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So today is my 26th birthday! It is interesting doing it this year at Wincon surrounded by fangirls, so much fun to talk fandom with everyone. This morning we went down to the breakfast buffet which is amazing and had lots of delicious food and got to talk with our group of eight fangirls. I also got to get a big hug from [personal profile] cee_m who I haven't seen since a Vividcon awhile ago and it was great to see her again. I then went inside for the first panel but got distracted by getting stickers for my badge. I got a Harry sticker, a LIONESS sticker, a robot, a 1D group, some birthday stickers and a lion sticker so now my badge is a good representation of me :) I caught the end of the Fandom Grieving panel and then got to talk a bit to someone about The Walking Dead finale and how it got me to rage quit watching the show. I also got to meet with [personal profile] colls who I didn't know was coming and it was great to reconnect with her since she missed the last Vividcon. We both went to the Fairy Tales panel and got to talk a bit before the panel about OUAT and a few other shows. I was surprised the panel didn't bring up Swan Queen and I didn't put up my hand quick enough before we moved onto the next fandom.

Now I'm hanging out in my room with other fans and we had fun talking about tags in fandom and a few other things including the Benedict AMA. I'm looking forward to a bunch of panels today like the Kinks, Poly and Incest (I WILL be talking Jaime/Cersei and GoT, of course) panels. Then we have a vidshow with my premiering vid and then we're going to the Gordon Ramsey restaurant and I'm going to get some cake for my birthday. I'm super excited for Once More With Feeling and Rocky Horror Show tonight as I've never seen them with a group.

It's weird to be 26 and now closer to 30 than 25. It's been a weird year with high highs and low lows. I've learned and grown a lot and am so thankful to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you to everyone reading for being there for me and helping to support me. I'm looking forward to the ne t year of my life as I'm going to follow my dreams and try to do more of the things that make me happy. Here's to having an awesome year being 26!
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Happy Birthday! :D
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Happy Birthday to you!!
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A belated happy birthday to you! :)