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Joy [Jan. 13th, 2011|01:26 pm]

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Happy More Joy Day everyone! I do not have anything special planned but I thought I'd write down a few things lately that have been bringing me joy.

I finished my Festivid! This is huge because it was a big burden on me but after many, many hours of frenzied vidding I finished it before the deadline :D And I really like what I made as well. Great way to start off the vidding year. I want to try to make a treat this year as well although I'm currently trying to finish my Escapade vid (deadline is January 15 if anyone else is working on a vid!) so we'll see what happens.

That being said, I'm going to Escapade! Really excited about being around other fans, both slash and vidding ones. Who else is going? I figured I couldn't not go, me being so close (yay LA!) and all. I am looking for roommates so if anyone needs another person, I am happy to share costs.

I also signed up for the LA marathon and I'm really excited to do it. I've been running pretty consistently the last month or so (rain not included) and I definitely think I can do it by March. I did my first real long run on Tuesday and ran 13 miles! So basically a half marathon so I was psyched was able to do it and run most of it. The great part is I'm running through LA where I can see all the great landmarks from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier so that'll make it much more fun. It is also SO nice being able to run in 60s and today, 70 degree weather!

I am making small progress on most of my goals and I thought I'd share two websites that are helping me. The first is, Mindbloom that lets you put actions you want to take either daily or whatever timeframe you want and let's you check them off everytime you do them which gets you more points and grows your "tree". You can take it as seriously as you want, I just like that it keeps me accountable and it's fun to check things off. If you join, let me know your email (or use mine while signing up) so I can add you as a friend! The other is Mint which is an easy way to keep track of finances as it collects all the financial accounts you have (securely) and automatically keeps track of all debit/credit transactions and enters them in your budget. I love things that help you and save me time and work so I think it's great and it's helping keep track of things.

Work is going pretty good as I'm still enjoying the marketing meetings and now planning the crew party which is going to be AWESOME with lots of giveaways. Plus I'm going to go out clubbing with some people at work next week so that should be fun. I'm also finally getting a cafe shift so I'm really happy about that. I watched The Fighter the other day and as expected, it wasn't my thing nor did I think it was that Oscar worthy compared to my favorite but it was good at least and Melissa Leo was amazing and almost unrecognizable from Toni on Treme.

I'm also happy that my TV shows are starting to come back! Modern Family was funny last night especially the Cam/Mitchell parts (how are they so cute???) and I'm dying for more Glee after the Superbowl. Also I enjoyed the premiere of Shameless which was pretty funny and unsurprisingly loved Ian (and am shipping him with both Kash and Lip gah) so looking forward to more of that. And of course this picture is bringing me a lot of joy:

How are they so cute and in looooove?
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Festivids!! [Jan. 15th, 2010|07:26 am]

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Oh my god, the Festivids are out and they're amaaaazing. You can find over 70 fandom vids here from a ton of different fandoms. I am stunned at how good they all are and am working my way through them with feedback. Go check them out!

My vid is here and it is a West Wing vid of LOOOOOVE! Team Bartlet!! It is extremely happymaking and heartwarming and I love it dearly. My other favorite is an amazing Sound of Music vid which is a movie that's very dear to my childhood so I love it a lot. And it made me cry. Yay Festivids!

More Joy Day was great for me! I was feeling happy all morning with all the More Joy posts, then I got to play tennis singles for the first time and though I only tied, I held my serve which made me happy and then Festivid chatting was SO much fun while waiting for the vids. It's amazing how much a day devoted to joy can make your entire vid so positive. If only every day was More Joy Day! Which I suppose is the point, but still.

Thanks for the Glee vidlet prompts everyone who left them! I should hopefully have those done within a week.

I went to see Sherlock Holmes the other day and loved it! Oh god, the slash was OFF THE CHARTS! Worth it just for that although the story was good too. Holmes/Watson were just so married and jealous and in love with plenty of slashy innuendo and symbols. I had fun.

What happened in Haiti was horrible but thankfully fandom is quite generous. [community profile] help_haiti is a new community that is an auction of goods and services, largely fanworks for donating money to Haiti. There are a TON of amazing people there to bid on including all the vidders here. I am hoping I will win at least one person to make one of my many (8 right now) House vid ideas.

This weekend I'm going up to San Francisco!! I'm going to the Festivid party as described here this Monday. If you're close by, you should come! I can't wait to go and see all the vids and Castro Street and other Bay Area type things. Very exciting.

Oh and my best friend when I was little shared with me with pic from when I was 9ish and it's here, under the cut:

My best friend, me and my cat Butterball Picture )
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