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Dear Festividder

Dear Festividder,

Thank you so much for making me a vid!!! I am sure I will love whatever you make so don't stress about it. I love all kinds of music so don't be afraid to choose any genre of music that fits the source for you. I also enjoy all kinds of vid genres from the shippy to character studies to meta to feels and everything in between. I'm fine with any rating and any content so have no fear about that.

Here are the fandoms I'm requesting with some details (and pictures/gifs) of what I love about them. Most of all, have fun and make a vid that you really love!

How To Get Away With Murder

This is my favorite new show of the year so I am SUPER EXCITED to get any vid for it. My favorite part of the show by far is Annalise Keating and I would absolutely love to get a vid exploring her character whether it focuses on how much of a BAMF she is owning courtrooms and fashion outfits, her moral ambiguity, her emotional side in relationships or all of the above. I also LOVE Connor and how unapologeticaly gay he is and would love to see a vid focused on him confidently winning, flirting and/or struggling with FEELINGS. I would also love chracter vids for Wes (so cute!), Michaela (I LOVE her perfectionist studying) and Bonnie (best lines!) as well. I would equally love a ship (or platonic) vid for these relationships: Annalise/Wes, Annalise/Michaela, Connor/Michaela, Annalise/Bonnie, Connor/Wes, Connor/Wes/Michaela, Connor/Oliver and Connor/Aiden/Michaela. An ensemble vid would be fun to see as well especially a recruiter vid as everyone should check out this show!


I knew this movie would be made for me but it surpassed my expectations and gave me almost everything I wanted. Maleficent is my favorite character and I would prefer a vid to include her in some way. I would absolutely love a Maleficent vid focusing on her journey or a vid focusing on how awesome she is. I particularly love all the gorgeous imagery and the shots of Maleficent flying so feel free to include those if you can. I absolutely love the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora and would love to see an exploration of that either romantically or platonically as I totally ship it but love their relationship in any form.

The Mindy Project

My deepest wish for this fandom is to get a Mindy vid as she's my favorite character and I lovelovelove her. I'd love to see a character study vid of her that explores all of her personality and how she juggles her job, relationships and her love of pop culture. I think there's a fun vid to be made featuring Mindy and including outside source of all of Mindy's favorite pop culture loves. I would also be happy to see a Danny vid especially with his amazing dance moves (I'm cool with a vid featuring only that honestly). Three ships I'd love a vid of would be: Mindy/Danny including some of the newer stuff in S3 (S2 finale is my favorite), Mindy/Jamie (I ship Mindy/BJ in RL so if you want to add outside source of them, I'd love that!) and recently, Mindy/Jean because enemy femslash yessss. I would also love to see a vid focusing on Mindy and her relationship with the other women in the show as it's an aspect of the show I wish was explored more. But as long as the vid includes Mindy in some way, I'll be happy!


I wouldn't be watching this show if it weren't for Connie Britton (and her hair) playing the amazing Rayna James so vidding something related to her is a great choice. I'd love a chracter vid of her especially something focused on her love of music and dealing with the music industry or with her family. My favorite relationship on the show is Rayna and Juliette (romantically or platonically) and I would absolutely love a vid of their struggles to understand each other and work together. I also love Rayna/Deacon and the depth of their feelings for each other through their shared music history. My favorite scene with them is by far "The End of the Day" duet and I would love to see a vid that captures that emotional tone of the song. Any femslash vid including Rayna (Rayna/Sadie maybe?) would work for me and I also would enjoy a vid featuring any or all of the women on the show as they work towards a career in music and the interplay between creativity and business. Feel free to use country music for this source but don't feel limited to that as I'm open to any musical choice for the show.

RPF - College Basketball (Syracuse Orange)

So this is a longshot, I know, but I had to ask because this is team is so important to me. So I grew up in Syracuse and I hate just about everything to do with the city - everything but the Syracuse Orange basketball team. I remember the joyous ecstasy when we won our first national championship in 2003 and how even though high school was hell and the cold/snow seemed neverending, it didn't matter because we WON and everything was happy and beautiful. The city doesn't have a lot going for it but men's college basketball is where we are champions on a national scale and it means a lot to the city - as you can see by the fact that we are usually at the top of college basketball attendance every season (feel free to included footage of the crowd and city). I would love to see a vid that focuses on our championship season from 2002-2003 and my favorite three players on the team are Hakim Warrick (The Block!), Carmelo Anthony (Superstar!) and Gerry McNama (Hits ALLLL the 3s!) although I love everyone from the team (check out the song Cuse Yourself for more).

That being said, the last five years have been a golden age for Syracuse Basketball as we have been near the top of the polls most of the time and only some shitty luck has prevented us from getting another championship. I love the 2009-2010 team that featured Wesley Johnson, AO (Arinze Onuaku) and Rick Jackson and I am still convinced that we would have won it all if not for an injury to our starting center right before the tournament. The 2011-2012 team was another one of my favorite teams and we had an AMAZING season, going 34-3 and featuring Dion Waiters (superstar!), Kris Joseph, Scooooop Jardine, Kris Joseph and of course, Fab Melo who ended up screwing us over for the tournament with a suspension. I'm still super bitter that we didn't get to play for the championship especially since the refs fucked us over and unfairly let stupid Ohio State win in the Elite Eight which is still the worst sports loss of all time for me. But I LOVED that team especially my boy Dion who anytime we were down would come off the bench and score three after three (mixed in with drives) that would put us right back in it. Kris and Scoop were a fun pair and it'd be great to see a vid of them and their antics together. 2012-2013 was our unexpected Final Four year led by (2013 NBA Rookie of the Year) Michael Carter-Williams along with CJ Fair, Brandon Triche and James Southerland (Southie! Or Diiirty when he makes his amazing 3s) and I'd love to see a vid showing their journey to reach the Final Four or featuring any of the players.

The most recent team, 2013-2014 was one of my favorites as I fell hard for Tyler Ennis, the incredible freshman point guard (also Canadian) who came on our team after being snubbed from the McDonald's All American game and became a top five freshman playing with his fantastic court vision, passing skills, CLUTCH three pointers, drives and free throws to win game after game for us. Along with Tyler, CJ Fair was our senior leader who was also clutch, Jerami Grant became an NBA player with his crazy dunks, Trevor Cooney couldn't stop hitting threes and Rakeem Christmas manned the middle for us with top notch defense to help our team to go to a school best 25-0 start. This was the team I followed the most and I would absolutely love a vid featuring any of the players, the relationships between them and the season they created, that even if it didn't end as well as it should have, was still a great accomplishment. I particularly loved the first ACC game between Syracuse and Duke at the Carrier Dome where in an excellent played game (spoiler alert), Syracuse beat Duke in a classic overtime thriller that almost gave me a heart attack which became a theme for this team who were given the name, Cardiac Cuse. I also love Tyler's insane buzzer beater against Pittsburgh, any footage of that would make me super happy. I also love Jim Boheim and his no nonsense approach and would love to see him included in the vid as well as our great assistant coach, Mike Hopkins (don't go!!). I am also already looking forward to next season and am hoping rookie Chris McClough and Kaleb Joseph will surprise everyone.

To sum it up (or the short version), things I would like to see vidded for this team: 2003 national championship team, team vids for 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 (hopeful type vid), player vids for Wesley Johnson, Dion Waiters, CJ Fair, Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis, Jerami Grant or any other SU player from aforementioned teams, friendship or slashy ship vids for any of the teams listed above and I would also love to see an ensemble vid about the Syracuse basketball team in general that can feature historical moments and players as well. I would also enjoy seeing a rivalry vid about Syracuse-Georgetown, Syracuse-Duke or Syracuse-UConn (6OT!) as long as it's pro-Syracuse, of course. For a more limited source vid, ideal choices would be 2003 National Championship Game, 2009 Syracuse-UConn 6OT game, 2011-2012 March Madness, 2012-13 March Madness, 2013 Big East Tournament Syracuse-Georgetown game, 2014 Duke at Syracuse game and both Syracuse-Pittsburgh 2014 games (for the epic endings). I am also open to adding NBA source from players like Carmelo, Hakim, Wesley, Dion, MCW (there's a doc called Summer Dreams that has good mom footage too), Tyler, Jerami and CJ as long as there's some Syracuse stuff included. There can be as much basketball in the vid as you like and if you're not into basketball, it's fine to focus on only the players and relationships. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF SYRACUSE BASKETBALL FEELINGS and I'd love to see a vid for the program. Go Cuse!

RPF - Lena Headey

I don't understand how this woman exists but I would love a vid that shows off the wonders of Lena Headey. It's not only the fact that she is the most beautiful woman in the world (and picks fantastic acting roles) but she's so *real* and hilarious and open and badass and kind and basically is the best at social media. If you want to include co-stars like Pedro, Eva or Nikolaj, I'd enjoy that too. I get speechless when I try to talk about her so I'm just going to leave you with this article that pretty much sums it up.

RPF - Soccer (German NT)

I'm pretty easy here as I've recently fallen in love with this team and I'm still in the honeymoon phase right now. I'd prefer a vid on the happier side of things because c'mon, we just won the World Cup!!! I'd most like a vid that focuses on a player or a relationship because I'd like to have more time to celebrate them in depth but that being said, a team vid full of the relationships and/or goooals would also make me super happy too! My ultimate OTP is Joachim/Jürgen so if you want to vid them, it would give me ALLLLL THE FEEEELS. I would love a vid for any of the players (especially focusing on their personalities) but if you'd like a short(er) list of some of my favorites, you can go with Basti, Tommy, Miro, Mario, Neuer, Boateng, Marco, Schürrle and Ballack. I would also love a vid of Jogi but specifically how over the years he came so close to winning but kept failing (cue newspaper handwringing) and then WON IT ALL because his happy smiling face made me cry sooo many times (I'm still doing it honestly) and that vid would make me cry tears of joy (JOGI YOU DID IT!!!). I also basically slash the entire team together (I love touching!) in many ways so I'm open to any pairing you can come up with (romantically or platonically) but a few of my favorites would be Manuel/Thomas, Mario/Marco, Lukas/Bastian (Bastian/anyone really), Miro/Thomas, Michael/Torsten, Miro/Phillip, Mario/Thomas, Jogi/any player and I'm not sure if this is allowed but hey, I ship Jerome/Julian Green (USA player but he's part German and he plays there!) and would love them too. I would be super happy with anything, really!

The Wire

I love the show completely but if you're looking for what I'd particularly love vids for, here are some suggestions: Randy, Stringer/Avon, Stringer/McNulty, Kima, Wallace, McNulty, Prez (particularly S4), McNulty/Kima (platonic), Snoop, Dukie, Michael, Omar/Brandon, Carter&Randy or Lester. I'd also love to see vids focused on Baltimore as a city (I LOVE cities) and I would die for a vid that's very meta about the show itself. This fandom needs ALL the vids so please, I'll take anything.

Thank you Festividder!!!

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I'm so glad I caught this letter before going to sleep! These are such excellent gifs and such excellent shows guh.