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New vid: Blow (Gone Girl)

Title: Blow
Music: Blow by Kesha (Cirkut Remix)
Fandom: Gone Girl
Summary: "The bad guy wins? Fuck him." Or, Fuck Yeah Amy!
Content Notes: Graphic violence+ blood+ gore
Notes: Made for [personal profile] chaila in Festivids 2015. Thanks to [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl for the beta and [personal profile] killabeez for the audio editing help.
Download Link: Blow (69MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr
Alternative streaming option on Vimeo here (PW: gonegirl)

So I've wanted to make [personal profile] chaila a Festivid for 3 years and every year, her vid was next on the list and I didn't have the time to make it so this year I was determined to make her a vid. There is a sad lack of Gone Girl vids and last year at Escapade, I heard Blow and thought it'd make a fun Amy vid. Plus, almost all of the LA vidders have vidded Blow by Kesha (some version of it) at some point so I figured I might as well do it myself. I wanted to find a remix of the song so I could do some quick cutting and couldn't find anything that worked for it except this song which has already been used in one of my favorite Club Vivid vids but I decided to use it anyways. I tried to reread the book before I made the vid but got stuck in the Nick sections but finally figured out the book is a MILLION times better skipping Nick's sections and just reading the glorious Amy sections.

I got distracted by another festivid so I got started on this vid late but once I clipped it, I struggled a bit coming up with how I wanted to vid it. It helped me a LOT once I decided to cut out more of the song than I first imagined so that allowed me to just focus on the parts of the movie I wanted to vid: Amy being a mastermind and destroying Nick :D Some of the faster cutting sections were difficult and [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl helped with that as well as the slower section in the middle. I particularly loved the "throw some glitter" section as I knew what I wanted to do with that from the beginning of the vid. I still wish I had more time to work on the vid but I'm really glad I got to make an Amy vid and that a lot of it came out similar to my initial vision for the vid and what I wanted to show.
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[personal profile] jb_slasher 2016-02-18 05:11 pm (UTC)(link)
This is so great, I love the music and the editing and AMY SHE IS SUCH A FUCKING MASTERMIND. <3<3<3<3<3