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End of Year Fandom Meme [Dec. 31st, 2014|06:17 pm]

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It's the last day of the year so you know what means: meme time.

End of the Year Fandom Meme

What fandoms did you acquire in 2014?

How To Get Away With Murder, Hockey RPF (mostly Chicago Blackhawks RPF/Kane/Toews), Transparent, Luther, Soccer RPF (USA/German & Bayern Munich), Veep, Jane the Virgin, Broad City, Faking It, Maleficent, Nashville, American Ninja Warrior, Looking, The Americans, You're the Worst.

What fandoms did you let go of in 2014?

Once Upon a Time (too rage-y with stupid het ships/bad plots), The Blacklist, Modern Family (too many awards when the quality has decreased), The Big Bang Theory (not funny anymore plus too sexist), Downton Abbey and New Girl. Probably letting go of Masters of Sex as I'm bored with it now especially as my ship is gone.

What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2014? Why?

I started Deadwood and The X-Files but only made it through the beginning episodes of S1. I failed mostly on my planned fandoms because of lack of motivation and laziness mainly. That list would be Borgen, Political Animals, Boardwalk Empire, Rectify, Broadchurch and The Returned (and ohers I don't remember).

What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2015?

Keep going with Deadwood and The X-Files. Others I want to try: Penny Dreadful, The Leftovers, Rectify, Outlanders, The Good Wife (HTGAWM has inspired me to check out another lawyer show), Manhattan, possibly others but I make no promises.

What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2015 unless things significantly improve?

I've had moments where I've thought about quitting Brooklyn 99 because I don't like the het plots and I'm not finding it that funny but I like the characters enough and fandom's really into it so it's sticking around for now. Scanal might be out as well but I think it's just a show I need to binge and not watch every week.

What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?

Game of Thrones (this was tested last season lol), How To Get Away With Murder, The Mindy Project, Transparent, Luther (unless Idris and Ruth leave the show), Nashville (because Connie Briton), Shameless.

What show impressed you most in 2014?

Transparent was incredible with beautiful characters who were all kinds of messed up, interesting family relationships, LGBT characters, amazing writing and acting and all around awesome show. I highly recommend it! Orange is the New Black was even better than S2 and I can't wait for S3 (Alexxxx!!!). Also The Mindy Project S2 finale was my favorite comedy episode of the year, just hilarious and romantic and perfect.

What show impressed you least in 2014?

Well shout out to Game of Thrones 403 to being the worst fucking book interpretation I've ever seen and completely ruined the show for me for a few months. Oh and HIMYM for being the WORST season finale I've ever seen and completely ruining the show forever for me. Ugh fuck that stupid show. Overall I have to go with Once Upon a Time because of the stupid het and plotting. Just give me my Swan Queen!

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

Better Call Saul for sure! Really excited about Empire too, that looks to have a lot of things I love. Also Galavant, Agent Carter (I'm done with any superhero shows/movies that don't STAR a woman/POC), Orange is the New Black S3, Mad Men&Glee&Parks series finales and iZombie because Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero (A Trip to the Dentist writer). Movie-wise: Inside Out, Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect 2, Entourage the movie, Sisters (Amy/Tina!!!), Furious 7. Sportswise excited for GERMANY VS USA: Round 2 featuring coach boyfriends J├╝rgen and Jogi, Gold Cup for USA, Bayern Munich in the Champions League, March Madness for SU and Stanley Cup Playoffs for Blackhawks.

It's going to be a weird year for TV and me. I'm going to be busy with college and other priorities so I don't want to watch things I don't like but I want to be better at watching quality shows and not just watching whatever I feel like. We'll see what happens.
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New vid: Made For This (Game of Thrones) [Aug. 11th, 2014|02:04 pm]

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Title: Made For This
Music: "Letters From The Sky" by Civil Twilight
Fandom: Game of Thrones S1-4
Focus: Cersei, Cersei/Jaime
Summary: "Jaime and I are more than brother and sister. We shared a womb. We came into this world together, we belong together." - Cersei Lannister
Content Notes: Fast cuts, quick clips of gore, incest.
Notes: Premiered at Vividcon 2014 Premieres. Thanks to [ profile] hollywoodgrrl for the beta.
Download Link: Made For This (92 MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

I've had this vid idea for over two years and had planned to premiere this vid at Vividcon 2014 so I'm so happy I was able to successfully fulfill that goal. I first heard this song around May 2012 and was instantly blown away by the dynamic changes and how perfectly it fit Cersei and her relationship with Jaime. I knew we could get more of them in season four so I knew I had to wait til 2014 to finish the vid although it didn't stop me from vidding it before then. I was a bit intimidated as it was a more ambitious idea than I usually do but I was really excited to make it especially as my Cersei/Jaime feelings increased...and then The Scene happened in S4. I was furious and depressed and sad at how the Game of Thrones writers handled such an important scene for my favorite ship from the show and I could barely look at Jaime and was afraid I wouldn't be able to make the vid. Thankfully after a month or so, I was able to get enough distance to move on from it, pretend it didn't happen (mostly) and keep working on this vid. I mistook the Premieres deadline so I had to rush in the last two weeks to get this done but I was lucky enough to get some super useful Cersei/Jaime footage in the season finale so that helped me regain my feels again as well. It was a struggle working on the vid at times as I had the perfect idea in my head of what the vid would look like and it was hard to successfully bring that vision to life. But thanks in part to cheerleading from friends and the great last minute beta of [ profile] hollywoodgrrl, I was able to get the vid to look close to what I saw in my head and was able to end up happy with it. I love talking about this vid and ship so feel free to ask questions or leave any comments about it :)

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New vid: Right Now (Game of Thrones) [Aug. 11th, 2014|12:25 pm]

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Title: Right Now
Music: "Right Now" by Rihanna (ft. David Guetta)
Fandom: Game of Thrones S1-4
Focus: Arya Stark & Brienne of Tarth
Summary: All we got is right now.
Content Notes: Fast cuts, brief shots of gore.
Notes: Premiered at Club Vivid.
Download Link: Right Now (74 MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

I originally had two Club Vivid ideas I was going to do but unfortunately ran out of time to make either but still wanted to make a Game of Thrones vid for Premieres. I heard this song and really wanted to vid the EDM sections to Arya and Brienne sword fighting so I decided to make this vid featuring them. They are two of my favorite characters on the show (Arya is my faaaave) and I knew it would be a lot of fun to vid them. I had to edit the song to get only my favorite parts of the source and song in it and it was super fun to find the parallels between Arya and Brienne when they were fighting so I could vid them together. Plus it allowed me to have a great reason to cosplay as Arya at Club Vivid :)

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Festivids Reveals! [Feb. 11th, 2014|08:15 pm]

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Festivids have been revealed! You can check out the master list to see all the fandoms and vidder names. There was a TON of amazing vids and I made a big recs post in my head but haven't been in a posting mood lately. I was lucky enough to receive THREE wonderful vids that I love dearly. They are:

Spring Break Anthem (Arrested Development) made by [ profile] lily_the_kid. This is an amazing GOB vid (and heavily GOB/Tony) that captures his character and their relationship so well. The editing is great and it's so much fun!

Friends (The Lion King!!!) made by [personal profile] jagwriter78. I never expected to get a Lion King vid so I was super stoked to get this and it's a wonderful, adorable vid full of hugs, friendship and love. I'm so glad I have a vid full of so many things I love about this movie that I can watch over and over!

Dutch (The Wire) made by [personal profile] chaila. A Stringer vid! My favorite character and this vid is a perfect encapsulation both the good and the bad with tight editing, perfect lyric matches and lots of feels!

Thank you to my wonderful festividders! They made my Festivid experience this year so awesome and extra happy :)

I had big plans this Festivids to make 15 vids, then 7 but I finally settled for four. I had the free time to make more but I struggled with not feeling emotionally attached or inspired with some of my vid ideas (and some minor tech issues) so I didn't end making as many as I hoped. My goal was four though so I'm very happy with that and they were all received as well or better than I expected so overall it was a great experience! I made three movie vids this year which was very different for me but the benefit is a LOT less clipping which I enjoyed. The vids I made were:

Final Round (Pariah - 2011): DW | LJ for [personal profile] livrelibre
Love, Save the Empty (Masters of Sex): DW | LJ for [personal profile] aphrodite_mine
All We Got (The Great Gatsby): DW | LJ for [personal profile] linguology
Get Me Bodied (The Fifth Element): DW | LJ for [ profile] bradcpu

Thanks to everyone who commented on them already (hopefully I should reply soon) and I highly recommend checking out the vids! I am now working on clipping Game of Thrones (for most future vids) for Vividcon which is taking forever but will be worth it when I don't have to clip the same seasons over and over again in the future. I can't believe it's already time to start planning Vividcon vids (and panels/vidshows over at the community!) but registration is in a couple weeks so I'm excited to begin especially when I have so many ambitious ideas planned. Yay vidding!
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End of the Year Fandom Meme [Dec. 31st, 2013|11:08 am]

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So I still need to finish my big travel post about my time in Europe (so much fun!) but for now I need to finish some end of the year memes. Here is the first although I'm not sure how many fandoms I'll remember this year.

End of the Year Fandom Meme

What fandoms did you acquire in 2013?

The Voice, Orange is the New Black, Spartacus, Masters of Sex, Vicious, Scandal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, Bunheads, Twin Peaks, Frasier (in S3), House of Cards, Top of the Lake, The Blacklist, Catfish, Vikings, Bates Motel, Lip Service, The Fosters (kind of), Hannibal (kind of), Parenthood (in S1), Portlandia (in S2), Louie (in S2).

What fandoms did you let go of in 2013?

I'm behind on a few shows but I still plan on catching up so I'm not going to add those. Walking Dead is dead to me for it's bullshit treating of characters (especially women/POC) and stupid Governor plot. Revenge might go if I can't get motivated to catch up on.

What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2013? Why?

Still in S1 for American Horror Story, Deadwood, Legend of the Seeker, Luther, The Hour and Justified although I intend on fully catching up on those. Other I didn't were Borgen, Political Animals and Boardwalk Empire. I still need to catch up on Misfits, Nurse Jackie, Treme and Damages. Mostly lack of motivation and time.

What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2014?

Big projects are to finish Deadwood and finally watch all of The X-Files. In no particular order, other stuff I want to check out: Borgen, Political Animals, Boardwalk Empire, Rectify, The Americans, Broadchurch, The Returned, Veep and keep going with Nashville.

What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2014 unless things significantly improve?

Downton Abbey especially is my favorite character dies/leaves the show. The Blacklist needs to ping more of my Alias buttons to keep my interest and Hannibal is still on notice and is mostly there for fandom/critical acclaim.

What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?

Game of Thrones, Parks & Recreation, Glee, Once Upon a Time (only because Swan Queen, I've been close to quitting), Arrested Development, Modern Family, Masters of Sex, Mad Men and a few others.

What show impressed you most in 2013?

Breaking Bad was simply AMAZING! The last eight episodes blew me away especially Ozymandias which was by far the best episode of the year. I also loved Game of Thrones (much improved from S2), Scandal (most addicting, cracky show ever!) and Parks and Recreation. On the movie side, Catching Fire was pretty awesome!

What show impressed you least in 2013?

I was really disappointed by the first four Homeland episodes and haven't caught up beyond that. I'm hoping it gets better after/next season. I was also disappointed by rookie shows like Agents of Shield and Super Fun Night.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

GAME OF THRONES SEASON FOUR!!! JAIME/CERSEI BABY!!! Gonna be some epic stuff happening too and I'm soooo psyched for the Martells. Also the Veronica Mars movie! Which hopefully will be good like S1. Orange is the New Black! I'm super super bummed about the casting news but I'm hoping it'll be temporary and the show will still be awesome. Can't wait for X-Men: Days of Future Past (Erik/Charles!!!) and the fanfic binge that is sure to come with it. Also looking forward to Mockingjay I and The Hobbit 3.

Other possibilities: Looking (gay guys in SF led by Jonathan Groff? Sign me up!), Klondike? (Richard Madden!), The Normal Heart (love this cast/director/gay content!), Halt & Catch Fire (always nice to see a computer history drama) and True Detective sounds interesting narrative wise.
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New vid: Counting Stars (Game of Thrones) [Nov. 29th, 2013|02:22 pm]

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Title: Counting Stars
Music: "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic
Fandom: Game of Thrones S1-3
Focus: Jaime Lannister
Summary: Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.
Content Notes: Graphic violence.
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl for the excellent beta feedback!
Download Link: Counting Stars (64 MB AVI)

AO3 | Tumblr

So I first heard this song last April and fell in love with it and at some point, it struck me as the perfect song for Jaime. While reading the books a year and a half ago, I fell in love with him and after the last season, my Jaime feels have gone to ridiculous levels so I knew I had to vid this song to get them out. What I love about the song was that it allowed me to show Jaime's idealism and belief in honor and love (my favorite parts of his character) while also showing the more cynical parts of his life and how he's been changed through the horrible things he's experienced and seen. Unfortunately I don't have the early footage of Jaime I need to make some of his story obvious but I tried my best to show that which hopefully comes through at least to people who know his background. I vidded most of this after Vividcon and it was so much fun to vid something I love so much including my two OTPs, Jaime/Cersei and Jaime/Brienne. I had hoped to post it before I left for Europe but procrastinated a bit too much and then didn't get enough vidding done while I was there. But I'm really happy with it now and am happy I finally got a chance to make a vid for one of my favorite characters who I identify with a LOT.

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[Oct. 11th, 2013|01:24 pm]

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So today is my 26th birthday! It is interesting doing it this year at Wincon surrounded by fangirls, so much fun to talk fandom with everyone. This morning we went down to the breakfast buffet which is amazing and had lots of delicious food and got to talk with our group of eight fangirls. I also got to get a big hug from [personal profile] cee_m who I haven't seen since a Vividcon awhile ago and it was great to see her again. I then went inside for the first panel but got distracted by getting stickers for my badge. I got a Harry sticker, a LIONESS sticker, a robot, a 1D group, some birthday stickers and a lion sticker so now my badge is a good representation of me :) I caught the end of the Fandom Grieving panel and then got to talk a bit to someone about The Walking Dead finale and how it got me to rage quit watching the show. I also got to meet with [personal profile] colls who I didn't know was coming and it was great to reconnect with her since she missed the last Vividcon. We both went to the Fairy Tales panel and got to talk a bit before the panel about OUAT and a few other shows. I was surprised the panel didn't bring up Swan Queen and I didn't put up my hand quick enough before we moved onto the next fandom.

Now I'm hanging out in my room with other fans and we had fun talking about tags in fandom and a few other things including the Benedict AMA. I'm looking forward to a bunch of panels today like the Kinks, Poly and Incest (I WILL be talking Jaime/Cersei and GoT, of course) panels. Then we have a vidshow with my premiering vid and then we're going to the Gordon Ramsey restaurant and I'm going to get some cake for my birthday. I'm super excited for Once More With Feeling and Rocky Horror Show tonight as I've never seen them with a group.

It's weird to be 26 and now closer to 30 than 25. It's been a weird year with high highs and low lows. I've learned and grown a lot and am so thankful to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you to everyone reading for being there for me and helping to support me. I'm looking forward to the ne t year of my life as I'm going to follow my dreams and try to do more of the things that make me happy. Here's to having an awesome year being 26!
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Yay October! And September update [Oct. 1st, 2013|11:46 am]

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Happy October everyone! As I posted on Twitter, I'm really excited about this month because it's my birthday month and I have some super fun stuff planned in store. This coming weekend, I'm going to see Gravity with a friend of mine after we do some hiking and on Sunday I'm going to see Maroon 5 (and Kelly Clarkson) in concert!! Soooo excited as I've fallen in love with Adam Levine after watching him being a hilarious, competitive, adorable dork on The Voice who can't stop flirting and being in love with Blake Shelton. HAVE I MENTIONED THEY ARE SUCH BOYFRIENDS??? Who say things like, "I would never cheat on you Blake?" THAT IS A THING THAT HAPPENED.

Ahem. I'm getting ahead of myself. The weekend after that or rather, pre-weekend on October 9th in the evening I'm driving to Las Vegas to go to Wincon! I'm going to be rooming with some awesome SF people and I'm looking forward to seeing [personal profile] nikibee again along with [personal profile] cee_m and many others! October 11 (friday) is my birthday and there will be fannish panels, hanging out with fannish people, a VIDSHOW (of which I have two vids, one premiering), Once More with Feeling and Rocky Horror Show screenings and hopefully a drunken birthday party full of fangirls. I'm sooooo excited! Plus I'm totally going to ride that roller coaster I saw last time. I am going to be going back early Sunday morning but that's because I have tickets to see the Blind Auditions (ie Adam/Blake FLIRTING NONSTOP) of The Voice with [personal profile] elipie! I can't wait!! Other fun things I'm planning on doing is getting a tattoo on my right ankle. It's my first tattoo as I've wanted one for a long time but could never justify the expense. It's going to be Nala from The Lion King like in my main icon. I figure I've been a fangirl of it for 21 years, I think it's a forever thing plus I've always felt my spirit animal, what I've been in another life, etc is a lioness so it's really important to me. The biggest thing for me is I'm going to go skydiving! It's always been in the top 3 things I want to do in my life since I love flying and want to feel like I am if only briefly. Will probably save it towards the end of the month.

A month ago I had an amazing time Labor Day Weekend getting to hang out with [personal profile] nikibee in the Bay Area. We watched Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf and Parks and Recreation and had a vidparty where we watched Vividcon vids with [personal profile] franzeska (who I had a great talk with!), Alice, Michelle, Dani and I think that's all? It was so much fun! We (Nicole, Alice and Michelle) also went to Oakland Pride and got to see En Vogue in concert and it was so great to get a chance to have some good talks with [personal profile] nikibee all weekend. I also went back to San Francisco near where I used to live and work and got to have lunch with someone from Dev Bootcamp which I also visited and got to talk to the founder who changed my life with letting me go to it. Unfortunately I left my favorite hoodie there and haven't been able to get it back :( I also visited the Berkeley campus which is SO BEAUTIFUL! Probably the prettiest one I've ever seen, it's like half nature reserve. Finally I went to a Haven party [personal profile] franzeska (who else? ;)) was throwing and got to say goodbye for a couple hours before I had to leave to catch my flight. Gotta say Southwest was awesome, they gave me a better seat when I complained I didn't know I had to check in for the return flight. It was a super fun weekend and I'm so glad I went!

Other than that, I've been working a lot. We had a big deadline a few weeks ago before our company presented a website at a conference. Some of the weeks I worked on interesting things and that was fun especially getting to pair with my mentor here but a couple weeks I didn't like what I was working on and kept getting distracted by the internetz at work which was less fun. We did go bowling last week as the conference went awesome and that was really fun! I've also been running more and I paid for a personal trainer so I can actually get a REAL strength training workout and that has helped a LOT with developing some muscles. I've always wanted to do chinups so that's my long term goal. I've been thinking about running a marathon next year as I need a big running goal to get me inspired to run more and I want to beat my last time (5.5 hours) and hopefully have a rain free experience. I've been eating a lot cleaner lately and did lose a little weight but got a little bored with it and regressed last week. No worries though, I varied my diet up and am doing better now. If there's anything I learned in the past it's not to give up and let little backslides trip you up.

The big news is I've decided to quit my job soon and go back to college to finally finish my degree. It's something I've always wanted to do and I've had enough of a taste of the real world working on something I kind of like but not love (even with the nice money benefits!) to want to go back to school and work on finding what I really want to do with my life. I'm going to continue study programming on my own and help code for the AO3 along with working on personal projects I'm hoping will lead to possible job opportunities or at least direction. I'm going to go back to community college for Spring 2014 and I'll be applying in the next two months to UCLA, CSULA and CSULB as a Philosophy major. Yes, Philosophy because I've loved the courses I've taken in it, I've always wanted to learn it and it requires a very low amount of credits so I can graduate fast as I'm aiming for May/June 2015. I'm also planning on volunteering at College Track during the time and maybe seeing if after I graduate I can get a job there or at a similar organization. Or maybe I'll do another programming job to save money/pay off debts, I don't know, we'll see.

Let's see...a couple weeks ago, [personal profile] elipie came over to watch vids, vid and talk with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and I and it was a lot of fun! I've been trying to go to more meetups lately to meet new people and feel less lonely and so I went to a happy hour and met some cool people DTLA and also went to a hiking group last Saturday where I had some good talks with a couple people. The weekend before that I went hiking with my friend, Jen who has turned out to be one of my closest friends in LA even though she's a bit older than me. She used to be in a rock band but now is learning to program so we hang out a good amount to do that. But we hiked in Griffith Park and had a really long talk about life, fun things in our history and the future which was really great.

I've been missing my mom a lot lately. I didn't fully appreciate that when I felt lonely and couldn't reach any of my friends to talk, I could always call my mom and know she'd be there for me. It's just tough sometimes and earlier in the month I was feeling really lonely. I think of her every day whether in small moments or longer memories and it just hurts a lot. I just really wish she was back again :( Last Sunday was the three month anniversary of her death and it feels so far away and yet so close like I can vividly remember getting the call that she had died. I called my dad the other day and it was good to talk to him and hear he's doing well especially after my brother freaked me out saying he couldn't get a hold of him. I'm still terrified he's going to die, I just heard that statistically spouses are more likely to die after one of them dies so even with my dad's health issues, it's even scarier. I'm really looking forward to going back to see him for the holidays and my cousin and aunt as well, both who've been there for me a lot. I went to a meetup last Saturday with a group that's about women who've lost their mothers and it was really helpful talking to other people like me there. Someone said that the worst part is even if you have other people who help fill the hole your mother left, it's not the same as having MY mother there, she's mine and no one is mine in that way. And that's totally how I feel. It was helpful though and we got to smash plates and mugs to help let out the anger :)

On a happier note, I'm so happy fall TV season in back! I'm watching sooo many shows right now, omg. Monday I have How I Met Your Mother (ahhh THE MOTHER, brb happy crying), The Voice (Adam/Blake are SUCH BOYFRIENDS who flirt constantly, yay Christina and CeeLo being back and I love so many of the contestants already), The Blacklist (reminds me of Alias with Sydney and Jack (and Irina)) and I'm watching Mom purely out of love for Allison Janney who is a goddess. Tuesday I'm giving Agents of Shield a couple more episodes before I give up as I didn't like the characters (minus Coulson) and the plot, Brooklyn 9-9 (I really like it! it's funny and GREAT characters), New Girl (close to letting this one go again), The Minday Project (still sadly only love Mindy) and The Voice again (Blake is not doing an all country team again yay!!). Wednesday is Modern Family (yay gay marriage!) and I'm going to give Super Fun Night a try. Thursday is The Big Bang Theory (still sometimes funny, I love Sheldon but my god the gender issues), OUAT in Wonderland (going to give it a try), Glee (KURT/BLAINE DYING FROM LOVE AND SQUEEEE) and Parks and Recreation (still perfect and still LESLIE IS THE BEST). Sunday is Downton Abbey (I need to catch up actually), Once Upon a Time (MORE SWAN QUEEN, less boys pleeease) and Homeland (didn't really like 301 although I LOVE Carrie still). Lucky 7 is getting cancelled soon but I enjoyed the premise and focus on working class families so I'll continue watching. I didn't like Sleepy Hollow at all so I cut that. Any other good shiows I should watch? I'm currently catching up on Scandal (OLIVIA IS SO AWESOME and I love the addicting plots), Spartacus (deserves its own post but AWESOME!!!) and Twin Peaks (so pretty and I enjoy the plot).

On a happy/sad note, Breaking Bad is over :( But it went out on top! I was lucky enough to get tickets to the Hollywood Cemetery to see the Breaking Bad series finale live with the cast and creators of the show. I went early to get good seats and spent the day reading books (including Clash of Kings! still working on my reread) with blankets and my pillow until [personal profile] elipie showed up and we got to go in. We got good seats near the center but further back because there was a big VIP section for all the industry people who showed up. I went to checkout the RV where Walt and Jesse cooked their first meth and people were getting pictures with it and then AARON PAUL showed up and I quickly got in line but then he left but right near me so I was like 6 ft away from me. I got a picture in the RV though and it was so cool! We saw the Pilot of Breaking Bad (introduced by Aaron Paul being amazing) and then saw the Finale which was AWESOME!!! I'm so happy and fully satisfied with it. Sooo much better than The Sopranos and many other shows that can't stick the ending. I'm looking forward to doing a rewatch of the whole show and hopefully making some vids to it because it still needs ALL THE VIDS!! I read Sepinwall's review like my usual tradition (he helped me get into the show) but not reading any more because I'm sick of the negative stuff. I really loved seeing the cast Q&A after the finale, it was great to see it in person.

I've been working on a Game of Thrones vid that I'm really excited about so I'm looking forward to posting that sometime this month. I need to clear these vids off my plate because Festivids is starting!! I nominated some things and I have some requests but mainly I'm excited about making vids for people because I'll have more time than last year without the OUAT exchange. I already have 7 vids I want to make and I'm really excited to get my assignment and start. Last year was amazing and I'm hoping to have a wonderful experience this year as well.

Oh and I'm going to Europe next month! I can barely think about it, it makes me too excited and happy. Some background: I've been dying to go to Europe since like 2005? Since college started definitely especially London and Paris. It's something I want to do before I die and I've had to cancel every plan I've had to do it because of money but now that's no longer an issue! So Thanksgiving week I'm going to go to London, Paris, Munich (to visit [profile] infiniterain!!!) and Belgium (to visit [personal profile] indybaggins!) and I'm sooo excited to see some of the touristy stuff I've never seen in person. If you're in the area, let me know as I'd love to hang out! It's going to be an epic adventure I'm sure.

Wow that was long. This is what happens when I don't post for a month. I love that people are posting more to DW/LJ and am going to try to do the same, weekly is a good goal for me. I'm gonna see Laura Veirs with [personal profile] beerbad tonight which I'm excited about! A great start to my October :)
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Vividcon 2013 Recs [Aug. 23rd, 2013|09:14 pm]

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So I wrote up some vid recs this year. Most of the vids this year were well done but not all of them connected with me personally so I limited myself to just the vids I truly love and will be watching over and over. Obviously those were affected by fandom and song choice but they're all amazing vids that I highly recommend. Here they are:

Run Boy Run (Game of Thrones) by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl:
THIS VID IS PERFECT! I don't know if I've ever been blown away by a Premieres vid as much as this one and I still am completely in awe of it. There is SO much depth here and even if you haven't seen Game of Thrones, the editing is SO FUCKING AWESOME that it's still worth seeing multiple times. This fandom really needed a vid showing what the women must deal with in Westeros and how they live with it and this vid has filled that void for me. Just watch it and leave her ALL the feedback because this vid deserves it alllll. Have I mentioned it's my FAVORITE? <3

Smells Like Westeros Spirit (Game of Thrones) by [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl:
I LOVE THIS VID SO MUCH! There are so many great parallels within the houses and and the bridge is so epically gorgeous I can't even. She took one of my favorite songs and made it fit incredibly well with such great motion and structure. And the ending shots are OMG PERFECT!

Retrograde (Beasts of the Southern Wild) by [profile] sockkpuppett:
I saw this vid both before I saw the movie and after I saw this movie and both times it blew me away and made me cry. It's so beautifully constructed and the song choice fit the source incredibly well especially the gorgeous use of setting.

Sleeping Ute (Life of Pi) by [personal profile] absolutedestiny:
This vid completely broke me in all the best ways. SO PRETTY it hurts and there is a TIGER which is my favorite part. The end is structured so beautifully and just hits it out of the park.

The Evil Queen (Ms. Mills If You're Nasty) (Once Upon a Time) by [profile] foomatic:
This was my favorite non Game of Thrones Club Vivid vid and captured all my Regina is the sexiest HBIC EVER!!1! feels. I loved the use of the Evil Queen and the Regina/Emma footage that really brought across the dominatrix!Regina theme. I had SO much fun dancing to this at CVV!

Age Like Wine (Multi) by [personal profile] absolutedestiny:
So much nostalgia!! This vid covers so much of my vidding life and has a lot of personal meaning to me. It says so much about dealing with change and continuing our creative outlets even as we get older. Vidding fandom vid FTW!

The Polka Slayer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by [personal profile] bradcpu and [personal profile] milly:
Buffy!! This was the perfect encapsulation of the show with so much love and hilarity at every new song inside a great polka medley. There are so many callbacks to vids and fandom and it makes me miss this show so much.

Mineshaft (Game of Thrones) by [personal profile] milly:
I was SO happy to see a Ros vid, a character that does not get treated well by canon and I loved how this vid did a great job to show her story while showing her connections to other characters. The lyrical matches are just so awesome, I definitely need to watch this vid more to pick up on everything!

Our House (Little Miss Sunshine) by [personal profile] mresundance:
This movie is my favorite and this vid captured so well the family aspect that I love about it. The build of it is absolutely fantastic and I have so many emotions at it that the vid taps into beautifully.

Ghosts That We Knew (Merlin) by [personal profile] trelkez:
I thought all my Merlin feels were gone but this vid brought them all back and more! So beautifully made, I love the structure of it and the beautiful use of flashbacks and facial expressions.

Scream (Doctor Who) by [personal profile] kass and [personal profile] laurashapiro:
I thought this was a fun Doctor Who vid when I watched it at Club Vivid but upon closer watch, it's an awesome look at how creepy the Doctor can be. It's hard for me to enjoy 11 era vids but I really loved this vid and it does a fantastic job of getting it's message across.

Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Elementary) by [personal profile] obsessive24:
This vid may actually get me to watch some more Elementary which is quite a feat. Super beautiful editing that just moves and I'm completely intrigued by the plot. The effects work is freaking gorgeous and completely fits with the song.

Too Late Baby (Once Upon a Time) by [profile] braver_creature:
Rumple feels! This is an awesome character study of Rumpelstiltskin and all the messed up things he's done even as he (sometimes) tries to be a better person and reconnect with people he loves. The bridge is particularly amazing, I love how it moves and sounds like the music, super cool.

There are so many other great vids and I highly recommend checking out this list of all the vidshows and links to the vids to see if there are any vids you might want to check out.
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I love everyone in this bar. Or, Vividcon 2013 Con Report [Aug. 21st, 2013|08:42 pm]

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Vividcon this year was AWESOME. I decided to spend my evening tonight capturing all my favorite memories from it. My memory is not super great so I'm sorry if I forgot anything and please let me know if I got anything wrong. Also I used LJ identies here for the most part so I didn't have to spend more time editing posts on each journal, let me know if you want it to be DW instead. Here goes...

Vividcon 2013 Con Report )

So that was my con. There was a LOT of amazing moments, many I've probably forgotten and I wish I could remember everyone I got a chance to have a great time with. I was really happy that people liked my vids and I loved so many of the vids that premiered. In the end, my favorite part of Vividcon is the people and everyone was SUPER nice and awesome. I feel so happy, rejuvenated and full of love for everything right now and I want to continue that feeling and leave ALL the comments. Not to mention, make ALL the vids and be more a part of the community, including posting to DW/LJ. Vividcon truly is my favorite con and as always, the highlight of my year. Til next year...
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TV I'm Watching [Mar. 20th, 2013|07:41 am]

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So I keep seeing the Books I'm Reading meme every Wednesday and I always feel left out because I basically am only rereading the Game of Thrones books right now (with lots of highlights!). But then I thought, I should just do it for TV since I'm trying to get through a lot of TV right now and I'm really bad at writing out my thoughts except sometimes on Twitter. So here is the book meme revised for TV:

What I've just finished: Bunheads! I really loved it and it filled the Gilmore Girls shaped hole in my heart. Michelle is such an amazing main character and cracks me up so much while having a bunch of issues that just make her ridiculously endearing. The show has so many cross generational relationships that are all wonderful, I particularly love Fanny and Michelle and the hilarious dialogue they have together. Initially Sasha rubbed me the wrong way but now I adore her the most of all the kids and her relationship Michelle is SO cute (and sometimes flirty heh). I love that the whole show is basically about women with a few guys as love interests and that once again, Amy has created a quirky small town full of fun characters including Gilmore Girls very own PARIS AND KIRK! I highly recommend it especially if you enjoy crackling dialogue, just give it 4-5 episodes to really grow on you as I do think GG had a stronger opening.

What I'm watching: Currently my go to watch show is Lost Girl! I have [personal profile] kerithwyn to thank for it as I had heard about the show before from Escapade (mostly [personal profile] killabeez) and I just did not want to watch another episodic show so I didn't watch. But this year during the Escapade Pimping panel, [personal profile] kerithwyn tried the hard sell on me: queer main character, sex positive, an ACTUAL lesbian relationship and a serial arc in S2 and I was intrigued. So I decided to give it a try while I'm clipping which helps me get past the episodic plots. So in the first episode there's this scene between Bo and Lauren and I'm just like, wow they have some intense chemistry, I ship it...turns out they're one of the main couples on the show, SCORE!! So yeah, by the 5th? episode or so, I'm hooked. Like so many others, Kenzi is my favorite and is just the Stiles of the show: hilarious, awesome and a very physical character. But I looove Bo and her power and OMG I OTP Bo/Lauren SO HARD!!! ACTUAL KISSING AND SEX YAY!!! This may be my favorite canon lesbian relationship ever, we'll see. It's just so fun to root for a queer couple that actually happens as much as I love Swan Queen, canon queer couples are my favorite always.

Other things I'm watching: Vikings which a lot of people on Twitter are talking about. I'm still not totally sold on it, I haven't connected with any of the characters yet and it needs a lot more women characters being awesome. But I LOVE the scenery and I think the concept is awesome because I've always wanted more history based TV shows as it makes it a lot more fun to learn about (yes I know it's not completely accurate). It's a little bit like Game of Thrones which is helping during the last two weeks before the Game of Thrones premiere (!!!). Other than that, I'm watching the usual suspects weekly: How I Met Your Mother, Cougar Town, The Mindy Project, Modern Family, Parks & Recreation, Glee, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, Shameless (SO much love) and Girls (a bit behind though).

What I'm going to watch next: I started American Horror Story while clipping and I'm to around 105 so once I'm done with Lost Girl I'll go back to that. I started watching Parenthood too and will get back to that after Lost Girl (I am in must watch mode for it). The other two shows I'd like to get to is The Hour and finish watching Justified (still on 109ish there).

For other TV fans like me who sometimes have a little trouble keeping track of what they're watching, I found this cool website that lets you keep track of all the TV you've watched (including episodes) and gives you a calendar of shows that are on specific days as well as a great resource for seeing what shows you might want to watch. It's called Episode Calendar and the interface is the most beautiful and complete I've seen. Plus the guy running it is working on iOS and Android apps! I really love it so far.
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New vid: Circle of Life (Game of Thrones) [Feb. 27th, 2013|07:47 pm]

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So back in July last year, I somehow got it into my head to set Disney songs to Game of Thrones. To my shock...they totally fit most of the time. After thinking up lots of songs and getting vid ideas to the show, I somehow decided it would be a good idea to just vid them all. Because I love my serious Game of Thrones vids but sometimes I just want to make some fun vids for my show. So I started vidding Circle of Life as an overview of the beginning of the show and while watching Disney movies in preparation, I realized the opening Circle of Life scene has SO MANY similarities to the show which made it extra fun. Of course because I'm in love with the show, I still take it pretty sincerely in a, my heart is full of love for all of them way, but I understand a laughing reaction as well. I vidded most of this during the summer and a little during the fall and it was 90% done around there so when Festivids took over my life, I decided it would be my Escapade premiere. Plus I really wanted to see all the pretty landscape shots on the big screen so I was looking forward to that. I intend to make this a Disney set to Game of Thrones series which I call, You Win or You Sing but it'll take me 10+ years while waiting for all the footage.

Title: Circle of Life
Music: "Circle of Life" by Elton John
Fandom: Game of Thrones S1-2
Focus: Ensemble
Summary: It moves us all.

Link: Circle of Life (66 MB)
Streaming: Circle of Life streaming
AO3 | Tumblr (Coming Soon)

Premiered at Escapade 2013. Thanks to [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl for the quick beta. All feedback (including concrit) is much appreciated. Enjoy!

Embedded version under the cut )
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New vid: Dead and Gone [Aug. 14th, 2012|12:08 am]

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So if you haven't heard by now, I LOVE Game of Thrones. All it took was reading the books and watching S2 and I started having major Arya Stark feelings. The kind of feels that make her your number one female character of all time, so much love. In order to keep myself from endlessly reblogging Arya fanart on Tumblr and annoying all my friends talking about how ARYA IS THE BEST, I made this vid which successfully allowed me to release all my emotions. It originated when I saw a post on Tumblr with lots of gifs of Arya and Ned which melted my heart and made me realize all she wants now is to go hooome. So I started looking for a song that had a "trying to find my way back home" theme which reminded me of "Dead and Gone" by T.I. which led me looking to find a cover which I found on Youtube. It was a little slower than I was going for at first but I really loved being able to vid the more emotional part of her storyline. This vid makes even me cry (especially the Jon Snow parts) and I just identify with Arya way, way too much (I'm okay with that). It was SO hard to keep this a secret for Challenge but I'm glad I did! I've never had a more emotional vidwatching experience than that.

Title: Dead and Gone
Music: "Dead and Gone" cover by tiffyiffyiffy
Fandom: Game of Thrones S1-2
Focus: Arya Stark
Summary: Trying to find my way back home.
Warnings: Graphic violence.

Link: Dead and Gone (61 MB)
Streaming: Dead and Gone streaming

Embedded video under the cut )

Premiered at Vividcon 2012 in Challenge. Thanks to [personal profile] sdwolfpup for the beta and [personal profile] par_avion for the web space. All feedback (including concrit) is much appreciated.
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The Olympics of life (no my life isn't that epic) [Aug. 2nd, 2012|08:54 pm]

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Wow it's been awhile. But some kind of update is in order. Most importantly, VIVIDCON IS IN A WEEK!!! I'm still in shock that I'll be in Chicago this time next week. I'll be at the hotel sometime around 5pm or so and I can't hang wait to hang out with people! Not to mention get a ton of my favorite Pad Thai ;) I just can't wait for CLUB VIVID and PREMIERES and getting to forget about work and life and focus on friends and so many of my favorite people. I have a Club Vivid and Premieres vid this year that I'm really happy with (it took a little distance first though) and I'm planning on wearing an actual costume this year, should be interesting. It'll certainly be unique haha. I leave on Monday morning at like 5:30am....yeah work made me come back but I didn't want to miss the late night fun on Sunday as I deeply regretted that the first time I came to Vividcon. I just need my four days damnit, I want to talk to ALL THE PEOPLE.

The other big thing is I moved into a new apartment! I'm living with [personal profile] jetpack_monkey and [personal profile] echan in Downtown LA! It's aweeeeesome. I love living with other fans and even better VID fans so we can watch vids and TV and vid together whenever. I love having my own bedroom and the building is great with a pool and gym and parking which is soo nice after dealing with horrible street parking for three months. Plus I'm in DTLA!!! This is literally my favorite place in the entire world. I love being right in the center of everything, with all these tall buildings all around me. For me tall buildings make me feel like anything is possible, that your dreams can take you ANYWHERE. And there's so much energy, people and shops and amaaazing restaurants and life and growth. Downtown is in the middle of a renaissance and I can't wait to be part of it. There's something special about living in the place you want to help improve. And today I realized I really need to start getting involved in it.

Work is still going good (really time consuming though) and I'm really happy to be continuing to learn and grow and learn what startup life is like. Plus I'm making more money so it's really nice to have more spare money for fun stuff (like vacations! and fooood). It's also been a LOT of fun the last few months to hang out with and vid with [personal profile] elipie, [personal profile] jetpack_monkey, [personal profile] osaraba and [personal profile] rhoboat. It helps so much to vid when you have another vidfan beside you who you can show vidding stuff to as you do it and talk about vid struggles and watch TV and vids together. It's just great to have a little LA vidding community going and I hope it keeps getting bigger. I've also been watching a lot of Olympics lately, mostly gymnastics since it's my FAVORITE. I used to play gymnastics as a kid and I loooooooooved the uneven bars. Like part of the reason I quit (maybe the only one I don't remember) was because I was forced to do everything else and not just the bars. So during the Olympics I always get super invested in one person and the USA team as a whole. Last time it was Nastia Liukin and this time it's Gabby Douglas who is AMAZING and Spoilers for Women's All Around ) She's just so high flying at the bars and she just has the IT factor that I love. So happy for the US team. Wish Jordan could have competed but I'm glad Gabby made it in.

Fandom-wise I'm kind of behind and not as invested as I used to be but I do have a new fandom I'm in love with...Game of Thrones. I was into it before but after reading all the books and now I'm in the midst of vidding it and reading fic and I just loooove it. I have that fannish urge to get totally consumed by the books, TV, vidding, fic, actors, all of it but I just don't have time right now sadly. Hopefully when [profile] lianri comes to LA after VVC (!!!! sooo excited), we can geek out about it together and that'll help. I'm also loving Breaking Bad...except I'm an episode behind because of the Olympics and work and trying to get some sleep. I need to remedy this soon because I love this season so far! Ohhhh Jesse. And Walt is creepy and awesome and horrible and entertaining all at the same time. So glad to see all these people again. I've also gotten into One Direction fandom (thanks to [personal profile] elipie) for awhile now and I looove Harry/Louis. Harry is a freaking feminist prince (plus insanely pretty) and Louis is hilarious and cute and willing to do anything. I went to a concert (guess with who) and had a fun time screaming and going crazy over them and the serious slash. Other things I've been watching is Bunheads, Political Animals, The Glee Project (Nellie!! and Charlie!!), Newsroom (I've stopped, not sure if I'm going to try again) and I've been catching up on Homeland. Oh and I watched the LA Complex premiere and I totally totally am shipping Connor/Raquel!! Awww.

Finally, fic recs!! Because lately I've gotten some GLORIOUS fic from people that everyone should read. First up, two Jaime/Brienne fics of AWESOME. There is the spy who loved (to drive) me (crazy) ie the SPY AU and hold my hand as I'm lowered where Jaime never shuts up (awwww he doesn't, does he?). Both hilarious and totally true to character. And then....[personal profile] thingswithwings wrote me my ultimate femslash fic!!! It's called Concession and it's LESLIE/JENNIFER!!!! Yeah you read that right, to the best of my knowledge the first Leslie/Jennifer fic ever and it's amaaaaaazing. God I love them. Leslie is just entirely Leslie and Jennifer is Jennifer and they are competing political advisors who are secretly attracted to each other and just read it and be amazed (bonus: it's really hot). While you're at it, go watch her Parks and Rec/Community female relationships vid as well, it's wonderful!

And for my birthday in October I'm going to Colorado to hang out with [profile] asuka14! I can't wait. Going to stop in Las Vegas on the way home to gamble a bit ;) Mmm traveling.
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I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise, to fly [Apr. 2nd, 2012|03:54 pm]

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So I'm back in Los Angeles. SO HAPPY!!! There's something about this city that makes me feel alive, energized, inspired, whole and fulfilled. The beautiful, wonderful weather helps a lot too. Sunny and 70s!!! It makes me want to dance on the streets of LA or drive with my windows down and sing as loud as I can (I may have done one or both of those things). It's just really good to be back. I took the PCH down from San Francisco even though it took longer and it was SO worth it. It was so beautiful to see the hills, forest, mountains, countryside, cliffs and best of all, the ocean. Wow, it looked even more beautiful than I remembered especially around the Big Sur area. Also got a chance to check out Santa Cruz and Monterey although it sadly got dark before Santa Barbara. It was really nice to get to see the coast again, I haven't done it since 2007 (with a great WL roadtrip!). The night before I also had fun as I went to a gay club in the Castro as it didn't feel like a real San Francisco trip without that. I had too much to drink but someone who I thought was hot danced with me briefly so that was cool. Also I went to Yosemite a couple weeks ago and had fun climbing 5000 ft of mountains. My legs hurt like hell the next two days but it was so worth it and I got some awesome pictures. I did get lost a little in the dark one night but it turned out alright in the end so I can look back on it in a good light now. The falls were so pretty!

I was planning on going back to college but I've had some trouble getting into classes I need so I've decided to not do that and just try to get a web developer job instead. It may take me a few months so I'm going to look for something more temporary in the meantime. I'm really excited about it! The last month has been a lot of fun learning Rails and various parts of the stack and I'm excited about continuing to do it in a Los Angeles environment. Plus I can't wait to hang out with vidders in the area! It's sooo nice to be home.

On top of it, TV is back! I just finished reading Game of Thrones yesterday and although I tried to start the second book, I finally gave in and watched the S2 premiere. It's funny, when I read the 1st book I thought I would have enjoyed the first season more if I had read the books first but now I'm thinking it's better to NOT read the books. Reason being I'm a believer that TV/movies should VERY closely follow the books so little things like dialogue reeeally bother me when they change things or leave stuff out. Part of the problem is I'm reading the books way too close to when I see the TV show as then I remember and get annoyed at everything. For example, I enjoyed the last Harry Potter movie much more because I don't remember a lot of the little specifics of what happened and just enjoyed it for what it was. But anyways, I did love the GoT premiere. The books made me like all the characters a LOT more and now the only one I hate is Joffrey (omg I hope he dies soon). So that's awesome. Arya is still my most favorite ever and I can't wait to see more of her. Also enjoying Mad Men (PEGGY!) although I'm only half through the most recent episode. Sundays are SO awesome now! I do miss Parks & Rec :( Come baaaaaack. Thursdays suck now.

I also went to see the midnight showing of The Hunger Games and LOVED it. No movie could capture the magic of the first book but I loved that it did a great job staying true to the book (they did the smart thing and gave the author screenwriting duties). All of my worries about the casting were thrown away quickly as all the actors totally sold their characters. It was all really beautiful, fun to watch and great to watch with a group of people laughing, crying and making funny comments in all the right places. And I'm so happy it did amazing at the box offic, I KNEW it would. I'm hoping to see it again once I do a reread of the first book which I read in one sitting back in July. If you haven't read it yet, READ IT! It's so addicting and fun to read. Katniss is SO awesome although Cinna is my favorite.

I've been hard at work vidding...vids that are NOT my Club Vivid vid. OOPS. The good news is one of them is almost done and I'm out of the honeymoon phase so I can devote some more time to getting that done along with maybe some other vids I'm working on. It was so much fun to get addicted to vidding something without a deadline and just be into my ship SO MUCH and enjoy seeing them all the time while vidding. It's good to be more productive vidwise again. If anyone want a vid made to order, check out the Vividcon Auction vidders here, there's so many that I wish I had more money to buy!

I still can't believe I'm back here in LA after dreaming about it for two months. There's no place like home...
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