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New vid: ILYSB (Hamilton RPF) [Mar. 8th, 2016|01:45 pm]

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Title: ILYSB
Music: "ILYSB" by LANY
Fandom: Hamilton RPF
Focus: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Jonathan Groff
Summary: I love you, babe — so bad, so bad.
Content Notes: None.
Notes: Made for Escapade 2016. There are a few minor changes from the version that showed at the con.
Download Link: ILYSB (49MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

I've fallen head over heels with Lin Manuel Miranda/Jonathan Groff since they love each other SO MUCH and are so cute on Twitter and in videos about it and basically ship themselves. So I knew for Escapade I wanted to make a RPS vid about their love for each other and since there's limited footage, I figured I'd have time to vid them in 3-7 days after Festivids. I already had the song since I loved this song for months and "hella obsessed with your face" always reminded me of how LMM looks at Groffsauce and I just had to audio edit a bit to get the right lyrics and length. It was a little complicated techically to make since I had to gather all the footage which was in all different sizes and qualities and then get it scaled down but I managed to figure that all out and also edit the song I had found that gave me happy LMM/Groffsauce feels. I was unsure of how to handle the smaller footage but then figured out to put the Hamilton background there which I liked how it connected their relationship to the larger musical. The structure was pretty simple with vidding to the lyrics although it was a little tricky trying to get some visual contrast as well as figuring out how to use the tweets and still images. Mostly I had a LOT of feels making this and even though it was a bit of a rush at the end, I'm still really glad I was able to make a little vid to condense all their cuteness together and give me a shipper high whenever I watch it.
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New vid: Sparks (Blue Neighbourhood) [Mar. 8th, 2016|01:05 pm]

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Title: Sparks
Music: "Sparks" by Fleurie
Fandom: Blue Neighbourhood (3 part music video series)
Focus: Troye/Matthew
Summary: Sparks for the first time.
Content Notes: Physical triggers (e.g., epilepsy or migraine: strobe lights, bright lights, "stuttery" cuts between 2-3 stills)
Notes: Made for Escapade 2016.
Download Link: Sparks (46MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

So I wasn't planning to make this vid but then [personal profile] winterevanesce made me this AMAZING vid for Blue Neighbourhood that gave me all the feels and reignited my desire to vid these precious boys. Since she had vidded both the angst and cuteness so well, I figured I could still make a happy, romantic vid for them so I looked at the end of my new songs I like playlist on Spotify and almost immediately found the song I used for the vid. So it was basically fate ;) I initially was going to cut the song more but I really wanted that crescendo instrumental build so I figured I'd make it work with the clips I had. I knew I wanted to start the beginning with the young kids realizing they had feelings to make it clear it was a romance at each age and I figured out I wanted to build to the kiss in the first chorus and then the sex in the last section. One of the other reasons I wanted to make the vid is to give my proof and interpretation of why I think the music videos ended in a happy ending (it's ambiguous) or why it SHOULD so hopefully that comes through on some level. It was fun to vid Troye and Matthew who are just so freaking attractive as well as the cuteness of the boys and besides an audio issue at the very end, I had a fun and pain-free vidding process as it mostly all came together. And I am definitely in agreement with the people at Escapade who wanted the movie not a music video series because I really, really wish the source was longer and had the story (hint hint write fic!).
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New vid: Honey and the Moon (Soccer RPF) [Apr. 12th, 2015|08:28 pm]

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Title: Honey and the Moon
Music: Joseph Arthur
Fandom: Soccer RPF
Focus: Jürgen Klinsmann/Joachim Löw
Summary: I wish I could follow you to freedom.
Content Notes: None.
Notes: Made for Escapade 2015.
Download Link: Honey and the Moon (71 MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

So last year in June, I started watching the World Cup and got really into watching all the teams play against each other. Being American, I supported the USA (among others) but in particular I fell in love with the coach, Jürgen Klinsmann who has this enthusiasm I adore. My friend, [ profile] caesaria told me she shipped Jurgen/Jogi, Jogi referring to the German coach, Joachim Löw. I started reading more about them since Jurgen's history is that he was a German player that won the World Cup with West Germany in 1990 and then became head coach of Germany to lead them in the 2006 World Cup (held in Germany) where they exceeded expectations with the help of Jurgen's assistant coach, Joachim (tactics master). Jurgen left the head coaching job and later in 2011 accepted a head coaching position for the USA since he's lived in California for a long time and feels a connection with the country but he's still friends with Jogi. Anyways, I watched the German documentary, A Summer Fairytale that followed Germany's run in the 2006 World Cup and completely fell in love with the ship so that when USA played Germany in the 2014 World Cup, I had a LOT OF FEELINGS and was happy when everything worked out well for both teams. After Germany won the World Cup, I was even more in love with the ship (Jurgen said: JOGI YOU DID IT!!! in a tweet :D) and really wanted to vid them.

This song has been a big favorite of mine since it played on The OC ages ago and it came up on my iPhone shuffle and all of a sudden, I started seeing clips in my head set to the music as it expressed a bunch of things I wanted to show about the ship. It was a major pain finding all the footage and getting it in the right format as I spent many, many hours searching Youtube for good footage but it was worth it when I would find the perfect shippy clips (sometimes quality did have to suffer a bit though). I had a lot of fun vidding it though as this was soon after the World Cup so I had a lot of squee about them. The ending was a bit tricky though as I didn't have a ton of footage and I wanted to create a kind of constructed reality or at least imply that they were together far away vacationing together while still giving it a feeling of being free symbolically speaking. There was some helpful commercial footage of Jogi that helped a lot as well as a cool promo from USA soccer of Jurgen. I finished most of it by October but there was still a few things I needed to change and then Festivids happened but I was able to make a few fixes and send it to Escapade. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask as I really, really love them and would love to provide more info about their unique situation.

(PS Come join me! It's lonely being in love with a rare pairing)
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New vid: Sugar (The Good Wife) [Apr. 11th, 2015|12:09 pm]

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Title: Sugar
Music: Maroon 5
Fandom: The Good Wife S1-2
Focus: Alicia/Kalinda
Summary: You show me good loving.
Content Notes: None.
Notes: Made for Escapade 2015. Thanks to [personal profile] metatxt for the quick beta and [personal profile] silly_cleo for the cheerleading.
Download Link: Sugar (80 MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

So while clipping for Festivids, I started watching The Good Wife and fell HARD for Alicia/Kalinda. I fell in love with both characters and absolutely loved their friendship together that was so flirty and femslashy and it turned into a hardcore OTP for me. Then (slight spoiler alert), the end of S2 came along and broke my heart with them but I still wanted to express my love for them and show all the happy times together (and a little sad that was soulcrushing to vid). This song came on the radio and kept reminding me of them so I decided with a couple weeks to the Escapade deadline to start clipping and vidding them. It was an intense process as I was busy with RL stuff but it made me happy to see all the cute scenes between them and the vid came together quicker than I expected once I cut out some of the music and had fun coming up with suggestive clip matches for them. I'm super glad I was able to make it and thank you to all my Good Wife loving people on Twitter for supporting me!
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Fannish Cons, yay! [Feb. 26th, 2014|11:56 pm]

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Just a quick note to say, I'm going to Escapade this weekend! I'm so excited to hang out with fannish people again. I should be there Thursday night-Sunday and would love to hang out with anyone else whose going. I have an Adam/Blake vid I'm premiering (OMG THE NEW EPISODES ARE SOOOOO SLASHY!!!) and am looking forward to seeing some of my Bay Area friends as well as some others I know are coming.

Also, is anyone going to Pacificon aka Bitchin' Party? I'm finally going this year! I've always wanted to go to Seattle so that's a big reason I'm going but I look forward to hanging out with more fannish people. I'm looking for roommates if anyone knows people who has room. Also is there anyone who lives in Seattle who wants to do touristy stuff with me? I'm not sure how long I should stay to do that kind of stuff plus explore the city a bit so I'd love to hear any suggestions.

Also just a quick note to say that Adam Lambert on Glee is AMAAAAAZING!!! Ahhh he has helped revive all my feels on the show along with the rest of the NYC plotlines. I ship Kurt/Elliot sooo much (although Kurt/Blaine is always OTP) especially since I've been shipping Adam Lambert/Chris Colfer since S1 and wanted them to be a couple on the show since then. Adam is just so great at the singing and performing on the show and it's made me remember how much I loved him in the past. I need to see a concert by him soon!
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A real update, finally [Mar. 8th, 2013|01:27 pm]

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So I finally have time and the inclination to post here about some of the things I've been up to. The time thing is mostly because I'm not working at my job anymore. It wasn't working out on either end and I'm really looking forward to finding an in person, salaried job at a good company that can actually pay me decently. I was really overwhelmed at first in terms of looking for a job and sometimes still am but I'm feeling better about it now. It seems that the last year of networking I've been doing in the LA tech scene is starting to pay off as I now have a lot of people I can reach out for help and who have offered to help. There's a job I reeeeally want and I'm kind of terrified of being rejected from it but I'm getting better at feeling like if it doesn't happen, it'll all work out along a different great path. And happy coincidences like a job fair this weekend is extra awesome. I am ever so grateful to be in a field where there's high demand for my skills, it makes it a lot less stressful than it would for me.

Last weekend was a lot of fun! I went to Once Upon a Time Paley Fest with [personal profile] elipie and [personal profile] rhoboat and it turned my feelings of the show to mostly anger to full of FEELS! I still have major issues with what the show is doing (not enough gay, stupid blood > adoption family stuff, Regina's misery as a plot devise) but at a certain point I can let go of expectations and just enjoy the things I love mostly REGINA omg how does Lana Parilla exist? She's hot onscreen but in person she is an absolute goddess not to mention hilarious, adorable and kind. Of course we sat behind some of the most dedicated fans of Lana and Regina so it was good for me to have other people to cheer with and Lana kept LOOKING at us and giving smiles of encouragement and the Evil Regal sign and I seriously felt like I was going to melt with squee. At the end, I managed to crawl over the seats to get close enough to Lana to get her autograph and try to shout things up at her. I hope in the future to get another chance to actually talk to her. I got pretty close to JMo but she left so I talked with Jane Espenson and put in my plug for an actual gay fairytale couple on the show (and happiness for Regina). We'll see what happens...I also connected with one of the fans in front of me in the hope of finding in person Swan Queen fans and a couple of her friends were! So that's encouraging to not feel so alone in it.

Job hunting does make it hard to find time to vid so that's a problem as there's like 5 vids I'm trying to get done in the next two months. One of them is an epic Game of Thrones vid that's gotten me headfirst back into Game of Thrones love, just in time for S3 coming in 23 days eeee! I'm just worried about getting it finished along with two other vids before the April Vividcon deadline. I've also volunteered for Vividcon auction with an insane amount of fandoms so I'm looking forward to doing that for the first time. Reeeally can't wait to go to VVC! There's nothing like hanging out with vidfans. I did go to Escapade a couple weeks ago and that was wonderful! I met some awesome new people as well as got a chance to talk to friends from past years. The vidshow and vid panels and vid review were all wonderful as well and gave me a small taste of Vividcon.

On a dream come true note, I'm so happy about the news that Whose Line is coming back with the original cast! RYAN AND COLIN TOGETHER ON MY SCREEN AGAIN! This show seriously saved me from senioritis back in high school in 2006 and I've wanted a revival to happen for the last 7 years. It's my biggest RPF ship and getting new Ryan/Colin slash with the original games will be wonderful. I've also been loving Parks & Recreation which has been wonderful the last few episodes (except for the Ann plot ughh don't get me started). Unfortunately Glee has been frustrating me more and more with the bad song choices, plots I don't like and not getting me to a emotional place like it used to do. I knew my love for the show wouldn't last forever but it's still disappointing. At least it's no less gay and I'm still loooving Kurt/Blaine, Santana/Britney, Kurt/Adam and Santana/Quinn not to mention Unique <3 The Big Bang Theory has been funnier lately but it's been driving me CRAZY with the increased amounts of sexism. I'm so glad they added more female geek characters but it doesn't make up for that. On the new shows front, I have been convinced by [personal profile] beerbad to keep watching Bunheads which has gotten a lot better over the last few episodes and feels more like Gilmore Girls now along with Parenthood which I'm starting to like a lot more after the first few episodes.

Happy International Women's Day! I went to a Women in Engineering event last night and it was so much fun to be surrounded by women mostly involved in computer science all together. I had drinks with a group of women trying to help other women learn Ruby/Ruby on Rails and it was great to feel like part of a community that's trying to help solve a frustrating lack of diversity problem. It's a slow process but hopefully it can only get better from here. And I'm so thankful to be in fandom surrounded by so many amazing women (and awesome guys) all supporting each other and being creative. I am ever so thankful I found this wonderful place :)
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New vid: Circle of Life (Game of Thrones) [Feb. 27th, 2013|07:47 pm]

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So back in July last year, I somehow got it into my head to set Disney songs to Game of Thrones. To my shock...they totally fit most of the time. After thinking up lots of songs and getting vid ideas to the show, I somehow decided it would be a good idea to just vid them all. Because I love my serious Game of Thrones vids but sometimes I just want to make some fun vids for my show. So I started vidding Circle of Life as an overview of the beginning of the show and while watching Disney movies in preparation, I realized the opening Circle of Life scene has SO MANY similarities to the show which made it extra fun. Of course because I'm in love with the show, I still take it pretty sincerely in a, my heart is full of love for all of them way, but I understand a laughing reaction as well. I vidded most of this during the summer and a little during the fall and it was 90% done around there so when Festivids took over my life, I decided it would be my Escapade premiere. Plus I really wanted to see all the pretty landscape shots on the big screen so I was looking forward to that. I intend to make this a Disney set to Game of Thrones series which I call, You Win or You Sing but it'll take me 10+ years while waiting for all the footage.

Title: Circle of Life
Music: "Circle of Life" by Elton John
Fandom: Game of Thrones S1-2
Focus: Ensemble
Summary: It moves us all.

Link: Circle of Life (66 MB)
Streaming: Circle of Life streaming
AO3 | Tumblr (Coming Soon)

Premiered at Escapade 2013. Thanks to [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl for the quick beta. All feedback (including concrit) is much appreciated. Enjoy!

Embedded version under the cut )
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Escapade Con Report [Feb. 28th, 2012|07:21 pm]

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I'm going to be good this year and do a con report. It was probably my favorite Escapade ever so I had to write up some thoughts on it.

Escapade 2012 Con Report-complete with the Mini Club Vivid Playlist )

Besides that, back to the same routine here in SF. Finally starting to learn some Rails so it's been a jump in the deep end. If you like comedies at all (or not), be sure to watch Cougar Town! It's on at Tuesdays at 8:30pm and this season is especially hilarious. The name is not relevant at all, it's all about friends with wine basically and it's just so much fun. Planning on visiting some new to me neighborhoods on the weekends and also really looking forward to going to the Apple Campus and getting a short tour :D I will probably die of squee as I have turned into a huge Apple fangirl over the last 5 months (my iPhone is still the BEST thing ever, highly recommended). So that is one good thing about being here. Still a little overwhelmed playing catchup but I got a lot of sleep yesterday so that helped and I'm hoping the next few days will also help.

32 more days until I go back to Los Angeles!!
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Tumblr: take 2 [Feb. 19th, 2012|07:58 pm]

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So I've made a few efforts to set up Tumblr and start using it but those have failed miserably. I am trying again though because I feel like fandom is moving there at least somewhat and I don't want to get left behind and feel old which is just weird to say at my age. So my Tumblr is: here and feel free to follow if you like. I get bored pretty easily by a lot of pictures so I don't know how often I'll post but I'll at least check it every day. Please let me know what your Tumblr's name is if you have one. There's a poll in my LJ if that makes it easier.

I've been super busy these days so I feel kind of out of fandom. Still keeping up on a my shows for the most part at least Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Revenge, Parks & Rec, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock and The LA Complex. Speaking of, I definitely urge everyone to check out The LA Complex! I don't want to spoil anyone but there's a great gay plot on there that I'm currently in love with even when it destroys my heart. Plus it has Jewel Strait! It's all about a group of Canadien kids trying to make it in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. It makes me miss Los Angeles even more which I've been doing a lot lately. San Francisco is just no substitute. I don't think I've ever felt quite this homesick in awhile and it made me realize I almost always get homesick only for LA.

I'm all signed up for Vividcon! Cannot wait to go. Also looking forward to Escapade this weekend. It'll be SO nice to get to talk to fans again and watch vids. I'll be interested to see what people get out of my premiere vid this year. Escapade is much less panel heavy than Vividcon for me so I'm hoping to have more time to talk to people there. Also going to stop in Downtown LA after (even though its at least an hour drive) to see my city again as like I mentioned, I miss it like burning.

Been kind of tired lately, my body keeps finding ways to wake up and not getting back to sleep so it's been a struggle to get sleep which is hard when I'm learning all the time. Things are going good though and I enjoyed getting a chance to hang out with [personal profile] laurashapiro the other day. I've been enjoying all the delicious food here in SF as well and I found a great cafe/lounge here with a fireplace, good food, fast internet/outlets and colored lights which I love. I have so little time that I'm starting to have to prioritize more and only do the essential stuff. I am very grateful for my iPhone so I can keep up on social networking/fandom while walking around everywhere. We'll see what happens.

Thanks to everyone who sent me glass hearts! They are much appreciated.
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The marlin and the trout! Nothing to do with the post, just love that quote. [Mar. 1st, 2011|08:13 pm]

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Okay let's get this post done before I get too lazy to do it...

Escapade was great! I had a lot of fun and it was so great to live in a little fannish bubble for a weekend. Not so great was the early morning and late night trip home but let's forget that. It was great to get to talk to a lot of people I've missed seeing for awhile now as well as new people and to talk fandom and watch vids and generally have a good time. I co-led the Glee panel which was a lot of fun (we couldn't stop talking! hee) and led a vid panel which was interesting, tech breakdown (and nervousness) aside. Definitely motivating for vidding which I reeeally need as I have way too many unfinished (and unstarted VVC projects) vids to finish. I also won a TiVo (with lifetime access) and a bunch of Escapade vid DVDs! It was awesome as I usually never win these things and in a span of a couple weeks, I've tripled my usual results.

Work is also being super awesome. I suspected my complaining would be a one off kind of thing. After much talking, I am now getting lead shifts and plenty of hours and my marketing group is going VERY well. Lots of exciting possibilities there, great conversations and my manager liked the ideas I gave him. Plus I got a raise, little as it is :) Career wise things are very interesting, hoping things will open up for me in a good way and I'm enjoying a lot of books I'm reading at the moment.

Glee was AMAZING last week. Yes a certain made for me, scene of my dreams scene was waaaay too short but I enjoyed the hell out of it and an episode about alcohol will always make me happy. LOVED the Kurt/Blaine stuff (mostly), LOVED the Brittany/Santana stuff and loooove the songs. I need to write up a long post at some point but that will have to do.

Was able to catch some of the Oscars although I need to catch up more. I wasn't surprised by any of the results but was VERY happy with The Social Network, Trent Raznor and Atticus Ross winning Best Original Music. They SO deserved it, it's probably my favorite soundtrack ever and I listen to it all the time especially before bed and while I read. Just so gorgeous, original and fits the music perfectly with the blend of technology and emotion. I love the simplicity of it as well as I love the quicker stuff, In Motion and Intriguing Possibilities totally are brainstorming music for me. Yeah I totally fangirl the music. Wish The Social Network would have won Best Picture but I love The King's Speech too and it deserved it so I don't mind. After Brokeback Mountain (which SHOULD have won the best picture award goddamn stupid voters) got screwed over, I don't place too much seriousness in the Oscars although it is enjoyable from a certain standpoint. Yay for Colin Firth, Melissa Leo and the TSN editors!

Going to try to post a bit more and hoping this meme will help me do it. I want to talk more about The Social Network but my thoughts always come and go so let's see if this helps:

1. Thoughts on your favorite character and why you love them so much: )
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Joy [Jan. 13th, 2011|01:26 pm]

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Happy More Joy Day everyone! I do not have anything special planned but I thought I'd write down a few things lately that have been bringing me joy.

I finished my Festivid! This is huge because it was a big burden on me but after many, many hours of frenzied vidding I finished it before the deadline :D And I really like what I made as well. Great way to start off the vidding year. I want to try to make a treat this year as well although I'm currently trying to finish my Escapade vid (deadline is January 15 if anyone else is working on a vid!) so we'll see what happens.

That being said, I'm going to Escapade! Really excited about being around other fans, both slash and vidding ones. Who else is going? I figured I couldn't not go, me being so close (yay LA!) and all. I am looking for roommates so if anyone needs another person, I am happy to share costs.

I also signed up for the LA marathon and I'm really excited to do it. I've been running pretty consistently the last month or so (rain not included) and I definitely think I can do it by March. I did my first real long run on Tuesday and ran 13 miles! So basically a half marathon so I was psyched was able to do it and run most of it. The great part is I'm running through LA where I can see all the great landmarks from Dodger Stadium to the Santa Monica Pier so that'll make it much more fun. It is also SO nice being able to run in 60s and today, 70 degree weather!

I am making small progress on most of my goals and I thought I'd share two websites that are helping me. The first is, Mindbloom that lets you put actions you want to take either daily or whatever timeframe you want and let's you check them off everytime you do them which gets you more points and grows your "tree". You can take it as seriously as you want, I just like that it keeps me accountable and it's fun to check things off. If you join, let me know your email (or use mine while signing up) so I can add you as a friend! The other is Mint which is an easy way to keep track of finances as it collects all the financial accounts you have (securely) and automatically keeps track of all debit/credit transactions and enters them in your budget. I love things that help you and save me time and work so I think it's great and it's helping keep track of things.

Work is going pretty good as I'm still enjoying the marketing meetings and now planning the crew party which is going to be AWESOME with lots of giveaways. Plus I'm going to go out clubbing with some people at work next week so that should be fun. I'm also finally getting a cafe shift so I'm really happy about that. I watched The Fighter the other day and as expected, it wasn't my thing nor did I think it was that Oscar worthy compared to my favorite but it was good at least and Melissa Leo was amazing and almost unrecognizable from Toni on Treme.

I'm also happy that my TV shows are starting to come back! Modern Family was funny last night especially the Cam/Mitchell parts (how are they so cute???) and I'm dying for more Glee after the Superbowl. Also I enjoyed the premiere of Shameless which was pretty funny and unsurprisingly loved Ian (and am shipping him with both Kash and Lip gah) so looking forward to more of that. And of course this picture is bringing me a lot of joy:

How are they so cute and in looooove?
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Marry me, Doris Egan [Mar. 9th, 2009|08:46 am]

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Can Doris Egan write every episode of House from now on? Seriously, she's the best at it and every episode by her makes me happy. In honor of her amazing episode of House tonight, for the first time ever I changed my journal title to "Doris Egan is my God" because she really, really is. I think she's my favorite writer now that Dollhouse isn't going as well as I hoped.

HOUSE OMG! I am massively in love. Have to watch it a few more times before I have more to say but briefly Spoilers for House: The Social Contract )

I seem to be spoiled by the TV gods lately. First, The Office AND 30 Rock are amazing and fill me with love (more on both of those in another post-still catching up) and now we have House coming first circle with a pre-celebration last week and a post celebration this week. I am in heaven. And I really could use it, last week being what it was and having so much to catch up with. THIS reminds me why I'm doing all this, why I want to go into the industry, why I will do whatever I can to save my shows and all the others that need saving.

So I'm home from Escapade thankfully. Not that I didn't have an AMAZING time there but getting back was really hard and long. Everytime I completed a leg of my journey I went, yatta! \o/ because it was so great. Only one travel curse incident at least. Got home at five yesterday and after checking my email slept for fifteen hours. I definitely needed it. But the con was SO worth it and I met some wonderful people and reconnected with others while going to interesting panels and watching lots of vids. It just filled my soul in the way that only fannish interaction can. I tried to explain this in a meeting today and it just reminded me how lucky I am to have people who get what being a fan and a slash fan is and why it's so important.

Also more good news: my computer speakers work again! Randomly they started working which is the best news I've heard yet. And I may yet get some money which would really help with the money woes.

And perfect lyrics for my favoritist slash ship of them all, House/Wilson:

And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay

And by God, I mean Doris :D

ETA: If anyone would rec me the most romantic House/Wilson fics you know of, I'd love you (almost) as much as House loves Wilson.
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Cons, yay! [Mar. 3rd, 2009|09:46 pm]

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God, I have such a problem with writing short posts or anything non-perfectionist until everything builds up and I procrastinate more on it. This is my life. Although I am making a lot of progress on the college side of things.

Anyways, I made it into Vividcon! Whose with me? Also I'm going to Escapade on Saturday and I really look forward to seeing the people going there. Really can't wait for the vid show!

[Poll #1359286]

I can drink at Club Vivid this year!! Open bar, here I come... And I am definitely making one vid this year. Hopefully two. Can't wait to see all the vids and people again!
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