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Sundays have the BEST TV

So I'm trying to get into this posting more regularly on DW/LJ thing. I've always felt bad that I didn't post more regularly about the shows I was watching and now I've discovered the solution-Tumblr, all the pretty without most of the work as the tags allow me to express myself simply. However there are a few shows I have more in depth thoughts on or don't want to spoil people too much about so I'm going to post more small posts here. We'll see how it goes.

First off, Homeland. Wow. If you aren't watching this show, WATCH IT! The latest episode pulled off the most shocking twist for me ever and I cannot get over what an amazing character Carrie is (not to mention the brilliant Claire Danes acting). Seriously, it is SO WORTH IT.

HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS ON A STICK WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???! Saul found PROOF that Brody is...well at the very least working with Abu Nazir. Wow. I can't believe the show actually went there, revealed that this soon. I have no idea where we go from here, what the plan is after this, IDEK. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! Most of all and the thing that left me in tears is finally, finally there is proof that CARRIE WAS RIGHT!!!! All fucking season, YES. After Carrie poured her heart out to Saul of how much that "wrong" feeling broke her (and me, ohhh pooor Carrie), this was all the sweeter. I just hope Saul tells her, I'm assuming, hoping that this is one of the reasons she goes back to the CIA, at least I hope so.

Speaking of, Carrie on the mission was SO AMAZING. Holy crap, she freaked me out. I haven't been this scared and nervous and having my heart beat out of my chest since 24 and this was worst because I intensely care about Carrie. The whole Carrie breaking away and getting shot at was soooo scary and I was yelling at her the whole time and now...well it was worth it in the end I guess. So glad she was alright. And the whole Abu Nazir part was SO terrifying and I couldn't believe the Brody saving him thing (I didn't actually think he'd die but wow). And I'm so happy Saul believed in her and put the mission in action! I was so scared it was another Carrie gets screwed by the CIA thing which is just so disheartening.

This show continues to blow my mind. Breaking Bad has done some shocking things but this BLEW ME AWAY. It totally messes with your typical TV plotline that would draw this out (I thought that it was going to be at least 3 seasons) and who knows what will happen from here. I can't wait to see what happens!

Then there is Once Upon a Time...I've expressed myself through Tumblr mostly but there are some more things I want to talk about.

OMG REGINA REDEMPTION!!! Wow I must have died a thousand times during that. I am NOT happy about this Regina/Emma separation thing but if have to, I'll take Regina episodes like this to make me feel better. First a couple of Swan Queen things: REGINA WORE THE SHIRT EMMA WORE!!! Now I think it's gotta be waaay more of a coicidence that Regina wore this for the FIRST episode after Emma leaves. She misses her!! Or at least her magical (true love) touch. Then there was the whole trying to light the candle thing...which Emma did in the PILOT!!! Veeery nice parallel there especially when you add in the cupcake she gives Henry.

Now I was bummed AGAIN after Regina lost her magic AGAIN but I will certainly take how they did it. I mean, PURPLE EYES!! Wow. The Town Hall was EPIC PERFECTION omghowisReginasohot??! I basically burst into flames during that complete with the Pilot music and guhhhh Regina with magic and stopping arrows and all that is the hottest of all. And then the Henry stuff!! Okay, you guys, how is that whole plotline not Beauty and the Beast without the romance? Henry sacrifices himself for the town (father) and then is forced to live in the "Beast"'s house with promises of great riches ie magic until Regina realizes she needs to let him go (when Belle leaves to go to her father). Oh man, so much crying during that scene. I loved the Cora parallels with the trees, all of it was so heartbreaking. Henry come baaaaack to her :( I can't stand the thought of Regina all alooone. And then Cora with Emma makes me SO HAPPY. Meet your future mother in law...have fun. I hope this will give Emma some much needed perspective on Regina and what her early life was like. Also I love that it was Rumple who orchestrated all of this, I can't wait to learn more about his mastermind plans.

Worried about the preview for next week (NEEDS MORE REGINA) but I'm going to take this show week to week and hope my beloved Swan Queen will hurry up and get back together.

So I'm off roadtripping to Denver on Wednesday! If anyone in the Denver/Colorado area wants to hang out for a bit, let me know. I shall be there for my birthday on Thursday and then I leave Sunday. I can't wait to hang out more with [profile] asuka14! If anyone has music recs, let me know as I need to find some good Festivid songs. Which speaking of, I am almost done with my Dear Festividder letter and I'm super excited about it. I have one more request to make up my mind about 100% if I'm doing it before I post it. I'm still under the impression I'm going to make ALL THE TREATS but we'll see how productive I really am. And hanging out in vidder chat (#vidding in IRC) is super fun for any talk about vidding.