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Anoel ([personal profile] anoel) wrote2009-12-02 09:51 pm

Glee and Sadness

It's been a day full of ups and downs today. First the ups:

God, how is this show so perfect? After a bad day I really needed some Glee and this episode delivered. I mean it was all about smiling and having fun even when people try to bring you down! Smile by Lily Allen was so amazing! So cool to have Rachel sing Lily Allen and I loved how optimistic and wonderful it was. I love Finn and Rachel best when they're in that make believe world of romance and happiness where nothing can go wrong and they can just sing and dance together. Also the piano player shaking his head and bopping was too cute. Jump was AMAZING!! There was so much free joy in that like I haven't seen since Ride With Me and it just lit me up and remember that feeling. Like being a kid and having fun and being playful and loving life. How nice that is. I just loved getting to see them jumping around and the flips!! And the last song was perfect reminding me to smile even though I was feeling down. I'm so glad the Glee Club got a picture together! They deserve it.

OMG WILL!! That was craaaazy. I'm so glad the fake pregnancy plot didn't last all season. Perfect acting though, wow did I feel that anger. Even if Will is really really hot when angry. And whoa did I get scared when I thought Glee wouldn't get to perform at Sectionals. So sad to lose Will but I'm sure he'll play into it somehow. Dyyyying to see Sectionals next week, I'm sure there'll be some crazy awesome songs.

In other great Glee news, both Adam Lambert AND Idina Menzel would love to be on Glee!! So hopefully Ryan will be able to get them both on this season or next at the latest. Next week I will be savoring this last pre-hiatus episode sooo much it's not even funny.

On the not so great side, motivation for college is fading very very quickly. It is getting very difficult to fight my screw it, I don't care side. There have been small victories though and hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff done this weekend. Going to LA this Friday to shoot some photos for my final project, do a gallery report AND hang out with some fans so hopefully that'll go well. Another bad thing is my bike got two flat tires AGAIN after getting them replaced a month ago and I don't have the money to get them replaced. The good news though is that I got a job as an assistant here! Also made some money in an economic experiment here so that helps a lot and lets me buy a hard copy of Adam's CD and not just my free Amazon digital one :)

In sad Adam news, ABC canceled his free concert with Jimmy Kimmel. I am so sad and angry as I had a ticket to go to it. Ugh it pisses me off so much. I am so sick of this kind of crap. Add that to finding out the NY Senate voted down the Gay Marriage bill, I'm disgusted and disappointed by the discrimination in this country. I know we'll win the war in the end but goddamn it losing all the time is depressing. On the good side, Dave Valesky whose my representative who previously was on the fence voted yes! Good to know that maybe my communication with him might have had a tiny impact. So I will have to support him in his next campaign as he's up for re-election and they're sure to use it against him.

[personal profile] sdwolfpup being the awesome person she is started a Vidding Love Meme and my thread is here. It is so great to see all the vidder and vid love going on over there! I am already feeling more motivated to work on my [community profile] festivids vid this weekend :)

On a Fanfic Love note, I just want to thank ALL the writers out there who write fanfic for all of us in fandom. After reading amazing fanfic over at [profile] queenbitchfest, it reaffirmed my thankfulness of writers who create so many stories for everyone to enjoy. It reminds me that true romance exists in the world, that there are endless possibilities and so many different imaginary worlds to explore. I am in awe at the talent of the writers we have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me and others so much joy, or dare I say it, glee.

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