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Vividcon 2017 Con Report

I'm back from Vividcon 2017 and I had a wonderful time! I was worried earlier in the year that this VVC would be really sad but thankfully I'm in a great mental state right now where pre-con I've been feeling super happy each day and that carried into the con where I tried to enjoy every moment of the con and savor all the good memories instead of being disappointed when things didn't go my way. It really helped make the con extra awesome and I had a great time getting to connect to my friends, watch vids, talk about vids and have a lot of fun.

I tried remembering everything as best I can but if I made any mistakes, feel free to correct me!

This year I took an earlier flight out at 10am than I usually do and I was so glad I did. I left a bit late but had an easy travel journey as I had a short flight from New York and arrived safely and easily in O'Hare as I finished catching up with Hannibal and made my way through Sense8. In the hotel shuttle, I talked with [personal profile] isweedan and [personal profile] beck_liz and when I arrived at the hotel, I hung out with [personal profile] elipie, [personal profile] trelkez, [personal profile] jarrow, [personal profile] joyo, [personal profile] rhoboat, [personal profile] jetpack_monkey, [ profile] war_kitten, [personal profile] platinumvampyr, [personal profile] bessyboo, [personal profile] isweedan, [personal profile] kiki_miserychic and more I'm forgetting in the lobby area. I walked to the grocery store down the street with [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl and [personal profile] ohvienna and met up with [personal profile] kiki_miserychic and [personal profile] rhoboat there as we bought some food and then saw [personal profile] settiai there who invited us to take the hotel shuttle back with her since it was raining. Due to the rain/thunderstorms, we learned that O'Hare was not letting flights in so I was bummed to find out a lot of VVC attendees were having trouble making it to the hotel. I did briefly get to talk to user [personal profile] mammothluv and [personal profile] beerbad before they went to downtown Chicago as well as getting to briefly talk with user [profile] alibisandwine, [personal profile] ride_4ever, [personal profile] pipsqueaky (with a cool new haircut!) and a few more people I'm forgetting. Then I went with [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl, [personal profile] kiki_miserychic and [personal profile] ohvienna to a tiki bar in Chicago which had opened later than anticipated so we hung out in a music and comic book store until it opened. We had delicious drinks including an amazing banana daiquiri and had fun talking and joking about fandom, vids and real life stuff.

We went back to the hotel in time for registration where I was excited to see the Wonder Woman llama, all the new vids I would soon see and that my premieres vid was closing the show :) I grabbed some pizza and talked a little with [personal profile] absolutedestiny and [personal profile] laurashapiro, the latter who I then had a great conversation with as I caught her up with what was going on with my life. I said hello to a few people, read through my program and then went to the Mystery Vid Party where I said hello to [personal profile] revolutionaryjo, [personal profile] pi and the rest of the people there and got to watch a few vids. Then I went to the Women's Soccer party room where I watched the USA-Japan game with [personal profile] bessyboo, [personal profile] feedingonwind, [personal profile] jarrow and [personal profile] scribe which was a lot of fun especially to see the USA get a couple of goals as well as all the pretty women. Finally I went back down to check into my room and got to talk a little with [personal profile] talitha78 (and wish her happy birthday!) before we went to sleep.

I woke up a bit early on Friday (my brain's been in an early wakeup routine) so I went downstairs to get a resistance workout in, took a shower and then went down to breakfast. I had a great breakfast conversation with [personal profile] butterfly, [personal profile] pi and [personal profile] revolutionaryjo where we talked about our current fandoms, Yuri on Ice and vids. Then I went back up to say hello to people at registration where I got to talk to [personal profile] bradcpu and meet new attendees [personal profile] tafadhali and [ profile] periru3. Next I watched the Welcome to Vividcon vidshow where I was excited to see my first Premieres vid I ever made, The Trouble With Poets even though the vidshow was a bit man heavy so I was happy to see a femslash Shadowhunters vid lead off the Auction vidshows. I had a lot of feelings watching the Due South and McGonagall vids in particular but the whole vidshow was great! After that, I went to the Structure of a Vidshow panel where [personal profile] sweetestdrain and [personal profile] trelkez showed us how they constructed a vidshow including how they create themes within their vid collections and then how they figure out how best to transition to different vids. It did make me more aware of the vidshow structures and the different transitions between them throughout the con which was fascinating although it did make me want to get more data on what makes a good vidshow.

Then I went to Sputino's with user [personal profile] feedingonwind, [personal profile] fiercynn, [personal profile] absternr and [personal profile] scribe where we talked about our current fandoms, vid projects and other things which was a lot of fun. Next I went to the #vidspiration panel from [personal profile] kiki_miserychic which had great use of video clips ;) It was really inspiring to focus less on perfection and more on just getting vids done even if they aren't good (at first). I really enjoyed the OT3 Blues panel from [personal profile] bessyboo which featured lots of great discussion on how to structure OT3 vids with helpful lyric illustrations. Next up was the Go Long panel by [personal profile] sweetestdrain where we had a great conversation about how long vids are able to hold viewer interest. I was planning on watching a couple vids at the vidshow (Another Sunday) and then going to the jazz panel but i was super tired so I decided to take a nap so I could be awake during Premieres. After my nap, I went to the grocery store with [personal profile] bradcpu, [personal profile] milly and [personal profile] elipie where I got a salad and we had a great conversations before we went to finish having dinner with [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl, [personal profile] kiki_miserychic and [personal profile] ohvienna. Next we went to the Premieres line and then grabbed a seat near the front and began to get excited to see all the vids.

I was SO happy with the Premieres vidshow as it was my favorite Premieres show of all time (2008 and 2012 are pretty close too!). All the vids were technically well done but more importantly, I was able to connect emotionally with almost every one and was in an amazing state of pure vid joy throughout the show. It also really helped that there was a higher percentage of vids about women which I REALLY REALLY appreciated. My favorite was Spell, a Carol vid by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl that was one of the most beautiful vids I have ever seen and I felt like I had transcended to another level watching it, it was overwhelmingly meaningful to me. Other favorites were The Tale of the Three Brothers by [personal profile] dar_vidder which was ridiculously beautiful with an amazing end and This is a Trent Reznor Song by [personal profile] rhoboat which blew my mind with its brilliance and use of Closer associations. I also was broken in the middle of the vidshow by Bad Blood (Never Ever) by [personal profile] fiercynn and [personal profile] scribe with the surprise use of Kalicia from The Good Wife clips including the elevator one that I just can't handle. I knew I would cry at my own vid because it's always more intense on the big screen but it definitely hit hard after an emotional vidshow but I was pleased to see I was not the only one and that people seemed to enjoy it. And it's always fun to talk about all the vids to the vidders after the show :)

After Premieres, I hung out in the 2nd floor alcove where I talked with [personal profile] bessyboo, [personal profile] elipie and several other people about the vids in the show among other things. At one point, I talked with [ profile] ro_mm_ck who had come over to the hotel and I briefly went up to the Wonder Woman room party where I caught a little bit of the movie, had a little birthday cake and gave [personal profile] talitha78 a birthday card. Then I hung out with [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl, [personal profile] ohvienna, [personal profile] bradcpu, [personal profile] milly, [personal profile] winterevanesce and [personal profile] elipie talking about the vids and fandom which was a lot of fun. I didn't go to bed too late but did wake up a bit early so I decided to watch some of the Premieres vids again so I could have more to say in Vid Review and because I wanted to rewatch some of them and then I had to quickly eat breakfast in order to make it up on time to Vid Review. There was a lot of great insights at Vid Review (I took notes as I did for all the panels I attended) although as always, I wish we had more time to watch and discuss all the vids. Next, I had lunch with [personal profile] gwyn and [personal profile] talitha78 and we talked about the vids and our lives and it was great to have some time to catch up.

Next I went to the Vidding as Therapy panel led by [personal profile] trelkez in which we watched some vids that vidders had made while working through their issues and it was really interesting to see the different ways that vidders handled that. I've been trying to use vidding as a tool for self-expression and to work through my own issues so it was great to have a panel to reflect that desire. I am really looking forward to trying to do this more in the future! I was happy to see [personal profile] lola after the panel as she finally made it to the con and I was really excited for her poetry panel. Then I went to the Building a Better Beta panel by [personal profile] pi and [personal profile] ghost_lingering in which we had a great discussion about how to get the most out of your beta which inspired me to try to finish my vids earlier so I have time to get more beta feedback. After that, I was really tired, so I went to my room to take a short nap which helped a lot in making me feel better. Finally it was time for the Vidding as Poetry panel and [personal profile] lola had an awesome Prezi presentation with great quotes and the whole discussion sparked a lot of ideas for me. Post panel, I was able to talk a little more with [personal profile] ghost_lingering and [personal profile] thuviaptarth and then with [personal profile] heresluck and [personal profile] lola and before I went to change into my CVV costume, I got a chance to talk to [personal profile] lola more about vids which was amazing.

I pulled myself away so I could go get changed into my Club Vivid outfit which had taken me forever to fully obtain and I still needed to make a few adjustments to it. I worked on that in [personal profile] bessyboo, [ profile] war_kitten and [personal profile] platinumvampyr's room and they were kind enough to help me with some of the makeup and hair parts of the costume. It did end up taking longer than I expected so I barely made it down in time for the Joxer Dance which I just peeked into a couple times so I could scarf down some food and grab a drink before the premiering vids started. It was great to see the One Hour Vid project on the full screen as I had worked on a couple sections and next played my favorite vid of the night which was the amazing 300 vid featuring Lena Headey and Eva Green (*heart eyes*) by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl who along with [personal profile] ohvienna wore highly appropriate awesome costumes. I didn't dance to as many of the non-premiering vids as usual because I was trying to get drinks/water and talk to people but it was really fun to the watch the premiering vids including a fun, happymaking vid to I Ship It by [personal profile] grammarwoman wherein [personal profile] bessyboo and I freaked out about the incesty Wizards of Waverly Palace shippiness. It was a perfect transition to my vid, Weird People and I had great fun seeing it on the big screen after imagining dancing to it for so long.

My costume was the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time who I've been wanting to cosplay for SO long and I was happy to finally get a chance to do. It was a double layer costume with the outside being the bigger dress part of it but after awhile it got too hot to dance in so I took it off and got to dance in the much easier to dance in leather pants and black corset :D People said really nice things about my costume (some couldn't recognize me lol) which thank you to everyone who commented! There were other amazing costumes as well including a couple of Wonder Woman, a Holtzman, Batman and Robin, Yurio and more I'm forgetting. I talked to a few people including [personal profile] morgandawn about places to host vid discussions and had fun dancing to the Ghostbusters vids by [personal profile] bessyboo and [personal profile] heresluck, multifandom Jewish dance vid by [personal profile] seekingferret and the ladies over 50 (awesome concept!!) vid by [personal profile] pi. It was also fun to dance and sing along with [personal profile] jarrow to my GDFR vid and I had a LOT of fun jump dancing to [personal profile] violace's amazing Fury Road vid (so intense). One of the best parts about Club Vivid is singing along to the vids with other people and it's always so fun to do so.

After Club Vivid, I hung outside talking with [personal profile] bradcpu, [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl, [personal profile] beerbad, [personal profile] ohvienna, [personal profile] bessyboo, [personal profile] tafadhali, [ profile] periru3 and others I'm forgetting for awhile. Later I got tired and went back to my room to sleep (although briefly talked with [personal profile] par_avion) and actually got a decent amount and the next morning I went to get breakfast and then hang out with [personal profile] kiki_miserychic and [personal profile] lola discussing the Harry Potter vids and had a great conversation about them. Then I went to the Xena panel (the power! the passion! the panel!) by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl and [personal profile] ohvienna which was a great look at Xena fandom past and present and the different kinds of vids that were made. In the Star Wars panel by [personal profile] milly, we watched a diverse selection of vids and then talked about how we vidded the source and how to use the various media and versions of source. I headed out to Sputino's with [personal profile] bradcpu, [personal profile] elipie and [personal profile] milly and ran into [personal profile] jarrow, [personal profile] beerbad, [personal profile] fiercynn and [personal profile] scribe who were talking about TGIF/F and vidding so I joined the conversation as it was very relevant to my interests. Then I went to In Depth Vid Review where we had a really interesting discussion about the two Harry Potter vids from Premieres (by [personal profile] dar_vidder and [personal profile] bradcpu) and I had a lot of feelings about HP. Then we watched the Challenge vidshow which was beautifully done although a bit too dark for my personal tastes although I loved the Handmaid's Tale, Moana and Carrie Fisher vids. After that I did pre-registeration for next year's Vividcon (best idea!) and talked a little in line with [personal profile] absternr and others. I was bummed that the Pro-Level vids panel was opposite Challenge vid review but stayed and took notes and then talked a bit with [personal profile] lola before Instant Replay began.

I was feeling really tired (I'm on a sleep schedule where I get 5-6 hours of sleep and then nap later to feel okay) so I took a nap and then headed to [personal profile] lola's room where I had a Thai and sushi dinner with [personal profile] hederahelix, [personal profile] bironic, [personal profile] grammarwoman and [personal profile] lola (and later [personal profile] isweedan, [personal profile] pi and [personal profile] bessyboo) and we talked about vids, food, fandom and real life things which was a lot of fun. I did head over to watch some Yuri on Ice vids with [personal profile] kouredios and [personal profile] sanj and talked a bit with [personal profile] kass and [personal profile] heresluck beforehand. After that, I headed over to talk with [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl, [personal profile] bradcpu, [personal profile] kiki_miserychic, [personal profile] beerbad, [personal profile] ohvienna (and later joined by [personal profile] milly and [personal profile] elipie) and we had a fun discussion about vids for next year, fandom and rl stuff. We stayed up late and then we all headed out to bed where I got some sleep before waking up at 7.

I went downstairs to stay goodbye to people and got to talk a bit with [personal profile] lola, [personal profile] destina, [personal profile] morgandawn, [profile] tencel, [personal profile] lovelokest, [personal profile] revolutionaryjo and some other people I'm forgetting. At some point, I took a shower and packed and then went downstairs again to hang out with people before I left. I talked some more with [personal profile] elipie, [personal profile] kiki_miserychic, [personal profile] bradcpu, [personal profile] milly, [personal profile] pipsqueaky, Chris, [personal profile] sweetestdrain and [personal profile] jarrow and gave out some hugs to people before they and/or I left. I ended up taking the same shuttle to the airport as [personal profile] heresluck and we had a nice chat about vidding and various projects we're working on and it was a nice way to end the con. Thankfully I had no flight issues once again and slept through most of my flight. Most importantly, I came back feeling creatively inspired, full of excitement for vidding and ready to put into action all my plans for future vidding projects.

Thank you to everyone who made my Vividcon so special! To me, Vividcon is a beautiful place where vidding is everything just like it is to me and where I can enjoy talking about vidding wherever I go as well and have amazing discussions about the craft. There is nothing that compares to watching premiering vids on the big screen in a crowd of people who *get* and *love* it and it brings an emotional high that is never replicated by watching on a smaller screen alone. I am SO happy to have Vividcon as a part of my life and this year I tried to appreciate each and every moment. I can't wait for next year and I look forward to a year filled with vidding growth as a vidder and as a community. Vividcon <3 Forever!

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