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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2010-11-24 09:47 am

You make me feel like a Teenage Dream.

You know, say what you want about Ryan Murphy but he sure knows how to give a slash fan, or at least this one, what they want. I keep feeling like all my dreams are coming true, like this is all one big dream. And man, it couldn't have come at a better time because this is just what I need in my life right now. This is all from memory as I've got to get some vidding done asap but yeah, I've got some thoughts.

OMG FINN AND KURT!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I seriously could not believe that dance was happening, it was all too much. I was even crying, it's just so beautiful. Kurt FINALLY gets a dance from his crush after all this time. I've hoped for this for so long, thinking it would never happen and while I know there won't be coupledom anytime soon (at least not with Finn...), this was more than I thought would ever happen. It's just total wish fulfillment, that the guy you crushed on for so long on and had given up on anything ever happening would sweep you away and offer to dance with you in front of everyone. It's like a scene from a epic romantic movie.

I admit that lately I've been pretty mean to Finn in a, well forget you, if you don't want to be with Kurt, screw you, he's got other guys (Blaine, Sam) who would happily be with him. But man did he redeem himself in this episode as he has a knack at doing. I was pissed at him not defending Kurt with Karofsky and then he goes and pulls this off not to mention pledging to defend him no matter what. Still hoping he'll actually pull that off in a future episode. But the looks during the dance! JUST like in Teenage Dream, two boys singing a love song to Kurt in only a few weeks, how is this possible? And he reached down and took Kurt's hand!!! *melts* I still can't get over how cute they were dancing together and how dreamy Finn was doing it and god I reeeally love them. After so much time shipping them together, this was just the best payoff.

I also loved Burt and Carol getting married! A little fast but it's a TV show, I'll go with it. They are so very cute and perfect for each other. I love Burt and Finn getting dance lessons, the cute little song at the wedding (if a bit cheesy but thank god it wasn't just Finn and Rachel). Will had just the right amount of screentime, I am happy to relegate him to just doing sexy song and dance numbers along with helping out the Glee Club kids at the moment. Little quibble would be at first trying to make Just the Way You Are some kind of het piece but I did love the little bit of Mercedes and Rachel dancing together in there. I feel like the Sue wedding was awesome in a, love who you are sense even if you can't find anyone although it did feel not quite as good as it could have been. It was just kind of overshadowed by crush dancing love. Also loved Carole Burnett as Sue's mom, such perfect casting and I loved her being a Nazi Hunter and them dealing with Sue's issues with her.

Holy shit with the Karofsky plot! It definitely has that aspect of terror to it but god help me, I still see a ton of sexual tension there. LOVED Burt defending Kurt, sooo wanted to see him beat up Karofsky there however wrong it may be. I love how Kurt keeps the secret even if it's out of fear, outing people unless you absolutely have to is never a good thing. Sue defending Kurt and expelling him was amazing! Yeah she's a bully to but she does have her limits and threatening to kill people is one of them. Still can't believe Kurt is going to transfer but I thought it was a really sweet gesture of Burt and Carol to do for him not to mention the Glee Club (including Puck! hee) wanting him to stay and help protect him. Love the Jesse parallel and most of all, MORE BLAINE TIME YAY! So yeah, loved the episode and loved the Kurt and Kurt/Finn stuff and I'm dying for next week!

Oh and on a personal note, this episode finally was the kick in the pants I needed to stop dreaming of love and start trying to find it myself. Because I'm beautiful how I look right now and I'm sure I'll find someone out there for me and if not, well at least I love myself :)

I still intend to post a Darren post, last week was just crazy with moving and work. On the good side, I now live a block from the beach in Manhattan Beach which is amaaazing. Everytime I see the ocean, it puts a smile on my face. It's been kind of up and down lately as work has been pretty boring and frustrating as most of the major learning process is over and I feel like I know most of the stuff I have to do without much hope of switching jobs within the company in the near future. But I'm trying to make the best of it. Also been struggling with making progress on my goals, it's just slow going for all of them and I'm afraid I'll never get the life I want at least not soon and I hate feeling like my life is stagnant. But I'm continuing to work on them and just trying to find ways of dealing that work for me. On Thanksgiving I'm going to to Malibu to eat Thanksgiving dinner with my roommate (whose really nice) and her friends so I'm excited for that as I've never gone to Malibu before and always wanted to. I also finally get paid then which should help a lot with my state of mind as worrying about money is never fun. It's just funny how I can feel hopeless about my life one moment and really happy the next. Trying to stay grateful for everything I have as it's not like I'd have anything better in NY (with snow ewww) and I really do live in a great place right now.

On a TV catchup note, I'm watching Weeds and My So-Called Life right now and I love both of them! They're so addicting but I love the characters on both and it's great seeing what happens to all of them.