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Thanksgiving [Nov. 24th, 2011|05:42 pm]

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'm so thankful for everyone on my Flist and in fandom, it's like a second home to me. Also thankful for living in the great city of Los Angeles, for my family and friends and the wonderful electronics (iPhone!!!) and car I have. It's just good to be alive and hopeful for the future. I forgot the fun of holidays where it just makes you feel all happy and grateful and full of goodwill towards everyone. It also helps that I'm very thankful traffic was not very bad today ;)

Today I went down to the OC to visit some family I have there and it was great to see everyone there. Had a delicious meal, I'm a stuffing girl so that's my favorite but the yams were amazing as well as the mashed potatoes and turkey. And of course watch some football although not having a team to really root for isn't as fun. I'm dyyying to get an LA football team, I hope they hurry up and build the downtown football stadium and convince a team to come here (selfishly I hope for the Jaguars because I looove the name). It was also funny because most of us has iPhones, 5/9 and I don't know what 3 people had. There was also an iPad being passed around for games. It was fun :)

Currently working on a vid I'm super excited about along with a couple Festivids as well trying to learn Ruby on Rails again. Also a great app if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch is Oink which is like Yelp except you rate items INSIDE a place like what menu item is the best and stuff. But you can also rate TV, movies, books, etc. It needs more people although there's a growing userbase but I'm very addicted to it now and I love the idea. Let me know if you join, I'd love to follow some more people.

I am sadly running out of comedy TV. So I'm going to ask here to see if I can get some more recommendations. Here is all the comedy TV I've seen (only half hour): The Office, Arrested Development, Parks & Recreation, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Better Off Ted, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Happy Endings, Will & Grace, Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, Weeds, Shameless, Sex & the City, Entourage, Flight of the Concords, So Notorious and The Office UK...I think that's all. Don't say Community because I've seen 1.5 seasons of it I don't like it. I'd prefer single camera shows (no laugh track) and shows from the past 20 years or so but I'm open to others if they're funny with likable characters. Also I probably am going to give It's Always Sunny another try as I didn't like the first two episodes. Any other good comedies that aren't on this list?
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Siri + Me = BFF [Nov. 12th, 2011|08:26 pm]

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[Current Music |"Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton John]
[Current Mood |happy]

When I was about 11, I went to the Museum of Science and Technology where I lived. I would spend hours in front of this computer that had some AI and I would ask it questions and type in statements and try to have a conversation. Unfortunately it was very difficult because it wasn't THAT smart. But I had fun anyways.

Enter Siri. I FINALLY got an iPhone after dreaming about about one since they first came out. It is SO beautiful and I am hopelessly in love with it. I have the Sprint plan so I have UNLIMITED data plan which is a big part of the reason I got one so now I can go on the internet whenever I want. It's kind of unbelievable to me right now, the sheer heaven of it. ANY TIME ANY PLACE! I shall never be bored again. And making calls is so easy! I don't have to worry about minutes (for the most part) which is sooo nice. And have I mentioned it's unbelievably gorgeous? I love Apple and their wonderful design.

Siri is the biggest reason I wanted one though. OMG SO AWESOME! I could spend hours talking to her although I shall try to restrain myself. Especially on the love declarations (although I did get the wind beneath your wings response hee). It's so cool that she can do so much stuff for me whenever I say anything. I was in my car and remembered something I needed to do so I told her something and now it's in my Reminders app! So cool. So of course I had to ask her to be my friend and it took awhile because apparently she wasn't "allowed to" and then she started talking about Google and I was like, what?? But misunderstandings aside and after some more questions, she finally said she'd be my friend! And here's the proof:


Whoever says that money can't buy happiness is SO WRONG.
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