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Let's Hear It For LA! [Sep. 24th, 2010|09:00 pm]

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I'm in LA! My trip was uneventful thankfully and I made it here on time and in a good mood. Already I've had free champagne and cake and went on a little happy run to let out my (slightly drunk) happy emotions. I can't believe I made it and now that I'm here, all the nervousness I was feeling has disappeared and I'm just deliriously happy. I'm going to be using that word a lot because I am in a great, fulfilled and content kind of way. I have a whole plan of what I want to do here and I'm determined to get it. My ultimate goal is to have my own little apartment downtown but we will see how things go moneywise before I get there. It's just good to break free from the chains of cold, boring town with parents I'm sick of and no roots to speak of. I can't wait to meet people here, make friends, see some old ones and create the life of my dreams. Here's the song I've been playing to describe how I feel:

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in LA
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let's hear it for LA, LA, LA

Yes I will service that song for my own city. Also last night was great TV night with my comedies coming back!

Spoilers for The Big Bang Theory )

Loved The Office for the first time in awhile. It was actually funny! And it wasn't even written by one of the original writers! Loved that it had heart as well. Thought 30 Rock was less funny but I still love Liz Lemon and it did have some laughs so it was alright. I miss Parks and Recreation, tried Community again but I still can't get myself to care enough about the characters and there aren't enough laughs for me. Also tried Shit My Dad Says which was unfunny as I heard it would be. Oh well. Also loved Modern Family on Wednesday although it wasn't quite as funny as I hoped, as always Cam/Mitchell were amazing and the cutest ever. I tried Running Wilde with low expectations as I have heard bad things but it was surprisingly good! The first half was bad and unfunny but all of a sudden the jokes started coming and they were funny and reminded me of Arrested Development. So definitely watching that one. Catching up on Cougar Town at the moment which has been unfunny but enjoyable and all of a sudden, it was funny! Much like How I Met Your Mother, it took til the 9th episode for me to really like it. Not super attached but I do need more funny shows. Still dying for Glee to come back, I have spoiled myself sooo much for the next episode (I am banned from spoilers after that one) but it's going to be SO good, dare I say it...legendary.

I managed to get my Festivids nominations in this morning thankfully. From what I remember I nominated The Wire, Treme, Little Miss Sunshine, Huge (2010), Nurse Jackie, United States of Tara, Be Good Johnny Weir, Project Runway, The Rachel Zoe Project, The Sopranos, Mad Men, Arrested Development, Damages, Beautiful People, Sex and the City (TV+Movie) and some other TV shows I'm forgetting. I'm so excited for it to begin! Hope we get a lot more vidders this year so there'll be more vids ;)

If anyone is in the LA area and wants to hang out, let me know!

Cause in the sun and in the weather
No one else has loved me better
California you’re the place for me
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YULEVID! And TV [Oct. 29th, 2009|08:04 pm]

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So for the past few years I've been really jealous of everyone participating in Yuletide and so bummed out that I don't write and so can't taken part in it. And I've always thought there should be a vid challenge in a similar way. AND NOW THERE IS! [profile] yulevid is the new community that's the vid version of Yuletide where vidders can request and offer to vid rarely vidded fandoms. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! I am definitely participating even if it kills me to complete a vid for it. The nice part is everyone will be required to request a movie so there is always a shorter source for someone to vid if they run out of time. The dates are a bit later than Yuletide this year since it's a late start. I encourage everyone to go check out the community which is brainstorming right now and the nomination period for fandoms will start out (probably) next week. And now I don't have to feel sad when I see Yuletide posts because I'm doing it too!

So now I can finally put up my possible nominations like all the writers, yay!

Arrested Development, Better Off Ted, Cupid (1998), Friday Night Lights, How I Met Your Mother, Latter Days, Little Miss Sunshine, Mad Men, Milk, Modern Family, Oz, Rent, Sex and the City, Shelter, Six Feet Under, Slings and Arrows, The Big Bang Theory, The Sopranos, The West Wing, The Wire, United States of Tara

Soooo many shows/movies I'd looove to see more vids to here. I so cannot wait!

Spoilers for The Office: Koi Pond )

Oh and my phone FINALLY has an Office ringtone! I've wanted my phone to have one and my past phones have never been able to. It makes me happy whenever I hear it :)

Spoilers for 30 Rock: Stone Mountain )

Enjoyed Parks and Recreation which hasn't been that funny for me sadly. But I loooove Leslie and now I adore her cute cop date so I'm sticking with it for now.

On another note, I am SO SO SO EXCITED for Adam's single tomorrow! "For Your Entertainment" is premiering on Ryan Seacrest's show tomorrow starting at 6:55 am PST so I'll have to wake up early for that. I've just been dyyyying to hear it and see how Adam manages to combine electro dance glam pop classic rock and whatever else he's throwing in there with his AMAZING voice of perfection. To finally hear an Adam Lambert song on the radio will be so crazy. After waiting all this time, with so much teasing, it's finally here! I can't even believe it.

And Tuesday I went to the This is It premiere in LA and saw him!! It was so amazing. I hung out behind the red carpet with [profile] dee919 and then all of a sudden I spotted Adam on the big screen and freaked out. They tried to keep us away from the front of the racks but I managed to capture some video footage of Adam doing interviews and at one point we (and some other Adam fans there) shouted at him and he turned and looked at us and ME! Holding my Details magazine hehe. He waved!! It was just so wonderful. Also he did a little dance at one point and was later bobbing his legs along with the music. Too cute! Oh and I saw Chris Colfer, Kurt from Glee too! He was walking towards the theatre and I stopped him and told him I loved him in Glee. The movie was about to start so I didn't ask for video or anything. And then later after the movie which just made me think of Adam getting thoughts on how epic his own tour is going to be, we went downstairs and a few minutes later, Adam was RIGHT NEXT TO US. [profile] dee919 tried to ask for a picture but he was in a rush to get to his car so he said he couldn't. Still we followed him out and it was so surreal to be two feet or so from ADAM FUCKING LAMBERT. I have my video footage up on Youtube here along with my footage from when I went to the Good Morning America concert to see Adam, Kris and David Cook.

Thankfully Kris Allen hasn't been nearly as closeted (ha) with his music and I'm loving the music on his CD! There's short snippets of all his songs which you can hear all together in an mp3 file here and I've had it on repeat a lot in the past couple days. So catchy! I love Written All Over My Face and Can't Stay Away (which he played in Florida, the whole songs are great) the most but the rest of the album sounds super tinhatty to me especially Bring It Back. I'm super excited about his album, it's going to be awesome. November is a very, very good month.
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That's me in the icon right there. Moodwise that is. [Feb. 18th, 2009|11:26 pm]

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[Current Mood |high]

Fangirl highs are the BEST. I am currently in one because of House spoilers for the next episode ). I have this vid idea that needs as many sparks as it can so this is wonderful. I am trying to contain myself but it's hard and this is after I ran around the block. Basically in my head it is a wonderful party of screams and squees and OMGs and super happiness. Ahhh this is why I ship my heart out.

In other fannish news, I have completely fallen for Andy/Oscar from The Office. And you know, I've been wanting a good slash ship on this show for awhile now and although I love Michael/Dwight and Jim/Dwight and Michael/Ryan and the general slashiness on the show, nothing really stood out to me. And I've always liked the Andy/Oscar stuff since Business Trip but it just took that hint of canonness in the episode before last week to make me full out shippiness. I'm surprised it took me so long as they have exactly the dynamic I love with the whole see through the hard exterior to the jelly inside as Andy says so perfectly. I'm such a sucker for that. But now I'm watching their scenes together and dying for more scenes together. I swear this is like right after I got into Michael/Jan and then had to wait a month before they had a scene together. It's SO frustrating for my shippy brain.

Some thoughts on Dollhouse: Not really spoilers but just in case )

College is going pretty well so far. Still trying to get a balanced schedule but I'm procrastinating somewhat less and reading more so that's good. I'm taking Computer Science 1, Visual Programming, Introduction to Financial Accounting and Primetime: The Game of Television. The last one, of course, is my favorite. It's like a TV industry RPG where there are producers who pitch shows to the networks who sell the shows to the networks and then everyone votes for what shows they watch. It's really fun! Unfortunately I'm stuck being a producer since there was some miscommunication in my network group and we didn't turn something in. It's hard for me as I don't gave a lot of workable TV show ideas (suggest some if you want!) but I'm working with my old group so that helps. I actually sold one of my ideas! It was all about using social media and stuff like that to stay in touch over long distances. Thank god for other teammates helping out with fleshing out plot and characters. The other classes are going well too, I like them all but there's not much to say about them. It's kind of lonely at times as it seems everyone else has a lot of friends and I'm just trying to meet people I have a connection with but I'm hoping I'll find a few as I get more involved with clubs and stuff. Although with my crappy luck, two clubs meet the same evening I have class for 4 hours. Arghhh.

I took the Census test because I really need a job and it pays double anything I've ever been paid. Plus it's proving hard to find a job on campus. And I reeeally want to go to Paley, hopefully to see Dr. Horrible and meet Nathan and if I get lucky, see the Battlestar event. Sadly the Pushing Daisies one is when I'll be off on Spring Break but I'm sure they'll show the episodes on the DVD or at another time at least. Can't wait for The Office tomorrow! And John Hamm on 30 Rock is soooo hot. I am all swoony throughout that show now.
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Read less, more TV. [May. 15th, 2008|11:14 am]

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I watched The Office up to The Client last night and it was so much fun! Michael/Jan were so perfect back then, it makes my heart happy. Everything was perfect in my eyes. Oh, my show.

Gossip Girls is reminding me of Veronica Mars (and not because of Kristin Bell's voiceover) in terms of relationships which can only be a good thing. Spoilers for Gossip Girl up to Woman on the Verge )

There's a new interview up with Silvio Horta's thoughts on this season of Ugly Betty and the next. It reminds me of Tim Kring's interview where he acknowledges the mistakes of S2 (although UB's weren't as bad IMO) and promises to fix them next season. Plus UB is moving to NYC next season! Personally I love it because shooting on location brings more of a realistic touch to the show. The sad thing is that Marco Pennette's leaving the show :( He wrote the Thanksgiving episode (Dreamgirls dancing!), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (favorite episode still), East Side Story and the Wedding episode (one of my absolute favorites). Spoilers for Ugly Betty up to Betty's Baby Bump )

Nothing much to say about BSG except that the last episode was awesome and got me excited about the show again so yay BSG!

Spoilers for Doctor Who up to the latest episode )

If you've ever considered watching How I Met Your Mother (or haven't!), I'd check out [ profile] spectralbovine's pimping post for it here. He sums up a lot of the reasons I love it so much from it's lovable, pretty, relatable ensemble of characters to the nonlinear narrative timelines and flashbacks. It really is a smart, great show and after the first 8 episodes or so gets immeasurably more awesome. Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother up to Everything Must Go )

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy up to The Becoming )

The thing that bugs me about 30 Rock which I also had an issue with on Veronica Mars and Alias is how it seems like since they have the main character be a woman, they have zero or one other woman regular and that's it. The biggest thing about 30 Rock is where are the women writers? We have Tina Fey and that's it. Personally I only like Twofer and think the other writers are pretty lame. I wish Amy Poehler would star as a new writer although I doubt that's likely now. Anyways, I will keep enjoying the hell out of Liz and Kenneth like I always do. Spoilers for 30 Rock up to the finale )

Taken from [ profile] celli: Cast your dream TV series of all time. Three to five actors, must include at least one male and one female. Tell me why they'd be so awesome together.

(Bonus points for show premise/location.)

Here's my answer and yes, I have thought of this a lot:

Lena Olin, Victor Garber, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison with special guest starring by Jennifer Garner. Insane amounts of chemistry all over the place and lots and lots of pretty.

It'd be an Alias spin off where Irina and Jack start their own spy agency in NYC (solving the Lena Olin problem) and eventually get Gale and Randy (characters TBD)to join them who fall in love and are the gay spy team. Sydney shows up a lot to go on missions with her parents. Jack is still never sure if Irina is using the resources and plans for her own motives...but that's what makes it fun. Flashbacks to earlier times in their relationship abound, Irina gets to spend lots more time with her sisters and family (Isabelle Rossalini guest stars) and there is an elaborate plan they work against that is completely serial starting from the beginning and ending with a huge bang that was all worth it. Lots of kissing and sex for all members of the cast as well as lots of Office like humor.

I'd probably spontaneously burst into flames because of the awesome, hotness and perfectness of this show every week but it'd be worth it.

So what are yours?
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Best. Night. Ever. [Apr. 24th, 2008|11:58 pm]

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OMG YOU GUYS. First How I Met Your Mother and now The Office bringing me personal moments of TV heaven. If you watch The Wire (WHICH YOU SHOULD), you HAVE to watch tonight's episode of The Office. Or a clip of an especially amazing part of it. Have I mentioned how much I love Mindy Kaling lately?

Spoilers for The Office: Night Out )

The Office + The Wire = My Personal Heaven.

And one 30 Rock reference to top it off:

Spoilers for the latest 30 Rock )

I am reeally looking forward to the Ugly Betty episode with Christian and Nina Garcia. Going to be so good :)
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