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Fannish Cons, yay! [Feb. 26th, 2014|11:56 pm]

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Just a quick note to say, I'm going to Escapade this weekend! I'm so excited to hang out with fannish people again. I should be there Thursday night-Sunday and would love to hang out with anyone else whose going. I have an Adam/Blake vid I'm premiering (OMG THE NEW EPISODES ARE SOOOOO SLASHY!!!) and am looking forward to seeing some of my Bay Area friends as well as some others I know are coming.

Also, is anyone going to Pacificon aka Bitchin' Party? I'm finally going this year! I've always wanted to go to Seattle so that's a big reason I'm going but I look forward to hanging out with more fannish people. I'm looking for roommates if anyone knows people who has room. Also is there anyone who lives in Seattle who wants to do touristy stuff with me? I'm not sure how long I should stay to do that kind of stuff plus explore the city a bit so I'd love to hear any suggestions.

Also just a quick note to say that Adam Lambert on Glee is AMAAAAAZING!!! Ahhh he has helped revive all my feels on the show along with the rest of the NYC plotlines. I ship Kurt/Elliot sooo much (although Kurt/Blaine is always OTP) especially since I've been shipping Adam Lambert/Chris Colfer since S1 and wanted them to be a couple on the show since then. Adam is just so great at the singing and performing on the show and it's made me remember how much I loved him in the past. I need to see a concert by him soon!
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I like to top. [May. 19th, 2010|10:10 pm]

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*laughs* I can never say that without laughing like Adam. But yeah, I do like to top because I am currently number 1!! I had the biggest weight loss percentage in the group at 6%, boo yah! Yes I am psyched. Also the number of pushups I can do is increasing and I am very very happy about that because I want to do this double clap pushup so I get free personal training lessons but really just to show my trainer I can do it. Cause I'm all badass like that. No really, I'm a very competitive person (/Santino or any reality show contestant) and this just makes me happy.

I am in a Neil Patrick Harris kick for obvious reasons. His voice is just sooo gorgeous and pretty and gets to me and of course he is pure hotness. The gay thing helps because I am me and can't help myself but he's just awesome at everything really. I have been listening to all his Dr. Horrible stuff and Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit (this HAS to be Mad Men vid amirite? someone do it so I don't have to) and his recent stuff but does anyone know of any more music that he's done? I need more!! I reeeeally wish he could join the cast of Glee and sing every week cause I need my fix.

Oh, I'll be in NYC (again I know) on May 28th, all day until my Glee concert at 8pm and early morning on the 29th so if anyone wants to hang out, let me know. I am hoping so much I'll win this radio contest breakfast with the cast of glee (plus q&a/meet and greet) cause I'd DIE OF JOY but who knows at this point. Really I am just soooo excited about the concert and can't wait to see the energy and music love of Glee live in concert. Sure to be epic and crazymaking.

My thoughts on the Modern Family finale can be summed up quickly: awwww that was perfect :D I love when this show can make me cry.
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GLEE IS BACK! [Apr. 14th, 2010|01:26 pm]

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OMG GLEE ACTUALLY CAME BACK!!! God I am so in love with this show I don't even know what to do with myself. This show is just so perfect for me because I love all the characters and relationships and my only problem is I want MORE of everyone and 42 minutes is not nearly enough time. Give me webepisodes and music videos! Ah this show ♥ Ashley/Glee OTP FOREVER!!

Spoilers for Glee 114 )

Spoilers for the Glee music video after the episode in case that's a next week spoiler )

Also on the plus side is that Glee got amazing ratings last night!! 5.6 for 18-49 year olds which is amaaaazing (like comparable to House/Greys Anatomy/Big Bang Theory amazing) and around 13 million for overall which is a great improvement. I just hope it continues cause I never want this show to end. I like what Ryan Murphy says, they stay in high school forever! It feels so good again to put all the music in one file on repeat. I missed this happiness so much!

On top of that, Adam Lambert was on American Idol last night (and tonight!!) and he was amaaaaazing! God I had forgotten how pretty he was and how freaking hot he is and damn I wish I had a clone of him for myself. Good to see him try to kick some sense into these contestants (don't be boring!! people listen please) but the best moment was definitely when Ryan said, "My tongue is not nearly as talented as yours" and Adam gave this expression:

Yeah, keep talking about blowjobs, Ryan, keep it gay man heh. I could not stop laughing and freaking out at the epicness of that. We all love Adam's tongue, that's for sure :) Also Matt Morrison/Will laughing the background is awesome crossover fun.

Only one more week til new Glee yay!
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Happy Glee Day! Music and Treme, yay! [Apr. 13th, 2010|06:13 pm]

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HAPPY GLEE DAY EVERYONE! I've been in a great mood all day because MY SHOW IS BACK OMGYAY *trumpets and fanfare (probably from Treme) play* I really can't believe I made it this long without it. Even though I did finally give in and watch the promo, I am still super excited. Man it's been so long since I've had this show to make my nights (and the next day/week) so much more full of joy and squee and love and it's good to get it back. And it IS. On tonight at 9:28 after the American Idol with ADAM LAMBERT as the mentor! The night just keeps getting better and better really.

Other great things on premiere week: TREME. Ooh so nice to get a new David Simon show. Everyone should watch this show and here's why:

1) It's a celebration of music! And the triumph of the human spirit and creation and rebirth in the face of disaster. If you like jazz at all, definitely watch.
2) That disaster in particular would be Hurricane Katrina as the show is set in New Orleans three months after it hit. If you want to see what really happened after Katrina, this is the show to watch because David Simon and Co. are ALL about being realistic.
3) It's about New Orleans! All about the city and what makes it so special. If you've ever wanted to learn more about it, this show will *show* you the real thing.
4) Brilliant writing. This is brought to you by David Simon and other writers who wrote The Wire, objectively the best TV show ever created, and you can be sure they did just as good this time around even if the show is definitely different.
5) Great characters, actors and diversity: The actors that played Bunk and Lester are back on this show (and just as amazing) as well as John Goodman and Steve Zahn. And I am totally loving all the female characters as well like Toni and LaDonna and Janette who are all kinds of kickass. And as always, David Simon & Co. are great at representing the demographics of a real city.

Give it a try! It takes some time to get used to as not a lot is explained and things enfold slowly, across episodes but that's the wonderful thing about being treated as an intelligent viewer. It may be useful to turn on closed captions though if you can get it, I'm finding our DVR great for that. Also Treme was renewed for a second season!! Glad the writers and everyone don't have to worry about that.

Spoilers for the Treme Pilot, also pre-warned The Wire Pilot spoilers )

On a another note, there is also Ugly Betty whose last episode is tomorrow. It's been making me both very happy and very conflicted. I'm actually glad it's the last episode because I was seriously considering giving it up.

Spoilers for Ugly Betty up to 419 )

Random things:
-Adobe Flash is totally awesome and I love it a LOT
-The Big Bang Theory was HILARIOUS last night, I love Sheldon so much I can't even say.
-Bidding for Sweet Charity vids ends tomorrow I think so go vid on all the great vidders!
-Someone randomly gifted me with a Dreamwidth account! I am touched and happy, mostly about the icon space. My only problem with Dreamwidth now (besides general laziness) is I can't find a Generator style and I just can't live without my Generator that I've had since 2003. Sometimes change is not good, you know? Anyone know of one?
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Shippiness, sexiness and sparkle pants [Mar. 3rd, 2010|01:35 am]

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I have another post I've been working on but can't manage to get the words out so have a meme:

Comment on this entry with a pairing I ship from one of my fandoms and I will tell you:

1. When I started shipping them
2. What I think their challenge is
3. What makes me happy about them
4. What makes me sad about them
5. What moment I wish had never happened
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other
7. My happily ever after for them

Please give me pairings for I am bored at the moment. Even if I only ship them a little! Check out my profile page if you need ideas.

Two links for two of my favorite men in the world:

Adam Lambert doing Sleepwalker on Leno tonight. The emotion in the song just breaks my heart so beautifully especially but you don't want me which is my favorite part of the song. And holy fuck, is he HOT HOT HOT. God that outfit and the makeup and the whole look just slays me with how sexy he is (see icon).

Johnny Weir with sparkly glittery pants! Seriously, I want these pants SO MUCH for Club Vivid. So freaking hot. And he is sooo cute and I love them (or rather, Kelly) supporting him. How I wish they could convince him to compete in the next Olympics (in RUSSIA!!!).
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Festivids should not be this scary. [Jan. 10th, 2010|08:55 pm]

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I am ALL DONE with my Festivid!!! It is completely submitted, confirmed and over with omgyay. God that was scary. Why oh why do I procrastinate on these things??? I spent too long trying to go the ambitious route but gave up yesterday and finished everything today. The story of this vid is me thinking it'll go smoothly and it does for awhile and then I get hung up on something and it takes much longer than expected. I gave myself a couple hours for encoding and uploading and thank god I did because it was a DISASTER. First I had to fix the frame size in the project, then it was encoding wrong and then I could not encode the freaking audio. I thought I was going to die but luckily I switched projects and managed to get it out and just attached it to the video. And I forgot how to convert frame size in the process and was struggling with software and it was all just a big mess. My heart was beating so fast and there was so much ohfuckomgomgomg going on. But it is DONE so I am forgetting it and relaxing it.

Definitely not the best vidding process. I was having so much hate for this vid and being forced to get it done all day yesterday and for the last few days and the stress was killing me. And I stayed in all weekend and gave up a lot of exercise day trips I wanted to do and that was frustrating. Not to mention, I didn't go to Hotel Cafe last night where Adam, Cassidy, Brad, Alisan, Ferras and a couple other people were and it really bummed me out. In all fairness, I didn't think Adam would show up but stillll. It sucks. Oh well I guess. What I do for vidding. It is weird to think that somewhere out there (hopefully) there is a vid made for me!! I can't wait to see it along with all the other vids. They're all going to be released January 14th ie More Joy Day so feel free to spread the joy in any way you can!

In better news, I found this quote that Jillian Michaels said in a recent interview and it made me really, really happy as it is more than I ever hoped she'd say: "Let's just say I believe in healthy love. If I fall in love with a woman, that's awesome. If I fall in love with a man, that's awesome. As long as you fall in's like organic food. I only eat healthy food, and I only want healthy love!". Yes, this exactly! And so much love for open to bisexuality <3
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True Blood S1 [Dec. 28th, 2009|09:29 pm]

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So today I finished True Blood S1. I am of two minds of this show. The backstory is I started watching it when it premiered and watched the first two episodes and didn't like it. Bored by the characters, bored by the plot, liked the concept/metaphor and LOVED Lafayette but not quite enough. I thought I had watched up to 105 for some reason but in rewatching I realize I was wrong. So what convinced me to try it again? Three things:

1) [profile] lianri assured me that it got better and S2 was insanely slashy with Eric/Godricness. Quotes helped a lot as well.
2) Watching [personal profile] bop_radar's Eric vid and being amazed by the sexiness/slashiness.
3) Hearing it was Adam Lambert's current favorite show. What, I'm easy, okay? The fanfic crossover helped too.

And now I'm done with S1 and I have to say, I am SO GLAD I kept going! Cause I still am bored by the plot and I still am bored by some of the characters but OMG I LOVE LAFAYETTE AND ERIC AND PAM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! They are SO my type of characters that I go gaga over and I can't stop watching because I need more more more of them. Man I wish this was the Lafayette and Eric and Pam show. Although I'd probably die of too much sexiness. What I'm trying to say is, everyone should watch the show (or check out) for them because they are soooo awesome. 104 is a great introduction.

Also I love that the show can be really funny. And even when it's clichish, it does it in a very funny way so if I watch it in an amused way I don't really care. I despise Bill/Sookie on the show but I do give the show props for not making Sookie a victim at least sometimes.

Anyways, Spoilers for True Blood S1 )

I did love seeing Artie and Ken's small guest roles on True Blood <3 Glee DVD tomorrow!! And I totally converted my mom to become a Glee fan, now she says it's her favorite show and she's only seen a little bit of 104 and some songs. Yay!

In other great news, my new Macbook Pro came today!! A day early :D I still need to get it all set up but eeee this is so exciting. I can't believe it's here :) I also bought some new small portable speakers, a keyboard cover and a lock/key for my new computer with my Christmas money. My baby is going to be getting a lot of stuff to keep it very safe and happy <3
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Glee and Sadness [Dec. 2nd, 2009|09:51 pm]

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It's been a day full of ups and downs today. First the ups:

Spoilers for Glee 112 )

In other great Glee news, both Adam Lambert AND Idina Menzel would love to be on Glee!! So hopefully Ryan will be able to get them both on this season or next at the latest. Next week I will be savoring this last pre-hiatus episode sooo much it's not even funny.

On the not so great side, motivation for college is fading very very quickly. It is getting very difficult to fight my screw it, I don't care side. There have been small victories though and hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff done this weekend. Going to LA this Friday to shoot some photos for my final project, do a gallery report AND hang out with some fans so hopefully that'll go well. Another bad thing is my bike got two flat tires AGAIN after getting them replaced a month ago and I don't have the money to get them replaced. The good news though is that I got a job as an assistant here! Also made some money in an economic experiment here so that helps a lot and lets me buy a hard copy of Adam's CD and not just my free Amazon digital one :)

In sad Adam news, ABC canceled his free concert with Jimmy Kimmel. I am so sad and angry as I had a ticket to go to it. Ugh it pisses me off so much. I am so sick of this kind of crap. Add that to finding out the NY Senate voted down the Gay Marriage bill, I'm disgusted and disappointed by the discrimination in this country. I know we'll win the war in the end but goddamn it losing all the time is depressing. On the good side, Dave Valesky whose my representative who previously was on the fence voted yes! Good to know that maybe my communication with him might have had a tiny impact. So I will have to support him in his next campaign as he's up for re-election and they're sure to use it against him.

[personal profile] sdwolfpup being the awesome person she is started a Vidding Love Meme and my thread is here. It is so great to see all the vidder and vid love going on over there! I am already feeling more motivated to work on my [community profile] festivids vid this weekend :)

On a Fanfic Love note, I just want to thank ALL the writers out there who write fanfic for all of us in fandom. After reading amazing fanfic over at [profile] queenbitchfest, it reaffirmed my thankfulness of writers who create so many stories for everyone to enjoy. It reminds me that true romance exists in the world, that there are endless possibilities and so many different imaginary worlds to explore. I am in awe at the talent of the writers we have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me and others so much joy, or dare I say it, glee.
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Music <3 [Nov. 27th, 2009|02:55 pm]

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Courtesy of [personal profile] falulatonks, I found a cool site, The Sixty One that's like a combination of and Pandora. Basically you listen to music, most of it from new artists and you can save or heart music you like (you only get a certain number of hearts per day). The stuff that the most people like gets featured so it's easier to find. It's a great way to discover new music. I've already found The Orange Peels who I love, they sound like Owl City with more rock. There's also fun quests that are kind of addicting to do in order to gain more hearts and reputation points. If you sign up, if you could say that Anoel referred you, that'd be great :)

I had a good Thanksgiving. Went to a nice restaurant here with some students who stayed over break and one of our Trustees paid for a meal for all of us so that was nice. Also watched some TV including a two parter Will and Grace Thanksgiving episode that gave up nicely in my queue since I'm watching the show right now. I'm on S4 and I love that for this show I love all the main characters equally. I probably love Karen the most though, she cracks me up so much especially when she does her "I feel so bad for you/I'll be nice... *laugh NOT* It is entertaining, funny and delightfully gay. I like it.

After the December 9th episode of Glee, it's not coming back til April 13th. FOUR FUCKING MONTHS!!! *sobs* I don't even know what I'm going to do. Rewatch my DVDs, vid and hang around in fandom a lot I suppose. I don't know what I'm going to do without my usual happiness bringer. Like this week's episode with so much amazing music and character love. Oh and I was thinking of my dream Adam Lambert guest star appearances and I have two. Either he's a rival school's glee club's director who leads a group of kids like him who dress glam rockery and sing great songs and are all edgy and fun. But then it'd be hard to get him to have solos with the kids. So then my second scenario would be to have him be the vocal coach that they invite in so he gets to sing songs and have interaction with Kurt, Rachel and everyone else. It would so be the best thing ever.
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Life, The Universe and Me [Nov. 21st, 2009|10:15 pm]

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[Current Music |"Aftermath" by Adam Lambert]

Update about me, college, TV/fandom, Adam Lambert and my plans for next year )

Adam Lambert's CD, For Your Entertainment comes out Monday!! Everyone go buy it, for it is awesome. My favorite songs so far are Music Again (best.chorus.ever.) and Surefire Winners for it's great lyrics (I was born with glitter on my face/My baby clothes made of leather and lace/And all the girls in the club wanna know/Where did all their pretty boys go?...!!!) and I love the pure dancability of Fever (there HE goes, my baby walks so slow...HE!), Strut, If I Had You and For Your Entertainment. I also love Soaked (ORCHESTRA epicness!) and Sleepwalker is ridiculously beautiful. All the songs are just so amazing, I can't even say. He is definitely worth supporting. And he's performing his single for the first time at the AMA's tomorrow! I am so excited I can't even say. I'm sure the concert will be presented amazingly like him.

Speaking of Adam, I have a favor to ask. Please please please if you could click this Demand It link to get Adam, Kris and Allison to perform in NYC (I wanted LA but NYC is ahead so let's go with that-plus I may be closer anyways who knows) it would be awesome. It only takes a minute, I swear. You can put New York City or zip code, 10001 in the box. I need to see some Kradison live in concert!

Demand Adam, Kris & Allison in New York City!
Adam, Kris & Allison in New York City - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

View all New York City events on Eventful
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YULEVID! And TV [Oct. 29th, 2009|08:04 pm]

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So for the past few years I've been really jealous of everyone participating in Yuletide and so bummed out that I don't write and so can't taken part in it. And I've always thought there should be a vid challenge in a similar way. AND NOW THERE IS! [profile] yulevid is the new community that's the vid version of Yuletide where vidders can request and offer to vid rarely vidded fandoms. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I am definitely participating even if it kills me to complete a vid for it. The nice part is everyone will be required to request a movie so there is always a shorter source for someone to vid if they run out of time. The dates are a bit later than Yuletide this year since it's a late start. I encourage everyone to go check out the community which is brainstorming right now and the nomination period for fandoms will start out (probably) next week. And now I don't have to feel sad when I see Yuletide posts because I'm doing it too!

So now I can finally put up my possible nominations like all the writers, yay!

Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, Cupid (1998), Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, Latter Days, Little Miss Sunshine, Mad Men, Milk, Modern Family, Oz, Rent, Sex and the City, Shelter, Six Feet Under, Slings and Arrows, The Big Bang Theory, The Sopranos, The West Wing, The Wire, United States of Tara

Soooo many shows/movies I'd looove to see more vids to here. I so cannot wait!

Spoilers for The Office: Koi Pond )

Oh and my phone FINALLY has an Office ringtone! I've wanted my phone to have one and my past phones have never been able to. It makes me happy whenever I hear it :)

Spoilers for 30 Rock: Stone Mountain )

Enjoyed Parks and Recreation which hasn't been that funny for me sadly. But I loooove Leslie and now I adore her cute cop date so I'm sticking with it for now.

On another note, I am SO SO SO EXCITED for Adam's single tomorrow! "For Your Entertainment" is premiering on Ryan Seacrest's show tomorrow starting at 6:55 am PST so I'll have to wake up early for that. I've just been dyyyying to hear it and see how Adam manages to combine electro dance glam pop classic rock and whatever else he's throwing in there with his AMAZING voice of perfection. To finally hear an Adam Lambert song on the radio will be so crazy. After waiting all this time, with so much teasing, it's finally here! I can't even believe it.

And Tuesday I went to the This is It premiere in LA and saw him!! It was so amazing. I hung out behind the red carpet with [profile] dee919 and then all of a sudden I spotted Adam on the big screen and freaked out. They tried to keep us away from the front of the racks but I managed to capture some video footage of Adam doing interviews and at one point we (and some other Adam fans there) shouted at him and he turned and looked at us and ME! Holding my Details magazine hehe. He waved!! It was just so wonderful. Also he did a little dance at one point and was later bobbing his legs along with the music. Too cute! Oh and I saw Chris Colfer, Kurt from Glee too! He was walking towards the theatre and I stopped him and told him I loved him in Glee. The movie was about to start so I didn't ask for video or anything. And then later after the movie which just made me think of Adam getting thoughts on how epic his own tour is going to be, we went downstairs and a few minutes later, Adam was RIGHT NEXT TO US. [profile] dee919 tried to ask for a picture but he was in a rush to get to his car so he said he couldn't. Still we followed him out and it was so surreal to be two feet or so from ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT. I have my video footage up on Youtube here along with my footage from when I went to the Good Morning America concert to see Adam, Kris and David Cook.

Thankfully Kris Allen hasn't been nearly as closeted (ha) with his music and I'm loving the music on his CD! There's short snippets of all his songs which you can hear all together in an mp3 file here and I've had it on repeat a lot in the past couple days. So catchy! I love Written All Over My Face and Can't Stay Away (which he played in Florida, the whole songs are great) the most but the rest of the album sounds super tinhatty to me especially Bring It Back. I'm super excited about his album, it's going to be awesome. November is a very, very good month.
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Glee + Adam = Heaven [Oct. 22nd, 2009|09:45 am]

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[Current Music |"Bust a Move" by Glee]


But Madonna might not be the only pop star getting some Glee love. Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells EW that he’s considering approaching American Idol runner up Adam Lambert about appearing on the show (next year, Glee will be paired with Idol on Wednesday nights). Nothing is official yet but Lambert does seem like an ideal choice for Glee.


I just...I've been saying since I fell for Adam that it would be perfect if Adam appeared on Glee and now it MIGHT COME TRUE HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Glee and Adam have been keeping the joy in my life these days and to put the two of them together would be like explosions of love. I can't even...I don't know what to say. How could anything be so perfect?? I just can't even imagine Adam and Kurt, Adam and Rachel singing high notes, Adam and EVERYONE!

On a Glee note, last night's episode was the best one in awhile. Holy shit I forgot how sexy Will can be in jeans. And the songs were A++. Loooved everything about it really. And I'm so excited they're putting out the first 13 episodes of Glee on DVD in December!! More vidding material :)

Perfect timing too because this week has been crap for me. First feeling depressed about school and then getting horribly sick on Monday with a fever and five thousand other things and then yesterday my throat was killing me every time I swallowed and just ugh being sick sucks sooo much. But Glee really really helps. Although waiting THREE FUCKING WEEKS for new episodes does not. This season TV has been failing me (HIMYM, TBBT and Mad Men excepted) so Glee has been a wonderful happiness of love each week. It's just this slice of fantasy where singing and dancing make everything better and everyone can fall in love and be awesome and I love all the characters times infinity.

Now if only Adam's first single off his album could come out, I would die of happiness. Because apparently it's the BEST THING EVER which, duh but hearing that people who actually listened to some songs think so makes me super anxious to hear it. I believe so much in his ability to be a an international superstar, I can't even say. This is I will be buying a ton of his albums on November 23rd. ADAM!!!
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Birthday Reflections [Oct. 11th, 2009|09:31 am]

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[Current Music |"New Soul" by Yael Naim]
[Current Mood |happy]

So today is my 22nd birthday. I am very happy :D It feels very epic this year like I am finally an adult. It's just that this is the first birthday that I don't have anything to look forward to getting to do on it even if it's just one year closer to driving/voting/drinking. But I don't have that this year and it's weeeeird. I feel old lol. But not really.

It's just been inspiring me to think about how I got here and where I was ten years ago. Ten years ago, I was not into TV. Ten years ago, I wasn't in FANDOM. Ten years ago I thought I'd be researching lions and not learning web design. Ten years ago, I DIDN'T USE THE INTERNET. Ten years ago, I didn't know almost everyone here and I hadn't been to college or California or Vividcon and I wasn't aware of most of the fandoms I have now. Yeah, it's been very hard full of issues with school and friends and family and myself but somehow I made it here where it's finally starting to look up for me.

Yes, look up yay! I am hoping this is the year which I will finally take charge of my life and be happy. I'm still having a little trouble in my classes but I'm doing the work and getting it done and I feel like I can really do this. And it's reminded me what a good choice this is because I really hate essays and any long art project is always better than that. I'm learning like five programs at once now but at least I am learning and reading outside of class and loving it which is more than I ever could say two years ago. I see hope for my future and what I want to do with my life and I'm excited about it which is the best thing ever for me. I believe in me which is a really nice feeling to have again finally.

So far things are going well in terms of birthday happiness. Glee and The Office were wonderful, Adam released some Time for Miracles clips (FINALLY) and it is amaaaaazing, fic has been wonderful and yesterday I had fun hanging out with fellow slash fans which was incredibly awesome. Yes, I will have to do some homework today but I'd have rather spent time with fans yesterday and not have to be depressed about it tonight/tomorrow than not do it. Once I finish this post, I am going to DISNEYLAND and probably applying my free birthday pass to an annual pass so I can go whenever I want (except not on weekends or most days in the summer, you suck Disney). So that'll be fun. Plus I'm going clubbing tonight with people in QSA so that'll be fun and a good way to end today. Looking forward to Adam's entire TFM being released as well as The Office webepisodes with DANCING in the next week or so.

And of course my birthday is National Coming Out Day and this year, the National Equality March in DC which is awesome. I've come out in this journal right? Well if not, I'm bisexual, pansexual or no label, I just like who I like regardless of gender identity in the end. That's just me.

And now I will return to looking above my laptop at my extremely hot poster of Adam on the cover of Rolling Stone with a snake and a butterfly on his crotch because who can top that? (Kris once and awhile and I totally mean that in both ways ;)). Thank you to [personal profile] deejay, [personal profile] redina, [personal profile] talitha78 and [personal profile] sol_se for the virtual gifts! I will now enjoy and look forward to being 22 and having a great birthday and year :)
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Too Much To Do [Sep. 15th, 2009|03:24 pm]

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College is really overwhelming me right now. I feel like the walls are closing in on me and there's not enough time to do anything or give anything the time it deserves. I had fun at the Outwest Bootcamp this weekend but because of that I lost almost my entire weekend so I'm massively behind on these two big projects for my design classes due TOMORROW. And I feel so out of my league because I haven't really done anything like either of them before and I'm afraid I'm screwing it all up. This is not even talking about the vidding and reading projects I'm putting on hold right now and I'm barely watching any TV just Mad Men and Glee (which I'm MASSIVELY and ridiculously in love with and it's completely made for me) and a few other shows (Entourage, Project Runway, Gossip Girl, Supernatural) which all deserve a lot more posting time than I can do right now. And stupid crap keeps bringing me down so I feel like I'm on this roller coasters of highs (good TV, good Adam/Kris fanfic, good conversation) and lows (deadlines, money shit + too much to buy, pressure, other stupid stuff)

Kill me now.

(On another note, it kills me seeing Adam in Syracuse when I'm not there. Stupid dates.)
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Fandom Love (Mad Men, Project Runway, Adam/Kris) + College [Aug. 23rd, 2009|02:38 pm]

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Mad Men's back YAY! I got a download from the hotel and watched it Monday morning and have resisted getting too into it before I finished all my VVC writeups (okay I do have a couple more coming but those are not as much write asap). But here's my episode thoughts on the third season premiere!

Spoilers for Mad Men 301 )

I love this show. I love that it doesn't do what I expect, I love that it uses metaphors, I love the slowness, I love the prettyness, I love all the characters (or love to hate) and I love the history of it. And I'm so psyched that we're going to get more Sal this season! As I said at VVC, if this is the way fall TV is going to treat me, I'm going to be a very happy person this fall.

It is SO good to see the Mad Men fandom giving Sal some love. Makes me super happy :D
Links: Great Bryan Batt (Sal) interview
Old Hollywood Comparisons with Mad Men
Bryan Batt at Times Square

I am so jealous of the people who got to see Mad Men in Times Square. I love seeing Bryan Batt there and the communal viewing is so cool. I wish there was a lot more of that kind of opportunity in the world.

More Mad Men tonight OMGYAY!

And then Project Runway came back which I'm super excited about!

Spoilers for Project Runway 601 )

And then I've fallen more and more in love with Adam, Kris and Adam/Kris. Been reading some wonderful fanfic at night. My favorite so far is Apples Are Not The Only Fruit (Adam/Kris AU, NC-17) which makes me SO HAPPY. Like watching Save The Last Dance over and over again, bouncy squee kind of delight. It just perfectly captures fan squee and has a wonderful slow buildup and is basically perfect. They're just SO CUTE! It reminded me of Seduction of the Desert Prince and not just because of the fruit love. Also I loved The Fairytale Story of Adam and Kris (Picspam with captions) which is filled with hearts and flowers and sparkly unicorns!

I am just experiencing am overload of fannish squee right now with vidding/Vividcon, Mad Men, Project Runway, Adam/Kris and yes, The West Wing, I am still madly quite in love with my show. To add to that, now that Vividcon is over, it is beginning to hit me that I'm going back to college in a week OMG! Well, Friday actually. I'm the most excited I think I have ever been this year mostly because I am doing a major I'm really interested in learning about AND I have my own room (and soon car eeeeee). And I know I'm so very privileged for getting all this which is why I'm so over the moon in getting it. I just really *need* a place to myself even if it's only to be able to ask over friends and not have to apologize to a roommate for it or to be able to dance crazy and not fear a roommate walking in. Plus I'm super excited to be back in California and SoCal and with a car, I can actually explore it so much better! And this year I really want to focus on creative pursuits and getting marriage equality in CA and I'm super excited about doing both. I'm going to the OutWest Bootcamp at USC in September and I can't wait to learn more about running campaigns (in terms of overturning Prop 8).

I can just feel that this year is going to be amazing and I feel so much more in control of who I am and what I want to be. Getting my VVC reports done for once helped show I can get things accomplished even overwhelming, tempted to procrastinate ones. I know I can create the life I want and I'm excited to be on this journey and just, yay life! It is truly an awesome thing right now.
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OMG VVC [Aug. 12th, 2009|11:08 pm]

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Vividcon tomorrow. I can't believe it. It snuck up on me. I somehow managed to completely forget I had to finish T:TSCC before any vids premiered because I know for a fact that there will be huge spoilers. So I'll be watching all the episodes on my iPod tomorrow while in transit (I'm on 214). I'm still waiting for the awesomeness to hit me over the head but there are some cool things in it.

Ohgodohgodohgod Vividcon is TOMORROW! Of course I did not finish my last minute preparations but instead thought that turning on American Idol to watch in the background was a good idea. This is because I decided to let go and get into Adam Lambert and Adam/Kris fandom even though I knew it'd overwhelm me. I can handle the fanfic but seeing Adam perform? Holy shit! The episode I watch is of course the one where Adam sings Feeling Good, one of my favorite songs in a smoking white suit. And I was gone. It's just the moment right when he says good and the lights shine on him and his face turns into the SEXIEST look I have ever seen. It says "I'm going to fuck you and you're going to LIKE IT" and it's just...*bursts into flames* I squee everytime, I can't even help it. He's totally my kryptonite just like I knew he would be. I am falling quickly into Adam love and the only reason I'm braking is because it's VIVIDCON TOMORROW OMG why is this happening to me now?

Anyways, I'll try to catch up tomorrow I guess. Will arrive tomorrow hopefully at 12 but in any case am going to do touristy things with [personal profile] svmadelyn and others and will be back around 9 or so to hang out and see people. Still haven't decided on a schedule but will most likely be all panels and planning on watching non-attending premieres before dinner if possible. Zen about my Club Vivid vid at least and super excited for all the premieres and seeing new people. Over 100 vid people and over 70 new vids (or close to it)? So much heaven there.

Can't wait to see everyone at Vividcon! Hugs are great and I'd love to talk with anyone there so if anyone ever wants to hang out, just let me know and I'm there :)

ETA: And oh god, I just read the BEST House spoiler and now I'm jumping around in the best mood I've been in a loooong time. House + Adam + Vividcon = Happy Ashley. How the fuck am I supposed to go to sleep???
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NYC Writeup [Aug. 10th, 2009|01:03 am]

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The videos will have to come later as I'm too tired now to edit them all together but here's what happened when I went to NYC and saw Adam/Kris/David, Allison Janney and fans...

Details of my NYC trip )

And that was my trip. I'm just glad I didn't lose my backpack this time and nothing went disastrously wrong. It was amazing really. And it made me look forward to Vividcon so much more because there really isn't anything like hanging out with fans. It's just satisfying in a deep kind of way. Anyways, thanks to everyone who I hung out with for making my trip so much fun! I'm thinking of going back to NYC actually to see the ball drop. We'll see...I think I am going to have to get really into Allison Janney and Adam Lambert because they are too awesome to be ignored.

On another note, have I mentioned I'm getting a car in January? I'm soooooo excited!! It'll help me get around in LA and I'll actually be able to go out and night and do stuff and not have to worry about sucky public transportation. The freedom!! I really can't wait. I will need to buy a TV for my dorm and I'll have to spend some money on that because I love big tvs and don't think I can settle for a small one. Can't believe I'm going back to college in less than three weeks. I miss California a lot though so that'll be good.

I can't believe in one week I'll be watching Mad Men. At Vividcon!
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Back From NYC [Aug. 8th, 2009|04:06 pm]

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Will have to post a detailed recap later as I've got to go to work now but here's a brief snapshot of a highlight:

Yeah, I met Allison Janney!!! It was amazing.

Also got to see Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and David Cook in concert, had a wonderful time hanging out with fangirls and saw 9 to 5 which was excellent. NYC beat me down a bunch of times as it does but in the end, the good outnumbered the bad so I'm happy.
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