyed making the vid a lot so I truly love that vid too.

Most successful video
Most of my vids were successful as far as I am concerned but in terms of comments, Alive and Goin' Down For Real (the latter esp for online viewership).

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion
I was happy with the reception for all of them but I think Suffer deserves a little more love because daaamn they are too hot together and it's one of my favorite of my own vids to rewatch it all together in that vid.

Most fun video
This is hard because the process of making Headphones, Ready or Not, ILYSB, Goin' Down For Real and Suffer were all fun to make in many ways. But I guess in terms of fun overall...ILYSB. I had deadline stress but I was so in love with these two boyfriends that it didn't even matter and it's just a cute, shippy little vid.

Video with single sexiest moment
HOW TO CHOOSE???? Like almost all of Goin' Down For Real (esp the last third) and most of Suffer too. But the one moment I think of is the last clip in Suffer where Root runs her hand down Shaw's back cause DAMN that just gets to me. So I'm going to go with that.

Biggest vid fail
As usual, rushing to make vids to deadlines is a problem as it's hard to make the vids live up to my own standards but nothing major in terms of vids this year. I suppose I had an audio issue with Suffer at Vividcon but I fixed it for the online version so *shrugs*.

Hardest video to make
Goin' Down For Real because it was my first multi vid and it took FOREVER to find all the sources and get source for them and find femslash scenes from YT videos in the actual source. Plus I struggled trying to make it sexy and look good and all fit together. But it was worth the effort in the end and it came together like I hoped.

Most unintentionally telling video
Hahaha. This question is a little #tooreal for me this year for reasons I'm not getting into here but I'd say the trio of VVC vids were more personal than I thought and I saw a different layer to Delilah once I made it so let's go with that one.

Things I've learned
Some of it is hard to put into words but the things that stick out is how to make multi vids, getting better at making sexy vids, doing more with motion, dealing with different source sizes, a little progress on cutting fast and less applied but I've learned more about color this year.

Things to work on
I'm always trying to improve my cutting and expressing ideas in vidding the best possible way. I would like to improve my technical skills across the board from learning Premiere/AE better, learning more color with Davinci Resolve (it's FREE and professional color grading software) as well as learning more about compositing and visual design in general. I would like to learn how to clip and edit faster as I have too many ideas and it takes too long to vid and I think I've let inertia carry me along too long in my current process.

Vid projects I definitely want to get finished this upcoming year
My festivids assignment OF COURSE although I'm struggling with motivation with it right now. I'm worried it'll be a one vid (or two with a quick treat) Festivids year because I'm a bit overwhelmed with other non-vidding things right now. I am DETERMINED to finish a multi vid for VVC Premieres this year that's very important and meaningful to me but I am worried about time with it. I hope to have a TGIF/F vid but worry about time as I have another multi vid I want to make for VVC plus at least one CVV vid which I already started.

Resolutions for 2017
As always, try to start vid projects and make more consistent process so I'm not rushed at the end and can get more beta feedback. Habitica (habit app that a bunch of vidders use, lmk if you want a guild invite) has helped a lot with consistency but I need to improve with doing more each day versus all at once. I'm constantly struggling with when to say no to vid ideas in order to focus on the vid ideas I most want to make so I would like to keep trying to focus on my most important vids especially in the first half of this year. As mentioned above, get better technically as well as learn more about film and visual images to work more on how to create the most meaning and beauty from the imagery I work with. I'm trying to learn more about fan studies as I would like to make more vids about fandom in the future and it helps me get a better perspective on vids and fandom as a whole. Also try to be the change I want to see in the world and talk more about vidding as well as encourage others to talk about it. I miss when the vidding community used to post more about vids back in the golden age of LJ (siiigh end of an era now).

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