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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2012-12-31 10:11 am

End of the Year Fandom Meme

I'm back in Los Angeles!!! This was not the best holidays for me in NY with having to work and totally failing and feeling guilty AND having the Festivids deadline creeping closer and having a shitload of clipping and vidding to do and failing pretty bad at it. Add in a failed external hard drive and cancelled New Hampshire/cousins trip and I was not in the greatest moods and slept a lot and felt kind of depressed. But I had FIVE CATS and I spent a loooot of time with them (you can't talk to cats on the phone sadly) and hung out with my parents and friends so that was fun. It was good to get away at first but I always feel like I morph into a teenager/lazy college student when I go back to my parent's house and combined with the cold, snow and grey, it's a downer. That being said, I'm glad I went as now I have a HUGE renewed love and appreciation for Los Angeles and I'm feeling extra determined to make this the best year ever. Before I go out, here's the annual fannish end of year meme.

What fandoms did you acquire in 2012?

Once Upon a Time, Homeland, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Teen Wolf, The LA Complex, Girls, The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, One Direction RPF, The Mindy Project, The New Normal, Don't Trust the B, A Song of Ice and Fire, Suits, The IT Crowd (UK), Miranda, Veep, Sugar Rush (unfinished).

What fandoms did you let go of in 2012?

Maybe 2 Broke Girls. Not really my type of humor not to mention all the issues. The slash is so fun though! We'll see. Also not sure if I'm going to keep watching Last Resort since it's cancelled. The Newsroom was too politically frustrating for me although I suppose with Obama elected I might possibly give it another chance. Also I'm on the fence about Nashville, will keep watching to see.

What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2012? Why?

American Horror Story, Seinfeld, Frasier, Up All Night, Twin Peaks, Deadwood. Just not in the mood or not enough time.

What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2013?

The Hour, Legend of the Seeker, Justified, Borgen, Luther, Deadwood, Twin Peaks, Parenthood, American Horror Story, Louie, Portlandia, Wheel of Time books, Political Animals, Boardwalk Empire, Maybe The X-Files finally? Catch up with Shameless, Misfits, Nurse Jackie, Treme, Noah's Arc and Damages.

What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2013 unless things significantly improve?

Well The Office and 30 Rock will be off the air after Spring which is probably for the best although I'm still in the fandom. I'm still not loving The New Normal but I'll keep watching for the gay.

What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?

Parks & Recreation, Once Upon a Time, Glee, Homeland (which is NOT crappy haters), Game of Thrones no matter how much the problems with the adaption bother me, Mad Men, most of my shows really. I love the characters too much.

What show impressed you most in 2012?

Not the greatest year for TV but I'll give it to Homeland. It blew me away in S2 and S1 was magnificant. Carrie is one of my top characters of all time and her relationship with Brody was an amazing mix of trust issues, love and intrigue.

Comedy side, my favorite still was Parks and Recreation. The latter half of P&R wasn't as good as the first half and the Tom/Ann stuff was the WORST but the first half of S5 has been amazing and BIDEN being on made my life. Leslie has gained the throne of my favorite character of all time so I suppose it's only fair.

Also a shoutout to Once Upon a Time for having the best women on a TV show! So many awesome women and female relationships including my favorite OTP ship, Regina/Emma.

What show impressed you least in 2011?

I was disapppointed in my comedies, most did not have a good year. The Mindy Project and The New Normal didn't deliver for me after the Pilots so I was super bummed about Mindy as I LOVE her. Been pretty meh about New Girl and Dont Trust the B lately and of course The Office is not the same show it used to be sadly.

Also the finale of Game of Thrones for fucking up majorly the House of the Undying sequence. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM!

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Once Upon a Time SWAN QUEEN GOODNESS!!! Finally get to see Regina and Emma together again :D NEW ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!! I may die of comedy overload. The second half of Breaking Bad and more Homeland. GAME OF THRONES S3. Not going to be as good as S4 but I need my Jaime/Brienne and a couple epic things we all know are coming...Moviewise looking forward to Catching Fire, Star Trek 2 and The Hobbit 2.