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New vid: Delilah (Person of Interest)

Title: Delilah
Music: Florence and the Machine
Fandom: Person of Interest 504
Focus: Shaw, Root/Shaw
Summary: You were my safe place.
Content Notes: Graphic Violence, Physical Triggers (e.g., epilepsy or migraine: strobe lights, bright lights, "stuttery" cuts between 2-3 stills), Suicide, Blood/gore, Psychological Torture
Notes: Made for Vividcon Premieres 2016. Thanks to [personal profile] kiki_miserychic for the beta and encouragement!
Download Link: Delilah (75 MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

Vimeo Password: safeplace

Delilah from Anoel on Vimeo.

I originally was making this vid for Challenge as I loved the theme and thought this episode would make a great vid to show Shaw's psychological torture as she struggled to hold onto Root to keep her safe. I had the hardest time finding a song and then when I was about to give up, I heard this song. It was perfect for what I wanted to do, at least after I was able to cut the song down to work with my idea which took longer than I hoped for. I started with the beginning and ending sections first since I knew what I wanted to do with them and then worked backwards since there were certain sections I had to include and I wasn't sure how much time I had. I had fun cutting fast and using dynamically beautiful visuals although it was a bit tricky making sure it could be understood visually. I didn't want to show Shaw being killed because of the whole bury your gays trope being way too prevalent this year (don't get me started) so I just implied it and hoped it'd come through. Once I finished the vid, I realized I was vidded out and too busy with RL stuff to make a Premieres vid so I decided to send this to Premieres instead.

If you don't want to watch the whole show but are interested in just the Root/Shaw scenes, here are some links to Root/Shaw supercuts on Youtube:

Root/Shaw Scenes Part 1
Root/Shaw Scenes Part 2
Root/Shaw Scenes Part 3
Root/Shaw Scenes Part 4
Root/Shaw Scenes S04E09
Root/Shaw Scenes S04E10
Root/Shaw Scenes S04E11
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E04 Part 1
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E04 Part 2 (some overlap)
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E04 Part 3
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E04 Part 4
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E09
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E10 Part 1
Root/Shaw Scenes S05E10 Part 2

If you'd like to just watch only the Root and/or Shaw focused episodes, here's what I would recommend:

This is not perfectly complete and focuses more on episodes where Root and Shaw interact together. I'd start with the Pilot even though there's no Root or Shaw just to understand the Machine better as she's an important character in their story.

Season 1
113 - Optional to watch but includes Root (unseen as rival hacker)
123 - Root only

Season 2
201 - Root only, important backstory
202 - Root only, important backstory and flashbacks
216 - Root/Shaw first meeting, great Shaw episode
221/222 - Great two parter that includes both Root and Shaw (small interaction)

Season 3
301 - No Root and Shaw interaction but a good episode to watch for Root
303 - No Root and Shaw interaction but epic awesome women scene (Carter, Zoey and Shaw)
305 - Important Shaw episode with flashback
306 - Classic Root/Shaw episode with lots of interaction
307-309 - This is part of the Carter bullshit that went down so you don't have to watch it if you don't want to as there isn't any Root/Shaw interaction
310 - Some good Root/Shaw interaction
311 - No Root/Shaw interaction but it's part 1 of a good two parter
312 - Some good Root/Shaw interaction
317 - Some great flirty Root/Shaw interaction
320 - Some fun Root/Shaw interaction
321 - Some good Root/Shaw interaction
322 - Some good Root/Shaw interaction
323 - Some great Root/Shaw interaction

Season 4
401 - Some great flirty Root/Shaw interaction
402 - Some small Root/Shaw interaction in the beginning
405 - Some good Root/Shaw interaction
407 - Some classic Root/Shaw interactions
409 - Some great Root/Shaw interactions
410 - More great Root/Shaw interactions
411 - EPIC EPISODE OF AWESOME, so much amazing Root/Shaw
412/413 - Root only but emotionally searches for Shaw
415, 416, 418, 419, 420 - Root only episodes you can skip unless you'd like to watch
421 - Some awesome Root/Shaw stuff
422 - Only Root but a great Root/Machine episode

Season 5
501 - Only Root but some mentions of Shaw and a great episode
502 - Only Root but a good episode (funny beginning)
504 - EPIC episode with some of the best Root/Shaw scenes
506 - No Root/Shaw interaction but features both
507 - No actual Root/Shaw interaction but they connect
508 - No Root/Shaw interaction but important Shaw scenes
509 - EPIC Root/Shaw interaction
510 - More epic Root/Shaw but then shit goes down
511-513 - Some important Root/Shaw related stuff if you can handle it

If you need any more information or need any help finding anything related to Root and/or Shaw, let me know!
mammothluv: (politics: elizabeth warren)

[personal profile] mammothluv 2016-08-17 06:20 pm (UTC)(link)
This vid is AWESOME. You do such a good job of capturing Shaw's point of view and how everything is so disjointed for her BUT STILL ALL ABOUT ROOT.

Also, this Root/Shaw episode list is an excellent resource!
klia: (Default)

[personal profile] klia 2016-08-17 07:25 pm (UTC)(link)
This was my favorite vid in Premieres. You crafted your narrative so well, and your cutting was terrific. I really appreciate when vidders let the music guide their cutting -- something I think most vidders don't do particularly well (or at all), so YAY, fantastic job!
goodbyebird: Person of Interest: Root giving Shaw an ever adoring look. Shaw's trying too hard to ignore her(we're on to you!) (PoI coocoo for murderpuffs)

[personal profile] goodbyebird 2016-08-17 10:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Ow ow ow! Love this! ♥
serrico: (dwwaves)

[personal profile] serrico 2016-08-18 05:53 am (UTC)(link)
I only know Root/Shaw via fannish osmosis, but I really liked this vid! The strength--and stakes--of their connection comes through clearly. :)
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[personal profile] bingeling 2016-08-21 10:39 am (UTC)(link)
I'm so glad that song made itself known to you in the last moment, it's perfect! You did a great job showing Shaw's state of mind at each stage of the vid, and the buildup was awesome. I also love what you did with the repetition and visuals associated with Root and Harold and so on.

Also it's really cool that you made this Root/Shaw episode list!
milly: (Default)

[personal profile] milly 2016-09-20 06:43 am (UTC)(link)

Seriously though... I can't believe this is an episodic. It's so rich with emotion and compelling.