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Dear Equinox Vidder

Sorry for the delay and thank you so much for making me a vid! I am so excited to see what you come up with and I'm sure it'll be amazing. I love all kinds of music so follow your heart and what suits the vid for you. If you're looking for any guidelines, I tend to prefer indie pop, indie rock, hip hop, top 40, any kind of music that's emotional or that includes dynamic instrumentation. I love all kinds of vids from character studies, feels vids, shipper, meta, effects-y vids, fast or slow, dark, angsty, experimental and everything in between. Any rating or content is fine with me. I love books SO MUCH so if you want to make a vid that consists more of the book vs the adaption, this is definitely the challenge to do so! Please just enjoy yourself (I'm easy!) and make something you love and have fun vidding :D


Request tags: Carol Aird/Therese Belivet, Carol Aird/Abby Gerhard, Carol Aird/Therese Belivet/Abby Gerhard, Carol Aird & Abby Gerhard, Carol Aird, Therese Belivet, Abby Gerhard

I LOVE this movie (and book) and the relationship between Carol and Therese so anything focusing on them and the beautiful visuals of the movie would be great. Also I love both of their relationship with Abby so feel free to add her to the mix! I particularly love the use of color, light and imagery in the movie as well as the characters' journeys. I am super uninterested in the men so please don't focus on them.

Friday Night Lights

Request Tags: Eric Taylor/Tami Taylor, Tami Taylor, Jess Merriweather, Matt Saracen, Eric Taylor, Vince Howard, Tim Riggins

The tags listed are some of the characters and relationships that I'd most love to receive a vid from but feel free to vid literally anything else (besides Landry or the murder subplot, not my faves) because I love this show SO MUCH and would just love to see more vids of any of the people and places and storylines that I adore. For Jess, I'd particularly love to see a vid of her trying to become a high school football coach and the storyline with Tim and Billy particularly affected me. Also I love football and would love to see a vid focused on the team and their journey with my favorite seasons being S1 and S4. Ensemble vids are also wonderful! I would love a vid that makes me cry (it's easy for this show) but I am open to anything you want to make!

Game of Thrones

Request Tags: Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister, Jaqen H'ghar/Arya Stark, Jon Snow & Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister/Margaery Tyrell, Cersei Lannister/Catelyn Stark, Catelyn Stark/Brienne of Tarth, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Daenerys Targaryen, Catelyn Tully Stark, Margaery Tyrell [NEW and added to this letter] Yara Greyjoy (/Ellaria), Ellaria Sand, Olenna Tyrell, Oberyn Martell (/Ellaria), Tyrion Lannister, Jorah Mormont, Tywin Lannister (/Joanna!), Ygritte.

SHOW OF MY HEART! I am more of a book fan than a TV fan so if you would like to vid the books more than the show, please do so :) The listed tags are some of my favorites but this is another show where I would love to see vids for almost any characters (let's try to avoid Ramsey and Joffrey though) and I am open to receiving whatever you would like to vid. That being said, I am less into Sansa (unless part of a femslash pairing) and Jon Snow (unless with Arya or Dany) so avoid them if you can although Sansa as Queen of the North totally gives me feels. The women characters are my favorites and I would love to see an ensemble vid focusing on them or a multi-ship femslash vid (I ship allll the things for femslash). Other ensemble vids are amazing too, I love all the epic visuals (DRAGONS!) and I'm all caught up with the current season so feel free to use those clips.

Orange is the New Black

Request Tags: Marisol "Flaca" Gonzales/Maritza Ramos, Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson/Poussey Washington, Carrie 'Big Boo' Black & Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson & Poussey Washington, Galina "Red" Reznikov/Gloria Mendoza, Miss Rosa Cisneros, Poussey Washington, Sophia Burset, Yvonne "Vee" Parker, Galina "Red" Reznikov, Carrie "Big Boo" Black, Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson, Alex Vause

Again, the listed tags are my favorites if you would like direction on what I would most prefer to receive for this fandom but feel free to vid whatever you most enjoy! That being said, I am most interested in the women on this show so I would strongly prefer no Larry or guards (unless it's ensemble/critique). I would love happy vids for this show as well as sad, dark, meta, critique, experimental, etc vids so please go with whatever compels you. I am all caught up on S5 so feel free to use footage up to that season. I would be happy to receive ensemble or vids that only focus on one season as well.

Sex and the City

Requested Tags (including new): Carrie Bradshaw/Miranda Hobbes, Carrie Bradshaw/Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes/Samantha Jones, Carrie Bradshaw/Miranda Hobbes/Samantha Jones/Charlotte York, Carrie Bradshaw & Miranda Hobbes & Samantha Jones & Charlotte York, Carrie Bradshaw & Miranda Hobbes, Carrie Bradshaw & Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes & Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones, Carrie Bradshaw

I would strongly prefer the vid to be women centric unless you want to do a yay sex vid which would be awesome! My favorite part of the show is the friendships (and femslash) between the women so I would really love to see a vid about them instead of any het ships. It would also be great to see a vid about any (or all) of the women and their careers as that often tends to get lost in all the focus on relationships. All seasons including the movies would be welcome.

True Blood

Requested Tags: Pam Swynford De Beaufort/Tara Thornton, Lafayette Reynolds/Jesus Velasquez, Eric Northman/Lafayette Reynolds, Eric Northman/Pam Swynford De Beaufort, Eric Northman & Pam Swynford De Beaufort, Pam Swynford De Beaufort, Lafayette Reynolds, Godric (True Blood)

If you haven't guessed, Pam and Lafayette are my favorites and I would LOVE to see vids for either of them. Any kind of Pam femslash or gay ships for Lafayette would be great and I have a thing for Godric and would also be open to a Godric/Eric vid. I love the visuals of the show and the metaphor for gay rights so feel free to focus on either of them. PLEASE no Sookie, Eric/Sookie, Bill/Sookie or other Sookie ships (besides Sookie/Pam) as they are very much not my thing.


Requested Tags (including new): Liza Miller/Maggie, Lauren Heller/Maggie, Liza Miller/Kelsey Peters, Liza Miller/Diana Trout, Liza Miller & Maggie, Maggie, Liza Miller

I would love to see a vid for this show focusing on any of the women including an ensemble vid or career focused vid. I ship basically all the women together (above tags are my faves) but am not opposed to the guys particularly Charles.


I would love a vid about magic (and magical worlds/animals) and how it brings hope, power, beauty and happiness into our lives. I particularly love magical effects (colorful particles and so on) and mythical animals like dragons, unicorns and griffins (including hippogriffs!). Some possible sources to include: Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Wizard of Oz, Game of Thrones, Mary Poppins, Legend of the Seeker, The Witches, Practical Magic, Animorphs, The Vampire Diaries, The Magicians, Shadowhunters, Bridge to Terabithia, Inkheart, Stardust and many more.

I would also be interested in seeing a multi-fandom vid of your favorite childhood (and/or adult) book sources! Books have touched my life beyond words and I am always interested in seeing what books have affected other people and why. I think receiving a multi-fandom vid including moments from books that have stayed with you over the years, made you feel, made you think and have personal meaning for you would be absolutely wonderful to get so feel free to go in any direction you would like with this.

Another idea is just to make a multi-fandom vid about how amazing books are and why you love them :)