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Project Runway, Life and TV: the basics really [Oct. 29th, 2010|10:39 pm]

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Spoilers for Project Runway S8 (includes Finale) )

It's been crazy with work and such. I have a horrible commute, two hours each way so I don't have a lot of time for anything other than clipping for Festivids, running, reading/TV on the commute and some Flist time when I can fit it in. I'm definitely going to move by December but must make some more money this month first. I'm a bit obsessed right now with rewatching my Festivids source so that is fun at least. My vid idea is really coming together the more I watch and creatively brainstorming is SO my favorite vidding process. I'm missing my cats a lot though, wish I could go home just for them (and getting a car, leaving it home was a huge mistake). I really like work though! Most of the work isn't great or anything but I love the people as everyone is really nice and we're finally opening the building this weekend so I should have more to do. It's a learning experience and I'm excited about the future possibilities. Trying to finish losing weight by the end of this year and it is increasingly frustrating as I keep going between trying really hard and saying fuck it and enjoying the freedom to buy whatever I want. If only losing was as easy as maintaining because I thankfully am good at that.

TV has been...up and down is really the best description. Glee the other night was my least favorite episode ever (on the show) and I'm still kind of bitter/ranty about it so that post will have to wait for another day. Still can't get myself to care about the characters on HIMYM because of last season and what's worst is I keep getting angry about things the characters do (mostly Barney and Ted) because my heart's not really with them anymore. Sad what a bad season can do. Enjoying Modern Family, Cougar Town and the Thursday Night comedies. Missing Mad Men already, LOVED this season, definitely my favorite season of the show so far. Hoping Friday Night Lights will fill the void, so excited to watch the premiere! Boardwalk Empire is meh but I am going to give it til the end of the season before I make a decision because at least the history part is cool and I love Chalky/Omar. I am trying Rubicon which I like esp. serial plotwise although it is pretty slow and I don't really care about the characters yet. My favorite new show that I recommend is Lip Service which is a lesbian focused show with a star much like Kara from BSG (and Shane from The L Word) who is so hot and has some great relationships on it. It's fun and fulfills a much needed hole in my TV schedule (Brittany and Santana are great but I need MORE).

I do need some help from people who know Fringe. As you (hopefully) know, I LOVE the serial plots but I am stuck in S2 as I get increasingly frustrated with the pointless boring episodic plots. I was under the impression these were confined to S1 and I am being proved wrong. I don't want to quit the show but ranting furiously about it is a sign to me that I must skip ahead and watch only the serial episodes. So what are the serial episodes after 213? By serial I mean related to the AWESOME spoilertastic plotline started in S1, the kind of thing that gets mentioned in the previouslies. I do not mean, personal backstory and moving the relationship forward type stuff stuff, I don't care how great it is, if it's in a plotline about something weird is going on and we must investigate it and then we figure it out and never see these people again, I don't want to watch it right now. I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone can tell me which episodes in S2 are like that.
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Chi-town! [Mar. 31st, 2010|03:01 pm]

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Trufax: after listening to Kanye West for five years, it took me until my roadtrip back to NY to realize that Chi-town = Chicago. Yeeeah. But that's where I'm going! Tonight I'm leaving to go to Chicago to see Johnny Weir skate to BAD ROMANCE! Gaaahh I'm so excited I can't even. Plus the seats are general admission so I'm going to get there super early tomorrow so I can get a front row seat and hopefully meet him eeee. I was dying for a chance to see him ice skate and thankfully the universe provided it to me. If anyone is in Chicago and wants to hang out anytime on Thursday or Friday, let me know asap (if you can spare a place to crash Thursday night that'd also be great, otherwise my cousin once removed lives there so I'll hang with her). I'm really looking forward to it! And of course Chi-town is where I'll be going this August when I go to Vividcon :)

I was unsure whether I'd be able to go up until this afternoon as I got a new job and of course the scheduling put me on both my cousin's wedding and this trip. But thankfully they're letting me miss Friday so I'm fine and can go. Had my first day today and it was alright, shouldn't be too hard. Working in the deli in the grocery store for now although hoping to switch to cashiering soon. Should definitely help with money. Last weekend I went to see my oldest cousin's wedding and that was a lot of fun. It was nice getting to talk with some family I haven't seen in awhile and meet my cousin's new baby who was cute (as can be for someone who thinks babies are ugly) as well as getting to enjoy the open bar and dance floor. They played two GaGa songs which made me happy so it was a blast for the most part.

In TV that I am watching, been catching up on In Treatment and Breaking Bad. In Treatment is rather addicting once you get into it. I love the therapy sessions throughout most of the episodes and how character/relationship based it is. Very cool. I tried it out earlier but the pilot kind of bored me. Rewatching that I find that the first patient is my least favorite and of course I despise her storyline which is the thing that bothers me most about the show. Lots of familiar guest stars, Melissa George from Alias, Blair Underwood and Dan from Sports Night. Working on S2 at the moment. Breaking Bad took me three episodes to get into but the fourth is AMAZING. Very Wire-esque and the show does beg comparison to that show although it isn't as good in comparison (what is?). I love the gradual character change and how very smart the show is not to mention my favorite character, Jesse. The domestic stuff generally bores me although the Hank stuff can be pretty funny. However I will warn that they try to buildup to a big S2 finale ending but the ending SUCKS. Don't go into it thinking it'll change the world, it's just the creator fucking with you. Was angry about it so haven't seen the first two S3 episodes but I will tonight probably. I recommend them both if you love high quality television.

Also watched the first two episodes each of United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie and loved them both. United States of Tara got more gay which made me super super happy and I am interested to see where the storylines are going. I enjoy Nurse Jackie more because I love more of the characters. Zoe is my favorite (even though she's not my usual type) because her cuteness and funniness knows no bounds but I am still loving Jackie, Dr. O'Hara, Thor and the sadly taken away, Mo-Mo (such a tragedy-there are no words for my anger). Always can't wait for more out of both shows and I definitely recommend them if you like great female characters.

I am DYING to see more Glee and the premiere of Treme (David Simon's new show) about New Orleans and music). Of course they come in the same three day period, Treme on April 11 and Glee on April 13. A great article on Treme is here that makes it sound like the show will be a combination of The Wire (beaten down city backdrop + amazing realistic storytelling) and Glee (celebration of music + more individualism as well as coming together moments) which cannot make me any happier in what appeals to me. In sad news though, David Mills who writes for the show died today :( Really really sad because he wrote great episodes for The Wire and Homicide. I definitely can't wait for Glee to come back because I can really use the uplifting episodes it always brings.

Brief news on other TV and movies: Ugly Betty-OMG JUSTIN AND MARC!!! Um Justin's plotline makes me so squeeful and happy I can't even take it but god worst cliffhanger ever. American Idol-stopped watching, liked Toddrick and Andrew Garcia, hated Casey and Lee. Modern Family-SO IN LOVE. My favorite comedy at the moment, it's brilliant and everyone should watch it. The Office-loved the beginning of the last episode, Oscar = cutest EVER. Project Runway-I love Seth Aaron (I think he'll win), Mila, Jay and Anthony (he needs his own Bravo show). Can't wait to see the collections.

Oh and I got a new haircut. Never had it this short since I was like 8. It's weird but I mostly liked it besides the fact the hair dresser directly disobeyed my first instruction to keep it behind my eyes. It's fixed now though. Oh and I've been really into The West Wing these days. I feel like my love for that show cannot be contained in my body especially for my OT4. It never fails to make me laugh and believe in the world just a little bit more.
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Fandom Love (Mad Men, Project Runway, Adam/Kris) + College [Aug. 23rd, 2009|02:38 pm]

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Mad Men's back YAY! I got a download from the hotel and watched it Monday morning and have resisted getting too into it before I finished all my VVC writeups (okay I do have a couple more coming but those are not as much write asap). But here's my episode thoughts on the third season premiere!

Spoilers for Mad Men 301 )

I love this show. I love that it doesn't do what I expect, I love that it uses metaphors, I love the slowness, I love the prettyness, I love all the characters (or love to hate) and I love the history of it. And I'm so psyched that we're going to get more Sal this season! As I said at VVC, if this is the way fall TV is going to treat me, I'm going to be a very happy person this fall.

It is SO good to see the Mad Men fandom giving Sal some love. Makes me super happy :D
Links: Great Bryan Batt (Sal) interview
Old Hollywood Comparisons with Mad Men
Bryan Batt at Times Square

I am so jealous of the people who got to see Mad Men in Times Square. I love seeing Bryan Batt there and the communal viewing is so cool. I wish there was a lot more of that kind of opportunity in the world.

More Mad Men tonight OMGYAY!

And then Project Runway came back which I'm super excited about!

Spoilers for Project Runway 601 )

And then I've fallen more and more in love with Adam, Kris and Adam/Kris. Been reading some wonderful fanfic at night. My favorite so far is Apples Are Not The Only Fruit (Adam/Kris AU, NC-17) which makes me SO HAPPY. Like watching Save The Last Dance over and over again, bouncy squee kind of delight. It just perfectly captures fan squee and has a wonderful slow buildup and is basically perfect. They're just SO CUTE! It reminded me of Seduction of the Desert Prince and not just because of the fruit love. Also I loved The Fairytale Story of Adam and Kris (Picspam with captions) which is filled with hearts and flowers and sparkly unicorns!

I am just experiencing am overload of fannish squee right now with vidding/Vividcon, Mad Men, Project Runway, Adam/Kris and yes, The West Wing, I am still madly quite in love with my show. To add to that, now that Vividcon is over, it is beginning to hit me that I'm going back to college in a week OMG! Well, Friday actually. I'm the most excited I think I have ever been this year mostly because I am doing a major I'm really interested in learning about AND I have my own room (and soon car eeeeee). And I know I'm so very privileged for getting all this which is why I'm so over the moon in getting it. I just really *need* a place to myself even if it's only to be able to ask over friends and not have to apologize to a roommate for it or to be able to dance crazy and not fear a roommate walking in. Plus I'm super excited to be back in California and SoCal and with a car, I can actually explore it so much better! And this year I really want to focus on creative pursuits and getting marriage equality in CA and I'm super excited about doing both. I'm going to the OutWest Bootcamp at USC in September and I can't wait to learn more about running campaigns (in terms of overturning Prop 8).

I can just feel that this year is going to be amazing and I feel so much more in control of who I am and what I want to be. Getting my VVC reports done for once helped show I can get things accomplished even overwhelming, tempted to procrastinate ones. I know I can create the life I want and I'm excited to be on this journey and just, yay life! It is truly an awesome thing right now.
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Together, House and Wilson rule the world! And other TV thoughts. [Sep. 16th, 2008|06:48 pm]

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Late on this but I can't post to LJ from my computer right now so:

Except for Mad Men, these are mostly brief as I don't have the episodes anymore and I can't remember everything.

Mad Men 207 Thoughts )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 201 Thoughts )

Spoilers for Entourage 501 )

Spoilers for Gossip Girls 202 )

Spoilers for Project Runway 509 )

I watched Fringe awhile ago but my unspoilery reaction was I thought it was really boring. The only thing saving it for me was my love for Pacey as Joshua Jackson was great and cute along with seeing Lance and Kirk again. The lead actress felt really really bland and the "science" type stuff was either lame, gross or both. The twist at the end was okay but I really hope the series picks up after a few episodes. At least Alias and Lost both had great Pilots so this was a disappointment from JJ. I've learned that if I love the characters I can stick with his shows long term and if I like the plots I can stick short term and so far neither of them is working so I hope one does and soon.

Also I watched True Blood awhile ago as well and wasn't impressed. The good thing is I love the concept so I'm hoping the show will pick up once it finds it's feet. The writing didn't seem that great to me though, surprising coming from the Six Feet Under guy but mostly I HATED the "meant to be" main couple. I am just getting so sick of being told two characters see each other and all of a sudden they're in love or some such nonsense. Give them common personality traits and common interests and some chemistry cause I'm not seeing it. The sex seemed rather gratuitous too. I'll keep watching and see.

In my spare time, I have gotten completely addicted to Sex in the City. I am beginning Season 5 and I just can't stop. It was supposed to be my fun show to watch once in awhile and now I can't get enough. I love the focus on relationships and how they'll discuss any aspect of sex. The fashions are wonderful too as is recognizing stuff in NYC. I love them all really besides Charlotte whose a bit too marriage n'babies for my tastes. And I reeeally didn't want to get invested in the Carrie/Big thing but DAMN THEM, they got me hooked onto their whole drama. Their lack of communication drives me up the wall though but gah Big can be so damn sexy and charismatic. And the most charming character I've ever seen. I am utterly charmed. He can be my Prince Charming any day.

OMG I can't wait til House!! A girl from my newspaper got to watch the first two episodes ahead of time to review them and now I'm sooo jealous and wish I had applied for the position as it's not that difficult (as in I could do better than them). I can't believe the day is finally here when I get to see my show in realtime again and squee madly at House/Wilson. I've been thinking about it all day and was counting down the days all week and now it's finally here OMG. I missed that feeling of excitement at a premiere, knowing that I finally get more ship love that'll make my day. And I need it as my day has been crap and full of self-loathing. But this will definitely cheer me up. Wish people wouldn't be doing that Supernatural quote meme when all I can think of is House so here's my House quote:

Wilson: "You can be a real jerk sometimes, you know that?"
House: "Yeah. And you're the good guy."
Wilson: "At least I try."
House: "As long as you're trying to be good, you can do whatever you want."
Wilson: "And as long as you're not trying, you can say whatever you want."
House: "So between us, we can do anything. We can rule the world!"

Or at least rule my world. House/Wilson forever!
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Fuck. [Sep. 6th, 2008|10:25 pm]

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So my greatest fear was avoided and Federer won his semifinal and is in the US Open finals. BUT of course the stupid rain screwed up the other semifinal and now the final won't take place til Monday. ARGH. But fuck it, I'm staying. Some extra money for food and possible attractions, missed classes and less in my hard drive fund but whatever, I need to have the whole point of this trip. It's just frustrating.

Besides that my trip has been pretty awesome so far, forgotten (lost?) cell phone aside. Did tons of walking exploring the city, spent time with [ profile] counteragent and [ profile] veredus who are made of awesome (with bonus vidtalk!), met Jay McCarrol at Fashion Week (!!!! he's awesome), lusted after too many items to count in the NBC Universal store, saw $11,000 outfits at Saks and am now at the wonderful Apple Store charging my iPod and updating here. So I have all of Sunday free now to do whatever I want and will watch the game at 5 pm on Monday *sigh* Only for you, Federer.

Now off to Rush, to go to my first club which of course will be filled with hot guys dancing and making out with each other :D Sounds good to me.
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Off to NYC [Sep. 5th, 2008|09:30 pm]

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Off to NYC and for once I'm not taking my laptop...but thankfully my iPod can get WiFi. I'll check in when I can. Have decided to check out Bryant Park, Parsons, Mood, Chelsea and Greenwich Village, can you spot the theme? Thank you, Project Runway. Funny enough, Fashion Week is this week so I'll get to see the tents :) Hopefully the rain tomorrow won't be too bad and Federer will make it to the final *has faith* Should be fun and I really can't wait to see my city again. Not to mention fellow fangirls! Will be doing a lot off walking around some more places in the city but like LA, it's the great kind of city where there's always something cool to look at and scenery to take in. Will be back late Sunday night just in time for classes which so far have been going well. Thank god I have lots of podfic to listen to on the way there and back.

Bye my lovely Flist!
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TV, the Olympics and VIVIDCON (4 more days!) [Aug. 10th, 2008|12:13 am]

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OMG you guys! [ profile] sisabet just made an Arrested Development vid!!! It's about George Michael and it's incredibly cute and hilariously funny (show, how are you so brilliant?) and I adore it to pieces. Go watch now!

Remember how I said I wasn't going to spoil myself for House? Well I resisted until a few days ago when the promos came out and I just couldn't not look (plus video spoilers aren't as bad as text) And thank god I did because OMG can House and Wilson get any slashier? I swear, I was speechless and then sent into the land of flailing squee. I Don't ever change, show! (SO CANON) Spoilers for the promos, I can't not talk about them )

So Flist, how did I not hear that Nathan Fillion is going to star in a new show, The Castle about a horror writer that consults with the NYPD that's probably going to be picked up by ABC midseason? And that there's also a good chance that Rob Thomas's show, Good Behavior about a family of criminals led by a matriarch will be picked up then as well. So awesome! ABC keeps getting good points with me. Also I updated my TV schedule with premiere dates and apparently I'm watching 27 shows this year not counting the 10 or so new shows I'm checking out. Um, I'm crazy? Thank god I like it that way. And I'm so behind but apparently J.K Rowling is going to do a collection of short stories including something with Dumbledore/Grindelwald OMG YAY! I definitely want to learn more about my one remaining HP ship.

So I was thinking about how I'm just not very interested in the sports at the Olympics but then someone mentioned gymnastics and I was like YES THAT. That's what I want to watch! I love gymnastics, used to do it as a kid but got frustrated that I had to do floor and sometimes vault when I really just wanted to do bars and beam all day. I still would like to take it up again someday as I reeally liked doing the uneven bars. Apart from that and a little tennis, I'm mostly just going to be checking out random sports once and awhile. I'm rooting for USA of course but I'm always up for cheering for any countries and players who do a great job and make it fun to watch. And of course, I'll cheer more for teams from people who are on my Flist. So far the countries I've got are Canada, the UK, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain...anyone on my Flist from somewhere else? I'm sure I'm forgetting some because I suck at thinking of things at the top of my head.

I watched a little of the So You Think You Can Dance finale and it was fun. I finally got to see the great Will who was wonderful. Mostly though I lamented the lack of m/m dances. I wondered if there ever was any until conveniently someone on my Flist answered my question with no unless you count the fight dances or whatnot. Cmon, there's gotta be another Prom scene out there someday! I do enjoy shows like American Idol and the dancing shows because I do love singing and dance but there's just not enough of a creative competition element like Project Runway. Plus I hate the America voting aspect because ultimately it usually ends up like political elections where I am left cursing half the population for having the bad sense to choose someone I don't like. Thank god the stakes are much lower. I'd rather just get mad at a few judges who at least are more qualified to judge than me.

Have I mentioned that my last external hard drive stopped working on my laptop? Works on other computers, just not mine. Argh. And it has all my Queer as Folk episodes on it! Not only can I not vid it but now when I'm in the mood for my B/J and pretty gay boy loving, I can't even watch it. Why is life so unfair? And to continue with the tech curse, three pairs of headphones (two cheap, one expensive), stopped working. The first two in a span of two days. It's ridiculous really.

So I went to Ithaca this weekend to visit [ profile] lianri and did some shopping and found some great things! I'm excited. Project Runway has also influenced me way too much and I kept finding clothes that reminded me of Christian. I found one shirt that is *perfect* for Vividcon...except I won't be able to wear it til next year. Damn it. I love it LOTS though.

Speaking of Vividcon, only 4 more days! Eeeee. I'm caught up with Psych so now I only have to finish Smallville season 7 in four days. Totally doable, at least for me. I am so glad VVC is this weekend because the one thing that I want to go to second most in all the world, training with Jillian Michaels (and hanging out!) with a bunch of people from her site is that very same weekend. On the one hand, it sucks that it's at the same time but since there's no way I could afford it anyway, at least I won't spend a weekend at home being jealous. I'll be at Vividcon having an amazing time! In the end, VVC rules all.

One more day until Mad Men! Yes, I have been counting down days every single day this week. I am so easy sometimes.
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On Project Runway 501... [Jul. 17th, 2008|12:07 am]

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I'm not even finished! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG

It's like they made the episode for me :D Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Made in LA ie Lots of Little Things Part 2 [Jun. 12th, 2008|12:26 am]

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I reeeeally miss LA. Just saying if it's not obvious. It's been annoyingly humid here and although I prefer it over cold, nothing beats the dry heat of LA. So much better to be hot there and with the dry heat, it feels good and totally bearable even in the 90's. At least for me. I did go swimming the other day which I haven't done since...last January maybe? In LA of course. I did unexpectedly meet some friends there which was nice.

Also going to Montreal with [ profile] clayangel in July to see some Ryan and Greg shows and I can't wait! Never been there before so it'll be good to expand my Canadian horizons.

Okay, now TV. Kind of behind on TV watching with two episodes of Doctor Who to watch and one BSG but both shows are kind of meh to me now so ehh whatever. Hopefully will do them tomorrow though. Not much of a Stephen Moffet lover as it always seems like there is too much random other characters and not enough character love of the ones I do love not to mention plots that I'm not very interested in (The Doctor Dances two parter was okay, plus JACK). So I'm not really that happy about the news he's running the show after RTD but I'm always willing to give him a chance so we'll see what happens. I still have lots of shows to catch up on from Farscape and The X-Files (the odds of finishing before VVC are now way down) to Prison Break and Smallville to Psych, Burn Notice and Mad Men. So little time, so much TV...

John Barrowman pictures of hotness. I am so, so disappointed that there's only going to be 5 episodes of Torchwood next year. I need my Jack fix! Plus, I need Jack and Ianto boykissing...*pouts*

Speaking of, does anyone know the best place to watch the gay parts of that German soap opera? I must see it! I checked out Luke and Noah and they were very cute but the soap opera stuff was too much for me at the time...I may see all of it later though. I am interested in Forbidden Love though.

BEST COMMERCIAL EVER: I just...god, it made me cry. As a huge flying fan, it made me want to fly again so badly and I strongly believe someday I will even if it's not the real thing. It's so cute and very, very touching.

If you've ever wanted to save a link for a later or save a post til say after you've seen a show or movie and do it quickly, try the Read It Later add on for Firefox (if you're still using should switch). All you have to do is right click a link or press a button you can add onto the top of your browser and you have it saved for later reading. It's helped me a lot with not forgetting certain posts and links when I don't have the time to read them or comment. I'm still kind of lazy sometimes and am gradually getting better at it.

I have a ticket to the tennis US Open finals! *squee* It'll be my first time going or ever seeing a match live so I really can't wait. Plus I am pretty sure that Federer is going to make it to the finals and tie Pete Sampras's record so I want to see history in the making. I would totally stalk him as I reeeally want to meet him but I'm just going to go for a day to save money so it's not worth the effort. I'm sure I'll meet him someday. The loss at the French Open broke my heart, I was really invested this time and it's always devastating when he can't quite pull it off. Oh underdogs, you kill me.

So I started watching The Biggest Loser on a whim a few days ago...and somehow developed a serious crush on the trainer, Jillian Michaels. I definitely have a type for tough, awesome, ass kicking woman especially dark haired women. The thing is while I think a lot of women are very pretty, I'm usually not very attracted except for a few and personality plays a big part in that. The short list (besides Jillian) is Lena Olin, Alexandra Hedison, Kate Moennig, Karina Lombard and Lena Headey (Katee/Starbuck in the miniseries is very close). But sometimes the stars align and they definitely do in this case. My love for her has grown exponentially while watching Season 5 (how much do I hate the game? FUCK THE GAME) and she pulls off the HARDCORE, yelling (and I love that she swears so great) trainer like no other and I loooove it and eat it up. She's got me so invested in her winning that I cheer ecstatically at the victories and cry at the losses (oh god one scene in S5 was SO heartbreaking it HURT...oh the woobieness). I love a good Jillian beating and nothing beats Jillian HUGS (they make me so happy!). She's so inspiring to me and a great role model which works for me so much as having people to look up to motivates me a lot. Team Jillian for LIFE. (Trainer love! ie where Jillian and Bob are cuteness)

Plus I love that she loves martial arts as one of my dreams is to be able to kick ass like all my girl heroes (and guys too) that I love from both my Sydneys (first Walker Texas Ranger, then Alias) to Buffy and all the other great warrior women (Zoe love!). I will definitely be making that happen at some point. If there's one thing I love about this season it was the awesome display of GIRL POWER. Just so amazing to be the underdogs and yet pull off some awesome, awesome wins. Because women CAN do anything and accomplish their dreams and do the impossible. Fucking A.

Also in one episode there was TIM GUNN. I literally screamed in the middle of the night, I was so excited. Talk about dream crossovers actually happening. There has not been enough Tim Gunn in my life lately. And I hope this puts the zaftig debacle to bed (TWSS...sorry force of habit). Also, July 16th is the Project Runway premiere, yay! Still the best reality show ever.

Picture of Jillian under the cut in the shirt I want SO MUCH IT HURTS (see subject line)  )

Never done this meme so I'm trying it: You give me three names in a fandom I know, I tell you whom I'd toss off a cliff, whom I'd shag, and whom I'd marry. Then (if you like) I give you three names, and so it goes.
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Read less, more TV. [May. 15th, 2008|11:14 am]

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I watched The Office up to The Client last night and it was so much fun! Michael/Jan were so perfect back then, it makes my heart happy. Everything was perfect in my eyes. Oh, my show.

Gossip Girls is reminding me of Veronica Mars (and not because of Kristin Bell's voiceover) in terms of relationships which can only be a good thing. Spoilers for Gossip Girl up to Woman on the Verge )

There's a new interview up with Silvio Horta's thoughts on this season of Ugly Betty and the next. It reminds me of Tim Kring's interview where he acknowledges the mistakes of S2 (although UB's weren't as bad IMO) and promises to fix them next season. Plus UB is moving to NYC next season! Personally I love it because shooting on location brings more of a realistic touch to the show. The sad thing is that Marco Pennette's leaving the show :( He wrote the Thanksgiving episode (Dreamgirls dancing!), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (favorite episode still), East Side Story and the Wedding episode (one of my absolute favorites). Spoilers for Ugly Betty up to Betty's Baby Bump )

Nothing much to say about BSG except that the last episode was awesome and got me excited about the show again so yay BSG!

Spoilers for Doctor Who up to the latest episode )

If you've ever considered watching How I Met Your Mother (or haven't!), I'd check out [ profile] spectralbovine's pimping post for it here. He sums up a lot of the reasons I love it so much from it's lovable, pretty, relatable ensemble of characters to the nonlinear narrative timelines and flashbacks. It really is a smart, great show and after the first 8 episodes or so gets immeasurably more awesome. Spoilers for How I Met Your Mother up to Everything Must Go )

Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy up to The Becoming )

The thing that bugs me about 30 Rock which I also had an issue with on Veronica Mars and Alias is how it seems like since they have the main character be a woman, they have zero or one other woman regular and that's it. The biggest thing about 30 Rock is where are the women writers? We have Tina Fey and that's it. Personally I only like Twofer and think the other writers are pretty lame. I wish Amy Poehler would star as a new writer although I doubt that's likely now. Anyways, I will keep enjoying the hell out of Liz and Kenneth like I always do. Spoilers for 30 Rock up to the finale )

Taken from [ profile] celli: Cast your dream TV series of all time. Three to five actors, must include at least one male and one female. Tell me why they'd be so awesome together.

(Bonus points for show premise/location.)

Here's my answer and yes, I have thought of this a lot:

Lena Olin, Victor Garber, Gale Harold, Randy Harrison with special guest starring by Jennifer Garner. Insane amounts of chemistry all over the place and lots and lots of pretty.

It'd be an Alias spin off where Irina and Jack start their own spy agency in NYC (solving the Lena Olin problem) and eventually get Gale and Randy (characters TBD)to join them who fall in love and are the gay spy team. Sydney shows up a lot to go on missions with her parents. Jack is still never sure if Irina is using the resources and plans for her own motives...but that's what makes it fun. Flashbacks to earlier times in their relationship abound, Irina gets to spend lots more time with her sisters and family (Isabelle Rossalini guest stars) and there is an elaborate plan they work against that is completely serial starting from the beginning and ending with a huge bang that was all worth it. Lots of kissing and sex for all members of the cast as well as lots of Office like humor.

I'd probably spontaneously burst into flames because of the awesome, hotness and perfectness of this show every week but it'd be worth it.

So what are yours?
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"Are you calling me a ho?" [May. 1st, 2008|06:31 pm]

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Happy Office Day! To celebrate I watched a hilarious video of Steve Carell interviewing Phyllis here and it's absolutely wonderful! Steve's always a safe bet but Phyllis just comes alive (I like it). I absolutely adore her character on the show and the similarity with her character means here it's no exception.

Of course they ask the dreaded how were you cast question that she has been asked a zillion times along with which actor is most like and unlike their character (yes we know Mindy is alike and Angela and Brian aren't). To their credit, they edited out the answer to the first one. Another question that I hate because it's asked ALL the time is have you ever worked in an office job? So Office fans, what questions are you sick of hearing the cast answer?

A couple of thoughts on The Chairmodel under the cut:

One about Michael/Jan one about Jim/Pam and one about the end )

I loved this episode for all the small things and small victories which is a big reason I love the show. Everything doesn't need to be super dramatic or big explosions all the time and The Office is about finding humor in the little things. And you still have Michael and Dwight trying to make things larger than life in their wonderful hero narratives that I can't help but love myself. I love reading [ profile] vonnie_k's episode thoughts and her post on The Chairmodel here is pretty much my reaction to the episode ([ profile] danceswithwords also has lots of brilliant thoughts).

More reasons why I love Mindy and The Wire loving writers:

Q. Did the comment about “The Wire” come from your love of “The Wire”/ to annoy BJ who has not started watching “The Wire” yet even though everybody is telling him how good it is? | kim s [note: I think B.J did finish watching the show]

A. “The Wire” is arguably the most popular show amongst our writing staff. Our two shows could not be more different, but it has made a huge impact on many of our writers, including me. Because it’s such a densely plotted Greek tragedy, I doubt Michael would really be able to understand that much of it, but I like picturing him wanting to enrich his life by buying The Wire DVD and sitting in his condo watching Season 1, and then compulsively rewinding and trying to understand what D’Angelo Barksdale is saying. Michael wants to be exposed to good things, that’s a quality in him I really like.

I was surprised to see Mindy loving it so much but yay that's awesome! I would say the shows are alike in that they both are funny (The Office more so obviously), they both love their characters a lot making them real in small little ways and they both love their locations, giving lots of shout outs but at the same time the location represents cities everywhere.I also seem to always want to call Oscar Omar (and vice versa) which makes very little sense besides the fact that they're both gay. Very, very true about Michael, she so gets him.

Christian and Nina Garcia on Ugly Betty tonight, yay! On the Project Runway front, I am meh about the show moving to Lifetime. I really hope they don't mess up the show. Already they're moving to LA and although usually I'm YAY LA, here NYC is the fashion capitol so I'm not sure it's the best decision. Maybe it'll spice up the show a bit though and it'll definitely be easier for me to meet them. As long as Nina Garcia doesn't leave, she's my favorite judge and it would suck if she left. But I'll see her tonight so at least there's that :)

Things that need to be in every Office episode: an annoyed Stanley and Angela look. Never fails to make me laugh.
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Lots of Random [Mar. 5th, 2008|05:27 pm]

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The Office is renewed for next year with 30 episodes! Hopefully most will be half hour ones this time. But more Office is always a good thing for me :D

I just found out that we get HBO here so I can watch The Wire series finale live! I am so excited. My first time ever!

So apparently Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk are both leaving Smallvile next year. Which just means I don't have to watch Smallville next season (once I'm caught up with 6th and 7th...) because without Lex, my interest in the show dies completely. Especially since I still don't like Clark. I've been holding out for the show since there's still this Clark/Lex vid I want to do for the show at some point which I've had in mind for like five years now.

For the few people who watch it: Skins 204: Michelle )

So I started watching Rome last night with [ profile] lianri and I'm really loving it. Mostly because I have a ship! Titus/Lucius are soooo boyfriends. I love the looks between them, the funny, the banter and oh, everything. And I've only watched three episodes! I love the political stuff as well which is interesting since my knowledge of Roman history is fuzzy. I recognized Kevin McKidd and couldn't quite place him, first reminding me of the Primeval main character and then figuring out he's the lead actor from Journeyman (which is fitting because Primeval guy reminded me of him. Which I only saw the Pilot of but he's sooo much hotter in this show which just goes to show how much personality can help a character. Also Suzie from Torchwood is in it so that was cool.

Project Runway finale tonight! I am so excited to see the collections and who wins. I'm completely unspoiled so it should be a surprise.
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Update Pt. 1 [Feb. 21st, 2008|09:43 am]

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I have a lot of stuff to catch up on so bear with me.

So I have made it back to Syracuse, NY but not before the Travel Curse struck again! I had my first late night flight a week and a half ago and it was awesome to have Dan in Real Life being the movie they played for us. I had a one stop flight so I landed in Philly where I had to go from the D gate to the F gate. I carry my heavy laptop bag and backpack and walk to get to the F gate when I see a metaphoric fork in the road so to speak saying one way to the ABCD gates and another sign to E and F and another with a warning about how if you go this way you have to rescreen. They mention a shuttle but I don't see a sign for it so I go towards the E and F gate. When I see a security guard I ask him where I can catch the shuttle to the F gate. Surprise! I missed it and I was told I couldn't go back and had to keep walking. And of course I had to rescreen at 7 am EST with a huge line and 50 minutes til my flight left it. I kept getting closer and closer and hoping I'd make it, pissed off because I never wanted to be in a situation where I would miss my flight (I always try to get there 2 hours early) and of course with 10 minutes to my flight leaves I get through airport security where they take five minutes taking out ALL my hard drives and cords and putting them through the baggage checker even when I told them I needed to hurry. And of course my gate was the farthest away so even though I ran I missed my flight. Thankfully another one left in two hours so it wasn't too bad a wait but then when I get back to Syracuse they lose my check in luggage. The good news is they returned it a day later but it was still extra frustration.

I'm back now and although it's cold, I'm all layered up and at the moment it's not too bad so I don't even need my winter coat :) I can deal with it for a few months. I am SO happy to see my cats again, I missed them so much and now I have many hugs and cuddle sessions to catch up on. Am currently looking for a job which I should hopefully get soon as I need some money. The bad news is TWO of my hard drives have stopped working, the ones with all my DVDs (thankfully I have some on my last remaining hard drive for my current vid projects), music (I have some on my laptop so I'm not totally screwed there) and TV shows. But I do have fast internet back so it doesn't take very long to download stuff. I had forgotten how nice it is to download an episode in 10 minutes or so :D I'm disappointed that a short trip to NYC I was going to do today didn't happen but thankfully NYC is only 5 hours or so away and hopefully I can visit soon! I really want to see Bryant Park and hopefully Tim Gunn if I can plan a trip right. I just miss the city even if LA will always own my heart.

I spent my time after my trip catching up on some shows, marathoning Lost and reorganizing my vid files and a few other things. Up til now, My Videos has been organized by having many folders named by fandom and I'd put a vid I downloaded into the fandom folder it belonged too. But to make it easier to open up a lot of vids all at once, I decided to rename ALL my vid files by adding the fandom to the beginning of the video even if it was just "Anime", "Movies" or "Multifandom". I also made a New Vids folder for the vids I download that I'm too lazy to rename and to make it easier to watch new vids I download. It took awhile and I had to reconstruct my vids playlist but it's been worth it has everything is much more organized and easier to get at and with my 40+ GB of vids, I need that. How does everyone else organize their vids? In order to catch up with my Flist I also made some filters to put every single member of my Flist on a smaller reading list to make it less overwhelming to reply to posts. So far that's worked pretty well although hopefully I won't need to use it too much.

The Writer's strike is over! YAY :D I find it wonderfully coincidental that I leave for CA when the strike began and left right when it ended. I am so happy to at least get a salvaged season with some news episodes of some of my favorite shows. Namely The Office in which we get 6 more episodes and possibly an hour finale! I'm am just SO EXCITED to see the next episode on April 10th which is supposed to be amazing and funny and intense and unique. So I'm really looking forward to that. Not so excited about them skipping ahead in time because I like to see how things progress and for vidding purposes. The good news is almost all my shows are renewed and I'm hoping desperately that Friday Night Lights will be renewed. I cannot wait til April! Should be awesome to have new TV on almost every night.

In hopefully what will be the last time I talk politics before November, a quick word. I am for (and will vote for) whatever Democrat wins the primary. I'd be okay with either of them although I prefer Obama but as long as Bush is gone and there is not another Republican in the White House then I'm happy. Should be fun to live with a super conservative and Ron Paul supporter politics people until November though (NOT). I will find refuge in my politics free zone or mostly liberal Flist happy place though.

Okay, meme time! 5 question and 5 OTP memes )

[written yesterday] Yay Project Runway tonight! I love Wednesday's because it's the start of new episodes with PR and Torchwood. And tonight is a reunion episode and I LOVE reunion episodes. The video montages are always awesome and there is lots more Tim Gunn and it's fun seeing all the contestants again. I don't think they can ever beat the S2 one though but here's hoping. I'm SURE we're going to see a Ricky crying video and a Christian one with all the time he says fierce or similar funny statements. And this time I can actually watch it live and not have to wait five days for the torrent!

Spoilers up to the latest Project Runway episode (not the reunion) )

Spoilers for Stargate Atlantis up to Midway )

Contrary to most of my Flist, I'm just not feeling the Supernatural love these days. I don't know if it's overexposure or S3 in general but I just can't get emotional about the boys and show anymore :( I cried at the S2 finale and now just nothing. And I'm not really intellectually interested anymore. I have really liked the last few episodes and Dean and Sam have been really cute so at least there's that. I'm glad everyone else is loving and investing in the show though.

So I'm watching Eli Stone primary for Victor Garber and thankfully it is pretty funny enough to keep me entertained. The biggest GLEE moment is definitely getting to see Victor sing. Here's a youtube clip of it. I love his voice. It's such a disconnect seeing him so NOT!Jack Bristow but his line at the scene reminds me strongly of him so at least there's that. But he SMILES! I will never get enough of that; it makes me smile in turn. The other thing about the show I love is Tom Amandes is in it! I loved him in Everwood and just seeing him onscreen makes me happy.

Spoilers for Eli Stone up to 103 )

In more Victor Garber singing clips of LOVE, here's him singing and then singing and dancing in Anne with my favorite song from the musical. I pretty much die with glee everytime I see it. He's SO CUTE! It is a little too much for me to handle. Oh and him being gay only makes me love him even more. I sure do know how to pick them :)

Next post: DIY, more TV and Jack/Irina gushing (OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH).
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Vidding and TV Memes [Jan. 15th, 2008|03:51 pm]

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Happy Birthday [ profile] klia! I love your vids and think you are a kind and awesome person :) And yes, I'm going to try to do these this year since I will hopefully be posting more.

Know what's wonderful? Being out all day (including reading some interesting/inspiring books in the local bookstore) only to come home to read my amazing Flist. Just reading LJ, reading comments and seeing lots of vidding love puts me in such an awesome mood as I saw once again yesterday. It's just nice reading about so many things I'm interested in and that feels like *home* to me in a community way. I love it and don't know what I did before fandom.

If you haven't seen by now (have you been living under a rock?), the The Great Vidding Truth Meme is going around again where you can tell listed vidders anonymously what you think of their vids including (and encouragingly) constructive criticism. My thread is here and I would LOVE to receive any comments especially any thoughts on how I can improve as I'm always looking to get better. But everything is definitely appreciated. So if you'd like to make any comments on any vidders work and maybe find some new vidders, it's a great place for it. I really love to read the various opinions on vidders' work, it's always interesting to see what people think.

That Television Meme which I had to do as they used some Office quotes for titles )

Speaking of TV theme song, I am in LOVE with the S4 theme of The Wire. I can listen to it over and over for hours nonstop. It's just so emotionally resonant especially with the singers. I uploaded it here if anyone needs it. Also, does anyone have the Due South theme with words that I could download? I only have the instrumental and the words make all the difference in this case.
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