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End of Year Fandom Meme [Dec. 31st, 2014|06:17 pm]

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It's the last day of the year so you know what means: meme time.

End of the Year Fandom Meme

What fandoms did you acquire in 2014?

How To Get Away With Murder, Hockey RPF (mostly Chicago Blackhawks RPF/Kane/Toews), Transparent, Luther, Soccer RPF (USA/German & Bayern Munich), Veep, Jane the Virgin, Broad City, Faking It, Maleficent, Nashville, American Ninja Warrior, Looking, The Americans, You're the Worst.

What fandoms did you let go of in 2014?

Once Upon a Time (too rage-y with stupid het ships/bad plots), The Blacklist, Modern Family (too many awards when the quality has decreased), The Big Bang Theory (not funny anymore plus too sexist), Downton Abbey and New Girl. Probably letting go of Masters of Sex as I'm bored with it now especially as my ship is gone.

What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2014? Why?

I started Deadwood and The X-Files but only made it through the beginning episodes of S1. I failed mostly on my planned fandoms because of lack of motivation and laziness mainly. That list would be Borgen, Political Animals, Boardwalk Empire, Rectify, Broadchurch and The Returned (and ohers I don't remember).

What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2015?

Keep going with Deadwood and The X-Files. Others I want to try: Penny Dreadful, The Leftovers, Rectify, Outlanders, The Good Wife (HTGAWM has inspired me to check out another lawyer show), Manhattan, possibly others but I make no promises.

What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2015 unless things significantly improve?

I've had moments where I've thought about quitting Brooklyn 99 because I don't like the het plots and I'm not finding it that funny but I like the characters enough and fandom's really into it so it's sticking around for now. Scanal might be out as well but I think it's just a show I need to binge and not watch every week.

What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?

Game of Thrones (this was tested last season lol), How To Get Away With Murder, The Mindy Project, Transparent, Luther (unless Idris and Ruth leave the show), Nashville (because Connie Briton), Shameless.

What show impressed you most in 2014?

Transparent was incredible with beautiful characters who were all kinds of messed up, interesting family relationships, LGBT characters, amazing writing and acting and all around awesome show. I highly recommend it! Orange is the New Black was even better than S2 and I can't wait for S3 (Alexxxx!!!). Also The Mindy Project S2 finale was my favorite comedy episode of the year, just hilarious and romantic and perfect.

What show impressed you least in 2014?

Well shout out to Game of Thrones 403 to being the worst fucking book interpretation I've ever seen and completely ruined the show for me for a few months. Oh and HIMYM for being the WORST season finale I've ever seen and completely ruining the show forever for me. Ugh fuck that stupid show. Overall I have to go with Once Upon a Time because of the stupid het and plotting. Just give me my Swan Queen!

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Better Call Saul for sure! Really excited about Empire too, that looks to have a lot of things I love. Also Galavant, Agent Carter (I'm done with any superhero shows/movies that don't STAR a woman/POC), Orange is the New Black S3, Mad Men&Glee&Parks series finales and iZombie because Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero (A Trip to the Dentist writer). Movie-wise: Inside Out, Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect 2, Entourage the movie, Sisters (Amy/Tina!!!), Furious 7. Sportswise excited for GERMANY VS USA: Round 2 featuring coach boyfriends J├╝rgen and Jogi, Gold Cup for USA, Bayern Munich in the Champions League, March Madness for SU and Stanley Cup Playoffs for Blackhawks.

It's going to be a weird year for TV and me. I'm going to be busy with college and other priorities so I don't want to watch things I don't like but I want to be better at watching quality shows and not just watching whatever I feel like. We'll see what happens.
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Yay October! And September update [Oct. 1st, 2013|11:46 am]

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Happy October everyone! As I posted on Twitter, I'm really excited about this month because it's my birthday month and I have some super fun stuff planned in store. This coming weekend, I'm going to see Gravity with a friend of mine after we do some hiking and on Sunday I'm going to see Maroon 5 (and Kelly Clarkson) in concert!! Soooo excited as I've fallen in love with Adam Levine after watching him being a hilarious, competitive, adorable dork on The Voice who can't stop flirting and being in love with Blake Shelton. HAVE I MENTIONED THEY ARE SUCH BOYFRIENDS??? Who say things like, "I would never cheat on you Blake?" THAT IS A THING THAT HAPPENED.

Ahem. I'm getting ahead of myself. The weekend after that or rather, pre-weekend on October 9th in the evening I'm driving to Las Vegas to go to Wincon! I'm going to be rooming with some awesome SF people and I'm looking forward to seeing [personal profile] nikibee again along with [personal profile] cee_m and many others! October 11 (friday) is my birthday and there will be fannish panels, hanging out with fannish people, a VIDSHOW (of which I have two vids, one premiering), Once More with Feeling and Rocky Horror Show screenings and hopefully a drunken birthday party full of fangirls. I'm sooooo excited! Plus I'm totally going to ride that roller coaster I saw last time. I am going to be going back early Sunday morning but that's because I have tickets to see the Blind Auditions (ie Adam/Blake FLIRTING NONSTOP) of The Voice with [personal profile] elipie! I can't wait!! Other fun things I'm planning on doing is getting a tattoo on my right ankle. It's my first tattoo as I've wanted one for a long time but could never justify the expense. It's going to be Nala from The Lion King like in my main icon. I figure I've been a fangirl of it for 21 years, I think it's a forever thing plus I've always felt my spirit animal, what I've been in another life, etc is a lioness so it's really important to me. The biggest thing for me is I'm going to go skydiving! It's always been in the top 3 things I want to do in my life since I love flying and want to feel like I am if only briefly. Will probably save it towards the end of the month.

A month ago I had an amazing time Labor Day Weekend getting to hang out with [personal profile] nikibee in the Bay Area. We watched Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Parks and Recreation and had a vidparty where we watched Vividcon vids with [personal profile] franzeska (who I had a great talk with!), Alice, Michelle, Dani and I think that's all? It was so much fun! We (Nicole, Alice and Michelle) also went to Oakland Pride and got to see En Vogue in concert and it was so great to get a chance to have some good talks with [personal profile] nikibee all weekend. I also went back to San Francisco near where I used to live and work and got to have lunch with someone from Dev Bootcamp which I also visited and got to talk to the founder who changed my life with letting me go to it. Unfortunately I left my favorite hoodie there and haven't been able to get it back :( I also visited the Berkeley campus which is SO BEAUTIFUL! Probably the prettiest one I've ever seen, it's like half nature reserve. Finally I went to a Haven party [personal profile] franzeska (who else? ;)) was throwing and got to say goodbye for a couple hours before I had to leave to catch my flight. Gotta say Southwest was awesome, they gave me a better seat when I complained I didn't know I had to check in for the return flight. It was a super fun weekend and I'm so glad I went!

Other than that, I've been working a lot. We had a big deadline a few weeks ago before our company presented a website at a conference. Some of the weeks I worked on interesting things and that was fun especially getting to pair with my mentor here but a couple weeks I didn't like what I was working on and kept getting distracted by the internetz at work which was less fun. We did go bowling last week as the conference went awesome and that was really fun! I've also been running more and I paid for a personal trainer so I can actually get a REAL strength training workout and that has helped a LOT with developing some muscles. I've always wanted to do chinups so that's my long term goal. I've been thinking about running a marathon next year as I need a big running goal to get me inspired to run more and I want to beat my last time (5.5 hours) and hopefully have a rain free experience. I've been eating a lot cleaner lately and did lose a little weight but got a little bored with it and regressed last week. No worries though, I varied my diet up and am doing better now. If there's anything I learned in the past it's not to give up and let little backslides trip you up.

The big news is I've decided to quit my job soon and go back to college to finally finish my degree. It's something I've always wanted to do and I've had enough of a taste of the real world working on something I kind of like but not love (even with the nice money benefits!) to want to go back to school and work on finding what I really want to do with my life. I'm going to continue study programming on my own and help code for the AO3 along with working on personal projects I'm hoping will lead to possible job opportunities or at least direction. I'm going to go back to community college for Spring 2014 and I'll be applying in the next two months to UCLA, CSULA and CSULB as a Philosophy major. Yes, Philosophy because I've loved the courses I've taken in it, I've always wanted to learn it and it requires a very low amount of credits so I can graduate fast as I'm aiming for May/June 2015. I'm also planning on volunteering at College Track during the time and maybe seeing if after I graduate I can get a job there or at a similar organization. Or maybe I'll do another programming job to save money/pay off debts, I don't know, we'll see.

Let's see...a couple weeks ago, [personal profile] elipie came over to watch vids, vid and talk with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and I and it was a lot of fun! I've been trying to go to more meetups lately to meet new people and feel less lonely and so I went to a happy hour and met some cool people DTLA and also went to a hiking group last Saturday where I had some good talks with a couple people. The weekend before that I went hiking with my friend, Jen who has turned out to be one of my closest friends in LA even though she's a bit older than me. She used to be in a rock band but now is learning to program so we hang out a good amount to do that. But we hiked in Griffith Park and had a really long talk about life, fun things in our history and the future which was really great.

I've been missing my mom a lot lately. I didn't fully appreciate that when I felt lonely and couldn't reach any of my friends to talk, I could always call my mom and know she'd be there for me. It's just tough sometimes and earlier in the month I was feeling really lonely. I think of her every day whether in small moments or longer memories and it just hurts a lot. I just really wish she was back again :( Last Sunday was the three month anniversary of her death and it feels so far away and yet so close like I can vividly remember getting the call that she had died. I called my dad the other day and it was good to talk to him and hear he's doing well especially after my brother freaked me out saying he couldn't get a hold of him. I'm still terrified he's going to die, I just heard that statistically spouses are more likely to die after one of them dies so even with my dad's health issues, it's even scarier. I'm really looking forward to going back to see him for the holidays and my cousin and aunt as well, both who've been there for me a lot. I went to a meetup last Saturday with a group that's about women who've lost their mothers and it was really helpful talking to other people like me there. Someone said that the worst part is even if you have other people who help fill the hole your mother left, it's not the same as having MY mother there, she's mine and no one is mine in that way. And that's totally how I feel. It was helpful though and we got to smash plates and mugs to help let out the anger :)

On a happier note, I'm so happy fall TV season in back! I'm watching sooo many shows right now, omg. Monday I have How I Met Your Mother (ahhh THE MOTHER, brb happy crying), The Voice (Adam/Blake are SUCH BOYFRIENDS who flirt constantly, yay Christina and CeeLo being back and I love so many of the contestants already), The Blacklist (reminds me of Alias with Sydney and Jack (and Irina)) and I'm watching Mom purely out of love for Allison Janney who is a goddess. Tuesday I'm giving Agents of Shield a couple more episodes before I give up as I didn't like the characters (minus Coulson) and the plot, Brooklyn 9-9 (I really like it! it's funny and GREAT characters), New Girl (close to letting this one go again), The Minday Project (still sadly only love Mindy) and The Voice again (Blake is not doing an all country team again yay!!). Wednesday is Modern Family (yay gay marriage!) and I'm going to give Super Fun Night a try. Thursday is The Big Bang Theory (still sometimes funny, I love Sheldon but my god the gender issues), OUAT in Wonderland (going to give it a try), Glee (KURT/BLAINE DYING FROM LOVE AND SQUEEEE) and Parks and Recreation (still perfect and still LESLIE IS THE BEST). Sunday is Downton Abbey (I need to catch up actually), Once Upon a Time (MORE SWAN QUEEN, less boys pleeease) and Homeland (didn't really like 301 although I LOVE Carrie still). Lucky 7 is getting cancelled soon but I enjoyed the premise and focus on working class families so I'll continue watching. I didn't like Sleepy Hollow at all so I cut that. Any other good shiows I should watch? I'm currently catching up on Scandal (OLIVIA IS SO AWESOME and I love the addicting plots), Spartacus (deserves its own post but AWESOME!!!) and Twin Peaks (so pretty and I enjoy the plot).

On a happy/sad note, Breaking Bad is over :( But it went out on top! I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Hollywood Cemetery to see the Breaking Bad series finale live with the cast and creators of the show. I went early to get good seats and spent the day reading books (including Clash of Kings! still working on my reread) with blankets and my pillow until [personal profile] elipie showed up and we got to go in. We got good seats near the center but further back because there was a big VIP section for all the industry people who showed up. I went to checkout the RV where Walt and Jesse cooked their first meth and people were getting pictures with it and then AARON PAUL showed up and I quickly got in line but then he left but right near me so I was like 6 ft away from me. I got a picture in the RV though and it was so cool! We saw the Pilot of Breaking Bad (introduced by Aaron Paul being amazing) and then saw the Finale which was AWESOME!!! I'm so happy and fully satisfied with it. Sooo much better than The Sopranos and many other shows that can't stick the ending. I'm looking forward to doing a rewatch of the whole show and hopefully making some vids to it because it still needs ALL THE VIDS!! I read Sepinwall's review like my usual tradition (he helped me get into the show) but not reading any more because I'm sick of the negative stuff. I really loved seeing the cast Q&A after the finale, it was great to see it in person.

I've been working on a Game of Thrones vid that I'm really excited about so I'm looking forward to posting that sometime this month. I need to clear these vids off my plate because Festivids is starting!! I nominated some things and I have some requests but mainly I'm excited about making vids for people because I'll have more time than last year without the OUAT exchange. I already have 7 vids I want to make and I'm really excited to get my assignment and start. Last year was amazing and I'm hoping to have a wonderful experience this year as well.

Oh and I'm going to Europe next month! I can barely think about it, it makes me too excited and happy. Some background: I've been dying to go to Europe since like 2005? Since college started definitely especially London and Paris. It's something I want to do before I die and I've had to cancel every plan I've had to do it because of money but now that's no longer an issue! So Thanksgiving week I'm going to go to London, Paris, Munich (to visit [profile] infiniterain!!!) and Belgium (to visit [personal profile] indybaggins!) and I'm sooo excited to see some of the touristy stuff I've never seen in person. If you're in the area, let me know as I'd love to hang out! It's going to be an epic adventure I'm sure.

Wow that was long. This is what happens when I don't post for a month. I love that people are posting more to DW/LJ and am going to try to do the same, weekly is a good goal for me. I'm gonna see Laura Veirs with [personal profile] beerbad tonight which I'm excited about! A great start to my October :)
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New vid: Past the Feeling (Once Upon a Time) [Aug. 20th, 2013|11:50 am]

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Title: Past the Feeling
Music: "The Suburbs" by Mr Little Jeans (Arcade Fire Cover)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time S1-2
Focus: Regina, Regina/Emma
Summary: Sometimes I can't believe it, I'm moving past the feeling.
Content Notes: None.
Notes: Premiered at Vividcon 2013 Premieres. Thanks to [personal profile] killabeez for help with the audio editing.
Download Link: Past the Feeling (80 MB AVI)

AO3 | Tumblr

So this is the vid I started after I fell in love with Regina/Emma and OUAT back in September 2012. I heard this song and thought it was beautiful and the lyrics fit Regina so much. Even though the song is less emotional than my usual choice, I was excited to get a chance to focus more on aesthetics and work on fading clips together more like [personal profile] bradcpu does which I've wanted to do for awhile. I set down some clips in the fall and had fun vidding it without a deadline. Of course then the OUAT exchange and Festivids happened so I stopped working on it and then OUAT annoyed me and took away my precious Swan Queen and I was not feeling like finishing it. But the S2 finale was super, super shippy for them and re-energized me so when my Premieres idea didn't work out and I ended up having less time than I expected, I thought finishing this would be a great vid to submit for Premieres. I didn't have as much time as I hoped as I spent most of it on my Auction vid but I'm glad I got to practice a different style than my usual and I'm really happy with some of the things I did in this. I still would like to get a good beta and improve the vid but not sure when/if that will happen.

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A real update, finally [Mar. 8th, 2013|01:27 pm]

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So I finally have time and the inclination to post here about some of the things I've been up to. The time thing is mostly because I'm not working at my job anymore. It wasn't working out on either end and I'm really looking forward to finding an in person, salaried job at a good company that can actually pay me decently. I was really overwhelmed at first in terms of looking for a job and sometimes still am but I'm feeling better about it now. It seems that the last year of networking I've been doing in the LA tech scene is starting to pay off as I now have a lot of people I can reach out for help and who have offered to help. There's a job I reeeeally want and I'm kind of terrified of being rejected from it but I'm getting better at feeling like if it doesn't happen, it'll all work out along a different great path. And happy coincidences like a job fair this weekend is extra awesome. I am ever so grateful to be in a field where there's high demand for my skills, it makes it a lot less stressful than it would for me.

Last weekend was a lot of fun! I went to Once Upon a Time Paley Fest with [personal profile] elipie and [personal profile] rhoboat and it turned my feelings of the show to mostly anger to full of FEELS! I still have major issues with what the show is doing (not enough gay, stupid blood > adoption family stuff, Regina's misery as a plot devise) but at a certain point I can let go of expectations and just enjoy the things I love mostly REGINA omg how does Lana Parilla exist? She's hot onscreen but in person she is an absolute goddess not to mention hilarious, adorable and kind. Of course we sat behind some of the most dedicated fans of Lana and Regina so it was good for me to have other people to cheer with and Lana kept LOOKING at us and giving smiles of encouragement and the Evil Regal sign and I seriously felt like I was going to melt with squee. At the end, I managed to crawl over the seats to get close enough to Lana to get her autograph and try to shout things up at her. I hope in the future to get another chance to actually talk to her. I got pretty close to JMo but she left so I talked with Jane Espenson and put in my plug for an actual gay fairytale couple on the show (and happiness for Regina). We'll see what happens...I also connected with one of the fans in front of me in the hope of finding in person Swan Queen fans and a couple of her friends were! So that's encouraging to not feel so alone in it.

Job hunting does make it hard to find time to vid so that's a problem as there's like 5 vids I'm trying to get done in the next two months. One of them is an epic Game of Thrones vid that's gotten me headfirst back into Game of Thrones love, just in time for S3 coming in 23 days eeee! I'm just worried about getting it finished along with two other vids before the April Vividcon deadline. I've also volunteered for Vividcon auction with an insane amount of fandoms so I'm looking forward to doing that for the first time. Reeeally can't wait to go to VVC! There's nothing like hanging out with vidfans. I did go to Escapade a couple weeks ago and that was wonderful! I met some awesome new people as well as got a chance to talk to friends from past years. The vidshow and vid panels and vid review were all wonderful as well and gave me a small taste of Vividcon.

On a dream come true note, I'm so happy about the news that Whose Line is coming back with the original cast! RYAN AND COLIN TOGETHER ON MY SCREEN AGAIN! This show seriously saved me from senioritis back in high school in 2006 and I've wanted a revival to happen for the last 7 years. It's my biggest RPF ship and getting new Ryan/Colin slash with the original games will be wonderful. I've also been loving Parks & Recreation which has been wonderful the last few episodes (except for the Ann plot ughh don't get me started). Unfortunately Glee has been frustrating me more and more with the bad song choices, plots I don't like and not getting me to a emotional place like it used to do. I knew my love for the show wouldn't last forever but it's still disappointing. At least it's no less gay and I'm still loooving Kurt/Blaine, Santana/Britney, Kurt/Adam and Santana/Quinn not to mention Unique <3 The Big Bang Theory has been funnier lately but it's been driving me CRAZY with the increased amounts of sexism. I'm so glad they added more female geek characters but it doesn't make up for that. On the new shows front, I have been convinced by [personal profile] beerbad to keep watching Bunheads which has gotten a lot better over the last few episodes and feels more like Gilmore Girls now along with Parenthood which I'm starting to like a lot more after the first few episodes.

Happy International Women's Day! I went to a Women in Engineering event last night and it was so much fun to be surrounded by women mostly involved in computer science all together. I had drinks with a group of women trying to help other women learn Ruby/Ruby on Rails and it was great to feel like part of a community that's trying to help solve a frustrating lack of diversity problem. It's a slow process but hopefully it can only get better from here. And I'm so thankful to be in fandom surrounded by so many amazing women (and awesome guys) all supporting each other and being creative. I am ever so thankful I found this wonderful place :)
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New vid: Halfway Through the Wood [Jan. 18th, 2013|08:32 pm]

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When I got assigned to fictorium, I was super excited because she wrote one of my favorite Swan Queen fics, Halfway Through the Wood which is based off the Awake TV show. I had been thinking of trying to make a fic trailer for it and this was the perfect oppurtunity to do it. I had never done a trailer before so I looked into some fanmade ones to get a better idea of how to do it. Turns out they're HARD especially when you're not using source audio. It was a lot of fun though to try to recreate some of the scenes and storyline. I don't know how successful I was but it was a fun experiment. And if you haven't read the fic, you SHOULD. It's here.

Title: Halfway Through the Wood
Music: Awake Theme by Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek
Fandom: Once Upon a Time S1-208
Ship: Regina/Emma
Summary: Which reality is real?
Notes: Made for [personal profile] damelola (fictorium) for the [profile] ouat_exchange, based on the fic, Halfway Through The Wood by fictorium. Thanks to [personal profile] thirdblindmouse for the quick beta!

Link: Halfway Through The Wood (62 MB)
Streaming: Halfway Through The Wood streaming
AO3 | Tumblr

Embedded video under the cut )
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New vid: There Are Worse Things I Could Do [Jan. 17th, 2013|06:20 pm]

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So I was watching the Grease episode of Glee and then they come to this song which is my favorite and I have it on repeat when all of a sudden I realize it totally fits Regina. Clips start coming to my head in a rush and then I figure out the lyrical iffy part makes total sense when I do it in a certain way. I was super excited to get to do a Regina vid that would let out my Regina feels and I so cried making this. She's my FAVORITE and I was so glad to explore different parts of her character and show who she is to me ie my queen. The vidding was relatively painless, barely any clipping and it mostly flowed right out of me. So here's my Regina vid:

Title: There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Music: Stockard Channing (from Grease)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time S1-209
Focus: Regina
Summary: There are worse things I could do.
Notes: Made for [personal profile] damelola (fictorium) for the [profile] ouat_exchange. Thanks to [personal profile] thirdblindmouse for the beta!

Link: There Are Worse Things I Could Do (62 MB)
Streaming: There Are Worse Things I Could Do streaming
AO3 | Tumblr

Embedded video under the cut )
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New vid: True Love (Once Upon a Time) [Jan. 13th, 2013|04:46 pm]

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As soon as I heard this song, I knew I had to make it for Swan Queen because it was SO perfect for them. What better time then the Once Upon a Time Holiday Exchange? It was a lot of fun to make as there wasn't too much clipping and it mostly flowed right out of me. I had to wait for the midseason finale but I was SO glad I did. It basically sums up my feelings about why Regina and Emma are so perfect for each other and so acts as a ship manifesto of sorts. I came out of this even more believing that Swan Queen really is...true love.

Title: True Love
Music: Pink (feat. Lily Rose Cooper)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time S1-209
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Summary: I hate you so much, I think it must be true love.
Notes: Made for [personal profile] damelola (fictorium) for the [profile] ouat_exchange. Thanks to [personal profile] sol_se for the beta!

Link: True Love (62 MB)
Streaming: True Love streaming
AO3 | Tumblr

Embedded video under the cut )
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Once Upon a Time 210 [Jan. 6th, 2013|07:03 pm]

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Spoilers for OUAT 210 )

I finished my Festivid! So happy. Now for a treat which I'm super excited about. It's been fun in vid chat and I've been super motivated to vid. Unfortunately I keep having tech troubles, not only did my external hard drive crash, my iPhone cracked, I had trouble putting my Festivid back together and now my Mac hard drive is acting up. Will the tech problems ever end??? Ugh. But yay Festivids! I can't wait for reveals.
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Can I please have my Swan Queen back? Please? [Dec. 2nd, 2012|07:47 pm]

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So...Once Upon a Time happened.

Spoilers for Once Upon a Time 209 )

In other news, I am watching The Walking Dead (just started S3) and that's been...mildly entertaining. I enjoy the concept and the cinematography and some of the plot but man it's hard to love most of the characters. And there is an extreme lack of badass, gun wielding women which is a damn shame cause the show is perfect for it. It's gotten a bit better at least. Also I started watching Legend of the Seek S2 with [personal profile] beerbad and I am enjoying it a lot. Cara!!!!!!!! She's amaaaaazing, just my type. And shipping Cara/Kahlan of course. That will be my replacement OUAT during the looong hiatus (haha I've survived worse).

Been working on my Once Upon a Time Holiday Exchange gift this month so mostly just gotten some clipping done for Festivids. I can't believe it's December already! Where has this year gone? I'm going back to NY for Christmas and if I can survive the snow, it'll be great seeing my cats, family and friends there again. Will be going to New Hampshire after Christmas to a friend's cabin so I'll do some skiing which I haven't done in awhile. I'll miss LA though, it's so nice here, all the holiday stuff without the cold. Here in LA, we had a chance to show [profile] cherryice around LA and to a vid party and it was a lot of fun! Even if the zoo didn't have lions that day (FAIL :() at least we saw the tigers being playful and cute!

The kittens have gotten much bigger and they are SUPER cute <3 I love them soooo much!
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The things I do for love...(*does not push things out windows* really) [Oct. 27th, 2012|12:07 am]

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Come join [profile] ouat_exchange!
A Once Upon a Time Holiday Exchange for fic & media!

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So I'm doing this? What can I say, I'm obsessed with Swan Queen and it's messed up my mind. I haven't done a holiday exchange in forever...since before Festivids at least. I wouldn't do this except I have a lot clipped so it shouldn't be too hard and I reeeeally want fic. One of the bummers about Festivids is you can't get fic in exchange for vids and why I will never stop hoping for Yuletide to combine with Festivids one year.

So if you like OUAT, join me! I am currently earworming a song I'd looove to make for Regina/Emma (like I need more but hey) and omg my shipper heart is exploding with squee. HOW ARE THEY SO PERFECT TOGETHER??? I can't even deal with it. Squee in the comments with me please?
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Well then [Oct. 22nd, 2012|01:06 am]

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Spoilers for Once Upon a Time 203 and 204 )

At least there is always Homeland never letting me down:

Spoilers for Homeland 204 )

Slowly working on Festivids assignment and hopefully going to try to get this Carrie vid done in the next week or two. I had a beach bonfire on Saturday with fans and it was so much fun! My first one and I loved it and we learned a lot so we can do it again in the future. Also I registered for Muskrat Jamboree!! Who else is going? We need one more roommate if anyone is looking!
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New vid: What Makes You Beautiful [Oct. 13th, 2012|10:05 pm]

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So this is NOT the serious Regina/Emma vid I've been working on for the last three weeks but is a fluff vid I made to cure my vidder's block. It came out relatively fast, only about 6 days although I did have most of the clipping already done. I have learned it is great fun to vid your shipper feels...oh wait, I know that already :)

Also it can totally be blamed on [personal profile] elipie.

Title: What Makes You Beautiful
Music: One Direction
Fandom: Once Upon a Time S1-202
Pairing: Regina/Emma
Summary: If only you saw what I can see.

Link: What Makes You Beautiful (19 MB)
Streaming: What Makes You Beautiful streaming

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Sundays have the BEST TV [Oct. 8th, 2012|08:33 pm]

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So I'm trying to get into this posting more regularly on DW/LJ thing. I've always felt bad that I didn't post more regularly about the shows I was watching and now I've discovered the solution-Tumblr, all the pretty without most of the work as the tags allow me to express myself simply. However there are a few shows I have more in depth thoughts on or don't want to spoil people too much about so I'm going to post more small posts here. We'll see how it goes.

First off, Homeland. Wow. If you aren't watching this show, WATCH IT! The latest episode pulled off the most shocking twist for me ever and I cannot get over what an amazing character Carrie is (not to mention the brilliant Claire Danes acting). Seriously, it is SO WORTH IT.

Spoilers for Homeland 202 )

Then there is Once Upon a Time...I've expressed myself through Tumblr mostly but there are some more things I want to talk about.

Spoilers for Once Upon a Time 202 )

So I'm off roadtripping to Denver on Wednesday! If anyone in the Denver/Colorado area wants to hang out for a bit, let me know. I shall be there for my birthday on Thursday and then I leave Sunday. I can't wait to hang out more with [profile] asuka14! If anyone has music recs, let me know as I need to find some good Festivid songs. Which speaking of, I am almost done with my Dear Festividder letter and I'm super excited about it. I have one more request to make up my mind about 100% if I'm doing it before I post it. I'm still under the impression I'm going to make ALL THE TREATS but we'll see how productive I really am. And hanging out in vidder chat (#vidding in IRC) is super fun for any talk about vidding.
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I just want Regina to be happy... [Oct. 3rd, 2012|11:24 am]

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TV is back!! And it is already an awesome, awesome thing. I am having too much fun on Tumblr (anoel43) reblogging my favorite shows. Here is my TV schedule so far with a couple new shows on there I still have yet to try out. So far my favorite new shows are The Mindy Project (SO MUCH LOVE), The New Normal and Last Resort.

Fall TV Schedule

8: How I Met Your Mother
8:30 Partners
9: New Girl
9: Happy Endings
9:30: The New Normal
9:30: Don't Trust the B
9:30: The Mindy Project
8: Arrow???
9: Modern Family
10: Nashville?
8: Last Resort
8: The Big Bang Theory
8: 30 Rock
9: Glee
9: The Office
9:30 Parks & Recreation
1ish: Downton Abbey
9: Homeland
9: Revenge

Obviously I love my comedies :) I'm super excited for The Mindy Project because I've loooved Mindy Kaling for a long time ever since I fell in love with the episode, The Dundies on The Office. And then I met her at a con and she was super nice to me, then I met her again at a WGA rally and she hugged me/remembered me and then I met her at my book signing and she remembered me again :) I loved her book, I think she's hilarious and I thought the show was super funny and it's so nice having a show with fun pop culture references that I love and centered around romance. I also love The New Normal mostly for David/Bryan, I looove seeing a gay couple on my screen each week that kiss a lot and Bryan cracks me up. I like the mom and Shania too but the other characters dont work for me much so I'm hoping for better. Partners is not as funny but I looove Michael Urie and having another main gay couple on my screen each week so I'm enjoying it.

Loving Parks and Recreation a lot too, LESLIE's back!! I'm really loving her character development so far. And of course I'm love Glee since they fixed the finale and it's so nice to have my favorite characters back. I do miss the ones that we don't see much (Santana!) but I love Jake (omg so cute) and Marley and most especially UNIQUE who helps make the episode for me now that I'm not getting as much Kurt/Blaine. Loving Kurt's plotline though, it's so great to see him happy and growing. I also finished Teen Wolf and LOVED it. Especially the second season. I pretty much slash all the guys but my favorites at the moment is Derek/Stiles (of course), Jackson/Scott, Derek/Jackson, Derek/Scott and Peter with any of the guys. Even Lydia's dad is slashy with the guys, I mean, come on. The girls sadly don't really do it for me but I enjoyed Allison's plotline in S2 and I have hopes Lydia will be back to her awesome self next season. My favorite is still Kate because I do love my badass (somewhat evil...) women. I specifically did Teen Wolf before Once Upon a Time because I knew OUAT has plenty of awesome women...

Which is one of the many reasons I LOVE Once Upon a Time. It's so cool to see so many great, active and non-love interest women in the spotlight, sometimes I still can't believe it. I watched the Pilot ages ago and I loved Regina a lot (SURPRISE) but because I haaaaated Cameron on House, it was really hard for me to get past my Jennifer Morrison issues. Yeeeeeah that's (mostly) gone now. After watching [personal profile] flummery's amazing Once Upon a Time vid at Vividcon, I knew I had to watch the show and I quickly fell in love with it. By the time Emma was cutting down apple trees, I loved her and by the time Regina was being sexy making comments like "Enjoy the shirt because it's the last thing you'll get" (OMG), I was shipping Regina/Emma (SWAN QUEEN)!!

It's funny because the other day I was making a list of my OTPs and I realized I had almost no femslash couples. Which makes me sad because it's not intentional or anything, I just haven't found any that I'm obsessive about. After thinking about it, I realized it's hard for me because I find it hard to ship two women who are friends in a BFF, happy together, sweet way because I don't find it sexy and it seems too close to just an actual friendship to me. To add to that, I tend to love women who are more...I hate using these kind of words but masculine, more badass, kickass women who aren't into talking all about their feelings and who are damaged, conflicted and have issues. That's what I find sexy and interesting and sadly in this TV/movie landscape it's hard to find ONE women like that, it's even harder to find TWO women like that in the same fandom and it's really hard to find two women who have an actual layered relationship with a dynamic with enough similarities and differences to make things interesting (that I connect to). So I feel so incredibly lucky to find Regina and Emma that meet all that criteria for me and that have BLAZING sexual chemistry (omg too hot) and that have FIGHTS AGAINST WALLS (bulletproof kink that hit me so much during Teen Wolf) and yet genuinely care about each other even if a lot of it is started by Henry. What I love about Regina and Emma together is it makes PERFECT sense within the context of the show, by getting together, Henry has two moms who don't have to fight over him, it forgives Snow White because although she took her away Regina's chance at love, she then gave her TRUE LOVE back so they can all be a happy family (with a little bitterness because fun) and they can all live happy ever after. At least that's the way I see it.

Spoilers for Once Upon a Time S1 and 201 )

Regina/Emma fic recs!

Halfway Through The Wood by fictorium: This is my favorite fic so far, it's an AU based on the TV show Awake where Emma "died" in one world and Henry "died" in another word. It just gets to me emotionally and it pushes all my Swan Queen buttons.
somewhere, someone must know the ending by maleficently: OMG this fic!! AU where there is no curse, just Storybrooke and Regina and Emma were in a serious relationship and then broke up and now Henry wants them back together so he *imagines* the curse. It's a WIP but it's SO GOOD and I constantly get super excited when it's updated which is fairly often.
A Queen Without Power by [personal profile] buffied: Picks up after the S1 finale and has an AMAZING slow burn that just killed me completely with love. It's a WIP but still is being regularly updated, so worth it.
Thicker Than Oceans by adventurepants: Super, super cute Regina/Emma in a relationship fic with my favorite Snow yet. Love it!
Paint It Black by wily_one24: OMG this fic. This is Evil Queen/Emma and it is put as "Exteme dub-con" which should not be taken lightly. That being said, I looooved it and it's really hot and fucked up (which makes it hot) and it's very, very long and fun. Definitely an interesting take on their relationship.

I have many more fic recs but for now that's fine. I haven't devoured fic this much in a long time so it's fun. I'm also making a Swan Queen vid right now which is so much fun. It keeps taking a long time to finish but that's vidding for you. It definitely different from my normal style but in a good way and I'm learning a lot. I realized the other day I haven't had a TV OTP in a LONG time, Kurt/Blaine (less so) and House/Wilson were the last so this is very exciting...and scary considering how weird it is to get things week to week. But thankfully on Sundays I also have another amazing show to watch...Homeland! SO happy with the Emmy wins, soooo well deserved and I was so happy to see Mad Men finally beat. I love the show but S5 did not deserve Best Drama at all and if it couldn't be Breaking Bad, Homeland is my next choice.

Spoilers for Homeland S1-201 )

I'm dying to keep working on my Carrie vid now. Swan Queen vid first then hopefully I can finish it before Festivids. So excited for [community profile] festivids! I can't wait to see all the vids for small fandoms and I have plenty I'd love to make. If only vidding didn't take so loooong. Or I had more time in the day.
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