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Boys in Love, movies and life strikes back [Dec. 21st, 2010|05:55 pm]

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So I was probably too soon to post a happiness post because a few days after that, I got hit by a shitload of bad things happening to me. Lost my name badge at work (found again after a few days), constant rain (which I got stuck in twice), lost my debit card (making it impossible for me to buy minutes for my cell phone online which then took forever to find minute cards in a store), missed a bunch of buses (and today had one ride right past me), horrible days at work and now my power is out and will be until tomorrow. RIGHT in the middle of when I was about to be done with clipping and could finally start vidding. Arghhh. It's not like the stuff was devastating or anything, it just drives me crazy when things ruin my plans or keep piling on me making life just On the bright side, I got to hang out with [profile] messyjessie58 and it was so much fun! It's so nice to hang out with fans in RL and the difference between them and people at work can be so great.

Fannishly, I am deeeeep in the honeymoon phase with The Social Network. I'd seen it way back in October but things were crazy then and I was into my Festivid's source at the time and I just didn't get into it on a fannish level. But now....oh god I am IN. I am being attacked by vid bunnies on so many songs, reading fic and am so excited to find other people who love Mark/Eduardo as well as the movie as a whole. But really, both the movie, fandom and myself are are in love with Mark/Eduardo and omg the slash is just SO insane. Clipping it (because yes, I do have a persistent vid idea that I MUST make) has shown me all the LOOKS and the little things as well as the way they are EPICALLY in love with each other. They are just such boyfriends and I am all a-squee because of it. I do wish there was more Mark/Eduardo/Sean stuff out there but I am happy to focus on my boys most of the time. It's just so nice to lose myself in a fandom/pairing again and to want to obsessively focus on it ignoring all other obligations as reckless as that may be.

Also, Andrew Garfield is unnaturally pretty and I am so excited by the Golden Globes nominations and already it's wins in the awards circuit. Also does anyone know if there's a Jesse/Andrew primer out there? I am becoming interested but I am lazy and hate trying to look everywhere for stuff about them. Mostly I love this little fandom and I love how we are all growing it together and now we even have a friending meme, kinkmeme (SOMUCHYAY) and big bang. It's exciting and although I know it's not going to be a huge fandom (although seriously the slash alone should make it one-I love Inception but I still think the slash in that is not even close to this level although the worldbuilding has more storytelling possibilities), I love what it is and participating in it,

SO happy it's Oscar season for once. I saw 127 hours and while I did wish the flashbacks were more meaningful, the directing and acting were amazing. The opening sequence was so awesome. Also I LOVED Black Swan and even though it had a few too many horror moments for me personally, I loved that it made me think. After watching some movies that while entertaining, the writing left much to be desired, it was a nice breath of relief. Planning on watching The King's Speech and The Fighter this week and I'm hoping those will be good. I am dying to watch Somewhere but will either have to wait or go to Hollywood to go see it. On a music note, I've been LOVING Mumford and Sons lately, can't stop listening to their album. It just has the best dynamic changes and it's so listenable as well as the lyrics all remind me of Mark/Eduardo (I swear it IS their relationship). Another album I'm in love with is Kanye West's new one which is just brilliant as usual but I love it much better than the last which just wasn't what I love from Kanye. The College Dropout is still my favorite CD from him (top 5 of all time) but this one has some great songs on it not to mention music videos. The fact that he has a song featuring Bon Iver is only extra cool.

Random WTF of the day: I went into a Best Buy and in the For Him section (don't get me started how fucked up that kind of thing is), there was the complete season of The Wire. THE WIRE!! I mean come on, The Wire is for EVERYONE. And I do mean everyone because I firmly believe every person should watch that show. It just annoys me that they'd put it there because yeah there's a lot of guys in it but it's not a gender specific show at all. But ughh whatever, what is really.

I have taken to watching movies while clipping so I'm looking for recs for good movies to watch. I prefer stuff that's either classic famous, pop culture famous (well written or not) or just something that relates to my interests (ie anything gay and random other stuff). Movies I love include Little Miss Sunshine (stuff like Juno and 500 Days of Summer falls under this I think), The Matrix, Hard Core Logo, Wall-E and Rent (I love musicals). I'm not so much into dumb action movies, dumb comedies (although I did enjoy The Hangover, as offensive as it may be), dumb romantic comedies and stuff like that. Don't hesitate to rec something that's obvious because I haven't seen a ton of popular movies.
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Cross country trip [Jan. 28th, 2010|10:46 am]

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So tomorrow I'm leaving to drive back to NY. Once again, if you live close by the route I'm driving and would like to hang out or whatever along the way, let me know. So far the plan is to drive along the 15 and then 40 E out of California and into Arizona making a stop for the Grand Canyon (where I will be reading Strata because I'm a fangirl like that) and then continue through New Mexico/Texas that night. Saturday and Sunday I will continue on 40 E through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas (might stop at Conway for a moment since it's along the way). Monday or the night before I'll be going through Tennesee, getting on 81 N and going through West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and then into New York Monday or Tuesday. Should hopefully be less rushed than the last time so that will be nice. Trying to go the less snowy, warmer route. Looking forward to seeing some states I haven't seen.

Some bad news: my iPod Touch broke. The screen was finally so cracked that it messed something up. Instead of paying $150 to get it replaced, I bought a cheap Nano off of Craigslist and am going to save up to buy the 64 GB iPod Touch when I have the money (space! voice control!). Missing my Touch a lot, so many things wrong with the Nano that I am not pleased with but it is soooo nice to be able to listen to music again. Music really is my friend, without it I got lonely.

So busy trying to get stuff done and packed. Will try to stop on Sunday to get my Festivid post unlocked, hopefully that will work out. I will say the one thing I will not miss here is the spectacularly horrible internet that is randomly slow at times. Arghhhh. Nothing pisses me off more.

Anyways been vidding/clipping more than usual and it is awesome. Looking forward to getting some good stuff done this year.
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Music <3 [Nov. 27th, 2009|02:55 pm]

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[Current Music |"Birds of a Feather" by The Orange Peels]

Courtesy of [personal profile] falulatonks, I found a cool site, The Sixty One that's like a combination of and Pandora. Basically you listen to music, most of it from new artists and you can save or heart music you like (you only get a certain number of hearts per day). The stuff that the most people like gets featured so it's easier to find. It's a great way to discover new music. I've already found The Orange Peels who I love, they sound like Owl City with more rock. There's also fun quests that are kind of addicting to do in order to gain more hearts and reputation points. If you sign up, if you could say that Anoel referred you, that'd be great :)

I had a good Thanksgiving. Went to a nice restaurant here with some students who stayed over break and one of our Trustees paid for a meal for all of us so that was nice. Also watched some TV including a two parter Will and Grace Thanksgiving episode that gave up nicely in my queue since I'm watching the show right now. I'm on S4 and I love that for this show I love all the main characters equally. I probably love Karen the most though, she cracks me up so much especially when she does her "I feel so bad for you/I'll be nice... *laugh NOT* It is entertaining, funny and delightfully gay. I like it.

After the December 9th episode of Glee, it's not coming back til April 13th. FOUR FUCKING MONTHS!!! *sobs* I don't even know what I'm going to do. Rewatch my DVDs, vid and hang around in fandom a lot I suppose. I don't know what I'm going to do without my usual happiness bringer. Like this week's episode with so much amazing music and character love. Oh and I was thinking of my dream Adam Lambert guest star appearances and I have two. Either he's a rival school's glee club's director who leads a group of kids like him who dress glam rockery and sing great songs and are all edgy and fun. But then it'd be hard to get him to have solos with the kids. So then my second scenario would be to have him be the vocal coach that they invite in so he gets to sing songs and have interaction with Kurt, Rachel and everyone else. It would so be the best thing ever.
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A couple things [Jun. 27th, 2009|10:34 am]

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[Current Music |"Drama" by Bitter:Sweet]
[Current Mood |okay]

Finished The Sopranos yesterdays. Wow. Great show in the end although I had my issues. Generally liked the ending with a few misgivings. I totally want to see a Wire crossover with the show (Omar was in it!) and a Six Feet Under crossover since there's a funeral every other episode, heh. Going to be watching The Godfather Trilogy, Goodfellas and Scarface this weekend as well Nurse Jackie to segue out of the show nicely. Caught the end of the S5 finale on TV today and it's weird to think it's all over.

Unfortunately I've had some bad news in the last few weeks. One, my grandma died a few weeks ago :( Going to her funeral this weekend. Second, my cat Bambi (see icon) has disappeared for a week. We've made posters and contacted shelters but nothing so far. I really hope we get her back, I don't know what I'd do without her.

Fic rec: Symmetry or something by [personal profile] dollsome The Office, Kelly/Erin. I was skeptical of the pairing at first but [personal profile] dollsome writes Kelly perfectly with so much love and gradually shows how their bond grows into something more. The fic is filled with sweetness and romance and rainbows and hearts and by the end had me smiling widely with so much happiness. It's a great look at The Office characters as a whole not to mention absolutely hilarious. Highly recommended.

Since iMeem is shutting down does anyone know how to download vids off of the service? With my hard drive failures I've lost some vid hard copies namely Untouchable, Sexy Logan and Walk Away. Better yet, if you have hard copies, I'd love to have them.

RIP Michael Jackson. I've always enjoyed his music even if it was mostly before my time. Good thing good music is endless.
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Note to Self [Mar. 25th, 2009|05:58 am]

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[Current Mood |sleepy]

Note to Self: Do NOT put a ton of vid ideas (41 to be exact) and Eminem music reminding you of high school on your iPod. Because then I will be up til 6 am listening to it and coming up with ideas and singing along. On the good side, excited about vidding! House/Wilson and Alias ideas are accompanying my mind the most at the minute but there's tons of variety. On the bad, need sleep. Thank god for afternoon classes.

Also on last night's Heroes: can it GET any slashier? And yet I think I actually shipped a het pairing for the first time with HRG/Angela. So I can add that to my list of Nathan/Peter, Hiro/Ando, Sylar/Mohinder, Matt/Mohinder, Sylar/Luke, Matt/HRG/Nathan/most guys on the show. It's a bit crazy but the show is crazy so it all works out. So glad Bryan Fuller is back though even if under bad circumstances. And I totally spoiled myself reading the guest cast credits, oops.
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The Plan (no, not that one) /SFU reference [Jan. 13th, 2009|07:53 pm]

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[Current Music |"This World" by Zero 7]
[Current Mood |frustrated]

So I've developed a plan for my year to try to get some of my dreams and goals accomplished. I'm really excited about it and have been making daily to do lists in order to keep tabs on what I need to do. I'm using a small notebook to write down all my thoughts and ideas and so far it's proving very helpful.

My first thing is getting the money to go back to Chapman or my backup, Santa Monica College. Who knows how that'll turn out but I've been working on getting financial aid from both. Chapman starts classes on January 26th so hopefully I'll be leaving a few days before then and Santa Monica starts in mid-February but I'll be trying to leave as soon as possible to get out of the cold. I've decided to major in Computer Information Systems while taking some TV classes and doing a lot of TV research and experience on the side so I can get in the industry or some job related to TV after I graduate. I'd major in TV but the major at my school is focused on the creative side of things and as much as I love art, I'm just not an artist in the true sense of the word and don't want to waste my time struggling through scriptwriting classes (not to mention the application). I'm interested in getting some computer and business skills so this major totally works for me (low on essays helps too). So for the rest of my list:

1) Get all A's and B's in my classes. This is the most important thing and goes before everything else. I need to prioritize and not save things til the last minute which can be paralyzing if it's a big task. It's a huge boost to my confidence and self-esteem if I do this so I'm going to keep it at the top of my list. This blog is proving helpful with lots of good tips for any students out there.

2) Be at a healthy weight and stay healthy by playing a sport. I reeeeeeally can't wait to get back to California so I can play tennis outside along with many other sports. Running is alright but I don't like to exercise unless it's fun and sports are lots of fun for me.

3) Meet new people, find new friends and develop some good relationships. I really miss my friends at Chapman (and my cushy job) but I'd really like to branch out and meet more people like I wish I'd done more my freshman year. I especially want to meet some more TV lovers even if they don't go to my school.

4) Make every effort to have a romantic relationship. Cause I really, really want one and I have lots of romantic experiences I'd like to have. Doesn't hurt to try.

5) Finish at least three vids. I'd even limit it to two just as long as I finish my auction vid and a Vividcon one. I just need to get something done this year as my fannish output last year was quite pathetic.

6) Keep up with TV and finish at least The West Wing, The X-Files and The Sopranos.

7) Build, organize and listen to music collection including classic albums and top contemporary ones.

8) Read Wicked (finish), LotR, The Temeraire Series, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Watchman.

9) Read Plato, Aristotle, other classics and nonfiction about TV and business.

10) Volunteer for LGBT rights/Obama.

11) Watch vids, keep up on feedback, stay caught up in fandom.

12) Learn Spanish because it's necessary when living in Los Angeles.

That's the plan. Now it's just a matter of going out and doing it.

On another note, once again my computer is having problems (of the unmountable boot volume variety) and I am ready to throw my computer off my desk, Lex style. Or Barney style as the case may be. So I may not be around as much until that gets fixed.
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Happy 2009! [Jan. 12th, 2009|12:14 am]

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Happy New Year everyone! Kinda late, yes but I hope the first month of everyone's year is going well. Just a reminder that January 15th is More Joy Day basically where you spread some joy around by doing something nice anyway you can. For example, while getting drinks for New Years, I forgot my money and some kind stranger paid it for me. I was really touched and it brightened my night not to mention sticking with me even now. People can just be so wonderful. So now it's time to spread it through fandom!

It's Vividcon season YAY! Go here for details but the most important is that registration is at midnight Eastern US time, between Saturday February 28 and Sunday March 1. There's a poll there too to vote for the date. I so cannot wait.

I have a new show! I am massively in love with Beautiful People, a UK show about the life of Simon Doonan (Barneys Creative Director) who I fell for when watching Top Design. It's hilarious, full of joy and fashion and musical theatre and family love and craziness. I just adore it to death. And the older Simon is SO hot and has he and his boyfriend (in the prologue/epilogues) are so cute. Simon and Kylie are my absolute favorites, their friendship is so wonderful. Only six episodes but I savored every episode and love it completely. Definitely worth a try!

Speaking of British TV- Re: Doctor Who Casting Spoilers Under the Cut reaction just in case-also spoilers from the special )

Yay Philly winning! What an awesome football game. I always stood by my Donovan and I just *knew* they'd win this game. Love the Giants but they had their glory last year and now I just reeally want the Eagles to win the Superbowl, let alone be in it.

Does anyone know if the BSG webepisodes are worth watching? I haven't seen them yet and usually them up but I do want to know more about what happened in the finale last year so anything about that?

[ profile] deathisyourart writes about Beecher/Kellar here and talks about some of the reasons why I love them SO MUCH OMG. B/K is one of those couples that never leave you and just rest in your soul until you think about them and spontaneously burst into love for them.

[ profile] clayangel did this AMAZING comic of the story of how Ryan and Colin met here. As someone who loves fic but loves a visual even more, this is everything I've always wanted to see and makes me SO HAPPY and it's just utterly adorable and romantic. God, they are so meant to be *sighs happily* Everyone should check it out!

It makes going through my iTunes library and rating everything SO worth it when I can listen to my four star playlist and love everything in it. Mmmm music. I will say my biggest disappointment so far has been Kanye West's new album. I only liked one or two of the songs and I feel like he took all the *soul* out of the songs that I loved on his previous albums. I mean, nothing ever compared to The College Dropout which is still on my top five album list but there was always a few songs I LOVED and most songs I enjoyed. I was giving songs ones and twos! I almost never do that so it was sad. Couldn't get into Fleet Foxes either and I don't get why they're so loved but I care much more about my favorite rather than the best in music so I don't mind. I am however loving Bitter:Sweet's The Mating Game, Artic Monkey's Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, Amanda Jenssen's Killing My Darlings, Aimee Mann's Lost in Space, Flobot's Fight With Tools, The Kill's Midnight Boom, Matt Pond PA's Several Arrows Later and Last Light, OK Go's self-titled and Oh No and Spoon's Kill The Moonlight.

If Youtube takes down your youtube vids: Fight it!. Check the comments for more. Also, how to beat the audio finding system here.

TV's back! I loved the new Brothers & Sisters (x2), Gossip Girl, Scrubs, Ugly Betty (the best imo, loved it soo much) and Greys. Also caught up on SGA and saw the finale which was alright but the best part was that it and Vegas convinced me to read some John/Rodney fic and it was gooood. My favorite was A Place On The Corner which is the cutest thing ever and is just my Rodney perfectly and why I love him. I laughed so many times and it's all just a perfect love story. I still can't believe it's over...thank god for fandom.
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Everyone deserves music [Dec. 18th, 2008|09:50 pm]

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[Current Music |"Love Invincible" by Michael Franti & Spearhead]

So I think somehow I ended up in music fandom? In any case, it's my new fandom and I am overwhelmed. Probably not the best idea to get into it on finals week. But I think I aced or did good enough to get an A on all my finals so I'm happy there. Of course continuing with my bad luck when it comes to NYC (last time I lost my backpack including bus ticket back, a few clothes, a few DVDs and a few other things but the end was just a nightmare), tomorrow there's going to be a snowstorm so I'm going to have a hell of a time getting there. At least there will be Rachel (OMG) and Dr. Horrible making me feel better.

So late on this and I don't expect anyone to give me any of this stuff or anything but here's the Wishlist meme:

My Wishlist )

I got tagged with the Happiness Meme and so I'll start that:

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for eight days without fail.
3. Tag eight of your friends to do the same.
Do it if you like!

Today music made me happy! This may be a repeating theme. What I Be by Michael Franti & Spearhead in particular is a great pre-finals song. Love all the imagery. Also The Kills stuff is great and being able to recognize artists in people's music lists is fun. And just the feeling of being DONE with a final and knowing I did a good job and being able to run down the steps exhilarated at that. I want to chase that feeling /Toby. Oooh yes! Pretty, pretty Alec finally showing up on Dark Angel. Sooooo hot. Hotter than Dean even in only shallow terms. Very yummy. And rewatching Arrested Development still makes me laugh. S3 gets a lot of flack but even the British episodes are brilliant and hilarious if going too far (reminds me of S5 of The Wire that way).

I am lucky I got into music at the end of the year with all the best of year lists that help me get caught up on recent music. I deleted my entire iTunes library and am adding albums one by one and rating them all. It can be hard but in general 5's are my absolute favorites I can listen to over and over and not get tired of them, 4's are songs that are special and make me want to listen to them again, 3s are good but just okay and I listen and move onto the next, two are not as good but I'll hear once in awhile and 1s I only want to hear very rarely. It's fun to do actually especially when I find good stuff.

Man tomorrow's going to be crazy. I really, really hope it goes okay *crosses fingers*
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Thanks [Nov. 26th, 2008|11:48 am]

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[Current Mood |thankful]
[Current Music |vids]

Happy Thanksgiving! I am going away for the next two days without internet so a few things before I go.

I am thankful for my shiny new 2 TB hard drive with SO MUCH SPACE OMG (and if you want one for only $230, try newegg) and all of the new music and DVD space for vidding available for me. I am taking music recs, rec me every artist you think I should listen to from the most obvious (The Beatles) to the least known.

I am thankful for Television for all the amazing stories, characters and relationships it gives me, for all that it makes me feel and think and love. I am thankful for The Office, for House, for The Wire, for Pushing Daisies, for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for Project Runway, for Queer as Folk, for The Rachel Maddow Show and for all the other shows I love so much. I am so thankful they exist or have existed and I will never believe there will not be a time when beautiful, amazing shows are created and someday will be allowed to be complete regardless of the business.

I am thankful for all modes of narrative from TV to movies to books to everything in between and I am thankful for all the arts that create so much beauty in the world. I am thankful for music and how fun it is to listen to, how much it inspires me and how it makes me feel so much emotion.

I am thankful for my new president, President Barack Obama and getting rid of the old horrible government and bringing in change I can believe in. To give me hope and inspire me to do more, to help build back this nation from the wreckage and to work for so many new beautiful things. God, I am SO thankful for this.

I am thankful for all the friends I've made and all the people I've met who have touched my life in a positive way. I am thankful for the good times, the laughter, the shared jokes, the interesting conversations and the close bonds I've formed. And I'm glad I still have the hope that I will find my chosen family some day.

I am thankful for all of fandom for helping me not feel so alone in being a fan and in giving me so much shared joy in the works we celebrate and the words and art we create from it. I am thankful for vidding where I finally found my creative expression and love so much all the amazing vids out there not to mention the smart conversations that talk about them. I am thankful for my fellow shippers and the joy in shipping, of loving Brian/Justin, Jack/Irina, House/Wilson and all my other favorites and having people out there who feel the same way and who share my squee and create art based around them. I'm thankful to be able to meet fandom people in real life and have them be just as awesome whether it be Vividcon or a local friend. I am thankful of all the things I've learned in fandom and all the ways fandom has helped mold me as a person as I grew up and helped influence me so positively.

So thank you Flist and I hope to be back with you soon!
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Lots of Little Things Part 1 [Jun. 11th, 2008|10:35 pm]

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[Current Mood |chipper]
[Current Music |"Not With You" by Tegan and Sara]

Okay lots of little things to talk about so I'm going to divide this up into two posts.

First a really important announcement if you haven't read it yet:

[ profile] counteragent's little sister-in-law, Jenny, is very sick. It would be so wonderful if you could take a quick moment (just like 3 minutes) to check out her family's blog ( and see if you think you might know anyone like Jenny. They are looking for "comparables" (people who have similar symptoms) that may have had success with treatments Jenny's docs haven't yet tried.

They would also really appreciate it if you post about this on your blog and thus help them spread the word.

Check out [ profile] counteragent's vid that she made on her journal as well.

Book rec: Everyone should read and if you can, buy [ profile] claudiagrays new book, Evernight for it is awesome! If you like vampires, definitely check it out but there is also great characters, romance, wonderful twists and great writing. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read the sequels! I read it in one night as is my favorite way to read (and watch) things so that was fun.

A request: If you make icons, PLEASE label all your icons with your username/icon community. It makes it so much easier when saving icons to use for LJ later. In order to credit, I do type the names of icons but its annoying and I wish every iconmaker would make it easier for people to credit them. Also if you make fanmixes or provide music to download, PLEASE make zip files for people to download. I am lazy and don't have the time to click on every sendspace link or whatever so I usually skip it if it's in that format. It doesn't take long to zip a bunch of files and if someone doesn't want a file, they can just delete it. If you have a personal website, it doesn't apply as much. Which I really am going to get my website back soon, I hope.

On the computer front...more and more crappy tech issues keep coming up. Both of my hard drives stopped working after a year and a half and there is no hope of recovering them *sigh* So I lost 800 GB of space and 90% of my music collection, lots of DVD footage and all my episodes. Most can be redownloaded/reripped but it still sucks. I have sworn I won't buy another external hard drive until I can afford a 2 TB one because multiple hard drives are annoying but I at least have one left to rip dvds and download stuff too. My keyboard got fixed...but now it's not working again ARGH. The tech guy bought me a new DVD drive since that didn't work (I paid for it) but then couldn't install it and in the process has messed up my sound so now sometimes its all staticy and weird. Why universe, WHY?

Plus now I have to buy a new external dvd drive and can't start vidding the Premiere vid until Friday. So I now have two weeks to get that all done...going to be a race against time. We'll see if that gets done. Thank god for shortness and knowing what I want in terms of clips. It's not a big deal if I don't finish it like last year, I just REALLY want to have a vid at Premieres. Plus I think it'll challenge me and push me past my usual style so I hope I can finish it.

If you ever wanted to see a list of Stargate Atlantis vids to download, here's a good one. So many amazing ones for this fandom. Another Sunday is a MUST for anyone, I don't care if you've never seen the show before. One word: sparkles.

VID REC: Sexy Back by [ profile] dayln03. This is a Brian vid from Queer as Folk to a song that's been used a lot but it is sooo beautifully edited and proves once and for all that Brian is the sexiest guy alive so it totally works. I love this vid so, so much.

I apologize in advance for the spam but it's not like I post all that much anyways.
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Life is good. [Oct. 10th, 2005|03:16 am]

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[Current Mood |happy]
[Current Music |"Sparkle" by Rubyhorse]

I just had the best day today. First of all, there's no school tomorrow so it feels less like a Sunday and I know I can sleep in tomorrow. Second, I got some awesome emails from friends. Third, my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy was on and it was the best episode yet. It included some amazing Cristina/Burke scenes (my favorite couple of course) and made me love all the characters and ships more. Fourth, I had some good talks with friends and converted my friend to watch the show so now we can squee together. Fifth, I got some great early birthday gifts. One more day! :D Sixth, I had free time all day to vid and I got a lot of it done. And finally, I listened to some of my favorite music that makes me ridiculously happy.

Life is good.
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Cool Music Rec Site [Oct. 1st, 2005|07:44 pm]

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[Current Mood |content]
[Current Music |"The Way We Get By" by Spoon]

So in my quest to find some good music to use for vids, I made a great discovery. There was a project called the Music Genome Project that looked to identify all the different kinds of things in music and how they relate to each other by tracking a ton of songs that have been made. They have a database of them and it allows people to enter in a song and get more songs that have musical similarities between them. It plays each song and you can say if you like it or not, if not it'll delete it and give you something else. The first 10 hours are free to listen to, I'm actually thinking of paying the 36 dollars a year it is after that, maybe getting it for my birthday/christmas because its exactly what I need. I want to have more music vareity but I hate downloading lots of music that I don't like that eats up my hard drive. And I desparately need songs for vids. I'd check it out, it's working well for me. I like a lot of the songs, no favorites so far but I'm sure I'll find some good ones. The site's at

In other news, I'm obsessed with Burke/Cristina from Grey's Anatomy. Rewatching their moments together is so addictive and I'm trying to find as much stuff as I can about them. Cannot wait for tomorrow, I'm just dying for it. The bad thing about loving a Sunday tv show is you have to look forward to the end of a weekend which is the furthest thing from what I want. Oh well. It's just too good.
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