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Well then

Well. There goes my squee. I knew this Swan Queen separation was going to harsh my Once Upon a Time buzz but that was the worst. A WHOLE FUCKING EPISODE WITHOUT REGINA AND/OR EMMA???? FUCK YOU YOU STUPID FUCKING WRITERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. I mean I knew they were my favorites but I didn't realize how much until I had to suffer through an episode without either of them and I stopped caring about everything else on the show. Just I DONT CARE unless I get SOMETHING interesting. I like everyone else but I don't find them very interesting. Hook was the first guy I've found hot on the show, I like Rumple/Belle and Rumple's backstory but without some Regina or Emma I can't care and just want them to go away and get my beautiful Swan Queen back. Maybe my expectations were out of whack but there's been no episode without at least one of them so this is just ughhhh.

I'm not used to not having my OTP in episodes or at least ONE of them around. WHYYYYY do I do this to myself? I'm just so angry right now as I reeeally wanted to enjoy this episode after being disappointed by last week's episode. But now I appreciate that one lol. I did LOVE the Emma Swan in that, how she wanted so much to defend everyone and be a badass in that world as well but she couldn't. And her sharing Henry with Regina!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. I died. And then Emma saying no one's ever put her first!!! And the emotions and hug awwwwwwwwww. So many parallels with Regina and not knowing how to love or be loved in return!! They're so fucking cute and I want all the fic with them learning how to love each other. That's why I love them, it's so INTERESTING how they can deal with all their issues and learn to love each other and there's no Instant Love or anything boring like that. Snow and Charming can talk up their True Love all they want but I just don't see it. And that's where the last episode showed me more than I am bored by the other stuff, the other characters just aren't doing it for me.

And of course the thing that made me the saddest: Reginaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! OMG the way she was so happy to hear from Henry and rushed to meet him and then he BETRAYED HER and broke my heart into a milllion pieces. And she didn't even go to pick him up because she didn't think he'd go with her :( :( A million tears!! My poor heart can't take it. And then the end!! Ugh I just hate seeing David and Henry together because it reminds me that Henry isn't with either of his moms having happytimes and it makes me soooo sad. I couldn't enjoy the swordfight because I wish it was Emma and Regina teaching him and I thought Regina was watching them and omg I can't even deal with that level of sad. Way too depressing.

Blah. At least there's fic I guess. I just hate being flung around like this, never knowing what to expect and just...ugh I'm over it. Sometimes I wonder why I do this stupid shipper thing. This fucking show. Why do I have to get into ships at the wrong times, whyyyy?

At least there is always Homeland never letting me down:

HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Wow I did not expect that. I don't even no where to begin. Secret team! Carrie being BACK HELL YES! Carrie/Brody meeting again!!! OMG that conversation killed me with the flirting and smiles and undertones and dealing with the past and faking but not and their stupid faces omg what do they do with me. Ugh I ship them ridiculous amounts for what they are together. And then when she told Brody to meet more with Carrie...oh god I died. The bar scene!! Them mentioning the bar connection omg dying dying. And again with all the flirting and booty call and emotions and ECT freak out and being made HOLY SHIT. And then she went to the room and I didn't think they'd actually have sex because CAMERAS but wow the tension and then she TOLD HIM. Whoa. I freaked and then the mention of killing her and their past and then I LOVED YOU ITS FUCKING REAL MAN!!! I still can't believe it happened. I don't even know where it's going but I trust this show completely because LEAD ME AHEAD full steam, let's do this. Hasn't broken my trust yet, ILU show.

Slowly working on Festivids assignment and hopefully going to try to get this Carrie vid done in the next week or two. I had a beach bonfire on Saturday with fans and it was so much fun! My first one and I loved it and we learned a lot so we can do it again in the future. Also I registered for Muskrat Jamboree!! Who else is going? We need one more roommate if anyone is looking!

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