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New vid: Crash (Bound) [Jan. 28th, 2017|03:23 am]

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[Current Music |"Crash" by Gwen Stefani]
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Title: Crash
Music: "Crash" by Gwen Stefani
Fandom: Bound (1996)
Focus: Corky/Violet
Summary: Do me real hard.
Notes: Made for [personal profile] aurumcalendula in Festivids 2016.
Download Link: Crash (35 MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

I saw this movie relatively recently and was blown away by how hot it was and how much I loved Corky and Violet. I was happy to see [personal profile] aurumcalendula participating in femslash as we have similar interests and wanted to make her a treat. I only had time to make something short but I wanted to put some of the sexy footage to good use and when I heard this song, I knew it would work perfectly. It took me forever to finish my other vids the day before Festivids Golive so I only had 4 hours to vid this but thankfully it didn't take very long and I definitely enjoyed making it ;)
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