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Happy Glee Day! Music and Treme, yay! [Apr. 13th, 2010|06:13 pm]

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HAPPY GLEE DAY EVERYONE! I've been in a great mood all day because MY SHOW IS BACK OMGYAY *trumpets and fanfare (probably from Treme) play* I really can't believe I made it this long without it. Even though I did finally give in and watch the promo, I am still super excited. Man it's been so long since I've had this show to make my nights (and the next day/week) so much more full of joy and squee and love and it's good to get it back. And it IS. On tonight at 9:28 after the American Idol with ADAM LAMBERT as the mentor! The night just keeps getting better and better really.

Other great things on premiere week: TREME. Ooh so nice to get a new David Simon show. Everyone should watch this show and here's why:

1) It's a celebration of music! And the triumph of the human spirit and creation and rebirth in the face of disaster. If you like jazz at all, definitely watch.
2) That disaster in particular would be Hurricane Katrina as the show is set in New Orleans three months after it hit. If you want to see what really happened after Katrina, this is the show to watch because David Simon and Co. are ALL about being realistic.
3) It's about New Orleans! All about the city and what makes it so special. If you've ever wanted to learn more about it, this show will *show* you the real thing.
4) Brilliant writing. This is brought to you by David Simon and other writers who wrote The Wire, objectively the best TV show ever created, and you can be sure they did just as good this time around even if the show is definitely different.
5) Great characters, actors and diversity: The actors that played Bunk and Lester are back on this show (and just as amazing) as well as John Goodman and Steve Zahn. And I am totally loving all the female characters as well like Toni and LaDonna and Janette who are all kinds of kickass. And as always, David Simon & Co. are great at representing the demographics of a real city.

Give it a try! It takes some time to get used to as not a lot is explained and things enfold slowly, across episodes but that's the wonderful thing about being treated as an intelligent viewer. It may be useful to turn on closed captions though if you can get it, I'm finding our DVR great for that. Also Treme was renewed for a second season!! Glad the writers and everyone don't have to worry about that.

Spoilers for the Treme Pilot, also pre-warned The Wire Pilot spoilers )

On a another note, there is also Ugly Betty whose last episode is tomorrow. It's been making me both very happy and very conflicted. I'm actually glad it's the last episode because I was seriously considering giving it up.

Spoilers for Ugly Betty up to 419 )

Random things:
-Adobe Flash is totally awesome and I love it a LOT
-The Big Bang Theory was HILARIOUS last night, I love Sheldon so much I can't even say.
-Bidding for Sweet Charity vids ends tomorrow I think so go vid on all the great vidders!
-Someone randomly gifted me with a Dreamwidth account! I am touched and happy, mostly about the icon space. My only problem with Dreamwidth now (besides general laziness) is I can't find a Generator style and I just can't live without my Generator that I've had since 2003. Sometimes change is not good, you know? Anyone know of one?
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Chi-town! [Mar. 31st, 2010|03:01 pm]

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[Current Mood |hopeful]

Trufax: after listening to Kanye West for five years, it took me until my roadtrip back to NY to realize that Chi-town = Chicago. Yeeeah. But that's where I'm going! Tonight I'm leaving to go to Chicago to see Johnny Weir skate to BAD ROMANCE! Gaaahh I'm so excited I can't even. Plus the seats are general admission so I'm going to get there super early tomorrow so I can get a front row seat and hopefully meet him eeee. I was dying for a chance to see him ice skate and thankfully the universe provided it to me. If anyone is in Chicago and wants to hang out anytime on Thursday or Friday, let me know asap (if you can spare a place to crash Thursday night that'd also be great, otherwise my cousin once removed lives there so I'll hang with her). I'm really looking forward to it! And of course Chi-town is where I'll be going this August when I go to Vividcon :)

I was unsure whether I'd be able to go up until this afternoon as I got a new job and of course the scheduling put me on both my cousin's wedding and this trip. But thankfully they're letting me miss Friday so I'm fine and can go. Had my first day today and it was alright, shouldn't be too hard. Working in the deli in the grocery store for now although hoping to switch to cashiering soon. Should definitely help with money. Last weekend I went to see my oldest cousin's wedding and that was a lot of fun. It was nice getting to talk with some family I haven't seen in awhile and meet my cousin's new baby who was cute (as can be for someone who thinks babies are ugly) as well as getting to enjoy the open bar and dance floor. They played two GaGa songs which made me happy so it was a blast for the most part.

In TV that I am watching, been catching up on In Treatment and Breaking Bad. In Treatment is rather addicting once you get into it. I love the therapy sessions throughout most of the episodes and how character/relationship based it is. Very cool. I tried it out earlier but the pilot kind of bored me. Rewatching that I find that the first patient is my least favorite and of course I despise her storyline which is the thing that bothers me most about the show. Lots of familiar guest stars, Melissa George from Alias, Blair Underwood and Dan from Sports Night. Working on S2 at the moment. Breaking Bad took me three episodes to get into but the fourth is AMAZING. Very Wire-esque and the show does beg comparison to that show although it isn't as good in comparison (what is?). I love the gradual character change and how very smart the show is not to mention my favorite character, Jesse. The domestic stuff generally bores me although the Hank stuff can be pretty funny. However I will warn that they try to buildup to a big S2 finale ending but the ending SUCKS. Don't go into it thinking it'll change the world, it's just the creator fucking with you. Was angry about it so haven't seen the first two S3 episodes but I will tonight probably. I recommend them both if you love high quality television.

Also watched the first two episodes each of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie and loved them both. United States of Tara got more gay which made me super super happy and I am interested to see where the storylines are going. I enjoy Nurse Jackie more because I love more of the characters. Zoe is my favorite (even though she's not my usual type) because her cuteness and funniness knows no bounds but I am still loving Jackie, Dr. O'Hara, Thor and the sadly taken away, Mo-Mo (such a tragedy-there are no words for my anger). Always can't wait for more out of both shows and I definitely recommend them if you like great female characters.

I am DYING to see more Glee and the premiere of Treme (David Simon's new show) about New Orleans and music). Of course they come in the same three day period, Treme on April 11 and Glee on April 13. A great article on Treme is here that makes it sound like the show will be a combination of The Wire (beaten down city backdrop + amazing realistic storytelling) and Glee (celebration of music + more individualism as well as coming together moments) which cannot make me any happier in what appeals to me. In sad news though, David Mills who writes for the show died today :( Really really sad because he wrote great episodes for The Wire and Homicide. I definitely can't wait for Glee to come back because I can really use the uplifting episodes it always brings.

Brief news on other TV and movies: Ugly Betty-OMG JUSTIN AND MARC!!! Um Justin's plotline makes me so squeeful and happy I can't even take it but god worst cliffhanger ever. American Idol-stopped watching, liked Toddrick and Andrew Garcia, hated Casey and Lee. Modern Family-SO IN LOVE. My favorite comedy at the moment, it's brilliant and everyone should watch it. The Office-loved the beginning of the last episode, Oscar = cutest EVER. Project Runway-I love Seth Aaron (I think he'll win), Mila, Jay and Anthony (he needs his own Bravo show). Can't wait to see the collections.

Oh and I got a new haircut. Never had it this short since I was like 8. It's weird but I mostly liked it besides the fact the hair dresser directly disobeyed my first instruction to keep it behind my eyes. It's fixed now though. Oh and I've been really into The West Wing these days. I feel like my love for that show cannot be contained in my body especially for my OT4. It never fails to make me laugh and believe in the world just a little bit more.
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Forward it like it's hot, forward it like it's hot [May. 21st, 2008|11:58 pm]

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Nominate Fandom's Hottest Characters. Choose three of your hottest characters of all time. For the record, this is impossible for me to have any kind of rankings but I chose Brian Kinney (that was easy actually), Stringer Bell and Irina Derevko. I was trying to go based on hot rather than favorite/cute/sexy/most awesome (although my nominees all qualify there too).

The Organization For Transformative Works (of which I am a member :))is hosting an online con full of fannish celebration at [ profile] otw_onlinecon in honor of being one year old with challenges, panels, events and more. Go check it out!

[ profile] trollprincess is holding a talk about awesome female characters day here. It was great reading about many of my favorite characters and I talked about the awesomeness that is Irina Derevko.

After this article about why women don't like sci-fi which is mostly bullshit IMO, here's a poll about women and sci-fi with over 1000 women liking sci-fi, thank you very much. I love sci-fi because I love good characters and stories which sci-fi has many including exploring interesting themes in unique ways that are hard to explore in other genres.

EW's List of the 25 Funniest People in Entertainment. They got a lot right including Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Will Arnett and Amy Poelher and David Cross. I would also include the writers of The Office especially Mindy Kaling and Paul Lieberstein.

EW's List of great Ugly Betty quips I love this show.

Some brief TV thoughts:

Spoilers for the latest Ugly Betty )

Spoilers for the latest Grey's Anatomy )

Spoilers for the Supernatural finale )

Spoilers for the How I Met Your Mother finale )

Spoilers for the Gossip Girl finale )

I absolutely loved the House finale and it totally made me cry but I will talk about it at length later.
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Read less, more TV. [May. 15th, 2008|11:14 am]

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I watched The Office up to The Client last night and it was so much fun! Michael/Jan were so perfect back then, it makes my heart happy. Everything was perfect in my eyes. Oh, my show.

Gossip Girls is reminding me of Veronica Mars (and not because of Kristin Bell's voiceover) in terms of relationships which can only be a good thing. Spoilers for Gossip Girl up to Woman on the Verge )

There's a new interview up with Silvio Horta's thoughts on this season of Ugly Betty and the next. It reminds me of Tim Kring's interview where he acknowledges the mistakes of S2 (although UB's weren't as bad IMO) and promises to fix them next season. Plus UB is moving to NYC next season! Personally I love it because shooting on location brings more of a realistic touch to the show. The sad thing is that Marco Pennette's leaving the show :( He wrote the Thanksgiving episode (Dreamgirls dancing!), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (favorite episode still), East Side Story and the Wedding episode (one of my absolute favorites). Spoilers for Ugly Betty up to Betty's Baby Bump )

Nothing much to say about BSG except that the last episode was awesome and got me excited about the show again so yay BSG!

Spoilers for Doctor Who up to the latest episode )

If you've ever considered watching How I Met Your Mother (or haven't!), I'd check out [ profile] spectralbovine's pimping post for it here. He sums up a lot of the reasons I love it so much from it's lovable, pretty, relatable ensemble of characters to the nonlinear narrative timelines and flashbacks. It really is a smart, great show and after the first 8 episodes or so gets immeasurably more awesome. Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother up to Everything Must Go )

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy up to The Becoming )

The thing that bugs me about 30 Rock which I also had an issue with on Veronica Mars and Alias is how it seems like since they have the main character be a woman, they have zero or one other woman regular and that's it. The biggest thing about 30 Rock is where are the women writers? We have Tina Fey and that's it. Personally I only like Twofer and think the other writers are pretty lame. I wish Amy Poehler would star as a new writer although I doubt that's likely now. Anyways, I will keep enjoying the hell out of Liz and Kenneth like I always do. Spoilers for 30 Rock up to the finale )

Taken from [ profile] celli: Cast your dream TV series of all time. Three to five actors, must include at least one male and one female. Tell me why they'd be so awesome together.

(Bonus points for show premise/location.)

Here's my answer and yes, I have thought of this a lot:

Lena Olin, Victor Garber, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison with special guest starring by Jennifer Garner. Insane amounts of chemistry all over the place and lots and lots of pretty.

It'd be an Alias spin off where Irina and Jack start their own spy agency in NYC (solving the Lena Olin problem) and eventually get Gale and Randy (characters TBD)to join them who fall in love and are the gay spy team. Sydney shows up a lot to go on missions with her parents. Jack is still never sure if Irina is using the resources and plans for her own motives...but that's what makes it fun. Flashbacks to earlier times in their relationship abound, Irina gets to spend lots more time with her sisters and family (Isabelle Rossalini guest stars) and there is an elaborate plan they work against that is completely serial starting from the beginning and ending with a huge bang that was all worth it. Lots of kissing and sex for all members of the cast as well as lots of Office like humor.

I'd probably spontaneously burst into flames because of the awesome, hotness and perfectness of this show every week but it'd be worth it.

So what are yours?
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Everything that is awesome [Oct. 5th, 2007|01:51 am]

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A meme that perfectly fits my mood today:

Rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs. Do it if you have happy things to say!

1. THE OFFICE. MY SHOW!! It's back every week and it's still making me ridiculously happy and gleeful and I love ALL the characters and it's definitely my favorite show by infinity. Tonight's episode was hilarious and I loved it even more than last week with my FAMILY and the continuity and the relationships and KELLY *hearts* Can it always be Office day please?
2. There might be a Serenity movie!!! Apparently from Alan Tudyk, “They had to put [the new DVD] out because they’ve been selling out of the other one and so Universal’s like ‘So, let’s do another one’. And now… there’s now a chance there’s going to be another movie". OMG SQUEE! I mean, it's not for sure but that still makes me insanely happy that there's a chance. I'm getting the Collector's set for my birthday but I want to encourage everyone who loves Firefly/Serenity to buy it!
3. Pushing Daisies did well in the ratings! Everyone was so worried about them and now it won the time period :D I had faith because it is the only drama in the time period and seriously, the pilot is so beautiful and charming and brilliant, how could people not want to check it out? That being said, I was nervous all day and was very happy to hear it did well. Now the scary part is whether it loses any viewers next week.
4. Justin from Ugly Betty FILLS ME WITH CUTENESS! He is so adorable. And him and Marc are so awesome and make me so gleeful. And Wilhelmina is back to her awesome self. The whole show was hilarious tonight.
5. My boys from Supernatural are back! Still blah about the plot but there relationship is so cute and I adore Dean and the emo pain.
6. Grey's Anatomy is fun again! It's actually funny and there is the awesomeness of Cristina and slash that makes me happy (four instances for my favorite pairings!) and Bailey being super amazing and Meredith not being totally horrible. I prefer to ignore the bad things.
7. The Office did well in ratings on Thursday! It went up against heavy competition, yay! My show is awesome.
8. My birthday next week with a new Office episode!!! BEST present ever.
9. Mr. Bennett and Claire on Heroes continue to make me very gleeful each week. Also M cubed *hearts them*
10. Going to California in one month and a week!!!! Finally I get to go home to where I belong. With the warm weather and palm trees and entertainment capital of the world and the ocean and everything pretty much.

I need sleep. But I am happy to see my Flist full of TV squee. I have been fighting my anti-writing/procrastination nature lately and lack of sleep does not help.
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Brief TV Update [Sep. 30th, 2007|01:01 am]

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I've had a really crazy/busy week but I wanted to say something about TV because I had planned a post but took a 5 hour nap instead.

I LOVE TV. It completes me, it really does. Having so many of my shows premiering this week and seeing my Flist squee just reminded me of what TV adds to my life and how happy and gleeful it makes me. Plus I got to watch some of it with [ profile] lianri which was a lot of fun. I'm still behind on seeing some premieres/second episodes but I will get to that by tomorrow hopefully. For now, short non-spoilery reactions.

How I Met Your Mother: Love it! Hilarious and hot and cute and sweet. Just the way I like it.
Chuck: I enjoyed it! Very entertaining and a great concept. Chuck is so cute.
Heroes: LOVE it! Mr. Bennett and Claire! *hearts them* Matt and Mohinder and Molly! My super cute Hiro is back :D Somehow this show turned into a character love show for me. And it was funny!
House: OMG LOVE! I still have not recovered. This is one of THE episodes that shows why I watch the show along with Act Your Age, All In, House vs. God and Safe. Lots of House hilarity, House/Wilson SQUEE and House/Cuddy love. The OT3 rules all.
Reaper: I enjoyed it! Much funnier than I thought and pretty entertaining concept.
Pushing Daises: Not on yet but I rewatched half the pre-air version and LOVED it once again. The pretty and the concept and the narrator and the cute main character and oh, everything have won me over.
Private Practice: Meh. I love LA and I love Addison but that's about it. The characters need to get better but I'll give it a few episodes.
Gossip Girl (pilot): I like the idea of it but right now it's not clicking for me. NYC is awesome and I hear the books are good so I'm giving it more time.
Dirty Sexy Money: LOVE it! Second favorite pilot of the season and I think it's awesome (the name IS the best). The characters are fun and interesting, the plot is entertaining, it's funny and it reminds me of Arrested Development which I miss a lot so this helps. Highly recommended.
Ugly Betty: Love it! It totally made me cry yet was so funny. Also, I LOVE Justin times infinity. He and Hiro are having an adorable contest and Justin is winning at the moment.
The Office: LOVED IT! My show is back and once again it's the best and makes me the happiest. I laughed throughout the entire thing and loved all my characters SO MUCH. How is this show so good? My glee is indescribably high.
Grey's Anatomy: I liked it. It's gotten better but a few of last season's problems and one new one is still dragging the show down. But I LOVED Cristina who is awesome and rules all so I'll keep watching.
Stargate Atlantis: I liked it! My Rodney love is back in full force and McShep is still super cute and are so boyfriends. Yay!

May TV never leave me again.
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Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! [Jun. 14th, 2007|12:02 am]

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I have to wish a big Happy Birthday to [ profile] destina! I hope you had a wonderful day :) Same goes for [ profile] kelbelle, [ profile] shadownyc, [ profile] morgandawn, [ profile] paraka and [ profile] sherlockelly who I wish a big Happy Belated Birthday!

I've been watching Ugly Betty since all my fun shows lined up have disappointed me lately and I am loving it. It's so fun and entertaining but at the same time has so much diversity, tackles great plots and issues and has a lot of emotional heart to it. I adore Betty and Daniel as friends, love Marc (like Emmett! but delightfully meaner) and Justin (SO CUTE), have a huge geek crush on Henry and I love all of Wilhelmina's schemes. And I completely ship Betty/Henry because have I mentioned the super cute geek love? I'm up to 113 and I just have to say Spoilers under the cut )

I'm still working on vidding my Premiere vid for Vividcon. I keep stopping and starting again because I'm so afraid of messing this vid up as I've had the idea for a year and a half and it's the PERFECT song. At least I love it and have played it on repeat too many times to count and still love it everytime. At the very least everyone should be exposed to it. But I don't want to do a lesser job on it than I'm able to and I'm afraid I'm not good enough to do it. The good news is my idea/concept/narrative for it is about 90% done and I have most of the clipping done and some of the basic clips down. There's a lot of musical aspects to the song that I want to show in the visuals but it's really hard to do. Does anybody have any vid recs for vids that you think use the music *really* well? Not just cutting on the beat but capturing all the little things in the music whether through internal motion, effects or whatever else. I've also been thinking about framing in videos. As in what are the different reasons for opening and ending a vid with the same (or same scene) clip versus beginning and ending a vid with two different outcomes to show the contrast between them? Think Superstar versus Out Here. Any thoughts?

Office wise, I really enjoyed watching this documentary about The Office. I wished it talked more about fandom but I did love seeing all The Office love. And I'm really looking forward to going to Chili's with my Office loving friend before Evan Almighty. An awesome blossom, extra awesome and Baby Back Ribs are sure to be on the menu ;) And I just have to say that after watching The Dundies yet another time, it's still my favorite episode. It may not be the best episode (I'll give that title to Casino Night), it makes me the happiest. It shows how much Michael cares about his employees even when he messes up in showing it and how they all care about each other as a family. Drunk!Pam is amazing and makes me smile and happy and *her* feeling that way. And then there's the fun boss!Jan/Michael phone conversation, Michael's boycrush fun and Dwight being Dwight. The music in the end is perfect to me, it sums it all up and leaves me satisfied and smiling (TWSS!).
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