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New vid: ILYSB (Hamilton RPF) [Mar. 8th, 2016|01:45 pm]

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Title: ILYSB
Music: "ILYSB" by LANY
Fandom: Hamilton RPF
Focus: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Jonathan Groff
Summary: I love you, babe — so bad, so bad.
Content Notes: None.
Notes: Made for Escapade 2016. There are a few minor changes from the version that showed at the con.
Download Link: ILYSB (49MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr

I've fallen head over heels with Lin Manuel Miranda/Jonathan Groff since they love each other SO MUCH and are so cute on Twitter and in videos about it and basically ship themselves. So I knew for Escapade I wanted to make a RPS vid about their love for each other and since there's limited footage, I figured I'd have time to vid them in 3-7 days after Festivids. I already had the song since I loved this song for months and "hella obsessed with your face" always reminded me of how LMM looks at Groffsauce and I just had to audio edit a bit to get the right lyrics and length. It was a little complicated techically to make since I had to gather all the footage which was in all different sizes and qualities and then get it scaled down but I managed to figure that all out and also edit the song I had found that gave me happy LMM/Groffsauce feels. I was unsure of how to handle the smaller footage but then figured out to put the Hamilton background there which I liked how it connected their relationship to the larger musical. The structure was pretty simple with vidding to the lyrics although it was a little tricky trying to get some visual contrast as well as figuring out how to use the tweets and still images. Mostly I had a LOT of feels making this and even though it was a bit of a rush at the end, I'm still really glad I was able to make a little vid to condense all their cuteness together and give me a shipper high whenever I watch it.
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New vid: Ready or Not (Hamilton) [Feb. 18th, 2016|12:09 am]

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Title: Ready or Not
Music: Bridgit Mendler
Fandom: Hamilton
Summary: No one is ready for Hamilton.
Content Notes: Physical triggers (e.g., epilepsy or migraine: strobe lights, bright lights, "stuttery" cuts between 2-3 stills)
Notes: Made for [personal profile] sdwolfpup in Festivids 2015.
Download Link: Ready or Not (68MB MP4)
AO3 | Tumblr
Alternative streaming option on Vimeo here (PW: hamilton)

So I really wanted to make a Hamilton vid for Festivids but most of my vid ideas for the show required too much footage I didn't have as well as a lot of time that I didn't really have with all the other Festivids I wanted to make. So I thought it wouldn't happen this year until I found this song and I must have been in a Hamilton mood because only half the lyrics make sense for him and the other half are COMPLETELY wrong. But I kept getting attached to the idea and I figured if I had time, I could make a vid in the last couple days before the deadline by cutting the song down. I didn't really have time but I made enough to cut out all the lyrics that didn't fit Hamilton and just kept the last chrous and figured I'd just make a happy, Hamilton focused ensemble vid for the show. At one point, I thought about making the vid more meta about the show phenomen itself but when I tried to do that, I realized I didn't have enough time to tell both stories adequely so I just went with Hamilton the show.

It was a LOT of fun to vid this because I'm so obsessed with the musical and vidding allowed me to really see each little face movement and all the little details I miss on regular viewings. The lyric matchings were really fun although it became a bit tricky to have some more structure for when it was less obvious but I enjoyed comparing Jefferson & co to redcoats at the end fighting section as well as figuring out ways to introduce all the major players in Hamilton's life. One of my favorite clips is Hamilton's smile to Angelica because SO CUTE and I also loved putting in my little "follow" Hamilton/Washington moment. Ultimately I wanted to make it for [personal profile] sdwolfpup since she has been so awesome on Twitter with quoting Hamilton and being fun to talk to about Hamilton and Leslie. I wanted to make her a Burr vid actually but could never find a song that would work for such limited footage and I also figured someone else would do it. Anyways, the beginning turned out to be one of the trickiest parts but I was happy with the way the whole vid turned out in the end even if I'm not sure if it's a bit too fast. In any case, do not worry, this is DEFINITELY not the last Hamilton vid you'll see from you and I'm so excited to vid it when we have HQ footage of the whole musical to vid the longer vids in my head.
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End of the Year Fandom Meme [Dec. 31st, 2015|06:52 pm]

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It's the last day of the year so you know what means: meme time.

What fandoms did you acquire in 2015?

HAMILTON (so obsessed), The Good Wife (Kalicia mostly), Person of Interest (Root/Shaw/Machine mostly), UnREAL, The Fall, Billy & Billie, Halt and Catch Fire, Review, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Carmilla, Difficult People, The 100, Casual, The Leftovers, The X-Files (on S2), Galavant, Better Call Saul, Master of None, Fresh Off the Boat, Sense8, Grace and Frankie, Frasier (still working on this), Another Period, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Empire, Supergirl (maybe, I can barely watch this as a clipping show but I love Kara/Cat), Jessica Jones (kind of-may only watch Jeri scenes next season), Star Wars (a little).

Started but not sure yet: Ballers, Bloodline, Cucumber, Banana, Fear the Walking Dead, Girl Meets World, Mr. Robot, The Man in the High Castle, Outlander, Rectify, Survivor's Remorse

What fandoms did you let go of in 2015?

Hockey RPF (for the quickest/worst fandom loss ever), The Mindy Project (I can't do bad baby plots even when I LOVE Mindy), Jane the Virgin (I also can't do good baby plots), maybe Fargo not sure yet.

What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2015? Why?

Deadwood (I got through mid-S1 and now forget most of it so haven't gone back), Penny Dreadful (not really my thing although I may try again another time), Manhattan (slow so far but I may try again).

What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2016?

Deadwood, Show Me a Hero, Hannibal (catch up), Louie (catchup), Black-ish, Playing House, Banana, Cucumber, The Returned, Lovely Little Losers, The Man in the High Castle, Mr. Robot.

What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2016 unless things significantly improve?

Right now I'm iffy on some shows that are kind of boring me: Nashville, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Empire, maybe Supergirl.

What show impressed you most in 2015?

Not TV but Hamilton was the best thing I listened to and watched all year and in the top 3 in my entire life. SO BRILLIANT, amazing use of words, narrative, incredible characters to identify with, revolutionary idea, music that I listen to nonstop. UnREAL was incredible with its interesting critique of reality shows and the beautiful, complicated, interesting relationship (and character development) of the two female leads. In general I found some unique, intriguing, feelsy femslash in The Good Wife with Alicia/Kalinda and in Person of Interest with Root/Shaw that was amazing to experience. I loved the Parks and Mad Men series finales which went out on top and moved me to tears. Movie-wise, Inside Out blew me away and Carol was so beautiful and amazing it took my breath away.

What show impressed you least in 2015?

Really bummed The Mindy Project not only did an accidental pregnancy plot that made no sense (THEY'RE OBGYNS!!!) but then badly handled the baby plot, made me dislike Danny with SAHM bullshit and then added a sexist doctor and that finally forced me to abandon the show despite my hero worship for Mindy Kaling for almost 10 years. I may go back someday but I had to quit it for now. The Kevin episodes/half-episodes on The Leftovers were THE WORST and bring the show way down for me (why are you wasting Regina King and Carrie Coon???). Jessica Jones had potential but I'm still bitter what they did to Jeri and how they sacrificed character development for plot which was drawn out way too long.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the New Year?

I'm curious about Westworld, American Gods, Emerald City, Billions, Angie Tribeca (written by Steve Carell and his wife starring Rashida Jones), The Catch (Shondaland), The Magicians. I will not catch up in time but I'm looking forward to later watching The X-Files revival once I do. Moviewise, looking forward to The Girl with All the Gifts, Ghostbusters, Moana (LMM) and Finding Dory.

I've been reading some of my favorite TV critics about TV shows and criticism and #PeakTV and all that but lately I've been pretty disappointed with TV. There's nothing that's really grabbing me and that's not just good (sometimes great) but truly Great like a Breaking Bad or similar. I miss great shows that have characters that I really connect with and I'm always frustrated with all the white guy centered shows out there. It's frustrating that there's so many TV shows and yet I have such a hard time finding ones I truly love. Imma keep trying though as a helpless TV fan but I hope next year will be better for TV. In any case, I've been trying to read more books to help fulfill the character connections I'm not getting as much on TV although I miss the visuals with books and fandoms are harder to come by.
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