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So today was my 24th birthday and it's been amazing. [profile] runlilirun has been staying with me this week and we've been exploring LA together and it's been a whole lotta fun. Today I went to Knott's Berry Farm (after a free birthday breakfast) and had a blast going on the roller coasters there as well as seeing the sights. A few of the coasters made me a bit queasy but we found a great one: Xcelerator. SO AWESOME. Since there were few lines (and the one I really wanted to go on, Ghostrider was closed) we had time to wait in line for the front for the second time and it was even better. HUGE drop very close to straight down and very fast the entire time. Other roller coasters should take lessons. I will have to go there again to get two of the roller coasters I missed.

Then we headed off to Manhattan Beach to explore my old stomping grounds. We went to the pier at Manhattan Beach and played in the shallow end of the water a bit (it was too cold for anything else) and then just talked a lot which was fun. We then went to a mexican restaurant nearby, drank an AMAZING fruity drink and ate way too much delicious food. I was also embarrassingly serenaded with a happy birthday song-but I got free ice cream so it was okay with me. Next we went to my old job and I talked with some co-workers there. I also ran into two of my old managers and I got a chance to catch up with them which was a nice coincidence. And then we went back home to open presents :) About to finish off the day with some internet and TV which as all of us in fandom know, is always the best way to finish off a great day.

Every day I get older now still feels weird. I still can't believe I'm twenty four, I still feel like I'm younger and I'm kind of scared of getting older not in an aging way but in a, I'm not doing enough with my life way. One of the problems with being ambitious I guess. Still, I am very thankful to be an adult, living on my own and finally working on finishing this degree. I got accepted to Cal State LA so I'm going to transfer there in the spring and I have a new apartment five minutes from downtown so I'm loving getting to live here. I feel like I'm in a good place in my life, surrounded by good friends (with hopefully some new ones coming), interesting books, great hopes, great opportunities, good health and my favorite place in the world. I feel like things are finally working out for me and I'm in a great place to finally take advantage of it and work to make my dreams come true. Here's to 24 being an amazingly productive, happy and meaningful year!

(And yes, I have a much bigger fannish post coming not to mention expanded RL highlights)

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