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Boys in Love, movies and life strikes back

So I was probably too soon to post a happiness post because a few days after that, I got hit by a shitload of bad things happening to me. Lost my name badge at work (found again after a few days), constant rain (which I got stuck in twice), lost my debit card (making it impossible for me to buy minutes for my cell phone online which then took forever to find minute cards in a store), missed a bunch of buses (and today had one ride right past me), horrible days at work and now my power is out and will be until tomorrow. RIGHT in the middle of when I was about to be done with clipping and could finally start vidding. Arghhh. It's not like the stuff was devastating or anything, it just drives me crazy when things ruin my plans or keep piling on me making life just On the bright side, I got to hang out with [profile] messyjessie58 and it was so much fun! It's so nice to hang out with fans in RL and the difference between them and people at work can be so great.

Fannishly, I am deeeeep in the honeymoon phase with The Social Network. I'd seen it way back in October but things were crazy then and I was into my Festivid's source at the time and I just didn't get into it on a fannish level. But now....oh god I am IN. I am being attacked by vid bunnies on so many songs, reading fic and am so excited to find other people who love Mark/Eduardo as well as the movie as a whole. But really, both the movie, fandom and myself are are in love with Mark/Eduardo and omg the slash is just SO insane. Clipping it (because yes, I do have a persistent vid idea that I MUST make) has shown me all the LOOKS and the little things as well as the way they are EPICALLY in love with each other. They are just such boyfriends and I am all a-squee because of it. I do wish there was more Mark/Eduardo/Sean stuff out there but I am happy to focus on my boys most of the time. It's just so nice to lose myself in a fandom/pairing again and to want to obsessively focus on it ignoring all other obligations as reckless as that may be.

Also, Andrew Garfield is unnaturally pretty and I am so excited by the Golden Globes nominations and already it's wins in the awards circuit. Also does anyone know if there's a Jesse/Andrew primer out there? I am becoming interested but I am lazy and hate trying to look everywhere for stuff about them. Mostly I love this little fandom and I love how we are all growing it together and now we even have a friending meme, kinkmeme (SOMUCHYAY) and big bang. It's exciting and although I know it's not going to be a huge fandom (although seriously the slash alone should make it one-I love Inception but I still think the slash in that is not even close to this level although the worldbuilding has more storytelling possibilities), I love what it is and participating in it,

SO happy it's Oscar season for once. I saw 127 hours and while I did wish the flashbacks were more meaningful, the directing and acting were amazing. The opening sequence was so awesome. Also I LOVED Black Swan and even though it had a few too many horror moments for me personally, I loved that it made me think. After watching some movies that while entertaining, the writing left much to be desired, it was a nice breath of relief. Planning on watching The King's Speech and The Fighter this week and I'm hoping those will be good. I am dying to watch Somewhere but will either have to wait or go to Hollywood to go see it. On a music note, I've been LOVING Mumford and Sons lately, can't stop listening to their album. It just has the best dynamic changes and it's so listenable as well as the lyrics all remind me of Mark/Eduardo (I swear it IS their relationship). Another album I'm in love with is Kanye West's new one which is just brilliant as usual but I love it much better than the last which just wasn't what I love from Kanye. The College Dropout is still my favorite CD from him (top 5 of all time) but this one has some great songs on it not to mention music videos. The fact that he has a song featuring Bon Iver is only extra cool.

Random WTF of the day: I went into a Best Buy and in the For Him section (don't get me started how fucked up that kind of thing is), there was the complete season of The Wire. THE WIRE!! I mean come on, The Wire is for EVERYONE. And I do mean everyone because I firmly believe every person should watch that show. It just annoys me that they'd put it there because yeah there's a lot of guys in it but it's not a gender specific show at all. But ughh whatever, what is really.

I have taken to watching movies while clipping so I'm looking for recs for good movies to watch. I prefer stuff that's either classic famous, pop culture famous (well written or not) or just something that relates to my interests (ie anything gay and random other stuff). Movies I love include Little Miss Sunshine (stuff like Juno and 500 Days of Summer falls under this I think), The Matrix, Hard Core Logo, Wall-E and Rent (I love musicals). I'm not so much into dumb action movies, dumb comedies (although I did enjoy The Hangover, as offensive as it may be), dumb romantic comedies and stuff like that. Don't hesitate to rec something that's obvious because I haven't seen a ton of popular movies.

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