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I like to top. [May. 19th, 2010|10:10 pm]

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*laughs* I can never say that without laughing like Adam. But yeah, I do like to top because I am currently number 1!! I had the biggest weight loss percentage in the group at 6%, boo yah! Yes I am psyched. Also the number of pushups I can do is increasing and I am very very happy about that because I want to do this double clap pushup so I get free personal training lessons but really just to show my trainer I can do it. Cause I'm all badass like that. No really, I'm a very competitive person (/Santino or any reality show contestant) and this just makes me happy.

I am in a Neil Patrick Harris kick for obvious reasons. His voice is just sooo gorgeous and pretty and gets to me and of course he is pure hotness. The gay thing helps because I am me and can't help myself but he's just awesome at everything really. I have been listening to all his Dr. Horrible stuff and Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (this HAS to be Mad Men vid amirite? someone do it so I don't have to) and his recent stuff but does anyone know of any more music that he's done? I need more!! I reeeeally wish he could join the cast of Glee and sing every week cause I need my fix.

Oh, I'll be in NYC (again I know) on May 28th, all day until my Glee concert at 8pm and early morning on the 29th so if anyone wants to hang out, let me know. I am hoping so much I'll win this radio contest breakfast with the cast of glee (plus q&a/meet and greet) cause I'd DIE OF JOY but who knows at this point. Really I am just soooo excited about the concert and can't wait to see the energy and music love of Glee live in concert. Sure to be epic and crazymaking.

My thoughts on the Modern Family finale can be summed up quickly: awwww that was perfect :D I love when this show can make me cry.
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